Uncle Matt's Farm


By StevePwrBear

As I slept that night, I had visions of different types of men growing into gigantically huge muscle gods with various styles and magnitudes to their bodies. There were smooth college men to 70-year-old daddies that grew thick coats of facial and body hair in various degrees covering their mammoth proportionate muscles. Then some would grow no hair at all and actually become bald all over their slick, silky, tanned Herculean frames. There were blonds, brunettes, redheads, silver and coal black types. Hundreds and hundreds of gods were displayed before me, and the strangest thing of all was that I felt what each and every one of them felt as they grew: The power, euphoria and an overwhelming feeling of lust and a godlike existence.

The next day, which was my birthday, I awoke with a huge headache and was sick to my stomach. I felt completely hung over, but my whole body felt different. I couldn’t explain it, but even with this massive hangover, the rest of my body felt like a million bucks. I was still very groggy when I got up to take a much-needed piss. Cloudy images of the muscle gods still roamed my thoughts. As I walked to the bathroom I felt really heavy, like I had packed on quite a few pounds. I thought it must have been all the beer I drank. As I started to piss, I could feel it coming. It was a mixture of a feeling like I was going to be sick and horny at the same time. I thought, ‘How fucking twisted is this?’ At that moment the feeling of being sick took over and I puked twice to the only god that I wish I never had to worship; Porcelain.

I got up off my knees, again, and went back by bed feeling actually refreshed and invigorated. Not only was the urge to purge gone; the feeling of my cock growing and getting heavier by the second was turning my hormones into overdrive. I felt the insatiable need to whack off. By that time I laid back down I was more awake and I noticed that while my head was almost touching my headboard, my feet were hanging over the foot of the bed. I thought that was really odd as well, but exciting too, and I started to get even harder. The harder I got, the more the hangover went away and the more amazing I felt. In fact I was feeling like a million bucks. The muscles in my body felt like I had just had a massive workout and I could feel the pump in them, filling them up. I started to remember how awesome it was to suck Billy’s huge cock and not even have to strain my mouth or gag. My cock became harder. I was still trying to rationalize all of this to the point of thinking that I must’ve been able to take Billy’s cock by all of the practice I had had with the football coach who was extremely thick as well as some of the other campus men, but none of them was ever over 14” like Billy was.

As I thought about how that big soft cock got harder and longer in my mouth, I started to get so horny my cock was hurting with throbbing pressure so I brought my pleasure tool out from beneath the covers and grabbed it so I could feel it getting harder and bigger in my hand. Damn, it really was bigger, almost an inch, I thought. I stopped rationalizing and knew Billy had done something to me and I fucking loved him for it.

I loved the feeling of something growing. Flashes of my childhood, that had been lost down memory lane, came back to me as I remembered how I use to get a really great and funny feeling watching The Incredible Hulk show and seeing David Banner growing and getting huge. My little penis would get really hard and I would want to touch it with all my heart . Watching reruns as I got older, especially after the time behind the barn, it would sometimes cause me to just cum right in my pants as the mild manner Banner grew to his incredible alter ego. I wanted so much to see a mammoth green cock rip right through his pants and cum all over the screen. I’m sure there would have been many a people dying to see that.

Now, as I lay there, my adult cock felt amazing getting plumper and growing bigger causing my fingers to spread wider. It was already rock solid like the end result of an erection, but it kept growing bigger and bigger. With each stroke it got heavier and thicker: God what a feeling. By the time it stopped it’s mutation it was well over 12” long and about 7” thick. I started grabbing my big wand with both hands and fucking them. My balls, which were larger as well, being about the size of two extra large eggs, were pounding on the mattress and flying up against my fists as I pumped with an incredible fury. My ass was bucking and I wished for Billy’s cock to be in it. Visions of my dream gods touching and feeling me caused me to begin to lose control. Flashes of my grandpa posing for me and egging me on began. He was still the most beautiful specimen of muscle I had ever seen, and even though I knew how wrong it was to desire him, I did. I was on the threshold of no return. The feeling of the purest euphoria was upon me and I was going to let go. That’s when I heard the latch on my unlocked door start to move.

Cursing amidst a whisper, I quickly threw the covers over me and sat up, acting as best I could, that I had just woken up. Luckily it took my mom a bit to come into my room. If it weren’t for the tricky latch on the door she would have caught me jerking off. I barely had enough time to tuck my cock down under my legs so she wouldn’t see the giant circus tent that I’m sure would have been created. The whole time she was there, I had a hard time concentrating on what she was saying. All I could think of was Billy, my grandpa and the other huge bodied men and my huge throbbing cock under my legs for which I so desperately wanted to feel explode all over me.

As my mom came in, she told me Happy Birthday and asked if I really wanted to go back to college today or stay longer. I told her that I had to get back today to start getting ready for the next semester. She sighed and said that dad couldn’t drive me to Billy’s place across town. His work was keeping him at the office longer. But she and I both knew that he just wanted to get shit faced. She said I still had a week before school started and if I would want, I could spend a couple of days with her brother, Matt. He had a farm outside of town about 20 miles away and that Matt said he would love to see me because he hadn’t seen me since I was 6 years old.

I had a flash of what Billy said last night about my Uncle Matt. I wondered if there was a connection.

Mom said that Matt had called last night and told her that he would drive me all the way back to college in a couple of days if it was alright with me. He said he had some “BIG” (she threw her hands out in a broad stoke as if to emphasize the word) plans for me.

I pictured Billy’s enormous cock driving into my mouth and my cock started soaking my bed in precum.

I told me Mom it was fine, but that I didn’t even remember an Uncle Matt. She said it was here half brother from Grandpa’s first marriage. She told me how fond of me he was, that I was a star athlete in college and all. Matt told her that, while I stayed with him, he could show me some pointers on how to improve my game, too. The whole time she told me this, I wondered how much she really knew about grandpa and the other men on her side of the family.

More thoughts of Billy poured into my brain as I could envision him growing over 20 feet tall, fucking and dominating me with his size and muscle. God I wished she would just stop talking and leave. My cock continued shooting precum and the restraint I was going through was only making me hornier.

She continued saying that Matt never came around much because my dad and him didn’t like each other very much. She said that Matt and my dad used to be great friends, but they had a huge falling out one day and they never spoke to each other after that. She didn’t know what it was about and Matt nor my father would talk about it. Because of this, my mom had only talked to Matt on the phone when my father wasn’t around and she hadn’t seen him herself in over 20 years. She said that that was the main reason she never told me about him. I told her it was fine and that I would be glad to stay with Uncle Matt. She left the room smiling and went to call him.

Almost on her housecoat-tails, I got up to lock the door, bolting it so there would be no more interruptions until I was through enjoying my new improved body and as I walked back to my bed, I turned to look at myself in the mirror. God almighty, I really was bigger. My whole body must’ve grown a 3-4 inches overnight. I looked awesome. I felt my new, bigger, and thicker and to my incredibly overjoyed glee, more cut body all over. I felt the best I have ever felt in my life. I pinched my harder, thicker quarter sized nipples, while intermittently squeezing and pounding my thicker, harder chest. I kissed and sucked my rock hard biceps and arms. I played with my fuller and harder ass. I grabbed my new big thick 12” cock and proceeded to give it my full attention; studying it and worshiping it as well as my huge sack of 2 gloriously hot apple-sized nuts. I looked at myself, almost in awe and completely amazed at how I looked. I brought my cock up next to my body and the head was only an inch below the cleft of my chest. I let it go and it sprang back down and back up, smacking into my torso. Then as if on a suspended wire, it came to rest at an almost perfect 45% angle. Thick pearls of precum oozed out of it and ran down the long length of it. I took my hand, spreading the glistening juice all over it till it was shiny and glossy.

Thinking of another fantasy of mine, I pulled my cock back up attempting to bend over to touch it with my lips. I was astonished when they met with ease. I licked the large bulbous head sticking my tongue into my piss hole, tasting my own precum for the first time. Still with ease, I bent further down and took the head of my serpent into my mouth and started to slowly go down the shaft as far as I could, finally stopping with a good 5 inches in my hungry oral cavity. I sucked on myself for a good 10 minutes until I could feel the cum turning and rising up from my balls, which gave me enough time to clamp the base my cock holding off the eruption since I wanted this to last as long as I could stand it. Little did I know at the time, that I would’ve been able to cum and cum as often as I liked since my new balls were continually producing cum at 20 times the rate of a normal man. I stood back up and admired my new built and cut body running my hands over every inch of myself. Periodically, I would bend over to taste more of my nectar that began to pour periodically from my golden shaft.

I was pleased when I found that both of my thick larger hands still didn’t engulf all of my cock as I began to fuck my fists. Gazing from the mirrored image to my own real body as feverishly pumped for over a half an hour marveling at how fantastic I looked.

I know all of this sounds so conceited, but try and look at it from this perspective. If you’ve ever seen someone you thought would normally not even give you the time of day, let alone have sex with you, and then completely to your amazement, he says he wants you and you can have the opportunity of a lifetime, I’m sure you wouldn’t pass it up, but instead take it, glorify in it and wanted it to last forever. Well, the body that was making love to me in the mirror was just that. A stranger to whom I had longed for all my life and now he was mine. HE wanted ME.

During the course of the late morning and most of the afternoon, I explored every possible way to make love to myself. I used toys, furniture, weights, lotions, gels, incense, tight clothes to burst out of, and just about everything and anything that could cause me pleasure. When I was finally ready to cum, I was standing about 4 feet from my bed with my huge cock fucking both hands as I was hitting a most muscular pose. Since I had held off cumming for over 8 times, there was so much back building of cum that the intensity of the first shot knocked me back onto my bed and as I came with shot after shot, spraying my entire room and it had so much force, for so far up, that I actually hit the ceiling, literally causing a cum fountain. I must’ve cum for 30 seconds without the feeling of it ebbing away. Not wasting any precious time, I raised my legs up over my head, shoving my cock halfway down into my mouth filling me with my own love. It was the best masturbatory experience I had ever had. I licked my hands and body as clean as I could and took a shower jacking and cumming in huge amounts again. I must have spent a good portion of the day paying homage to myself. Finally, after cumming about 6 times without a diminishing amount, I then realized that I could cum as often I wanted to without feeling tired or having my libido calm down. But since I had chores around the house, I decided to hold off till later. From the point of my mom coming unannounced into my room till I finally exited my sexual haven, I had taken 8 showers and spent 5 hours of the day in self-bliss.

My dad worked most of that day, but of course, had gone to Clancy’s, a bar on Market Street, after getting out of work at his normal time. My dad never could hold his liquor well and always had come home from an early evening of “Happy Hour.” This time, he wasn’t smashed, but well on his way. My mom being the ever truthful and open wife told my father that I was leaving to spend some time with a friend. But when my father quizzed her further, she let it spill that Uncle Matt was on his way over to pick me up and that I was going to stay with him for a couple of days and he would take me back to college. That’s when the shit hit the fan.

My dad started screaming about how he would never let me be subjected to a freak like Uncle Matt. He said Matt and his “friends” were going to corrupt me, make me grotesque like they were and he would have a freak for a son. He talked about experiments and strange going-ons at the farm. He said that there was no way in Hell that I was going to leave this house with that Monster. With that, he pushed my mom down onto the couch and stormed toward me as I sat there with a fire building in me that I had never felt before.

I yelled at him for pushing mom and stood up out of my chair to meet him face to face, but I was now a foot taller than him. I had been sitting down the whole time this had been happening, so my father hadn’t noticed my change. Since last night, I was now not only taller than my father but bigger in size and thickness, too. He stumbled backward with a shocked look on his face and I stood my ground. As I looked down at him, I said I was going whether he liked it or not and that I was an adult now and there was nothing he could do to stop me. That’s when he must have balled up his hand into a fist while at the same time tripping on the rug as he lunged like a madman towards me, landing his fist square on my jaw. He stumbled to the floor and I fell back into the chair holding my cheek in more of disbelief than in pain at what had just happened. Amazingly his punch didn’t hurt that bad, but it did sting, especially my pride, which strangely made my clothes feel a little tighter.

My emotions weren’t as sturdy. Complete anger immediately rose inside me and as we stood up I looked down into his eyes with a hatred I had never felt before. I picked him up with one hand and stared at him face to face. There was shock and fear in his eyes. I noticed how much smaller he was then me now and the feeling of an incredible power welled up inside of me. My clothes felt even tighter as I could feel my muscles contracting and expanding. My tank top started to fray at the seams, which only turned me on and made the feeling of power accelerate inside me. I felt like the Incredible Hulk. I wasn’t turning green or growing as fast as he did on the show, but it was more in a way that hardly was noticeable to them. Basically my exterior body looked as if I were inhaling for an extended period of time. The only obvious change was that my tank top and shorts were slightly ripping as my arms and legs were getting larger with more definition.

Being face to face with me, my father could see and feel the changes and he knew he was now much smaller than his son and he became subordinate. He started to apologize, pleading for me not to hurt him. He started to cry and turned into a blubbering fool. I felt some sort of satisfaction from that and my cock stirred. This time though, instead of growing harder and thicker it seemed to have a mind of it’s own and it started to pulsate and snake down my leg out of the hole in my shorts. I looked down at it and my father followed my gaze.

“Jesus Christ, you…you’re one of them. Please don’t hurt me. I can’t go through that again. I’m not like you; I’m just a regular guy. Please, dear God, don’t make me do it. I…I’ll die this time. You’re just too big. PLEASE DON’T, I LOVE YOU SON, BUT I CAN’T TAKE IT.”

I looked back up at him and realizing that he was afraid of my cock, let alone the rest of me, I said. “You’re fucking pathetic!!” and I threw him aside onto the couch causing his head to hit the wall, knocking him out with a pounding thud that shook the house. I grabbed my things and kissed and hugged my mother gently and told her how much I loved her. She replied that she loved me too, and told me to enjoy the adventures that were before me, since I was finally meeting my Uncle Matt.

She KNEW. I lifted her up and at that moment I knew she would be okay. I felt the back of my tank top start to rip more at the seams. I was started to grow some more, but not from anger, but from love this time. My body was now almost uncontrollable. Such pleasure and power was rushing through me that I knew it was time to go and meet my Uncle. I grabbed my stuff and headed for the door. Now my cock was not only getting longer and thicker but it was starting to harden more than it had ever been. I could hardly walk for fear of my cock tearing through my already tight gym shorts. I had to get out of there. I threw on my jacket, which now hardly fit me and I bolted out the door.

That’s exactly when Uncle Matt’s pickup turned into the drive. •

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