Case, The


By Muscl4life

When Joe finally woke up, he almost didn’t believe on his won eyes, he saw Byron and Jason – the most muscular teens in the world – horsing around like old buddies. Joe rubbed his eyes, his head was still dizzy, he must be confused or something. “Look, who decided to join us? Hey Joe, it was about time man!” Jason casually tapped Preston’s shoulder as he adjusted the chair to sit at a big wooden table; he was at the cell phone talking to someone – “Larry? Where the hell were you? Yeah, I’m calling you on your cell phone, don’t get fucking paranoiac on me, dude! Get your ass here! No I can’t meet you at the park we gotta keep low-profile! I don’t care if you’re not presentable, just come to my place now!” he hung up grinning – “Larry is on his way” he said to Byron who just nodded – “Cool, the more the merrier!”

“What is going on here?” Joe mouthed as he watched Jason and Byron’s looks; they had this mischievous grin on their faces, like kids who were up to something naughty.

“Before you say or act in an improper manner, let me warn you Joe, that Jason and I are together in a very promising venture – like partners – and we are willing that you will cooperate with our plans, because you will be very happy once you hear them…” Byron said with his voice very calm, almost emotion less, he looked into Joe’s eyes in such a secure confident way, the other jock almost thought that this was not his buddy.

“Relax, Joe, you’re at my place and no, I didn’t hypnotized Byron, he’s just talking like the intelligent man he is now, and soon you’ll realize you also became more intelligent besides much more muscular and stronger – this is the effects of the green vial you and Byron took back at school” Jason added offering his hand, helping Joe to stand up.

“So let me get you into the whole story, my dear Joe!” Byron said coming along, hugging Joe and Jason’s neck from behind – “It all began with Patterson coming back home about a week ago…”

A few minutes later, Larry opened the door – looking bigger than the last time Joe had seen him – “Oh, I see, everybody’s here!” he grinned, walked towards Jason who just grinned – “So, I see you found the green vial I stitched on your pockets – “Yeah, I think I had a good use on that second green vial” Larry flexed his muscles, he remained the shortest kid among them, at 5’7” but he weighed 277 pounds of solid built muscle, which made him look just as impressive as the other muscle kids. “Welcome to the POWER CLUB!” Jason hugged him tightly and so did Byron, and the three of them high-fived – “Jason can I borrow a pair of pants?!” the former fatso computer geek said as he remembered his uncomfortable situation. Byron smiled and tossed Larry a par of spandex pants – “don’t outgrow these too, Atkinson!”

Joe was even more confused. He just couldn’t understand since when Larry and Jason, the kids whose asses he and Byron wanted to kick, now were all friendly around Byron!

“Well, my dear Joe – once our fourth member arrived, we’re gonna set up the details for our operation…” Byron said tapping Jason’s shoulder. Jason also grinned and he grabbed something under the hardwood floor and placed it over the table with extreme care – “This is what started this whole story…” Jason commented as he opened the case.

“So, this is the famous “Case” – Byron commented as he saw the many vials contained on that metal box – “You still don’t know what these ones do?” he said pointing the many colors around the already familiar greens and reds.

“Well, I sure wouldn’t risk my health trying to figure them out, but now that I got the school’s most skilled hacker and the strongest jocks on my side I think we’re ready to get bolder…”

“What’s your point, Jason?” Joe asked a little more interested.

“Those vials are really precious, the power they grant is rather amazing, we all had many evidences of such fact, and I’d rather share it with you guys, than losing it all to ChemTech – this is the main point on our little club – each one of us alone may desire the power of the case all for himself, but then we have a problem ChemTech is after our tail…”

“Not to mention those creepy guys, they said they were from the FBI, but I didn’t buy that crap…” Larry added, looking at the contents – “They had a few other vials like these” He flashed the pink vials – Larry proceeded telling them exactly what happened after he left the school, the phony FBI story and especially the pink vial they had used on him “it knocked me out, and did something to my mind, it’s pretty powerful, but once I had the second green vial, it suddenly wore off!”

‘That’s interesting, so they simply let you breathe the pink vial? It means that it clearly grants no special ability to the user” Byron concluded examining the vial carefully. Jason came along and looked to the formula – it contains Strontium on its formula…

“So, it’s radioactive, in some level” Byron kept thinking – “You said they had a box or something that caused you headache, maybe it’s a receiver, they were scanning your exact frequency!”

“But they had wired me! I pretended I was buying their story!” Larry protested.

“Don’t worry man, their story was so lame, even they knew you wouldn’t buy that stupid story!” Jason comforted Larry – “Now, you said that after you popped the greeny the feeling wore off…”

“Well, possibly because the green vials made my brain work in a different level, and they lost their channel!” Larry concluded surprised to his own theory – “Fuck, this shit really makes you smarter!”

“Tell me about it – I just remembered the whole Hamlet’s play, all the lines and parts from last semester’s Literature Class! Too bad I failed that exam!” Joe laughed as he approached Larry examining the incredible muscles on that short kid.

“In any case, they had been able to track you down to the point you popped the greeny” Jason insisted – “where were you exactly when you phoned me?” Jason asked seriously.

“Don’t worry, J-man! I can also set up traps like you, I knew exactly where they lost my track, and if they followed my clue, they’re gonna be in real trouble!” Larry grinned, enjoying the feeling of being so powerful and smart.

“The most important is that we still have to figure what those other vials do…” Byron said examining the vials once more – “You found out about the green vials in a lucky strike, I know that, but it’s our only chance, I don’t think that guy we got on the SUV is gonna be much helpful at this point, Jason”

“I agree with you, besides, my plan will work out better if we are even more powerful.”

“What you guys mean?” Joe asked a little confused.

“We’ve gone too far with this shit, we can’t back off now Joe” – Larry explained.

“If they’re gonna attack us, then Jason grabbed the case and he passed it around the group of muscular teens – “Help yourselves, but remember not to pick the pink one, it has no use for us right now!”

Byron smiled and grabbed an orange vial – “orange goes beautiful with my blue eyes” he said as he examined the formula on that tiny vial – “I hope it can make me more muscular, I love this so far!”

Larry grinned and grabbed himself the yellow one – “Since this one contains calcium on its formula I have a theory it can make the bone structure stronger or more resistant” he commented.

Joe, for his turn, grabbed the purple vial – “Let’s see what this baby is capable of doing!”

Finally, Jason grabbed one blue vial – “I’ll try this one here, but we have to do this carefully. Each one of us will pop the vial there!” Jason pointed to his bathroom – “the glass window on the shower will keep the fumes to the user and not spreading them around, we still are not sure of what might happen if we combine different vials rather than green and red”

“Fine, but I’ll go first!” Larry said to his own surprise. He walked to the shower and let the door open, so the guys could see if anything went wrong, and closed the glass sliding door to the shower – he looked at them, smiled, and cracked the seal on the yellow vial. The fumes surrounded him, filled his lungs and he felt the change beginning.

He felt the whole body itching, his limbs going numb, and his joints aching, he looked once more realizing that his whole body seemed to be growing slender, but no, wait, he wasn’t, he was getting taller! A lot taller! His arms growing longer, his neck, his legs and shoulders growing bigger, his figure stretching really fast, his bones making loud noises as the skin stretched even further to accommodate Larry’s growing height.

“WHOA! The calcium vial must increase skeletal tissue growth, as well as causing the skin cells produce more collagen, making it more flexible so the body can grow taller!” Byron smiled as he saw Larry growing taller and taller – As his body grew taller, he changed his look from the incredibly bulky short lad to a powerful tall basket ball type, his long muscular arms, incredibly strong and veined, his powerfully built legs and thighs, his enormous bony hands growing wider and wider. His torso getting wider, lats inflating, his whole figure spreading and growing beautifully, Larry’s face glistened with the growth of his body, he felt more confident, more handsome, he was no longer the ugly short fat computer geek – he was now a 6’7”tall 284 pounds muscular guy, with a sheer cut physique and super ripped muscles.

“Amazing!” Larry commented as he got out, his head almost taller then the shower – “I am so tall! I’ve grown one whole foot in height! That’s incredible!” he said looking down at his companions, even Byron, at 6’6” had to look up at Larry, he smiled as Jason teased him “How’s the weather up there, stretch?”

“I’m next!” Joe smiled as he went into the shower room, closing the sliding door and popping his purple vial.

The fumes were really fast on their results – Joe’s cock had always been a respectable 7 inches long when hard, but as soon as he inhaled the purple cloud around him, his member engorged longer, harder and incredibly thick! Also his balls, became swelled with loud sounds, Joe had no time to get rid of his jockstrap, the size on his package increased so much, the weight got so much heavier, it simply ripped off the small prison, busting free for the world to see it ever growing standards!”

“DAMN IT!” Joe screamed as his cock grew past the 9’inches long mar, probably over 5” around, with incredibly oversized balls, churning and making loud noises of squashy nature, as the testicles engorged and produced even more cum. The cock head also grew wider, soon it got all glistening with the incredible amount of precum Joe produced. It took not much longer, and that cock grew bigger than one foot long! Reaching the impressive mark of 16 inches long, with 8 full inches around, at this point Joe couldn’t do much else than moaning and groaning as his cock grew longer and harder, rounder and more veined. Joe just held his hands aside as his cock pressed hard against his washboard stomach, growing harder and redder – “OOOOOOOOOOOOOOH SHIIIIIIIIIT!”

Joe screamed as he finally had a massive orgasm, without even touching himself! He simply exploded in cum torrents, volleys and volleys of thick, rich creamy white spunk, covering his whole body, hitting the window, the ceiling, like a cum-storm the whole bathroom got soaked with Joe’s emissions.

“OH LOOK WHAT YOU’VE DONE!” Jason pretended he was upset.

“Sorry, J-man, I couldn’t help it, this monster’s got a mind on its own!” Joe blushed.

“WOW! What a rush! I can’t believe I could cum that much!”

“Well, you’re not done yet!” Byron added, as he noticed Joe’s cock still hard and yet squirting loads and loads of his thick spunk.

“That’s just great! Yellow is for height, Purple for cock plus balls” Larry commented.

“I believe it’s also a libido booster, Larry, look at Joe’s face and cock, the guy is hornier than ever!” Jason added.

Joe nodded – “You’re fucking right J-man! Now if you excuse me! I have some serious business to attend!” Joe grabbed Larry’s arm and pulled him into the bathroom – ‘come here, stretch! , let’s se if you can bottom as well as you grow!”

“What?” Larry barely had time to think, Joe planted a kiss on him, rubbing his tall muscular frame with his own incredible muscles. The both teen were horny with passion, Larry was still a virgin, but he felt simply natural, surrendering to his own instincts, he let Joe show him what to do, very gently, although the teen was incredibly supercharged with his purple booster.

“Hey you two, go get a room!” Byron protested, but it was too late, Larry and Joe had already closed the bathroom door, and kept moaning out loud as their passion built stronger, and their bodies reached higher levels of pleasure.

“So, you have another idea on how are gonna do this?” Byron asked, noticing that those tow wouldn’t leave the bathroom so soon.

“Well, frankly I do!” Jason grinned – “Remember you said orange goes really good with blue?! He blinked.

“You read my mind!” Byron added as they both broken their seals at the same time and the fumes involved their bodies

This time, things were different.

Jason and Byron felt a tremendous power, as the blue smoke mixed with the orange fumes, their bodies convulsed, twisted and doubled over.

Then it started.

The muscles grew incredibly huge, marvelously big, ripped and stronger. The bodies increased in strength, as the veins popped out. Their teenagers muscles grew tighter and stronger, their amazing bulks only got each time freakier. Jason and Byron couldn’t take their eyes of each other.

The power was amazing – each teenager grew more and more muscular, feeling their own muscles, their own power, their kiss only increased the incredible feeling of sheer absolute power.

As they hugged each other, their bulks augmented, their freakish proportions grew even more monstrous – their amazing power was rather than amazing, it was colossal.

Everything around seemed so insignificant, all they wanted was infinite and absolute power. Growing stronger and more powerful at each second, they flexed, showed off, teased about being bigger and more muscular, but the truth was their uncanny bodies couldn’t be compared to another bodybuilder, they were more than humans, they grew into superior beings, of power, muscles, and lust.

Jason and Byron had their foreheads pressed one against each other – they grinned showing their teeth. Each one was mountainous muscular and ripped to the max, they also have grown a lot more veined, thicker and stronger.

“so, when did you figure out the blue vial was the Magnification Vessel for the Vials effects?” Byron asked teasing his equally powerful friend.

“Well, about the same time you probably imagined that the orange contained the key to muscle density and permanent super strength!” Jason replied in the same tone – “I knew that we both got the kind of vials that had to go together the moment you said that comment!”

“It’s good to see that at least one mind is as intelligent as I am!” Byron grinned.

“Right back at you, my dear Byron!” Jason flexed his muscles.

They both looked into the mirror – they were simply FEAKY! Jason stood at 5’10” and Byron was now about 6’8” but they both weighed the same – astonishing 477 pounds of supreme, super powered, super strong, sheer veined and oversized muscles. They flexed at each other, each one was so amazing they couldn’t be compared, while Jason was much shorter and his bulk seemed wide, Byron’s new height only made him look like a god, he towered over Jason grinning, but then the shorter hugged him tight around his waist and lifted him – “We’re gonna have some fun!”

“Thought you’d never ask shorty!” Byron said as he grabbed two purple vials, three green, and 2 yellows from the case and showed them to Jason, pointing to the room – “Let’s get more powerful together!” •

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