James (My Story)


By tjstoys

I was pretty much a nerd in High School. About 5’10” and 140 pounds soaking wet. I pretty much knew that I was Gay in high school and after a little while so did many others. Most of the time it was not a problem, but there were those few guys trying to impress everyone by picking on me and occasionally beating on me. One of those guys was Mike a fairly athletic and a full of himself jerk who thought he was Gods gift to the world. I survived high school, I guess we all do but it wasn’t fun for me and I never forgot the people that made it hell. Luckily I got out a year early because of how advanced I was intelligence wise.

I went to a local but prestigious college. I needed to stay close to home because my mother was ill and I was the only one to take care of her. It was tough on a 16 year old she lived until I turned 18. God I miss her every day.

During the first couple of years of college I had gained some weight but the real difference in me was that I got a final growth spurt or two that made my height shoot up to 6’3” my weight was now 170. Whoopee I was even skinnier. So anyway part way into my second year I got a new roommate his name was Brad. It was October and I thought I would have a room to myself and so when I got notice of a coming roommate I was not happy, not to mention I was coming home from being with my mom most nights and weekends and I would cry my eyes out to feel better. I couldn’t do that now in front of some roommate.

Then I met Brad 6 foot and like 200 pounds from what I could guess when I first met him. He was so Hot with bulging muscles and nice facial features. Of course that pretty much described Mike in high school and we know how that relationship went. He came in, introduced himself and said “just don’t sit there help me with my stuff.” He acted right away like I was his buddy and that was so refreshing. Of course it turned embarrassing really fast. I couldn’t lift the other half of almost anything he had like a huge chest of clothes he brought. As I let it down after a couple steps and said how sorry I was that I wasn’t strong enough. He told me not to worry about it that we’d have to do something about that. What did that mean I thought, I’d soon find out.

We hung out that first night, talked about our family, friends, lives, pretty much everything including that we were both gay. In one night he had pretty much become my best friend. By the end of the night he told me how cute I was. I couldn’t believe it he was the hottest thing I had ever seen and he thought I was cute; it actually made me think about myself differently for the first time in my life. I spent an hour looking at myself in the mirror the next morning before Brad woke up. You know my face had gotten better looking than high school but cute it was hard to see but I tried.

Then his alarm went off and he pretty much shot out of bed. “Good you’re up” get ready were going to the Gym” “the gym, I’ve never been” I said. “You don’t say” he said sarcastically. It was the first time I was teased and didn’t mind one bit. “Come on” he said “We need to get you to look like this” and he flexed his bicep it was about 18” and was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen. With that I said nothing jumped up grabbed a pair of sweat shorts, a t-shirt, and my sneakers and said “I’m Ready” It ended up being the first day of my new life.

With Brad’s support I went to the gym everyday. (Ok I did take Sundays of now and again) At first it was just to be with him and watch his hot muscled body pump iron but soon I started to see results in me and to my surprise once in awhile someone else would notice too. By the end of that sophomore year of college I was no longer a skinny string bean I was still 6’3 but now was about 190 and looked decent. I was no Brad who had gained 15 pounds of muscle himself and now at 215 his 6’ frame was looking just awesome. Brad and I became close during those months and he would often come home with me on the weekend and help me with my mother. I was falling for him hard but I at first I wasn’t getting anything back in that way.

During that last week before summer break Brad and I made love for the first time. It was my first time and it was incredible. I never thought someone as hot at Brad would ever look at me that way. He said that the other muscle guys around campus would often have sex with him but they wouldn’t even remember him a couple days later. He told me when I become a hot muscle guy (something I still didn’t think would ever happen) don’t make the mistakes he had with them. To other muscle guys you’re a dime a dozen but to the regular guys you’re a dream and they never ever forgot his name and worshipped the ground he walked on and some he never even fucked he just would be nice to them or let them feel his bicep. We parted for the summer but he made me promise that I would have the same workout routine and he told me I better have gained 10 pounds of muscle by the time we met again. I promised but wasn’t sure I could live up to my promise.

Half way threw my summer my worst fear came, my mother passed away. It was always just me and my mother and I never felt so alone. At the funeral service there was a nice comment here and there about how good I was looking. But most of the funeral I just stood there sobbing until Brad came in. He gave me a big hug and then a kiss the few relatives that didn’t know about my sexuality knew by the end of the funeral. Brad stayed with me the rest of that summer; he didn’t want me to be alone and to tell you the truth being alone was scarier than living with out my mother. He was the only reason I survived that summer. There was a lot of crying, working out, & Sex during the final weeks of that summer and I grew up more in that summer then I had during the first 18 years of my life.

September came and so did my Junior Year. I hadn’t made my goal that summer I only gained 7 pounds but Brad never ever mentioned it. He was just trying to take care of me and make sure I got back to school and a regular life. It didn’t end up being a good year school wise I was emotionally a wreck but I worked out like a fiend, I think it was the only time my mind was concentrating on something other than my mother. The year was filled with becoming as close as possible to Brad he was now my family.

By the end of my junior year I had gained 24 pounds and was now over 220 pounds. I felt good and powerful for the first time in my life. Brad didn’t gain as much as me but was still bigger at 235. But we were pretty much the hottest couple on campus gay or straight. Guys were actually starting to notice me and hit on me. It was very surreal. Brad and I had a conversation one night and actually decided that we shouldn’t keep our muscle to ourselves and would occasionally go out together or separately and bring someone home to have a night of fun always keeping in mind that the everyday guy would worship us and the muscle guy would be on to someone new the next night.

That summer between my junior and senior year was a BLAST! We met some of the hottest guys that summer. Most not as big as us but you’d be surprised what some guys that are just young and fit can do in the bedroom. My favorite guy that summer was me, well the old me. He was about 5’10 and 140 pounds and he worshiped me for hours and hours until I was beat and he was still going. He sucked me off like 8 times that night. He climbed my body up and down and begged me to plow him again and again. I think I lost 4 or 5 pounds that night. I noticed I could actually lift him with no problem and place him on my dick. I was no porn star but I never had any complaints about the size of my dick and my Arms, Chest and Thighs were getting many many admirers.

By the time my senior year started I was 232 pounds and Brad had only gotten to 240. Part of me was sorry for him, part of me was excited I was gaining more than the hottest guy I had ever seen. I was so stoked it made me work even harder at everything. Brad and I studied hard and worked out harder. Our senior year was the most rewarding time of our lives. We also had some fun times. Sometimes bringing 2 or 3 guys back to our room, for a night of worship and dreams fulfilled. One guys begged for us to crush him from either side between Brad and My pecs. I actually think he got more than he bargained for and passed out and caught the edge of my desk in the head. That was a fun night spent in the emergency room. But the guy was fine and we felt so bad when he got better we spent a safe night with him just showing off for him and then taking turns sucking him off while he was safely sitting or laying on my bed.

Brad and I both graduated in the top 5% of our class and I hit 245 pounds by graduation and Brad 250 fucking awesome pounds. I had really grown into my looks and was very popular on campus. We decided to take this final summer off before going on with our lives and spent the summer in the big city Philly and became bouncers at a straight dance club. It was a pretty easy job most of the time and we had our days to do whatever we wanted.

One night there was what I now thought of as a medium sized guy like 200 pounds smacking what I found out was his girlfriend and when a guy tried to intercept he punched the guy in the face and then started kicking him while he lay on the floor. I got there by the second kick and was so pissed that I started just picked him up and jacked him up the wall. He was kicking and screaming to let him go. Just then Brad got there and told me to calm down. I was just about to tell him ok when I noticed something I knew this guy it was Mike from high school. I started to laugh it just overwhelmed me. I asked Mike if he recognized me and whispered into Brad’s ear the situation. He covered me as I took Mike outside. Mike had no idea who I was. When I told him he although still scared told me I was full of shit. I had to convince him with a few of the things he had done to me over my high school years. I looked right into his dark blue eyes and knew what I was going to do. I took him around back and he was kept saying where are we going, what are you going to do to me. I going to humiliate you the way you did to me and that girl in there and the guy that tried to help her. I held him in one hand against the wall while I ripped off my shirt revealing my huge pecs and hard abs.

“Shit” he said “you’re some kinda of Freak!”

I took it as a compliment. Then I pulled off his shirt he was big but nothing spectacular. It was just plain not defined or interesting. Then I Flexed my pecs and bounced them in front of him for a while his eyes were glued although he tried to look away. After a while I flexed my bicep that was up to 20”. His eyes widened and while he was in a daze I slipped off my pants and boxers and suddenly he realized I was naked and looked down and I had the biggest boner I had ever had. He started to say oh No No! But I whipped him around and took his belt in both my hands and easily snapped it a then did the same to his pants. His boxers ripped like a tissue and I was up his ass. I wrapped my arms around him in a backwards bear hug and rammed his ass for 20 minutes. By the end I think he was actually enjoying it. When I was done I dropped him on the ground stroked myself a few more times and came a little on his head. He just laid there while I put my clothes back on. I threw his clothes at him although they wouldn’t do him much good and said “next time you want to humiliate someone think about how it feels” and walked away.

After that night I new I had enough of that place and it was time to go on a little Vacation. •

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