Uncle Matt's Farm

The Set-Up


By StevePwrBear

It was a cool August evening the night my parents got in a huge fight and my dad hit me. He said it was an accident, but how accidental can a fist be? I had just turned 21 and had been home from college for a about week. It was the end of my summer vacation. I went to Ohio U in Athens, Ohio, but my family lived in Flatbush, Kentucky. I was there to spend my birthday with old friends and my family. College was great, but home was home. Or so I thought. The pain on my left cheek begged to differ. Let me start a little earlier in the day. I had spent my birthday morning with a hangover. My friends took me out the night before and poured alcohol down my throat like water through a hose. In fact, at one point there was a huge hose down my throat, belonging to the local "straight" quarterback, Billy Jeffries. I had been drinking shot after shot and then chugging beer after beer, that by the time I got to the bathroom I had to pee so bad I was hard and leaking a bit of moisture into my briefs. I didn't even know Billy was at the bar. But after a quick session in the bathroom my life was about to change forever. I'll have more on that in a second. Let's go back even a little further. I've always had a big body, not really fat at all, just big and bulky. I was 5'11" tall with a big chest and arms, thick legs, tight ass, and a pretty solid, but not flat stomach. I played football and lifted weights as much as any of the guys on the team, so I was what some would call "thick", but I just couldn't seem to cut any definition, so it looked like I was overweight. My fantasies have always been to become a huge muscleman with massive bulges and pure Herculean power and strength. I wanted to be bigger than anyone I ever knew: Even bigger than Billy Jeffries. He was our star quarterback, and at over 6'7" tall, packed with massive muscle, and looks of a god, he was the biggest any college had ever seen. All I could say about him was he was completely massive. He looked more like a fullback than quarterback. Both of us started Ohio U at the same time and then he was very large, but not near the size he was now, 1 year later. Most quarterbacks are more slender and wiry enough to dodge an oncoming lineman, but not Billy. He was quick, but he would have 2 or 3 bruisers hanging off of him and they still couldn't put him down. And with his fantastic guns, the man could throw the ball from one end zone to the other. Once, Billy told me that he was from Covington, Kentucky and that he and I had played against each other in the All State High School Game. I told him that I didn't remember him. He said he had changed over the last couple of years. Duh!! He said that he often visited a friend of his in my hometown of Flatbush every now and then since he started at Ohio U. I didn't have a car, so Billy was usually my ride back home. Billy never stayed with me, but would travel out into the country and visit his friend. Billy was a huge fantasy of mine since I began at Ohio U. He had always joked around in the locker room with me and made fun of how big I was all over. Yes I did have a bigger than average cock at 5" soft and 9 1/2 " long and 5 3/4" thick when I was hard. But Billy was even larger than me and I think the only one on the team that was. So he had a right to tease me I guess. Sometimes, his fat jokes hurt a little, thought. But I knew he liked me as a friend and teammate. He became my fantasy man to lust over and over with my fist around my cock. Then just before this last time of coming home, things seemed to change. I was beginning to wonder (or hope) that he might have liked me a little more. There were many times that I would catch him staring at me. He began to get really playful with me, sometimes more than a friend would. One day after working out together I knew his cock was starting to get hard but he covered it up quickly with his towel. Another time, after I thought everyone had left the locker room, he caught me alone in the large community shower whacking off, I immediately covered up the best I could and said I was sorry; that I was just really horny. He said it was cool and he would give me some privacy and he started to leave the shower area. I could see that he seemed just as uncomfortable as I was. I thought DAMN he was embarrassed too, but as his massive naked frame left the tile, I thought I saw his tree vine start to harden. God I was so horny and after seeing him getting hard again, I stroked myself to my full mast again. It took a little while though to get off, since there wasn't much privacy, especially since he kept walking by naked and he seemed to still be at semi-hard status. When I thought he was finally gone into the bathroom area, I shot all over the shower wall, but when I opened my eyes he was standing right there, watching me. He didn't have a semi any more and I was so embarrassed that I shot out of there as fast as I could. As I looked back at him, I thought I saw him take his one finger and lift off some of my cum from the wall and lick his finger. As I exited the lockerroom, still kinda embarrassed but I swore I heard him jacking that huge monster amidst the echoes of the shower walls. That was the last straw. I knew I had to have this stud, somehow, someway. But he seemed more aloof than before and he told me that he couldn't take me back to my parent's for my birthday, so I took the bus. I was crushed and thought that I had gone too far. That was until he came into the bar bathroom. As I said before, I was taking a much-needed leak when the bathroom door opened and it was him, with a really big smile on his face. He locked the bathroom door (it was a one urinal, one stall type of room with a lock on the door) and smacked my ass, saying Happy Birthday as he walked into the stall next the urinal. I heard him unzip his pants but there was no sound of him peeing. I looked down at the glossy black tile floor and notice a distorted reflection of him in the stall. It looked like he was jerking off. As I was still peeing, I instantly became rock hard. Then as I shook the last drops of beer-induced piss out of my shaft, I started to jerk my meat too. The bathroom, was getting really warm and I was tired of pussy footing around, so I got bold, turned around and opened the stall door. I almost came immediately. There stood Billy and he was fucking HUGE. He must've been over 7" tall and wide as fuck. He must've been on something cause he had such a lustfully crazed look in his eyes and he was visibly larger and taller than I had ever seen him. I realized that if I would have just looked up as I was previously at the urinal I would have seen him looking over the stall wall at me. His cock was well over a foot long and thicker than a 20 oz bottle of pop. He smiled at me and waved his massive schlong at me, saying, "It's time we do this, Steve. I've wanted you for soo fucking long. Now it's your birthday and I want to give you your present." With that he grabbed me, lifting my up off the ground and kissed me hard. His tongue was enormous as well as it filled my mouth. I was so overcome with him that I wrapped my legs around him and kissed him harder than I had ever kissed anyone in my life. Then there was a knock on the door, with Terry Gilroy yelling, "Are you done in there yet? I've really gotta take a shit." Billy released his hold on me and in an amazing moment was back at his normal height and his cock had lost 2" to its normal hard length. I rubbed my eyes and thought I must've been really drunk and imagined him that big. "Yeah, were done for now." Billy said as we tucked ourselves back in and he opened the door. Before we unlocked the door, Billy wiped the precum off of his cock and fed me his soaked finger. It fucking tingled. I must've looked strange, cause Terry asked, "Are you alright, Steve, you look pale and bloated." Terry didn't wait for an answer as he went flying in and slammed the stall door closed, and we quickly heard why he was in such a hurry. I hope he had the decency to clean up after himself. Billy grabbed my arm and said, "Let's go outta here. I know somewhere else we can go," as he pulled me into the alley and into a cubby hole area that was dark but not too dark enough to not be able to see each other. I looked around and there was no way that I could see that anyone could come up on us or see us. Then I turned back to Billy. He bent down, kissed me, and started to grow again. He stood straight up and I knew he was now over 7 feet tall, probably almost 8 and his cock was out of his pants and by the time it stopped growing I knew it was at least 14" long now. His body was building muscle upon muscle and his skin was getting so tight that I could begin to see the strands of the muscles in his body. He kept growing till his crotch was almost right in front of me. I opened my mouth as wide as I could as I struggled to gobble down his huge man meat monster. It was really difficult at first but eventually I was getting all of it in to the hilt and smelling the musky odor of his crotch as my nose pressed against his pelvic bone. My mouth felt like it was going to rip apart as his thick rod stretched me completely, filling up my throat as it went deeper and deeper in me. With his hands on the back of my head he held me there for a couple of seconds and I started to feel better and it was less of a strain. Then he started to fuck my mouth like a pro. I was amazed at myself for being able to take him, but I figured that since I started college I had learned to work my mouth and throat muscles as well as control my breathing. Little did I know that wasn't the case and Billy loved that. He grabbed my torso, lifting me off the ground and held me there in mid air as he pumped his thick monster in and out of my aching mouth. The strength on this guy was incredible. While he was still fucking my face, he turned me over so my cock was aimed at the sky and he brought me up to his own mouth so we could 69 vertically. I could taste large amounts of precum squirting from him and the more I tasted it, the less my mouth hurt. Eventually he was able to pull his cock almost completely out and then shove it back down my throat with it not being a struggle at all for me. My face was covered in a mixture of my saliva and his precum and my whole head was tingling. My own cock was going in and out of Billy's hungry mouth, too. And with every suck of him, it felt like my cock was filling more and more of his mouth up. At one point he engulfed my balls and I did every thing I could not to cum because I wanted this to last forever. Billy started to grow some more and I could feel him gaining size against my skin. I was so far into a euphoric state that I grabbed his brick wall ass and shoved his cock so hard down my throat that his balls stung as they smacked my forehead. They felt like a water bottle that was too full and ready to burst. And it was it for him. He buried his face down on my cock and then in a huge and violent burst that was so strong and intense I felt him cum like a rocket blasting off, with strong shots of cum smashing into me for about a full 2 minutes straight, filling my satisfied stomach with his hot cum. I don't know what happened next but right before I passed out, it felt like my body was expanding and hot as hell with my cock exploding in the most intense orgasm I had ever felt in my life. When I woke up, only about 5 minutes later, my clothes were torn and lay shredded but intact on my body. Billy was even larger than before at almost 10 feet high and with a soft cock as large as he was when he was hard earlier. The giant football star had a 14" SOFT cock. He was completely naked since he had totally ripped his clothes to shreds and he was taking a tattered blanket to wrap around his massive frame. Billy told me that that was the very best blowjob he had ever gotten and asked if I could help him out whenever he really needed it. I told him of course but next time it would be 10 times better. He said, "You have no idea!" and gave me a kiss as he knelt down, giving my uncut cock a tug. Then he said something that I know I will never forget. He told me that I was in for some great times and that a whole new world was going to be opening up, because of my Uncle Matt. I had no idea what he was talking about. The next day on my birthday, He said I would find out. •

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