Side Effects (2000)

A Break In The Routine Of Life


Mike looked down at himself. How easily we take things for granted, he thought, and laughed out loud. Good joke!

"Well, if this goes on, I think we'll need to ask that question every day`. The laugh was soon sour, as Mike realized he didn't want to go back to his old body, and he realized, his old self. He had to admit the showers he's going to be seeing for the rest of his life were more likely than not to feel cramped, and clothing is going to be a problem, but he felt better than ever - he considered the clothing and the showers a small price to pay. Jan had suggested he used some of his stuff, so he took one of his T-shirts, and shorts. The briefs were a problem, first because he could barely get them over his thighs. Mike thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it, flexing just to feel his legs conquer the fabric. Finally he managed to get them on, and stumbled on the next problem - covering all his nether-regions.

Good thing his cock remained the same way as always, even at this humongous size it would attain when hard, in the accustomed manner it shriveled down to a bit over 7 manageable inches. Unfortunately, his now huge balls were an entirely different matter. He wished them back to their original size. He knew this would never do for a visit to the institute - but he`d be damned if he had to shrink back for any longer than needed!

He couldn't help but chuckle at the related problems Jan would have, all the way through the morning rituals. Suddenly he realized that's why he got away with being the one that goes out in public so easily.

Jan had a way of doing things like this. Dumb jock, my ass, Mike thought!

He dressed up, and popped down to Jan's car to get his gym bag out.

Just as he got back into Jan's apartment, he saw Jan coming out of the bathroom, grazing the doorframe with his shoulders. Yes, he though, this man was going to have some problems with clothing all right, chuckling.

`And what are you going to wear` he asked, not being able to resist the thought.

`Absolutely nothing, I think...` Jan, said flatly.

`Well, then I think I'll be back very soon!` Mike said.

'Mike... remember what you said about trying some things alone? Don't hurry... I think we both need some time...` Jan said. Mike had to admit he was right. He started taking off Jan's clothes, to put on his own.

`OK... but Jan, we'll have to... we should... we should not have secrets between us now...` Mike said, and was almost immediately sorry he said it. It sounded so pushy... but it was true. After all, for all he knew, they were the only two beings on this planet that had this incredible ability. True, some things he might need to get out of his system in private, but Mike had to admit he was frightened to explore his new abilities alone. It reminded him so much of an experiment he red about once, involving the stimulation of pleasure centers in the brain. Rats treated that way would keep on stimulating themselves until they would die of exhaustion or thirst and hunger.

He looked Jan in the eyes, and the look in them and on his face told him he had the same fears. Mike thanked fate that this was not the only reason they were together.

It was time to remind himself of how he used to be. He convinced himself he wanted it, and wished to go back to his old self. It took only a few seconds, and he looked more or less like the old Mike. He put his clothes on, but couldn't resist the hedonistic urge to let himself grow just a bit, filling the clothes much more than he used to. He could feel the fabric of his clothes move over his growing body, until it was stretched quite taut over his pecs, and around his arms and thighs, but then he realized he wouldn't pass as the old Mike, and made himself shrink back a little. The end result was still quite a bit bigger then Mike used to be, but it would probably take someone very much interested in Mike to see the difference. Someone like Jan.

`What do you think?` He said to Jan, who was standing there looking intently, as Mike went through the transformations.

'Mike... I like you any way you are, as long as it's still you` Jan said, and Mike felt relieved. He knew that was not the answer to his question, but it was an answer to another, unspoken one. `If you get past SM without comments, you'll know you`ve gotten away with it`, jan finally added.

Sarah-May, or SM as everyone used to call her, was the department administrator at the Institute, and it was quite obvious she had a 'thing` for Mike. She was in her late forties and with the children haveing moved out of the house, it was obvious the 'thing` was very much a case of mothering Mike. She usually had it well under control, though - but this was going to be taxing on her ever watchfull eye.

`If you don't hear from me otherwise, I'll be back by evening, big guy` Mike said. Then he just couldn't help himself, and walked over, and kissed Jan, hugging. He felt Jan's huge arms around his shoulders. `You know I'll be waiting` Jan whispered in his ear.

== * ==

Jan sat on the bed. Mike was gone only five minutes, and he already felt alone. He just had this feeling they were meant to be together, much more than ever, and he could have seen the fear in Mike's eyes when he mentioned the subject of being alone. He could feel this fear, the fear of loosing oneself and becoming completely self-absorbed because of this new ability. He knew he would not be able to resist testing it for all it was worth, and very soon. It was just this feeling of security in the company of equals. Of the one RIGHT equal, Jan reminded himself. He needed a `lifeline` to the real world, even if it was another like himself. But Mike was so much more than that already. This sudden thing with Mike had him more than a little scared with all it's implications, but the notion of spending his life alone, his new ability making him even more so, scared him far more.

He went to the kitchen, again feeling how his now superhuman shoulders grazed the doorframe. It felt so sexy to be so big, he almost started flexing for himself. He fixed himself something to eat, not much at all. He didn't really feel hungry in the sense of not being energetic, hell, he felt he could throw cars up into the stratosphere with one hand, it was just his bowels needed something to do. Just as he was cutting himself some tomato to put into a sandwich, he got his first opportunity to test his newfound ability - he cut his finger. His coordination obviously had some catching up to do.

He looked up at the finger, noting the pain, almost finding it preposterous that this could have happened to him. Definitely lack of coordination, after all he had added about 80 pounds of muscle onto himself, maybe even more. After that last growth game, he couldn't be sure any more.

He looked intently at his finger, and wanted it `fixed`. Still, although he knew it would happen, he was startled at the way it did.

In about one second, the cut simply closed itself and the blood just disappeared, like it was sucked into the skin. He just couldn't resist the scientist in him, and took a small spoon, and cut himself again, noting that this time there was only a strange feeling instead of pain - it was like his body knew no warning signs were needed because he knew what he was doing. This time he let a drop of his blood drip into the spoon, and then he let the wound heel. He started eating his sandwich, intently looking at the drop of blood in the spoon. He had an idea he wanted to test. Sure enough, after about 6 minutes, the drop started becoming pale, it looked like a fading image of itself - and then disappeared completely. He finished off the sandwich, and took a post-it from the fridge, and wrote down: 'the living tissue we`re maid of is reclaimed when it dies`. He went into the living room and stuck the post-it on the little cork board over his desk, in the corner he liked to call his `den`. Some habits, he chuckled to himself, just don't go away. He was almost sure he would remember any information for as long as he wanted - after all he _wanted_ it, and that word now held paramount importance.

Jan had no idea how the wish fulfillment figured in all this, but he was fairly certain that, in addition to both Mike and himself being somehow `infected` with the inflation field, the effect was limited to his own, and Mike's of course, living cells. Still, he wanted to do another test - he had the pen still in his hand, and concentrated all he could wishing it bent. Instead of that, he found himself squeezing it until it snapped in two. He almost laughed at himself.

He rummaged through the drawer to find another pen, and wrote down `Effect is restricted to living parts of me`. Then he added `and Mike`. He stuck the post-it right beside the first one.

`I wonder...` he said to himself, as an idea popped into his mind. At first he considered wishing himself wings, but some reason remained, so Jan wished for an extra finger on his foot - after all if it could be done, it could be undone. And if it couldn't, he could still conceal his foot easily. However, as he suspected, nothing happened.

`Pity, I really wanted to try out wings` he said, to no one in particular. Truth be said, he wasn't surprised - he had no ideas what his body would have to do to get him working wings. In fact, what he knew about biology, told him that wings evolved out of front extremities. His limited knowledge however also supplied him with the fact that animals actually share alot of the same genetic code. A flying mammal... Jan suddenly had a vision of a humanoid with wings, and they looked like the wings of a bat. This was enough to completely obliterate the appeal of wings. Jan had a hunch that the changing ability was limited to what human genes could do, anyway.

Banishing the last remenants of the bat-wing human image from his mind, he was suddenly gratefull for this. He chuckled - it gave a whole new meaning to `humanly possible`. He wrote that down, too.

Jan went back to the kitchen, returning the post-it's to the fridge.

He had finished the sandwitch and considered making another one. Just then it hit him. He almost shouted out `Hey, I can eat whatever I want and as much as I want`. Well, just as he thought of that, he realized it was probably not entirely true - he could probably still eat too much and just get sick, now that fat was out of the picture.

Not that he really ever wanted to be fat, plus his genetics seemed to agree with him on this matter.

Fat... now, that got him wondering. What is it like to be fat? Like really overweight? Nah, he didn't want to try that. But somehow, he always found a beer-gut strangely appealing. He never really thought about it, and definitely never acted on it either. A fleeting thought of `would Mike understand` let itself felt. Jan forced his mind to be rigidly logical for a second.

Maybe it's something instinctive, he thought - like a signal of abundance of food. For a moment Jan considered the source of sexual attractiveness. Looks? Sure - a lot to do with genes, but genes won't have a chance to express themselves without food. Maybe that's it, some kind of a signal to the unconscious? He had seen many a man with a big beer-gut fondle and stroke it, so there must be some associated pleasure. In fact... he even remembered how, as a kid he poked at his uncle's huge gut, fascinated how big it was. How did that feel? He made his abdomen pop out, and gave the stroking a try. Not bad. No, he really didn't like being fat. He liked being muscular, the more the better. But then, there were plenty of people who were muscular and had a beer-gut. Too bad they still had the fat everywhere else too - it was just the way things worked. For every other human, Jan thought, not without a slight smirk crossing his face!

How about only a beer-gut, Jan thought. Big but tight? He went to the bathroom - he needed a mirror. He stood sideways, and watched his gut distend into a true veteran beer-drinker gut. As it did that, Jan realised watching the act gave him an erotic tingle. There was something about the shape, and about the act of it growing. He stroked it appreciatively. He couldn't feel anything of that razor sharp six-pack that was there just a few seconds ago. He felt it's weight pull him down a little, and how his belly button ended up two inches deep in the flab. Only it wasn't very flabby at all, but tight and hard, just like he wanted it - of course. He bent forwards a little and discovered it looked bigger. He continued stroking it, his left hand soon joining his right. It felt... arousing? It was a surprise... a pleasant surprise. Then he made it grow bigger, his 33"

waistline growing more than double. It bulged immensely right beneath his pecs, and went down to his crotch, the curve like some kind of a big, partly inflated balloon. The rest of him stayed exactly the same, huge and ripped. He continued stroking, fascinated by the immense bulge, the curve of his huge baloon of a belly. He felt the weight pull him even more, and the curve get larger as he made it still grow further. His cock was already plumped and on the way to full erection, but it was quite uncomfortable being bent this way - Jan realised that he just might have discovered the downside of having a big gut. For a moment it outweighed the pleasure of the moment that it gave him, and considered stopping his experiment. Then he had an idea.

He walked, or rather waddled to the bedroom. It was easy to adjust to his added muscle - after all he had a sort of muscle-bound gait before. His newly huge belly, however, offset his balance. He needed support. He opened the doors of two built-in closets along the wall beside the bed. The doors had mirrors on the inside, and opening them all up created a big surface. His plans of the moment may have included diminished mobility, but he didn't want a diminished view.

Then, he sat in the middle of the bed, crossing his legs. The position made his gut stick out immensely, and he started stroking it again, fascinated by the size of it. It really looked like a balloon of some sort, under his skin. He untangled his legs, and spread them straight out, realizing they had obscured the view to this incredible bloated piece of his body. It looked even bigger now, and he made it still bigger. It became huge, bigger than any gut he ever saw, it curved immensely so that it went out horizontally under his pecs. Jan explored this newly created skin covered edge, went over it with his hands, from his pecs to the rounded shelf of his immense belly. It was so huge, so inflated... the feeling had made him almost fully hard. He had to admit he was enjoying this, and deny it all he wanted, it was somehow so... sexual. He shifted, pulling that weight in front of him, and pulled his cock out between his protruding gut and his right thigh, looking at his reflection in the mirror on his left, which afforded him a full view of the huge gob of his flesh that he had grown.

`Oh, heck, who am I trying to fool` he said to himself, realizing what he wanted. The only way he could get this out of his system - the only way he could KNOW, was to go all the way. He made his gut grow slowly. By the second it became larger and larger, while he stroked it with his left hand. He felt his cock grow bigger too, as it approached stone-hardness, and started to fondle it and stroke it with his right hand, feeling how his growing gut pressed the shaft of his cock. It was fully hard, and although he knew it was enormous, it was fully obscured by the humongous baloon of his gut. That in turn looked like a huge ball, so big now Jan couldn barely reach his belly button made with his hand. It already jutted upwards over his pecs, pressing into them, and over his thighs, and it was still getting bigger. It only made Jan want more - as soon as he wished it, it started growing faster. It grew bigger and bigger, and so did the speed at which Jan was franticly stroking his cock. Jan could just see small blood vessels under the distended skin, which kept distending even more, driven by the pressure of his perversely huge, yet still expanding balloon-like gut. It looked about ready to explode. Jan stroked it as far as he could reach, passing his hands from the sides towards the top, which was now in line with his eyes.

Only a few seconds more, and he would not be able to see the oposite wall any more. His cock lay along the taut and hard surface, and as Jan stroked it, he also rubbed it against the growing flesh baloon.

Jan looked at the surface straight in front of his face, the skin was slowly coming closer as the enormous ball continued expanding. Even though the mirror wasn't perfect, it was good enough to show he now had the worlds largest belly, almost a perfect sphere over four feet across.

Jan's bed was little more than a matress on the floor, which is precisely why he was now on it. Jan's legs were being pressed into the matress by the growing bulk. He wobbled slowly from side to side trying to get his legs spread more. The super-gut had long ago became so huge there would have been no way Jan could stand at all. And it was still growing! How big can it get? He wanted it to grow as big as possible - just to see what that would be! Jan barely finished the thought, when it suddenly started expanding three times faster, literally inflating itself. Jan was now stroking frantically, but being able to reach less and less. It felt as if whatever was under the skin was boiling, the pressure pushing out and up. Jan's upper body was practically hanging from it. Jan was stroking it, and his cock, in a frenzy. He had to lean towards the mirror to be able to see it's reflection, it was so wide. And it was STILL growing, but more slowly now. It was so big he could only reach around about one third, from the tips of the fingers of one hand to the tips of the fingers of the other. The skin over it was stretched almost translucent, and it felt distended as far as it would go, the mass under it a huge tumescence, almost hurting, like it was having trouble holding itself together. Finally it stopped growing, having reached over 8 feet across, and that's when Jan came with such force that his cum shot over half the room, the subsequent gushes dribbling down his shaft, which he held stuck to the balloon gut before him. He rubbed his cum into it. When the frenzy finally subsided, Jan looked at it's reflection in the mirror.

`Jan, you are really perverse...` he said, looking at his hyperdistended gut reaching so far in front of him it went twice as far as his legs. He suddenly became very much aware of his immobility, and the fascination of having the largest ball-gut was blunted.

He thought `Well, enough of that`, but continued stroking it while it started getting smaller quickly. The bed springs groaned in releif as the weight applied lessened quickly. As his gut shrinked, Jan finally let himself fall back, free of the weight. Soon it became a big beer-gut, and he held his hand on it, lying down flat on his back. In about two minutes he felt his six-pack abs suddenly emerge under his hand, it was as if the flab was being drained away. He tensed his abs and in a few more seconds he felt them appearing like sunken islands in an ebbing tide. He felt them cutting up, suddenly becoming as hard as ever and possibly even more. He ran his fingers up and down, producing a satisfying `rrrr` noise, as they went over the hard muscular ridges. Now, that's more like it - Jan thought, can't beat the feel of muscle!

`Wow, what a way to loose weight - it sure beats liposuction` Jan chuckled, feeling the defined muscle of his abdomen again, sticky from his cum. He looked up and almost freaked out.

`Oh fuck, can it be this long?` he shouted, lifting up his flaccid cock, which almost immediately started going hard again. He realized that in order to be able to keep his hand on his cock with that size of a gut, he had to have made it longer, in fact he remembered it slipping and how he wanted his hand to be able to reach it. He was glad it wasn't his arm that got longer!

Now his cock was well on the way to full hardness, and it was longer than he imagined a cock could ever be. Some joking part of Jan's brain offered that this was considerably more hot than having one arm longer than the other.

In a few seconds his cock grew to steel hard. It was the same thickness as before, but now it was much longer, Jan kept stroking it all the time, while it was growing hard again, and now it must have been two and a half feet long, angry red-brown, the vein over it bulging, hard with a hardness Jan never felt before. He stroked it with both hands, holding it straight up, and then he let it fall towards him, making another fantasy into reality as he lifted his head, and pulled his cock towards him, it's two and a half feet easily reaching to his mouth. The head was so hard, and hot, Jan bent the shaft, and almost gobbled the head down. He felt his balls draw up, as he got one hand around them in his stroking. This was the first time he ever tasted his pre-cum and the very act got him well over the edge. He was already very sensitive, and it took him only three more strokes to cum with all his might right into his mouth, lapping what felt like pints of thick creamy manjuice. Amongst the feelings of an orgasmic earthquake, he tasted his own cum, hot, salty-sweet. It lasted again what looked like several minutes, and when he finally managed to calm down, his cock softening, he realized he was full!

`Great. Now I need another shower, and clean bedsheets.` Jan thought.

He stood up, and walked around a bit, savoring the feeling of his cock, which now hung to his knees, completely flaccid, flopping between his thighs. He went over to the still open closets, and looked at his reflection in the mirror on one of the doors, wiggling his butt to smack his cock between his thighs some more. He enjoyed it, and then kneeled down to pull out the bedsheets, feeling the head of his cock scrape on the carpeting, quite painfully. He regarded it a small price to pay. He chuckling inwardly because it brought a funny thought - `Wonder what other people would say if I told them my cock reaches the floor`. The `Hey, that's an idea` followed imediately.

For the moment, however, Jan let his cock shrink back somewhat, and then he remembered the peculiar way Mike's cock would surprise him with it's growing capacity. 'now THAT's an idea!` he said aloud. It made the whole 'thing` much more manageable. He immediately felt his own cock going more flaccid than what he knew as flaccid, shrinking.

He also realized the only part of `what other people would say` right now meant `what Mike would say`. To get his mind from that particular question, he found a pen on his desk and added `It's amazing what some genetic limits are" on one of the post-its. Then he added: 'need to do some more experiments`. •

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