Case, The


By Ender

As the teens frolicked, exploring their newly enhanced bodies, several black panel trucks began to take up positions on the blocks surrounding Jason’s house. It had only taken a few minutes to determine the identities of the four teens at the center of the school incident once the commotion had died down.

The commander of this “containment and clean-up team” read over the bio’s on the four boys in the house that he had been order to take, alive and uninjured if possible but they were not to escape capture… His orders were very specific there if any of the teens were about to escape they were to be terminated. “What could four high school kids have done to bring me into this,” he thought. “An odd lot too, two not so bright jocks, and a couple of misfit loners with no real connection to each other. About the only things the four had in common were that they were all in 12th grade and the jocks were known to have harassed both of the loners.” He replayed the school security camera footage and the News crews recording. The Patterson kid is supposed to be a skinny slacker and the Atkinson kid’s a fat nerd, neither is athletically inclined. But what I see here is two jock types chasing two other jock types. The reports say that the two jocks, Byron and Joe, were chasing the other pair.” He shakes his head, “None of this makes any sense. But I have my orders.”

Once the last truck was positioned, heavily armed men in body armor began to quietly emerge from the trucks. Most took up concealed sniper positions covering the doors and windows. And others moved to setup some sort of projector devices around the house and then fell back to concealment playing cabling as they did.

The earpiece crackled to life, “Commander, all units report they are in position and ready to proceed, sir.” Still trying the make sense of what was going on the commander taps the activate button and replied, “Good, I’ll be right out.” The commander picked up the bullhorn and left the command post in one of the trucks, and walked to the front of the house, “Well it’s Showtime.” He raised the bullhorn to his mouth and began, “Boys… We know you’re in there… We have the house surrounded… Byron… Joe… Jason… Larry… We want you to come out one at a time… With your hands empty and in plain sight… We don’t want to hurt you… It’s your choice if we do this the easy way of the hard way… Make it easy on yourselves and come out now… •

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