I had been working as a bio/genetical engineer for a couple of years now. My mission was to find a way to alter the genes of a person so as to be able to keep them from getting the deadly AIDS virus, but my personal mission was to find a way to create a formula that would allow for enormous muscle growth. This is my story of how I found that and the repercussions of the finding.....

I had worked for close to three years on finding this formula, and I think that I have finally finished it, but I still had no idea whether or not it worked, because as we all know things always look a lot better on paper than they do in real life. I needed a subject to test it on and it certainly could not be me, because what if something went wrong. So I put the word out, and amazingly enough it took over a week to get any response. The only response I got did not look as though it was going to work out, but boy was I wrong. The person that responded to the call said his name was Mike. I was very expecting until I saw Mike walk in the door to my personal lab on the outskirts of town. Mike was a young man about 5'6" and he could not have weighed more than 120 pounds. All hope was lost....or was it.

I figured I had nothing to lose by going through with the interview to see if he was a worthy candidate for the experiment. I began by asking why he would want to go through with the experiment. he responded with a story of how he had been a fat geek until 3 months ago, and after looking him over I had no idea how the person sitting in front of me could ever have been fat or geeky. The interview went on and I explained that I didn't know how the formula would react in a human or what the results would be. he assured me however that if it allowed for him to get bigger than he would do anything for it no matter how dangerous. I asked how big he would like to get and he assured me there was no limit to his thirst for growth. I realized that I had found my man or boy. I went a little further to question him on all of the typical stuff like age and other background info. I found out that Mike was only 18.

The next step in the process was to get a feel for what kind of growth Mike was looking for. For this I put a truth serum in him and had him explain to my computer what he was looking for. After a half hour I took a look at the finished screen and was amazed, I had to zoom out to 10 % to view the entire body because Mike had drawn a man so large. This was going to be great. Finally I asked Mike to get in the chamber so that my computer could scan him for all of the vital info. He climbed in and then I got the honor to ask him to strip. He was rather at ease when I asked him to do this. before he stripped I took a picture and as he stripped I studied the picture. Although he was even thinner than myself which is a feat he was incredibly good looking. He had long blond hair that fell to about his nipples. At the time he was wearing a loose green and blue sweater with a tight white turtle neck beneath it. he was also wearing white Docker's corduroy's and Dr. Marten's. He really wasn't that bad. A little more meat on him and I would have taken him.

The computer began to shoot out the stats. he was 5'7" and 125 pounds. he had 12 inch arms, 35 inch chest, 29 inch waist, and a 9 inch cock. Well I could see there was a lot of work to be done, but I hoped that it really would be that hard. Mike came out of the chamber and walked over towards me. he was still naked, but I told him he could put his clothes back on. He frowned and began with the cords. Soon after putting his sweater back he asked what was coming next, I told him that we would a couple of minutes while the computer analyzed the info. In the meantime I told him to sit down for the first dose.

The first dose was an injection. before I put it in him Mike asked what this would do. I told him that this would cause his body to grow in height in order to allow for more muscle development later. Mike jumped up and asked how tall he would grow. I told him somewhere around 6'6". He ran out saying he needed to buy clothes, and I tried to catch him but it was too late. Didn't he realize his muscle growth would be far larger than any normal clothes would fit.

Well, an hour later when Mike returned with all of his clothes which again were very stylish, I shot him up with the formula. He asked how long it would take, and I guessed it would take about an hour. About two hours later Michael called out to me from the chamber that it wasn't working and he wanted to know what we were going to do now. I told him he could come out of the chamber and that was it I guess I had failed. Mike came over to me very sad and disappointed. We began to talk about what we had hoped would happen. I told Mike I wanted to see him grow and develop. I described exactly what I wanted him to look like. I saw at least one part of Mike begin to grow as his dick swelled in his cords.

"Suck me, please give me something out of this day." Mike asked.

"Who am I to deprive you of that?" I said as I moved my hand up his sexy sweater feeling his nipples. I took off his sweater and stood up to suck his nipples, but I could reach them. But wait I was 5'4" Why couldn't I reach the nipples of someone 5'6"

"Oh my God, Mike get in the chamber." I screamed Mike ran into the chamber. I scanned him, and it was official he was almost 6' tall, and now it showed. His sweater which he had put back on was showing his stomach, and his once long pants now fit perfectly.

I began to think of what had caused the growth but I could not figure it out until I noticed my hard-on. I had figured it out. The sexual arousal had caused the formula to work.

"Mike start to think of how big you will grow." I called out. "How your chest will tear through the sweater and your arms will be as big as bowling balls, and how your cock will tear off those sexy cords."

I watched as he began to grow from two directions. His cock swelled, and his body grew along with it. I told Mike to take out his cock and to jack off, and he did. By the time he came the growth had been over for about ten minutes, but he was enjoying his new growth too much.

He came out of the chamber, and I stared at him. He sweater now hung around the bottom of his nipples and his pants hung around his knees, also hanging around his knees was his now soft cock. Mike had grown to 6'10" 165 lbs. and his cock was now 13 inches soft and 22 hard.

"We did it Doc, it worked, hurry up and give me the other stuff I just can't wait to see what that will do."

"Don't you want to know how big you are now?"

"All I know is that I can get bigger and nothing will stop me from doing that, so give me the formula, please!!!"

I couldn't resist, maybe it was he was so sexy, maybe it was his cock that was beginning to swell again, or maybe he frightened me. I don't know, but I gave him the vile of the formula and he downed it. Neither of us was ready for what was going to come next...

I asked Mike after he drank the vial if I could suck him. •

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