Side Effects (2000)

The Morning After


Jan looked at Mike's face. The hair had slipped over his eyes and he was sleeping like a baby, but Jan could see it wasn't his usual position by the angle of Mike's head. Not surprising considering Mike's shoulders were bigger. MUCH bigger. He chuckled to himself, this was going to be a man with one hell of a stiff neck when he wakes up.

Jan let his eyes roam lower, over his newfound lover's chest. Smooth, and now big. Mike had a good body, Jan always wondered why he kept it hidden behind that sweatsuit. True, he wasn't massive - well, until now - Jan realized he'll have to do some mental readjustment himself.

Mike used to be light, but he was strong. He wasn't someone that had paper thin skin, but when he really exerted himself, you could see bulges form and writhe under that skin, in some positions even his notorious suit wouldn't hide them. Now those bulges were a lot bigger, but they were still Mike all over. Jan could see Mikes abdominal muscles, eight subtly outlined squares, perfectly symmetrical. He noticed silky thin and short fuzz running down towards the larger bush of pubic hair, that light-brown-almost-blond color. It went down his legs, barely noticeable in the light of dawn.

Jan wanted to touch him, but somehow he felt it would spoil the moment. Mike looked so good he could have taken a bite out of him.

Instead, he leaned closer, and gave him a very soft kiss. It ended his diversion, and the thoughts came back into his head.

This gift that came out of nowhere - it was going to affect his and Mike's life profoundly, he had no doubt of that at all. But the fact he was now in bed with another man was the most paramount of all those changes so far. Jan admitted to himself he was frightened.

Funnily enough Jan would have been less frightened of this incredible ability of wish fulfillment as a gift than the other gift lying right there. Mike. Was this really love? He had felt like this, but to a lesser degree, before - and it turned out to be only temporary infatuation. This time it was strong, so strong that nothing right now mattered more. But, will it matter tomorrow? He knew he wanted it to. God, how he wanted this to be love! But now with this wishes-come-true thing, how would he change? How would Mike change?

Does Mike love me - the inevitable question came into Jan's mind.

Will he continue to love me, even when my desires change me? When his change him? Before, Jan thought he knew himself, who he was, but now?

What if we grow apart, he thought, suddenly. A very real fear made itself felt somewhere in Jan's chest, almost like someone putting a cube of ice near his heart. Just then, Mike stirred, and opened his eyes.

== * ==

Mike had that dream again. He was lying on the beach, on the cold wet sand, in the embrace of a big, very muscular man. It was a familiar dream, one from his younger days. It was an old fantasy, one which Mike had long ago dismissed as just that, and hadn't relly had the dream since. Normally, this would have made him a bit worried, but that's where it became different - this time, the man had a face, Jan's. Then, there was a change, and Jan's face started changing to Mike's own, and he awoke to the sight of Jan looking at him. For a moment Mike was very worried by this succession of pictures, but the worry soon dissipated. It was a dream, and the reality looked much better.

'morning` said Jan.

'mmmm...uh..` said Mike, stretching. He looked back at Jan, and he was beaming with delight. In that look there was a lot of the sexual, but also something much more.

`Where are my glasses?` Mike asked, still not quite awake.

Jan first looked at him, his eyes bugging out and then he almost choked with a laugh, which then became throaty, and then he was laughing to tears, until he finally fell off the edge of the bed, with a very loud thud, which only broke that laugh for a short `Ouch`. Mike wasn't what you would call a morning person, so he just continued staring at Jan until he felt over the edge of the bed. Then he moved and peered over it, at Jan, lying there on his back, still giggling, while tears streamed down his face. His whole body twitched slightly with every giggle, and looking down at it Mike felt that some parts of his anatomy were more 'morning` than others.

`Are you OK?` he asked. Jan only giggled again, finally sighing. The start of that sigh brought his chest up so much that Mike felt that warm feeling in his ears. He reminded himself he needed no restraint.

He noticed even Jan was surprised, by the way he looked at his pecs rising in front of his face. Jan's surprise only lasted a second.

`Here's a man that can wish himself to be any way he wants, that used to wear those silly glasses, and he still wants them.` He said. He looked up at Mike again and started giggling again. This time, after a few seconds Mike couldn't hold back a chuckle himself.

`Well, they are part of my image, you big stud` Mike finally managed to say, with a mock pout. It only started another salvo from Jan. He finally managed to calm down.

`I have some news for you, doctor, you are not that small yourself, and you are one dream stud for sure` Jan managed to say.

Mike suddenly remembered this fact. Yes, he could feel every big inch of his body and it really felt hot.

`Jan, do you feel this... fascination with your body?` Mike asked.

Jan looked at him with a questioning face.

`I mean, you... you have been... like this a lot longer than I have`

Mike finished. Funny, how difficult it was to say this - Jan you have been a big musclestud longer than me? It was true. And Mike would have returned to the way he was in a minute if he didn't like it this way, but of course he did like it, more than just `like it` actually. The notion that he has become his own fantasy of what the ideal body should be on a man was definitely new to him. It felt odd.

== * ==

Jan looked at Mike. The answer wasn't easy. He stood up. He could see clearly Mike's eyes devouring him, it was a great feeling. He had to admit to himself he liked what Mike's stare was devouring. Hell, how could he not like himself? But he knew what Mike meant when he asked the question. He beckoned Mike to stand up. He did, and Jan looked at him, from head to toe.

`OK, come with me` Jan said, and ushered Mike into the bathroom.

There was a large enough mirror there for what he wanted to do. They both ended up in front of it, looking at their reflections.

'so, Mike, tell me what you see...` Jan said.

Jan could see quite clearly Mike's eyes looking over his reflection in the mirror. It lasted a while, and Jan took his own time to look at Mike's reflection in the mirror. And what he saw was a 6`, at the very least 225#, very lean and incredibly muscular beauty of a man.

`I see a huge muscle hunk... lets see, almost 6`5", say, 280 pounds of prime beef, or even more - Jan, you are absolutely enormous! Look at your chest, shoulders, arms! And your abs are absolutely incredible` Jan saw him look up and back down. There was no mistaking that he was looking directly at Jan's slowly hardening cock. Even Jan was more than surprised at the way his cock hung, filling with his blood, which made it hang lower by the second. Jan knew he was actually quite a bit heavier than 280 pounds, actually he was approaching 300 and he was far bigger than he ever immagined he would ever be. He was sure if he entered a bodybuilding contest he wouldn't have to worry a lot about how he would place. He realized he hadn't even looked at himself properly, but he had something else to do, right now.

`Interesting, and who do you see right to the left of this... hunk?`

Mike was silent, and looking over his own image in the mirror.

`Come on, Mike, be honest to yourself` Jan said. Mike kept on looking. Then he went on touching. His abs, his chest. Jan could clearly see Mike's cock getting hard, but of course so was his. Mike looked up at him, almost pleadingly. After a second, they broke eye contact and then Mike flexed. Jan couldn't suppress a silent `wow` - there was no doubt Mike would have no problems in that bodybuilding contest as well!

'that's it, go for it` Jan whispered into Mike's ear, but then he almost laughed as Mike attempted a lat spread, and didn't get it quite right. Even so, the result looked better than some real competitors could manage. `Push your shoulders a bit forward` Jan said, correcting Mike. Then he had an idea. He flexed himself, doing a double biceps, and then a lat spread, and then a side chest pose, while Mike matched his every move. Soon they were both in it with all they got, squeezing like mad, and also hard as stone. In a second the posing involved their raging hard cocks, which were by now oozing pre-cum. Jan was amazed at the size they both attained. When Mike squeezed his abs, his cock reached practically to the bottom of his chest, and Jan's own stuck out right in front of him, double size compared to what nature had given him. The whole scene was so sexual in every possible respect, he knew he was getting off on himself and on Mike. Ditto for Mike. They both started pushing into each other, competing for the limited mirror space, and then Jan let it happen.

== * ==

Mike flexed for all he was worth. He loved his new look, he loved how his chest protruded in front of him, the feeling of the cuts in his abs, and these huge peaked biceps! Their shape rivaled even Jan's, although his were much bigger. But then, Mike was shorter - it was all about proportion. And when he would flex, he could feel the power again, just like yesterday, but seeing his muscles bulge and writhe, and pump up so big was turning him on so much, and to top it all off, looking at Jan, even bigger, and then comparing their cocks as well... it was driving him into a sexual frenzy. Mike felt his cock was about to burst. He was barely keeping himself from jumping onto Jan. This getting off on himself made him even more horny. He felt he was close to cumming and he never even touched his huge sex organ, although it did get ample stimulation from rubbing against his own and Jan's muscle, and also Jan's cock on a few occasions. And then, he saw both of them are growing!

He felt getting heavier, and his muscles getting bigger even as he flexed them. He had the distinct feeling that his skin and his frame were getting crowded, muscles pressing into each other, competing for space. His shoulders got absolutely huge, and his arms must now have been well over the 20" mark and growing. His chest went higher and higher, and his abs looked ready to rip his skin every time he flexed them, his cock, which was also growing, now already reaching over the bottom of his expanding pecs. He knew he wasn't doing this, but he wanted it, and then he realized Jan's shoulder was pushing into his.

They were in contact. One more look at Jan was enough to get him over the top. He knew he was going to cum like never before, but somehow he held on for a second, seeing Jan flex and stroke himself, and that was the end of it - he felt his internal muscles flex and cramp in a salvo. The result were several 'shafts` of his jizz spread up his chest, and then over the mirror - the fluid was expelled from his enormous cock under tremendous pressure. Mike grabbed his now at least 18" organ, and again hit the mirror with his juice, where it splashed and literally richochetted of the surface. Jan's milky juices joined his in a total cumming orgy. All he saw were huge muscles, huge cocks and huge amounts of cum, and he wished he could keep cumming, before he realized what it meant. The last thing he remembered clearly was seeing his balls visibly swell and feeling the cumloads spewing out of both their cocks get thicker and even larger.

They ended up in a half turn to each other, flexing in a most muscular pose looking like their skin was going to rip open, shoulder to shoulder, arm to arm, and almost pec to pec, their cocks big enough to be crossed in front of them, still spewing cum, while they both flexed in synch with the cumshots. It must have lasted minutes, and when Mike could finally feel the cramps become slow twitches, cum was still dribbling from his cock, and his balls ached dully. Jan was barely managing to hold his newly enormous balls in one hand while the other milked the last of the dribbling cum out of his super-cock, which was slowly starting to go from rock hard to only slightly less.

Mike did the same, feeling how his balls had grown huge and at the moment were extremely sensitive. He could do foot-long strokes and there was like half a foot more to spare of his cock, he pulled it up and the head ended right over his breastbone, half-way over his pecs, huge, the piss-slit still dribbling. They have cum what looked like a gallon of cum all over the bathroom and each other, and Mike rubbed it into his newgrown muscle, feeling every ridge, and flexing for himself to make those ridges and bulges even bigger. Then he moved on to Jan, doing the same for him.

'so...` Jan said, panting, `Does this answer your question?`

Mike stood up on his toes to make him as tall as Jan, or almost, and leaned into him, pec to pec.

`Completely` he said, and flexed his pecs into Jan's, who returned the favor. He wanted to kiss Jan, but their pecs were in the way. He relaxed, and felt Jan's arms around him. With his hands he found both their cocks, extending up between them, still half hard, but now smaller and more manageable. He squeezed them together and stroked them, letting himself fall towards Jan, into that kiss waiting for him.

== * ==

`Jeez - I surely never came this way before... We must do this again sometime...` Jan said.

`Well, not right now... what time is it?` Mike asked.

`Ummm... about half past seven, I guess, why?` Jan replied, looking at Mike, and enjoying it. Mike was covered by a sheen of cum and sweat and, Jan realized, so was he. Not to mention about half of the bathroom, and especially the mirror. It looked as if someone took a gallon of cum and sprayed it all over.

`Well, someone's got to go to get a message to the Institute and someone's got to clean all this up` Mike said, `and we both positively must get a shower` Jan looked at the mess, and then at Mike, and decided to try a run for the phone, but Mike obviously had the same idea, so they ended up being stuck in the doorway.

`Well, as I see it, Mr. Ward, we either wait for our pump to go down a bit so we can both get out of here at the same time, or you let your boss handle things from here on` Mike said. Jan exhaled, and Mike writhed out of the bathroom, only to push Jan in, and then enter himself.

`OK boss, I guess it's time to hit the shower` Jan said.

`And one by one this time` Mike said.

A few minutes later, Jan busied himself making the most of cleaning the numerous blotches of cum, while Mike was in the shower. He shouted so his voice could be heared over the sound of the spray.

`Jan, I have almost two months of holiday left over from the last few years` After a few seconds he added `What should I tell them? You have been with the institute too short a time, I don't think they will let you have more than a week off...`.

Jan thought about this. He was sure Mike knew this was a change in both their lives that would need a lot more than a week, or two months. A small part of him was quietly hoping for a lifetime. `Does it matter?` Jan asked. There was only the sound of water from the shower for a long time.

`Jan... I can't let myself forget the routine of a lifetime that easily. I... just need time.` Mike said. Jan thought about this before. He knew the feeling. Of course, the tone of Mike's voice made it quite clear it was about more than just routine. Jan decided that discussion should better be left for later.

`I'll call in and tell them it's a family emergency` Jan answered.

There was a ring of truth about this that was quite disturbing to Jan.

`I'll need your car` Mike said, coming out of the shower. Jan mouthed a quick `OK`. And then he thought of something and almost started laughing again, glad to be distracted from other more complicated thoughts.

`Yes, but what are you going to wear?` Jan said. •

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