Nameless Muscle Monster



By grow2big4u_bear

Gus Hartwell woke to stale air within his nostrils. Dust was heavy in his throat, and black surrounded him. The debris stirred in his windpipe, and he began to cough violently. In a dazed attempt to cover his mouth, he only heard the sound of metal against stone. The veil over his mind lifted quickly, as he realized he was chained to an unusually cold stone wall; this was because he was completely naked. Gasping and sputtering out yet more dust and debris from the dank air, he began to wriggle and jerk. It was pointless, however. He wasn’t going anywhere, but that didn’t stop him from trying for another fifteen minutes.

Panting from exertion, the cringing mind inside him began to think. ‘What the hell? How the hell?’ It didn’t make sense. The last thing he remembered was snuggling up into bed after a long workout at the gym, in his singles’ apartment room in the singles’ apartment complex of his unfortunately singles’ life. It had certainly been a while since he had a boyfriend…especially a descent one. His last one tried to turn his apartment into a ‘pink paradise’. That experience was more like a nightmare. ‘Maybe I just can’t choose,’ he had thought; his conscience just answered ‘ya think?’

A rouge insect buzzing around his ears brought him back to reality. The fly landed naively on his pointed nose. He would have swatted the damned thing off, because it was beginning to tickle him into insanity, but of course he couldn’t, which fueled his growing anger. He shook his head wildly and the annoyance buzzed away. His fury boiled over then, and he began screaming and wriggling until his voice was hoarse and his ankles and wrists were raw. The cold was stabbing at his naked figure, and he was becoming very radical.

Then, suddenly, the handle of the thick oaken door against the opposite wall of the dungeon clattered, and the sound of metal scrapped and twisted: a key. “Here he is, sir. This one was hard to get; he put up one hell of a fight. He’s exhausted by now, though, so he’ll be easy.” The voice was from a man, very weak sounding; it was followed by light footsteps. The door flung open, slamming against the stone wall. The borne light stung Gus’ eyes as dust was strewn in all directions, filling the doorway. As he became accustomed to the brightness, he looked toward the door to see what evil, he felt, was upon him. The dust fell to the floor, and Gus’ jaw had no choice but to drop at what stood before him.

In the doorway was the looming figure that made up the most beautiful man he had ever seen. The first thing he noticed was that he was totally naked. That was certainly hard to miss. His perfectly auburn skin glistened against the gleaming sconces apparent in the narrow hall behind him. He was illuminated in sweat with a towel draped nonchalantly about his tree-trunk neck; obviously, he was returning from a very heavy workout. Gus couldn’t take his eyes from the mysterious man, whose tall figure was bursting from every nook and cranny with enormous muscle. His massive arms were folded in a roguish way across his chest, which was more like the raised grill of a semi truck. ‘Pecs’ seemed to be an understatement to describe the gorgeous mountains of meat that engulfed his torso, with a deep valley between that served as a runnel for the sweat that trickled down, coating his cobblestone abs. Gus could not resist the amazing display of power; his cock began to grow rigid as erotic images displayed themselves in his mind. Then Gus saw the cock. It was huge to say the least, hanging limply from between his massive pillar-like legs that supported the great skyscraper of manliness. His thick fuck pole drooped flaccid almost to his knees. Below hung a beautiful pair of balls, their enormity breaking free from between his thighs and pushing the base of his cock skyward. He was forced to stand awkwardly due to the huge member he so proudly swung about, slapping it against his legs. The veins that pushed from his skin were pulsating crazily, and his perfectly shaped face held a bright smile, yet a menacing brow. He was looking for something, and Gus knew what. Gus’ cock was now jetting almost painfully from his body as he subliminally stroked it. By this point, his mind had completely forgotten about his unfortunate entrapment, for his focus was now only on the muscle beast before him, and of the further arousal that he felt approaching.

At last, the Adonis began to approach Gus’ pitiful chained figure. As he walked, he flexed one bulging arm while the fingers of the idle arm pinched and tantalized a hard nipple and rubbed all over the jetting pec. Gus made a small sound of delight as the scene began to overwhelm him. The ground shook as the man came close enough so that Gus could breathe in the sexy sweat odor that was being abundantly spread throughout the room. The man finally stopped before Gus, who had long since fallen to his knees. Gus held his breath in awe of the monstrous cock that rested mere inches from his face. And then, the deep voice burst from the monster, filling the dungeon, almost causing Gus to blow his load. If orgasm had a voice, it would sound just like that. “Do you like what you see, Gus Hartwell? Don’t be shy; tell me: Do you want this? Do you want my cock?” Being almost reduced to a puddle, Gus found it hard enough to simply nod. The man cackled almost menacingly. “Then you will have it; you will have all you want. Allow me.”

He flashed a wrought-iron key in his hand. He leaned over and unlatched all of the chains that held Gus captive. The man took the key and threw it against the wall. Gus could see how horny the monstrous man was through his piercing eyes. Gus could have run for the door, but he was too much aroused to even consider it.

The nameless muscle monster then gripped his massive cock in a tight hold, stroking it roughly from the head. It began expanding, rising up from the monstrous balls that pulsated visibly. A rush of pleasure streaked through Gus’ wildly sweating form, and a jet of pre cum burst from his strained cock. He moaned loudly, and the huge man laughed again, evilly, in response. He seized the opportunity and shoved his horse cock down Gus’ throat. Gus nearly gagged on the enormity as it forcibly split apart his cheeks as it thrust in and out. The pleasure was like an anesthetic, relaxing Gus as he wrapped his tongue around the vascular pole, exploring every groove and striation; every nook and cranny until it was coated thick with saliva. Gus greedily tasted the salty sweat, swallowing the pre-cum that flowed openly from the fuck pole as he sucked the head, tantalizing it with his curious tongue. The man groaned with extreme pleasure as his massive arms toyed again with the rigid nipples. He placed his palm firmly on Gus’ head, pushing his mouth into the cock; forcing him to take more until Gus gave a muffled yelp of pleasurable pain. The man felt his sensitive cock head pushing against the back of Gus’ throat. The erotical man’s rough moaning turned into screams for the pleasure that coursed through his monstrous body, causing even his rigid knees to wobble. Gus responded by sucking harder and faster on the man’s enormous member. The pleasure in Gus overwhelmed him and he let out a powerful scream that echoed through the dungeon, even though the cock filled his mouth to almost bursting. Gus then came with an orgasm that shook his entire form, letting go a huge wad of cum that splattered against the man’s thigh, coating it thick with delicious man juice that the huge muscle monster wanted so badly to swallow. One of the massive hands reached to the thigh and scooped up the warm cum, which the man stuffed greedily into his mouth, swallowing, starving for the thick man cream. His once calm eyes were now wild as if demanding for more. He then took the same hand, reaching down to grab Gus’ nipple, caressing it and pulling it to Gus’ erotic moans. Gus felt the huge bull’s cock pulsate insanely; he knew an orgasm was nearing for the man. Gus gripped the base of the man’s member tightly, massaging and embracing its power, while his other hand gently fondled the grapefruit balls, tugging at them and squeezing them in his fist in which only one would barely fit. The moans emitted from the monster were monotonous and almost steady, shaking the foundation to the point that Gus thought that the roof was going to collapse. “Oooh fuck!”, screamed the man. “I’m gonna cum! It’s..coming.” He flexed his biceps, reaching over to lather the muscles with his tongue and run his mouth over the pulsating veins. “Ooo fuck! FUCK! Arghhhhhh!” Gus felt it as it happened. He felt the cum jetting through the pole to explode from the tip, almost knocking his head back into the wall. But Gus swallowed it all, drinking selfishly from the colossal member, sucking the head like a baby would a bottle. He drew every last drop of juice from the wildly vibrating horse cock as it poured almost eternally from the man, who had his arm on the ground to support his massive frame as he closed his eyes, groaning in an orgasmic bliss unlike anything he had ever felt. Gus though, still horny as fuck and begging for more, fell over onto the stone ground. He gripped his still sturdy, rigid cock. He began to stroke madly, his hand moving up and down all nine inches in a quickening blur. His moans grew louder and louder as the pleasure picked back up inside of him, fueling his brain which was screaming for yet another wild orgasm. He felt the cum growing restless within him, longing for freedom, and in one final elongated stroke he screamed and let go a massive stream of cum that launched itself upward; falling back down to land heavily in the valley between the enormous muscle man’s mountainous pecs. Without hesitation, Gus crawled over to the man who lay still in bliss upon the cold stone floor. He lifted his body onto the massive figure, pushing his face deep into the groove between the two huge slabs of meat upon his colossal chest. He drank his own delicious cum from atop the man, sucking up the salty manliness. His lips moved to the left nipple, sucking it gently. The man simply grunted once more; a smile spread across his features and again he laughed, this time not menacingly, but satisfied. He lifted his massive arms and wrapped them around Gus in a tight, loving embrace. The arms felt like a velvet blanket engulfing Gus, and they both fell into a deep slumber.


Gus awoke to the sound of distant birds chirping pleasantly, which was rudely interrupted by an alarm clock. Mind still clouded, he reached his hand from under the blanket and found the ‘off’ button. Sitting up, he looked about. It was certain…he was in his singles’ apartment room, in the singles’ apartment complex, still in his boring singles’ life. He laid back down into the bed, remembering the dream. The wonderful dream. Into the pillow he chuckled: “Ha, if only I could find a boyfriend like that.” •

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