Surprising Developments

The Injections Begin


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Two days later Federal Express delivered several boxes to Dr. David Matthews Office. When Richard got there after school, these were still sealed and sitting in the storage room that he used to prepare the injections for the patients. As Dr. Matthews stepped out of an examination upon Richard’s arrival he said; “Son, there are some boxes in the storage room.” “Would you unpack the stuff and put the literature for the drugs on my desk?” Richard’s heart was beating like a jackhammer, he would get to see the new drugs and literature after his father left for classes that very evening.

As Richard began to formulate his plan, he looked at places where his self-injecting could possibly be exposed. He was doing the inventory as part of his regular work. He counted and set up the orders for syringes, the medications, and could easily cover the drug and syringe use without detection in this paperwork.

The only problem that Richard saw was that his father normally gave all of the injections obviously in the examination rooms. There were “bio-hazard” containers for the used syringes in each of these rooms. Richard’s most likely “exposure” would be in trying to dispose of the used syringe or syringes. He had to avoid being seen by his dad, or the ditzy receptionist sneaking used syringes into the containers. This immediately would at minimum raise suspicions, and could in fact quickly expose what he was doing. There were only two ways that this could work. He had to legitimize his routine handling of the used syringes to dispose of his own, or he had to get some sort of container also placed in the store room where syringes would be centrally collected then destroyed and or disposed of. Richard solved the problem by adding a bit to his own workload. He questioned his father regarding a device that would cut up syringes like he had seen over at the hospital. He used the logic that a syringe “cutter” would prevent any used syringes from migrating their way to the hands of drug abusers who could then contract AIDS or hepatitis from using or sharing them. Dr. Matthews thought about it a minute and said that he thought that he actually had one of these, but that it had ended up in a box unused in their garage because he had immediately contracted for a disposal service. “If you want to cut them up I think that it is a great idea.” “I simply never have had the time to do that.” “I’ll look for that thing when we get home tonight, I think I know where it is.” True to form when Richard and Dr. Matthews arrived home that evening he went into the house and changed, made the two boys and Uncle Jeff a glass of iced tea, and then immediately went to the garage to look. About fifteen minutes later he returned with a small box that had been sealed with tape. It had been marked “syringe cutter” on the outside. He held it up for Richard to see, then went back to the garage and tossed it on the seat of the car.

The next night after Dr. Matthews had gone to the hospital Richard’s first step was to take all of the product instructions and adverse reactions and to photocopy them. He would start reading them at home that night after everyone else had gone to sleep. Richard had quickly finished the prep work for the next day. He then started the photocopying which became a war of nerves because of the volume of pages to copy. If Uncle Jeff had arrived five minutes early, Richard would not have been finished. With all of the different drugs there were nearly one hundred fifty pages for Richard to digest. This volume of print in a type font that appeared to be the same size as a newspaper would definitely give him eyestrain.

By eleven P.M. Dr. Matthews, Richard and little brother Mike were all in bed. Richard had stuffed a towel under his door so that the reading light would not show into the hallway. This way, in case his dad or Mike awakened and left their beds they would not see or get a clue as to the fact that he was up reading.

The first drug was still operating under a research number, which was R-12-7341-X. This drug was a very potent anabolic, which acted on muscle growth. It was an odd drug in that when injected it placed the body in a chemical state, which mimicked the chemical state one would be in after a very intense workout. It was target specific in that it acted on skeletal muscle and heart muscle, but did not affect other muscle types. This drug would cause extreme muscular hypertrophy and all that was required was additional food intake to supply nutrients. Depending on the frequency of the injections the literature said that gains of up to two pounds per day were possible under ideal conditions. The main side effects from this drug were pain at the injection site, muscle soreness, large appetite increases, and stretch marks in the skin as the growth took place.

The second drug designated R-28-412-BX was for the skin and provided a way to speed up the growth process. This worked for healing or where massive weight gain was the goal. It also affected the skin of the penis and or scrotum. This drug had some interesting properties in that it had to be administered over a period of three weeks, then it was recommended that the drug be discontinued for a month, then the cycle repeated. This drug would prevent stretch marks.

The third drug was designated R-7396-D5. This drug had many interesting properties and was being developed for the treatment of the more rare type of hair loss which is where all the hair everywhere on the body is lost because of an immune disorder. This drug would also reverse male pattern baldness, but the male in question would have to understand that the drug would also stimulate a great deal of hair growth everywhere else as well because it stimulated all external hair follicles equally. Side effects from this drug included pain at the injection site, itching, and increased production of the bacteria that caused body odor.

The forth drug was a greatly improved version of Human Growth Hormone. Unlike the drug Serostim given the general public, this drug did not cause bone closure an din fact would delay it so that size and height gains were possible and in any amount as long as this had not taken place.

The fifth drug was to be used for delayed puberty. It acted on all of the secondary sex characteristics, but it’s greatest influence was on genital development. It would not cause bone closure like conventional testosterone would. . The side effects included mild hair growth, oily skin and possible acne to a minor degree, greatly increased libido, sperm and seminal fluid production, seminal fluid dripping under even slight sexual stimulation and at higher dosage levels priapism. This drug, designated R-6969A-143 would also not stimulate prostate development to an extent over what the increased seminal capability required.

The sixth drug was a version of this same drug designed for young girls which would stimulate their sexual maturation into woman with breast growth ovulation and all of the other things that went with it. By the time that Richard finished reading all of this, there was a dim glow of sunrise outside his bedroom window. Richard was very grateful that today was Saturday. He would continue to study these sheets for the weekend and would start his own injections that Monday.

When that Monday came along Richard was literally a nervous wreck. He was still working out drug combinations as he took laps around the track in gym class.

Richard had decided to go very easy at first and see how his body reacted to the drugs. He had also decided to start with was R-6969A-143. He felt that if he was extremely sensitive to the drug he did not want to change so radically and so quickly that it would noticeable. If he balanced the drugs correctly, he could still achieve massive growth while maintaining his secret at least for a while. Also growing genitals can be disguised for quite a while by simple changes in clothing styles. He also had his own bathroom and did not share his bedroom with his younger brother. This would also help maintain his secrecy for as long as was possible.

According to the recommendations R-6969A-143 could be injected daily if need be, but they recommended three injections per week if the drug were to be used alone.

Richard’s first week of injections would be easy, then he would have to find a way to give himself the injections without it appearing he had ever been out of sight. His father’s continuing education an lectures would be over. That first injection on that fateful Monday night, he loaded the syringe, removed the air as his he had seen his father do so many times, and then darted the needle into the proper part of his buttocks. What amazed Richard was that he managed to do this with only a very little bit of pain as the needle penetrated the skin. The injection itself didn’t actually hurt. On Wednesday after his dad left and before Uncle Jeff got there he did it flawlessly again. When Friday came around he felt like he was already an old pro. He gave himself a third injection and again without pain had even amazed himself.

There was nothing out of the ordinary until about four A.M. Sunday morning. Richard awakened with an erection that was hard as granite. He went into his bathroom and started to jack-off. His dick was so hard the coronal ridge was even hard. Richard climbed higher and higher on a sexual plateau he had never visited before. He started to breathe really hard, and in the warm room with the heat of the lights, a light sheen of sweat began to coat his body. When Richard came it was as if a feeling of an impending explosion was descending upon him. His normal ejaculation has previously been three or four squirts a little dribble, then it was over. This time there were eight major eruptions, which shot a distance of about four and one half feet to splatter half way up his bathroom mirror. Richard quietly cleaned the mirror and counter top and then took a washcloth and started to clean himself. When he started rubbing his dick it immediately got rock hard again. Again the sweat sheen quickly developed and this time it took him about fifteen minutes of activity to gain his release. Richard’s release this time was even more violent than the last one.

When Richard awakened later on Sunday morning he had an erection again, but it was just magnified version of the standard morning erection. After he got out of bed his dick began to relax and droop.

By two P.M. there was a new observation. Richard almost felt energetic. He decided to go swimming in the family pool and he felt that for some reason he was less shy than usual about showing his body.

At seven P.M. a telephone call came in for Dr. Matthews. It seemed that his lecture on juvenile hypopituitarism was such a hit at Dade General Hospital that Temple Beth Israel Hospital wanted him to repeat his lecture series for their staff as well. He really didn’t want to do it, but it could win him “brownie points” if salary or contract negotiations at his present hospital ever stalled. He apologized to Richard stating that he and Uncle Jeff were going to remain “Buddies” for another three weeks.

Monday at school and his father’s office were a breeze for Richard. His energy level seemed like it had doubled and he was also hungry. On the way from school to the office he stopped at a local McDonalds and treated himself to a burger. Eating that burger took all of about five minutes and in spite of the burger stop he made it to his dad’s office earlier than usual by about ten minutes.

The only person Richard really couldn’t figure out at the office was Zoe. She had been the daughter of a couple of “flower children” of the 1960’s. Richard was convinced that before giving birth to her they had been flying on something. She was a total “ditz” and Richard always felt uncomfortable around her. She left at four P.M. as usual and then Dr. Matthews left with his notes about thirty minutes later. Richard immediately gave himself his injection and went into the Lobby to watch TV and wait for Uncle Jeff.

For some reason Richard was sleepy. He lay down and immediately fell asleep. He was awakened by Jeff’s tap on the door. Richard immediately answered the door. Uncle Jeff told him that they would have to pick up Mike on the way home because the “Coach” was working the team to be ready for the play-off in three weeks for his junior football league.

When Richard stripped to take a shower that night for some reason his dick felt bigger to him. He started fingering himself and when it became an iron hard erection Richard took out a ruler and measured. It wasn’t an illusion. It had increased in size by just about one-eighth inch in one week. How much more could he expect? Would the other drugs be this effective as well. •

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