Mike Gets Huge

Worshipping Mr. Barker


By Corwin

Kyle sat on the football field, watching the sun come up. After leaving Justin's house, he wandered aimlessly. His body felt so weird. His belly jiggled when he walked, and his body conformed to his shirt rather than the shirt stretching to his body. He tired easily. It was wrong. He walked without purpose. When he realized where he was, he had gone to the place he had always felt safe -- the football field.

He tried running its length. He was so slow, running less than thirty yards in the time it would have taken him to run the whole field. He pushed himself, only to trip and land face first.

Kyle's mind couldn't understand how to control his new body. It was so bloated and strange. He had to know how bad the damage was. He stood up, and his knees and elbows hurt. He couldn't see his legs over his fat stomach, but his elbows were skinned and bloodied. He found the keys the coach had given him to get into the locker room and weight room so he could train whenever he wanted, and walked to the door.

Kyle began to feel at home. He had spent countless hours building his muscles and flaunting them for all to see in places like this. He turned on the light and instinctively took off his shirt. He turned toward the mirror, and didn't recognize the person looking back. His face was puffy and lacked the rugged manliness that he normally saw reflected from the mirror. His massive chest that caused awe in men and women alike was flat and saggy. His firm stomach was bloated. The only good thing was that it drooped over his crotch, hiding where his small cock would be. He had always been ashamed that his manly proportions did not extend to his dick. His normally ripped legs were round and his knees were indeed skinned and bleeding. He looked like the Pillsbury dough boy.

"I HATE THIS!" he screamed, and made his way into the weight room. "Gotta lift! Maybe that will reverse this curse!"

Mike walked into the weight room, and turned on the light. He looked around, and saw that someone had left a bar and weights on the bench. There were two plates on each side. Kyle smiled. "Ya, something light like that!" He walked over, and positioned himself under the 225 pound bar. "No prob. This was my warm up weight!"

Kyle grabbed the bar, took a deep breath, and ordered his arms to lift it. Nothing happened. He arched his back and pressed with all his might, but the bar didn't move. Kyle held his breath and pushed harder than he had ever pushed, but the weight continued to defeat him. Kyle's stomach tied in knots as he realized that this wimpy weight -- this warm-up weight -- was too heavy for him.

Kyle stopped. His shoulders hurt from the exertion of his failure. Slowly, he got up. He unlocked the collar and began to remove one plate. It nearly fell to the floor as he was unable to control it. "No, it can't be too heavy for me. It can't!" He put the collar back and removed the plate from the other side. This time, he was more careful but it was still so heavy.

Kyle got back on the bench. 135 pounds. Never in his life had he been unable to bench this light a weight. The first time he ever lifted, he did 175 for reps. Kyle positioned his hands. He pressed. Harder. His arms shook and the bar slid. He arched his back and he thought he felt the bar move a bit. He screamed, willing strength into his weak muscles. He began to cry as the bar stayed on the bench, disobeying his orders to move.

Kyle sat up and rubbed his hands over his pecs. Flabby. Soft. He had loved to have his chest worshipped for its size, hardness and power. His sadness turned into anger and then hate for Justin. The weight room, always a source of comfort and pride for him had suddenly become a place of shame. No longer was he its monarch, a muscle god who commanded there. Now, he was nothing. He stood up, grabbed his shirt, and left.

He sat on the field until sun up, unable to move. His dreams, his work, and his life had been taken from him. His depression was interrupted when a car pulled into the school drive. The car stopped by the front door, and someone got out. The person unlocked the front door and ran inside. "On a Saturday?" thought Kyle. He watched, and the light in Mr. Barker's classroom turned on.

Kyle got up and went inside the building. He heard someone in the classroom, and peeked inside. A muscular young man was rummaging around Mr. Barker's desk, putting things in a box. He opened the middle drawer, and pulled out Mr. Barker's class roster and started looking through it.

'Shit. The school is being robbed,' thought Kyle. The guy was big, but Kyle had been bigger. He could have taken him. Then he remembered his failure in the weight room. His power was gone, and he was too weak. He had to get away. To call for help or something. He turned, but tripped on his feet and slammed into a row of lockers, causing a loud crash.

Kyle lay stunned for a second. As he began to get up, a man was standing over him. The first thing Kyle noticed was the man's calves straining at the bottom of his pants. Looking up, the pants were like a second skin around a pair of ripped quads and thick hamstrings. The man had a significant bulge which made Kyle gulp. The man's shirt hung lose around his waist, and his pecs formed a ledge that forced the shirt to tent forward. The man's face was grimaced as he looked at Kyle. "What are you doing here, pig boy," he said.

Kyle recognized the voice. "Mr. Barker?"

The man looked. A glean of recognition entered his eyes. "Kyle?"

Kyle tried to back away, but the man offered his hand. Kyle took it and with a forceful pull, Kyle was lifted off the ground. "What happened to you?" asked Kyle.

"Found Mike's little secret. And you?"

Kyle stared, then started to cry. Once he started talking, his whole nightmare just blurted out. He told how he and Justin had been searching for the source of Mike's strength.

"Ya, I followed you," admitted Mr. Barker.

Kyle told how they took the supplements back to Justin's house, and Mike and Donny broke in. Mike couldn't help but lord his massive arms over Kyle, and then it happened. He recounted how Mike and Donny's strength seemed to flow into their cocks, and how they came on Justin. Their muscle evaporated, and Justin grew bigger.

"I saw Justin last night. He's huge."

"Ya, but not from just Mike. He stole my muscle too." Kyle recounted how Justin's cock had become enormous. "He made me suck it," Kyle lied.

"Really?" said Mr. Barker.

"He put some of the powder on it, and forced it into my mouth. Then I became dizzy. My cock hurt, and when I lost it, Justin was there sucking me off. That's when I changed." Kyle began to cry. "He stole my muscles. My beautiful muscles."

Mr. Barker looked at Kyle. He grinned, then lifted off his shirt. "Muscles like these?" he asked. Mr. Barker struck a crab pose, flexing his big pecs inward, forcing them to ball up and become striated as he flexed his thick arms into his torso and forced his gut into eight bricks of power. He then stood up, raised his arms and performed a twisting double bicep pose.

Kyle whimpered a yes.

Mr. Barker smirked, then unflexed. He unbuttoned his pants, then pushed them down, standing in front of Kyle in his white fruit-of-the-looms. "And like these?" he said, sticking his leg out and tightening the quads to show their hardness, then relaxing and shaking the substantial muscle.

Kyle sobbed.

"Ya know, I loved to worship your big body," Mr. Barker admitted, raising his hands to his pecs and massaging the heavy meat. "I loved to feel all that power. Your manly strength under my fingers. I loved it." Mr. Barker's briefs bulged larger, straining to contain his heavy meat.

Kyle's mouth began to feel dry and he remembered being worshipped. Ya, he liked it too. He liked to feel his power, and to let other's feel his strength, jealous of what he had.

"Now I love having it," Mr. Barker admitted. Come here Kyle," Mr. Barker commanded. "It's time for you to worship my superior manhood. Feel these muscles."

Kyle hesitated. He loved being worshipped, but being the worshipper? He watched Mr. Barker move his hands, weighing his pecs, pinching them then sliding his hands over his cobblestone abs. He rearranged his shorts, and the head of his growing erection forced itself above the waistband.

Kyle stood, his hand shaking. Slowly, he raised it to Mr. Barker's chest. It was warm... no hot. It felt like living steel. He measured it with his fingers, weighing it. His skin was so smooth, yet the flesh so hard. Mr. Barker flexed his pecs, causing it to ripple upward under Kyle's fingers. Kyle let out a slight moan and felt a pressure growing in his pants.

"Ya boy. Feel my power. You like muscles, don't you. You liked having them, and I love having them. Feel these abs." It was another command, but this time Kyle didn't hesitate.

Mr. Barker flexed, his dick now pressing into his belly button. Kyle rubbed each muscle, pressing his stubby fingers into the groves. As his hand moved toward Mr. Barker's naval, his little finger brushed against Mr. Barker's fat cockhead, causing the muscle man to shudder. A trail of precum tracked Kyle's progress over Mr. Barker's hard stomach.

"Turn around," Kyle asked. Mr. Barker looked at him, but complied, turning and looking out the window at the football field. He saw to people approaching, but was distracted by Kyle's touch.

Kyle grabbed Mr. Barker's traps, feeling the iron-like muscles. He tried to squeeze, to massage the powerful back, but his weak hands could barely dent it.

Kyle rubbed Mr. Barker's bull neck, feeling his heart beat in the veins just below the skin.

Mr. Barker flexed his lats, stretching the wings wide then pulling them back creating a rippled mass of powerful muscle that met at his spine, two mountain ranges of muscle protecting his backbone in grand canyon sized valley.

Kyle felt every ridge, testing the depth of the canyon and the width of his wings. He moved his mouth to the top of Mr. Barker's back, and pressed his tongue into the muscle-walled valley and traced it.

Mr. Barker laughed. When Kyle had finished he turned around. He placed his big hand on Kyle's crotch and felt the hard cock. "Oh ya, you do love muscle, don't you!" Mr. Barker flexed his big arm, making the baseball-sized bicep explode upward. "You like these muscles, and you liked having them. Show me." Mr. Barker nodded to Kyle's groin.

Kyle didn't need to be told twice. He was so horny worshipping this new muscle god. He so longed for the power again. He pulled his pants down, and his five inch erection sprang up as if spring-loaded. Mr. Barker wrapped his hand around the thin rod and squeezed, but Kyle was so turned on not even Mr. Barker's strong hands could crush Kyle's iron hardness. "Ya, you're turned on. So am I, but it looks like I'm way bigger than you in this department too."

Kyle began to ooze copious amounts of precum as Mr. Barker stroked his rod. He reached out, and grabbed Mr. Barker's big cock and rubbed it against the muscle-god's ripped abs. Mr. Barker's cock lacked the hypnotic appeal that Justin's had, but it was so big and heavy it turned him on.

"Mike always lorded his big body over me," confessed Kyle. "I guess I always wanted to do this. Right before he took the sups that changed him, he was bragging about his big dick and muscles."

"Did he say anything else?" Mr. Barker asked, moving Kyle's other hand up to his muscular chest and flexing his big pecs.

"He said the sups would make Justin big, and make me one of the most muscular men ever. I wanted that. The muscles... like yours..."

"I want that for you too, Kyle."

Kyle looked at his ex-teacher and saw him for the first time. "What?"

"Think about it. I want to get you your muscles back. I want you to be big again. But not just big, huge, a muscle freak. And I want to be bigger too. You and me. We'll take those muscle building supplements again, and grow huge. No one will stop us. Think about that."

Kyle's cock flowed with precum. His body began to shake as he oozed cum and orgasmed. Mr. Barker joined him, but his large cock erupted like a volcano squirting both of them with jism.

Kyle looked at Mr. Barker, his muscular body covered with white cream. "I wish there was a way, but Donny flushed the supplements down the sink."

"Donny lied. I'm the proof of that." Mr. Barker put his hands on his hips and flexed into a crab pose. "Look outside." He ordered.

Kyle looked out the window. There were two people on the field. They were tossing a ball back and forth as they ran down the field toward the school. They were men, shirtless, wearing shorts that hugged their bodies. He looked closer, unable to fully comprehend what he was seeing. Both men were huge, but one was a muscle monster. The smaller looked to be as big as Mike, and the other was twice as big as him. Kyle looked, and recognized the smaller man as Donny. The larger man was, "Oh my god. That's Mike! He's even bigger than before. How'd he..."

"get his muscles back?" finished Mr. Barker. "He took the supplements from me. Stole them while Justin distracted me. And if he can get his muscles back..."

"So can I!" For the first time, Kyle smiled. •

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