Mike Gets Huge


By Corwin

Donny got to Mike's house early. He wore only the pair of shorts from last night -- none of his clothes fit his new body. The front door was open, so he let himself in. He heard Mike in the shower, so made himself comfortable in Mike's room.

Mike's walls were covered with stories of his exploits on the football field. A picture of Mike and Donny winning a game against the Central High Indians caught his attention. Donny smiled at the memory. He turned to the full length mirror and saw his powerful body. At first he thought it was Mike, but no, it was him. Donny flared his back and pulled his arms into a crab. The python-like structure of his body exuded power. Donny was huge!

He was so captured by his own powerful display, he didn't hear the water stop. The door between Mike's room and the bathroom opened. Mike walked through the opening sideways, too big now to fit through the opening any other way.

"Shit!" Donny said, relaxing his pose. Light glistened off of Mike's huge wet body. His bis jumped randomly as he rubbed a towel over his head, drying his hair. Mike smiled and laughed, his ripped abs gyrating with the force of his chortle.

"Lookin' good Donny," Mike said, tracking Donny's eyes as he took in all of Mike's nude power. Mike turned and opened his wardrobe. His lats rippled as he pulled out a shirt and pants and through them at Donny. "There you go big guy. Change into that. They're all too small for me now." Mike expanded his chest and placed his arms on his hips as he grinned knowingly at Donny.

As Donny stripped off his shorts, Mike felt a tinge of longing for his friend. Donny was so handsome and so strong. Mike may be stronger, but there was something special about their friendship and all they had been through the past day.

Mike turned and found a jock strap that still barely fit him. He arranged his ample manhood in the pouch, then found a pair of spandex shorts. He pulled the shorts over his legs, stretching the fabric to near the breaking point. Finally, he found a triple-XL tank top that he pulled over his head. As he pressed the fabric over his chest, it stretched to the max. He inhaled, and the t-shirt tore around the neck, his pecs forcing more room from the fabric. "That'll have to do until we can go shopping," he said and walked sideways out the door.

Donny and Mike walked to the football field. They each wanted to test their new bodies, wondering what they were now capable of. As the passed the football for 90 yards with perfect precision, kicked field goals the length of the field, and ran faster than any player could imaging, they had no idea that they were being watched.

As Mr. Barker flexed and displayed his youthful power for his more-than-willing worshipper, a blur out the window had caught his eye. Kyle was too busy enjoying the power of his teacher to notice. As Mr. Barker experienced the awe and devotion of his lustful student, his attention was drawn to the two powerful figures out the window. It wasn't long before he recognized them as Mike and Donny. Like he and Kyle, they were changed. Unlike Kyle, though, their bodies had become even more muscular. From what Mr. Barker could see, Mike was now more akin to the Incredible Hulk than ever before, and Donny had become as large as Mike had been. He became as jealous of them as Kyle was of his new body.

When he pointed the studs out to Kyle, Kyle's determination to find out how they had regained their muscle overrode any desire to worship Mr. Barker. The two stared, watching Mike and Donny display athletic ability beyond any other high school player. They could kick and pass farther than any other player. Mr. Barker timed them as they ran the field, and realized that they were at least twice as fast as the school's leading track stars. Their solid muscular bulk was enough to prove that no other team could hope to tackle them or even slow them down.

"Did you see that?" "Wow!" "Fuck, how fast are they!" "Nah uh!" "Look at the size of Mike!" "Donny couldn't do that before!" Exclamations followed exclamation as the two watched Donny and Mike test themselves. Kyle began to rub his crotch, and Mr. Barker adjusted his growing hard-on as the two jealously observed the two powerhouses.

After about twenty minutes, Mike and Donny approached the school, entering the locker room door Kyle had unlocked earlier.

"The guys will be arriving soon for practice," Mike observed, looking at the clock. "I want to check out the weight room before they get here."

"Ya, we know we're now unstoppable on the field. Let's find out what we can do with the iron," Donny agreed. "Bet I take down a few of those school records you set," Donny bragged, bouncing his pecs and checking himself out in the mirror as he walked by.

"Go ahead. I'll just set new records," said Mike, adding, "with these." He flexed his massive forty-inch arms. He raised his monsterous right bicep to his lips and kissed it.

The lights in the weight room were on. 135 pounds were on a bench, with two plates on either side. It looked like they had fallen there. "What wimp left the lights on?" Mike asked as he walked over to the bench and lifted the bar with one hand. He began to curl it, lifting it as though it were a feather. After cranking out thirty curls and complaining about how light it was, he lowered the weight then, keeping his arm straight, raised it up to his side performing a perfect lateral raise. He did thirty of these without even breaking a sweat.

"Damn, I need some real weight! These big muscles are just to damned strong for this puny stuff," he said.

Donny was next with the bar. He too could do single arm curls it, but after thirty, was visibly tiring. Lateral raises were also harder for him, but his ego made him crank out the same thirty that Mike had done.

"Ya!" he screamed as the weight dropped to the floor.

"Pretty good, Donny," agreed Mike. Mike had moved to the power rack and loaded a bar with 20 plates. Moving the bench underneath, he got into position. "Here's a new record!" he bragged as he slowly lifted the weight and began to bench press it. Donny counted off. Mike's shirt made ripping sounds as his powerful chest expanded as he easily lifted the weight. After 15 reps, he put the bar back. "Pretty good warm up, but let's try and double it," he said.

"Can the bar hold that much?" Donny asked.

"Probably not, but that was just too easy for chest." Mike grinned, then pulled the bench away. He walked over to the bar, and put his hands around it. "But maybe not arms," he said as he lifted the weight up. Before Donny could object, Mike curled the bar up to his chin with perfect form. He lowered it slowly, then did another rep. Mike's biceps burst into perfectly striated peaks, a thick vein feeding his powerful blood to the obedient muscle. Donny's eyes widened as Mike did eight perfect reps. Mike's breathing was rhythmic, his arms read and beads of sweat dabbled over his body. It had not been as easy as benching the weight or his earlier curls, but it was nothing his powerful muscles couldn't handle.

As Mike put down the weight, he heard someone clapping behind him. Looking in the mirror, he saw a the muscular young Mr. Barker and a fat slovenly Kyle.

"Looks like you got your muscle back Mikey," said Kyle snidely.

Mike turned and walked confidently to the fat ex-jock. Pushing him hard in the chest, Kyle smacked into the doorframe with a loud crash. "Looks like you don't got any muscle, fatso," said Mike. "What did you do to me? Drop and give me 50!" Mike put his hand on Kyle's blubbery shoulder and with irresistible force, pushed him to the ground. Kyle spit on Mike's feet, so Mike raised a foot and pressed it into his back, trapping him on the floor.

"I don't know how you and Donny-boy over there did it, but you better do it to me too. I want my muscles back!" Kyle hissed.

Mr. Barker began to move toward Mike, but Donny was on him in a flash. He grabbed Mr. Barker around his hard waist and easily lifted him up and threw him to the ground. Any hope that Mr. Barker could overpower Donny was quickly dashed as Donny wrapped a powerful arm around Mr. Barker's neck. Flexing his bicep, Donny made Mr. Barker cough and struggle for breath. "Try anything and I'll really flex this big arm," said Donny.

"Kyle, ain't nothing you can do to us. We got the muscle and we got the sups. They're hidden real good where you will never find them."

"I'll tell. I know now." Kyle tried to force himself up, but nothing could more Mike's powerful leg.

"Kyle, I don't think you get it. I'm not just strong now. I'm like superman or the hulk or something. My muscles got muscles. I'm fucking freaky huge AND freaky strong." Mike tilted his head, signaling Donny to come over.

Donny dragged Mr. Barker with him, and placed his strong let on Kyle's back. Mike moved over to the weights, and began curling the bar again. "Nearly a half ton and this is just a warm-up for these arms. Watch and learn, wimp!"

For the next hour, Mike lifted incredible weights as Kyle was forced to watch.

In the locker room outside, the other players began to arrive. Each boy began to change, smacking towels and talking about the cheerleaders they had fucked the night before. That all stopped when Justin came in.

"Hey Mike," said one of the bigger players as the huge behemoth walked in.

"Guess again," replied Justin, sporting a white grin that nearly blinded them.

"Justin? Shit man! What happened to you! You're as big as Mike."

"Bigger," bragged Justin as he dropped his gear.

The other players felt something almost immediately. First, it was like they were light headed. They seemed unable to take their eyes off the handsome bodybuilder that was slowly removing his shirt. It really hit them, though, when he dropped his pants.

"Fuck man, you're a horse!"

"Strong as one and hung like one," Justin agreed.

Justin's man scent began to fill the room. When he had awakened this morning, his hardon was raging like never before. His balls were the size of softballs and were straining for release. He could feel it in the very fiber of his being. He needed sex, and he could have it with anyone. Why not do the football team if he wanted? So, that's what he decided to do.

As soon as they saw Justin's cock, they all wanted him. It was a frenzy as each of the football jocks lost whatever heterosexual feelings they had and demanded to suck Justin off. They needed to feel the huge cock. They needed to touch it, to weigh it, to suck it. Fights between players broke out as they demanded to worship Justin. Sixteen guys who had come to practice football now only desired sex with one of their own.

Justin could feel it too. He had felt it with Kyle the night before, but he didn't realize it. He felt it with they guy outside Amy's house as he manipulated him to Justin's will. He felt it with Amy as he fucked her. It was now even stronger. He controlled these men with some secret sexual energy that he had gotten for Mike and Donny's cum. Not only had he become huge and hung, he had some hypnotic power over other people. And it was becoming stronger. With every person Justin fucked, he got more power, or so it seemed.

Justin started with the biggest guys. He came in their mouths, and as soon as he did, their cocks began to swell. Within seconds, his conquest would cum all over him. He made sure never to miss a drop. The cum seemed to be absorbed back into his body. As it was, he changed. He became more athletic, more handsome, stronger and more sexual.

From a player that was also a wrestler, he gained an inate knoweldge of how to use his body to clash with another. A player that was hung as thick as beer can caused Justin's long cock to thicken even further, making him more desireable. As each man came, Justin's power increased. They, in turn, seemed diminished. Each became smaller and weaker. The guy with the thick cock found himself hung with a small pencil dick. Justin took each player's attributes like a vampire sucked blood from a prey. In an hour, Justin had reduced his team to wimps that could be beaten on the field by the geeky A-V club.

As the men lay there, weak and in some hypnotic trance, Justin looked at himself in the mirror. He was bigger and more handsome. His cock was thick and long, but his once full balls now seemed drained and smaller. He began to flex and admire himself.

That's when he heard a door open. From the weight room came four figures. He recognized the fat Kyle. The guy from Amy's house was with him. Then he saw Donny and Mike. They were huge. Mike was shirtless and obviously way stronger than him.

"What the fuck?" said Mike.

Justin could feel his hypnotic energies reach for Mike. He felt his balls pull tight to his body as Mike approached.

"What is going on..." Mike started to say, then froze, his eyes drawn to Justin's crotch.

"Ya, what the fuck is going on here!" Donny said, blazing past Mike. Justin tried to will Donny to stop, but his balls were aching. Donny kept coming. Justin's face contorted, but he could not summon his powers. It was taking everything he had to control Mike.

Before he could react, Donny was on Justin. Justin struggled, and found that he was bigger than Captain America. Donny swung at Justin, but Justin caught the punch. Arm to arm they struggled, and Justin's thirty inchers pushed Donny's 28s back. Justin swung around, and using his newly acquired wrestling skills, got Donny in a full nelson. Donny tried to move, but found himself under the stronger boy's power.

"Mike, I could use some help," Donny screamed.

"Ya Mike, help him." Justin said.

Mike began to move. He grabbed Donny and Justin let him go. Mike lifted Donny like a rag doll and forced him into a row of lockers.

"Mike, what the fuck are you doing?"

Mr. Barker moved to stop Mike, but Mike easily threw him aside. Mike drew back a fist and punched Donny hard in the face, knocking him out.

Mike walked to Justin. "Fuck, you got a great cock," he said.

"Bet you want to suck it, don't you?"

"Oh ya," Mike agreed.

"Well, not here. I'm a little tired from that orgy. Why don't we go back to my place and rest a bit first."

Justin grabbed a pair of shorts and walked out, Mike following him like an obedient puppy. •

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