Mike Gets Huge

A plan emerges


By Corwin

Mike followed Justin from the gym, a hypnotized zombie following his master. Justin's control of Mike seemed absolute, but Justin could feel Mike's struggle and it took his all to control him. Even as they left, the football player's Justin had drained were beginning to come around.

"What happened?" "Shit! LOOK AT ME! I'M FAT!" "MY BODY!" "NO! THIS CAN'T BE" The players began to realize that they were not the same men they had been.

"Shit! Look at Kyle!" One of them screamed. "How can we play ball now! We're wimps or blimps!"

The kid with the beer can cock was finger himself, muttering about how his dick wouldn't be able to make his girlfriend scream like it use to.

All the players were in shock. Kyle began to walk around to his buddies, helping the off the floor or talking to them. The change was new to them, and he had at least a few hours to adjust. "Don't worry. We'll fix this," he'd tell them, not sure how to explain that he was in some way to blame. If only he and Justin hadn't found those damned supplements! He'd still be a musclegod and his team would still be champions. Now, they're all wimps. Everyone except the guy he really wanted to bring down.

Donny and Mr. Barker walked to one corner, talking. Some of the player's looked longingly at Donny, wondering how he had escaped Justin. Others asked who the new kid was. Kyle didn't answer them.

Kyle noticed that Donny and Mr. Barker seemed to be arguing. Donny would shake his head no, as Mr. Barker was talking. Donny's arms were crossed over his waist, his muscular pecs and thick bis unable to cross any higher on his torso. Kyle thought he saw Donny say, "Mike", but wasn't sure. After about 5 minutes, Donny left and Mr. Barker came over to Kyle.

"Come on. We need to go back to my place."

"Wassup?" asked Kyle.

"I'll tell you on the way."

As soon as they left the building, they saw evidence that something had happened. Steel lamp poles were bent to the ground. One was ripped from the cement and twisted into a pretzel. As they walked, the destruction became worse. Cars were overturned, then trucks. Cars looked like they were tossed into yards, then thrown into houses. People on the street said that The Hulk had come to life and done this, but Kyle and Mr. Barker knew better. It was Mike. He was showing off.

Kyle wanted to stop and hear what had happened, but Mr. Barker forced him to walk on. "We need to get back to my place. Donny will meet us there." Kyle did as he was told until they came upon what looked like a traffic accident, but the only vehicle involved was an 18 wheeler. Kyle made Mr. Barker stop so he could hear the story the driver was telling to an incredulous police officer.

The truck lay on its side in the middle of the street. Its cab was upside down in a vacant lot about 100 yards away. The front of the cab was bashed in, like it had hit (or been hit) by some large, immovable object.

"I had the light," explained the driver. "He just walked into the road. I tried to stop, but didn't have enough time. Don't know how he did it. Looked like he punched the truck, but that don't make no sense, does it? Anyway, next thing I know, I'm flying forward into the windshield and the truck is flying backward, jack-knifing and shit. Guess instincts took over, cause all I remember is climbing out of the cab and running from the truck. Then I heard like this creaking noise, and I turned. The guy was lifting up the truck. He raised it above his head, and this other guy came over -- big guy, but not as big as the monster holding the cab. Looked like the other guy rubbed his hands over the monster's chest, kinda faggy like, but guys like that ain't fags, are they?" The cop shrugged. "Well, anyway, the fucking showoff then moves a little and lowers one of his arms while holding my truck over his head with his other arm. One handed! Then he made flexed his free arm, showing this massive gun like I ain't never seen before! Then the faggot begins to like worship the guy's arm -- kissing it an' shit. That's when I screamed at 'em, 'put my truck down you cock suckers.' That got their attention, but the fuckin' asshole threw my truck right at me. Fuck, if I hadn't had ducked, I'd be like a bug-on-a-windshield right now."

That's all Kyle needed to hear. He and Mr. Barker left. They could see a trail of destruction down the road behind them as they walked in the other direction toward Mr. Barker's apartment.

"How strong is Mike? Nothing in the school's weight room even seemed heavy for him, and now this?"

"Don't know," replied Mr. Barker. "But you can bet that Justin plans on draining Mike like he did those other guys."

"If he does that, he'll be unstoppable!" exclaimed Kyle.

"That's why we have to stop him," replied Mr. Barker.

"But how? We don't have those supplements, and..."

"Donny has them," interrupted Mr. Barker. "And I convinced him to work with us."

"You mean..."

"Ya. He's agreed to restore your muscles, on one condition."

"Knew there'd be a catch," grumbled Kyle.

"We have to save Mike from Justin."

"But how are we going to do that? Justin has Mike under his control somehow."

Mr. Barker pointed to an apartment building. "That's where I live. Donny says he has some instructions for the supplements. He and I are hoping there are some clues there to help us."

As the two entered the lobby of the building, Donny was standing there with a box. "Took you long enough," he complained.

The three got into an elevator and went up several floors. Mr. Barker led them to an apartment. As soon as they were inside, Kyle began to claw for the box.

"Come on! Give it to me! I gotta be strong again!"

Donny slammed an open fist into Kyle's chest, sending him stumbling backwards. "Get away, asshole. We do this my way or no way. It's your fucking fault this whole thing happened. If you and Justin had left well enough alone.."

"That's enough boys!" growled Mr. Barker. "Fighting isn't going to solve this problem. Kyle sit down and wait. Donny, where are these instructions you told me about."

Donny pulled out a paper from the box and Kyle sat pouting on the couch. It seemed like an eternity to Kyle as Mr. Barker and Donny read the paper, pointing at stuff and talking in scientific terms. Every now and again, Kyle could make sense of what they were saying.

"But he never took the muscle gain formula like Mike and I did. It restored us, but I don't think it will work on him."

"This is the one that turns fat to muscle, right?"

"It says here this one has some hypnotic effect on others. The only way to counter the effect is to be exposed to someone with the same powers."

"That means one of us..."

There was some argument which Mr. Barker obviously lost. "I don't know if I can be restored a second time, but I know we can restore you," Kyle heard Donny say.

"And then some," Mr. Barker added.

"Deal," replied Donny.

Donny filled a class with a combination of the supplements, and walked over to Kyle. Mr. Barker was reading some other papers at the bottom of the box.

"OK, here's the deal. Take it or leave it. This little cocktail should undo your little mishap," explained Donny.

"I'll get my muscles back?"

"Isn't that what I said? Now shut up and let me finish. If I give you this, I take the supplements and leave. I'll leave three other drinks. You get one, and Barker gets two. The second one will boost your muscles. With your genetics, you should turn into a real muscle monster. You want that, right?"

"Damn right I do. I'm use to being the biggest, til I came here. Will it make me bigger than Mike?" asked Kyle, excitement in his voice.

"Dunno. Maybe. Anyway, I'll meet you and Barker at the school's gym. If you want the muscles, you'll have to work for them. I'll bring the food."

"I don't get it, but if it will make me huge, I'm in."

"Let me finish. It took Mike and me a month to grow huge, but we don't have that much time. We've got to rush it. We think we know how, but only time will tell. When we're done, Barker will take his drink. It's the one you gave us -- the one that weakened us. But this time, you get splashed with his cum."

"No, he drinks it," corrects Mr. Barker. "The more that gets in his system, the greater the hypnotic effect."

"OK, you suck him off. Anyway, you know what that will do, right?" asked Donny.

"It will make me like Justin!"

"Ya, but you're going to use your muscle and cock to rescue Mike," stated Donny, a glare in his eyes.

"No way! I ain't helpin' him. Besides, Justin's probably turned him back into a fat slug already," said Kyle, sitting down defiantly.

"No, probably not," chimed in Mr. Barker. "I've been reading about these supplements. It seems the hypnotic effect is proportional to Justin's strength. Justin's body is producing the hormone that leeches other men's strength, but he doesn't have a limitless supply. He needs time to rebuild his strength."

"So that's why we weren't effected in the gym?" asked Donny.

"I think so," replied Mr. Barker. "It was taking everything he had to control Mike. Mike's a pretty powerful guy right now."

"And if Justin wants to drain Mike..." started Donny.

"He'll need some time to get back to full power. Taking the team's abilities really took a lot out of him, so to speak," explained Mr. Barker.

"Still doesn't matter," said Kyle, arms crossed above his fat stomach. "I'm not doing it."

"Then you don't get this," said Donny.

Kyle got an evil look on his face. "Fine, give me the drink."

Donny looked at him, and handed it to him, pulling back at the last second. "One more thing. If you're thinking of double crossing us, I'll give you so much of the muscle neutralizer a new born will be stronger than you and you'll be a blob of fat without the slightest muscle. Got that!"

Kyle hesitated, then took the drink, muttering "fuck" under his breath as he drank the potion.

Donny walked over to the supplements, leaving three glasses behind. "I'll see you guys at the gym. I'll get the food to feed an army so Bluto over there has a chance to rescue Mike."

As Donny left, Kyle slumpt in his seat. "Feels... funny..." he said. Kyle was sweating. Slowly he began to change.

"Gotta see this," Mr. Barker said as he walked to Kyle and ripped off his shirt.

Kyle's belly was shrinking. His flabby pecs that sat on his stomach like the Pillsbury Doughboy became more solid and began to rise, forming a solid shelf. His shoulders, formless slabs, took on a solid roundness then a sharp V pointing down his arms. Veins began to appear over Kyle's arms as the flabby tubes became defined. Kyle moved his arm and a mountainous bicep flexed upward. Kyle's legs filled his pants, and there was a slight tearing sound as his soft body became the hard body of an athlete once again.

Mr. Barker watched the transformation, a bulge appearing in his pants. As Kyle's magnificent muscles returned, he approached the stud and began to rub the boy's heavy chest, comparing the jock's hard muscles to his own.

"Like what you feel," asked Kyle as his growth subsided and the fog cleared from his brain.

"Always have," said Mr. Barker.

Kyle raised an arm and flexed, smiling as his familiar 23 inch bicep blasted into view. "Looks about right," he said.

"Want me to measure it?" offered an obviously turned on Mr. Barker.

"Go ahead," smiled Kyle, bouncing his pecs and flexing his six pack, checking to make sure he was back to his powerful self.

Mr. Barker ran to get a tape measure. When he returned, Kyle had stripped to his underwear and was checking out his ripped, thick legs and diamond shaped calves. "Seems about right," he said.

Mr. Barker flexed his arm, wrapping the tape around the thickest part. He showed Kyle.

"Looks like a solid 22," replied the jock. "Now what about this," he said, shooting his powerful gun up.

Mr. Barker unwrapped the tape and put it around Kyle's arm, rubbing it with his hand and admiring its peak and hardness. Mr. Barker looked at the number as Kyle flexed harder, stretching the tape.

"23 3/4" announced Mr. Barker. "But didn't you say..."

"Fuck ya! That's a new max. And look at how ripped I am. That stuff was great, but I'm still not big enough. Give me that second drink and let's get to the gym. I need to grow," Kyle said eagerly, adding, "HUGE!" •

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