James (My Story)


By tjstoys

When it got to the end of August Brad and I decided to take a trip to Fort Lauderdale. Days of lying on the beach being stared at when we would strip off our clothes and go into the water. Watching guys just drooling and getting hard watching us pose off to each other in the water. Every night was a different bar. The first night was this video bar and it only took a couple minutes until a group of other muscle guys came up to us. They were big pretty much the same size as us, one was actually a little bigger than us, which hardly ever happened. We gabbed for a while and the big guy was obviously trying to impress with his stretches and bounces every now and again. He was older than us by about 10 years I would guess and I knew when we were his age we would be so much bigger than him. One of my favorite Kylie tunes came on and I turned around to watch the big video screen, as I did I caught two small guys in the corner of the bar starring at me but pretended not to notice and watched the video. Every once in a while I would look out of the corner of my eye to look at them and they were still staring. But wait there are 5 other muscle guys standing right behind me a couple Hotter than me that must be it.

So I turned back around to find out the other guys had all moved across the room to the bar to get more drinks. So I turned around casually to watch the video screen and they were defiantly staring at me. Occasionally they would whisper in each other�s ear. I was pretty sure that they didn�t know I was on to them so I bounced my pecs a little. Oh yea they were defiantly watching every move I made they were both frozen and there eyes were popping out, one of the guys licked his lips.

Just then Brad came over. �Hey James I think this is the night I go home with some muscle guys. They invited us both for a Muscle Orgy how great would that be�

�I thought we are just nothing special then� I said. �Yea I know but it would be cool once in a while� Brad said. �You go on ahead then I think I have my plans for the night� I said. �Come On� he said. �No seriously have a good time, I�ll see you in the room tomorrow sometime� �Ok your loss� he said and walked away.

Then I looked back and they were still standing there. So I totally looked right at them and winked. One guy looked suddenly down into his drink like he didn�t see me or wasn�t staring and the other guy looked behind himself, I guess to see who I would be winking at, but there was no one behind him so he slowly looked back at me and I was still looking then I nodded my head as if to say yea you. Then he still wasn�t sure and mouthed the word me as if he still didn�t believe it, it was so cute it reminded me of the way I was when I first met Brad. The other guy had finally looked up when his friend hit him and said something to him. I finally gave them both a big smile and pumped my pecs a few times. There mouths dropped open and they just starred. I motioned for them to come over and they were frozen they still just stared. So I walked over to them.

�Hi I�m James� I put out my hand. �Bill� the first guy spitted out as he took my hand and shook it and shook it and shook it and wouldn�t let go. Finally the other guy, the shyer one said �I�m Stewart� I had to take my hand away from Bill and shake his hand. Together they must have weighed about 225 pounds about 30 pounds less than me now.

�So are you guys from around here� �Yea we live about 15 minutes from here� �Were roommates� Stewart said. �Oh cool my best friend and I are here on a little vacation� I said. �Was that your roommate who was with you just before your came over here� Bill said. �Yea Brad� �He left with those other muscle guys, did you know that� Stewart said as if I was still there by mistake. �Yea� I chuckled �I know but I would rather spend the night with you guys if that�s alright?� Bill looked at Stewart and then at me and said kind of annoyed �Is this some kind of joke� �Well I could just go home with Stewart if that would make you feel better Bill� Then to my surprise Stewart said �OK� with a bigger voice than you could have imagined and it made me bust out laughing. Then Bill delivered the biggest punch I think he ever had in his life to Stewart�s shoulder, which made me laugh even more. �It�s no joke� I said. Then I don�t know I just felt it would really help him along so I leaned over (they were both short by my standards like bill was 5�9 and Stewart was 5�7 or so.) and just went for it and stuck my tongue down Bill�s throat and then did the same to Stewart.

They were both very tense and I decided we should hang out and drink some more before we head out it might help them relax and believe and get used to being with me. They might let there guard down a little. After talking a little more we decided to go over to the next room where the dance floor was. I walked in and a couple heads turned. The guys were right behind me and we stood at table and were sipping our drinks. A very hot guy came over with one of those shirts you can see right thru and his pecs and abs were great. He introduced himself to me and proceeded to tell me about himself. He was just about my height but about 50 pounds lighter but looked like a cover model. Then he invited himself back to my room. The boys overheard this and looked disappointed and thought there night was over. �I�m sorry I said I�m taken these are my guys Bill and Stewart� and I gestured toward them and they just smiled at the guy � He looked at them and then back at me and said �your kidding right� �Sorry� is all I said. �Whatever� he said, as he turned and walked away. Many of the guys at nearby tables couldn�t hear a thing but all started talking after the guy walked away. I turned back to the guys and said �Some people are so rude� �Oh my god� Bill said �that was Vince he takes anyone he wants home from this place every night� �Well his run had to end sometime� I said. I think they were really starting to believe this was happening for real after that.

After another couple minutes Stewart asked �Would you like to dance?� �I thought you�d never ask� I said and he took me by the hand and led me through the crowd to dance floor. We got many stares I guess it looked like a little boy leading this huge muscle guy through the crowd. When we got there he said �that was so cool everyone was looking at me even if this is it thank you so much for that one moment.� He was so sweet I could tell he meant it, if everyone in the club just remembered that moment about him he would be more popular than he ever imagined. �I leaned over and said that�s just the beginning� and then picked him up right there on the dance floor with everyone watching and kissed him hard. He was about a foot off the ground and I started dancing to the music holding him on my chest. Eventually I let him down and looked over and Bill was just sitting there and I motioned for him to come up to the dance floor. He shook his head No and I motioned again and got the same response. I whispered in Stewart�s ear and then went back to the table took Bill by the hand and dragged him up on the dance floor. He was very stiff at first but I got behind him and bent down a little and grabbed his hips with my hands and started thrusting our pelvis�s at the same time and rubbing my partially hard dick against his butt. He started to enjoy it and was getting a real hard on you could see easily in his jeans. It looked like a pretty nice size for a small guy. We ended up dancing for hours at one point I pulled off my shirt when I thought the attention to the guy�s night was waning and I would dance erotically from time to time to keep the eyes fixed on us.

We closed the place practically and then Bill said �thanks a lot� and gave me a huge hug and then Stewart did as well. I think they thought the night was over and then I said �Oh you�re not getting off that easy, Lets go back to your place.� Bill had a really cool convertible mustang and we put the top down and started to drive home. I was actually a little drunk to my surprise so I lay down in the back. Part way home some guys pulled up next to us in there own convertible but they couldn�t see anything but the top of my head since I was laying in the back. �Hey look it�s a bunch of fags� one guys said. Then I stood up and jumped out of the top of the car and walked toward there car. What did you call us I said? The guys� mouths dropped open and one guys said �Oh FUCK� The other guy was screaming to the driver �GO GO� and they sped off through the red light and kept going. �I didn�t think so� I yelled at them. That was fucking awesome Stewart said. We all started laughing. I think the one guy peed himself Bill said. Shortly after that, we arrived at their place.

A nice Condo a couple blocks off the ocean in some place called Delray. It was very modern and they obviously weren�t poor. They showed me around the place and then when they were done we just looked at each other for a moment. �Would you like a drink� Stewart said. �No I think I�ve had enough� I said. �Is that an expensive shirt you�re wearing Stewart� I said. No Why? He said. And I ripped it clean off his body. Buttons flew all over the place. He actually trembled a little after I did it. �That�s why� �SHIT� Bill said. �and yours� I said to Bill. �Who gives a Shit I just want you to do that to me� �You crack me up� I said back. Then I tore his shirt off. His hard on was really noticeable. �Your not going to hurt me with that thing and I pointed to it� He turned bright red. �Hey don�t be embarrassed most guys your size aren�t nearly as equipped� I said.

�Let�s see how much you guys weigh� I grabbed each of their belts and hoisted them up in the air. Then I started doing arm curls with them I could only do a few but it was enough to get them really hot for me. �Fuck your amazing� Bill said. �Thank You�.

I think you better let that thing out before you hurt yourself there Bill.� He slowly like a little shy boy undid his jeans and let them down. His dick had found the hole in is tighty whities and found its way out. I would have laughed at the site but his dick was really nicer then I had even imagined. �Damn Your HUGE� he was so embarrassed. �Can I touch it� he nodded. I stroked it ever so gently. He trembled a little.

Ok Stewart it�s your turn. He didn�t look ready so I had to encourage him a little. Ok I�ll take my shirt off. I pulled my tight tee off my body and started bouncing my pecs. �Oh Man� Stewart said. He started to undo his belt, but stopped at when he pulled it off. Hey I�m not pulling off my pants until you do. Bill spoke up real quick. �Fucking pull you pants off Stewart or I will� apparently a threat was all it took. He pulled his pants down and he wasn�t wearing any underwear. �Wooh� is all I said it took my by surprise. �Going Commando Stewart� He smiled and said �I didn�t have any clean underwear�

He was nowhere near the size of bill but he was hard that was for sure. �I guess it�s my turn. I slipped off my pants and boxers slowly to give them a show. My semi hard cock was just about as long as Bill�s but much thicker. I sat on the edge of the sofa and motioned for them to come over to me. They slowly did and then I had each of them sit on a thigh and flexed my thighs so they could feel it between their legs. Then I had each of them put their hands on my pecs (they each had their on pec) and I bounced them as hard as I could. Bill started to immediately show some pre-cum. Stewart decided to slide some fingers between my pecs and yea I tightened so he couldn�t get his fingers out. �Oh Shit� he muttered. I grinded at him and he pulled and pulled and pulled supporting him self with his other hand on my chest but couldn�t get his fingers back. �Would you like your hand back� I said. He nodded and I released it. He grabbed his fingers like they hurt a little. Bill was feeling the ridges between my abs. I tensed them a little more and he said �can I� and made a fist. �Sure it�s your hand� I said. He pulled his hand back and rammed it into my abs. �Shit� he said as he grabbed his hand in pain.

�Ok enough of this foreplay� I said and Bear hugged both of them. Stood up and said which way to a Bedroom. They directed me to a Guest Bedroom and when we got their, I dropped all of us on the bed. It was a nice size queen bed and easily fit us all. Ok they said no you lay down on your stomach. �Why� I asked �You�ll see� they said. So I laid on my stomach. �Man look at his back� Stewart said. Then they whispered something and both started rimming me at the same time. They were good at it. �Man you guys are just full of surprises� I said. �We practice on each other� Bill said. I turned over and my Dick was at full mast and they just stared at it. �And you said I was big� Bill said. �My dick fits my body yours is for someone twice your size� I said and then I freaked Bill out more than any other time I had that night. �How talented are you with that big dick of yours Bill� Whawhat does that mean he said. I want you to FUCK Me with it. He was freaked out I could tell. �I-I-I never did that before� he spitted out. �Well your gonna learn tonight.� I said. He nodded and I walked him through it. We got out some condoms and I got to fuck Stewart while he fucked me. Bill worked really hard at it. I was enjoying it. I hadn�t been fucked by anyone but Brad, I usually only did the fucking. When he came he was so spent he just fell on top of me. Stewart was like having a doll on the end of my dick. He came all over himself right away but he was patient while I pumped his ass until I finally came.

We fell asleep shortly after that and the next morning came too fast. When I got up they were both out making breakfast. I came down the hall with just my boxers on. They both looked up started to pull my chair out. We made breakfast for you. Stewart said. God they must have really really enjoyed it. There were Eggs, Pancakes, Bacon, Sausage, just name it. They really outdid themselves and I told them. After that I felt they deserved one last bit of fun so I asked if they would enjoy a joint morning shower. They dropped the dishes where they were and met me in the shower. It was a decent size shower and had a little bench in it. They offered and I took them up on them washing every single inch of my body. They were so hard washing me it was pretty hot for me as well and they decided to pay extra attention to washing my Cock. It got hard really hard and I rammed each of them individually and then when I had released every ounce of cum I could I got on my knees pulled them together and put both of their dicks down my throught and sucked them off at the same time.

After they both came they could hardly stand up. I picked each of them up in one arm and laid them on the bed together. I dried off and got changed back into my clothes. They realized I was getting ready to leave. Stewart sniffled a little. They sat on the edge of bed as I gathered everything up to go. �One last feel� Bill said. �OK� I said. I kneeled on the floor in front of them and put a Bicep up for each of them to caress. They felt and licked and squeezed. Then I took Stewart�s face and pressed it against one pec (now inside my tight tee) and took Bill�s face to my other pec and bounced them at the same time and then one at a time. I got up and said �Thanks for a great evening and morning� �Bye� Stewart said. �Bye?� I said �Uh you better be driving me back to my hotel� we all started to laugh they had completely forgot I had no way back. They got changed and drove me back to my hotel after I got out and started walking to the hotel door. Stewart yelled out �Well never forget you� I turned back to them and said �I Know� and walked into the hotel. •

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