JP (2005)

The First Night


By luvyalots

Have you ever thought that something was almost too good to be true? The birthday present you always wanted, your favorite team winning the world championship, that test that you aced in school – all these things seemed too perfect. They worked out too well to be happening. That’s exactly how I felt that night JP came over.

Not only did my mom love him, though having no idea he was really my boyfriend, but now she was going to let him stay over for the night. I couldn’t believe my good fortune. Ever since I had realized I was in love with the angel that was JP, I wanted so badly to sleep in his arms. I wanted to be held by him, feeling his strong muscles surround me in bed, letting me know that I was completely safe. I wanted to totally give myself up to him. It was almost too good to be true.

I couldn’t stop smiling as I blew up the air mattress that I had laid out next to my bed. Of course, it was only a decoy for my mom; JP was going to be with me. My body twitched with excitement as I said those words in my head. I couldn’t believe this was all happening. My wishes and dreams were coming true.

As I finished up, my bedroom door opened and JP walked in wearing only his boxers. I immediately froze in awe. God, he was beautiful! His flawlessly featured face was dominated by those haunting blue eyes. Every muscle in his body was supremely sculpted to perfection, as if he were a young, living Greek statue. His ripped washboard abs subtly moved in and out as he breathed, standing there in the doorway. The boxers rode low on his narrow hips, his sharply cut obliques provocatively slashing down toward his crotch. I could even see the veins of his lower abdomen as they snaked up from underneath the waistband. JP’s body was absolutely perfect.

He paused before he closed the door and casually stepped toward me. I didn’t look away from my boyfriend for even a split second. I couldn’t. Then, he slowly, but nonchalantly, slipped off his boxers, his thick, flaccid cock dangling between his shredded thighs. My eyes grew wide as JP flipped the boxers to the floor. He caught my expression and grinned.

“Sorry,” he chuckled softly, his abs contracting slightly as he did, “I always sleep naked.” I smiled ashamedly at my reaction. “Come on, get rid of those clothes,” he urged me, advancing toward the bed, the defined ridges in his thighs flexing and popping with each step.

I clumsily stripped my shirt and boxers, throwing them aside. I briefly looked down at myself. I normally slept in at least boxers and a T-shirt, never having been comfortable with my own body. While I had built up slender pecs and a faint six-pack over the crew season, I vastly paled in comparison to JP’s ripped physique. Not to mention, my average-size dick was dwarfed by his mammoth pipe.

“Man,” he commented, “you have a helluva body, Matt.” I shifted my weight nervously, noting the irony of his words. I looked down at my boyfriend’s cock as it began to harden, its thick girth slowly rising upward. Apparently, he wasn’t just saying that.

“Like you don’t,” I remarked, my voice shaking with stimulation. JP blushed for the first time that night.

“Stick with me,” he suggested, “and you’ll have a body like you won’t believe.” Damn, it sounded so hot when he said it.

I quietly slipped my body underneath the covers next to his and then, all of a sudden, it hit me. Here it was, the moment I had being wishing for for months; my boyfriend was lying naked in my bed right next to me. And I froze. I didn’t know what to do next.

Then, he spoke. “Um, Matt,” JP uttered, a hint of worry in his voice. “Are you ok?” I turned my head toward him in apprehension. He was looking at me with big, questioning eyes, having sensed my uneasiness. Shit, this was awkward. I had never been with a girl, much less another guy, and therefore didn’t know a thing about having sex. My mind was racing.

“I mean,” I stammered, “I want to, you know…”

“Do it?” he finished, his voice cracking. I gulped when I heard those words. Having sex with JP was always something I had wanted to do; it sounded so complete in my mind. But now that it was finally here, I was having second thoughts about it. It seemed so big and intimidating, like some kind of sheer cliff rising in front of me. Maybe it was too good to be true. JP turned his body so that his was facing me, his face inches from mine. “Are you…” he started nervously before trailing off.

“I’m scared,” I blurted, blinking back the tears that were beginning to well up in my eyes. I couldn’t cry; not now! There was a long silence. “I don’t know if I’m ready to do this yet,” I finally whimpered. Fuck, I was ruining it, I thought to myself. A tear broke loose and rolled down my cheek. JP brushed it away with his thumb.

“It’s ok,” he whispered, his blue eyes softly beaming his usual confidence. “We’ll wait until you’re ready.” He smiled reassuringly and gently placed a hand on my face. I immediately felt its warmth and smiled back.

“I’m sorry,” I sniffed.

“Don’t be,” JP answered, reaching his hand across my shoulders, prompting me to turn my body toward him. “I’m a little scared about it, too.” Somehow, I doubted that. I leaned closer to my boyfriend, letting him wrap his sculpted arms around my torso. Instantly, any tension inside of me was replaced by his tenderness and comfort. My tears almost immediately stopped flowing. And then, he kissed me.

He had kissed me countless times before, but never had he kissed me like this. It was magical. I could literally feel his strength seep into me, pushing all of my worries out. I relaxed and let him take complete control. We rolled over onto my back, still embraced; my body was entirely surrounded by JP’s muscles and it was unlike any sensation I had ever had in my life. I ran one hand through his short hair, urging him to keep going. My other hand caressed the etches of his upper back, taking in their deep cuts and contoured valleys. As I did, I felt myself become aroused, my dick hardening against my boyfriend’s inner thigh.

Finally, JP let me go, leaving me breathless, my mouth open slightly. We looked directly into each other’s eyes and I fell in love with him all over again. I knew he was doing this to make me feel better and it was working. Any hint of the awkwardness from a moment ago was long gone. He was ready to have sex, but he would wait until he was sure I was. He didn’t want to rush me into it too quickly. I admired him deeply for it. “I love you, JP,” I sighed.

“I love you, too,” he answered back, his voice singing through my head. He bent down and repeatedly kissed my neck, slowly inching his way down it, each time tenderly grazing my skin before lifting. I closed my eyes, letting his lips work their magic. As he reached my chest, he slid his tongue between my pecs down to the top of my stomach. I reached down and massaged his wide shoulders, taking in their immense power, rippling with strength as he continued working his way down my body. One by one, he briefly wrapped his lips around each of my abs, his tongue caressing the skin. My dick brushed up against his hard nipples, making him moan in pleasure.

As he neared closer and closer to my crotch, I felt my heart beat harder, my breathing quicken. Once JP’s tongue made contact with the shaft, he began rubbing his fingers around my nipples, lightly fondling the tips. Extreme waves of passion shot through my body, every nerve firing with intense emotion. He began playing his tongue in and around my dick and balls, not missing a single square inch of them. My cock was throbbing with anticipation as his hands glided down my sides to my hips.

Finally, JP lunged his mouth around my cock, taking its entire length down his throat. I immediately began lightly thrusting my pelvis in rhythm with him. His hand darted under the small of my back, while the other wandered to my balls, fondling them at the same time. I grabbed hold of the headboard as my boyfriend sucked harder and harder and faster and faster. At last, I couldn’t hold it anymore and blew a record load straight into his mouth. Despite three huge bursts of cum shooting down his throat, JP held his position, swallowing every drop of my spunk. His mouth didn’t move from my cock until I was completely flaccid, and then he slowly let it slide out.

As I struggled to catch my breath, JP poked his head out from underneath the sheets and laid his chin on my stomach, a cute, boyish grin on his face. I laughed softly. “How did you do that?” I asked. He gave a slight shrug. I held onto my boyfriend’s muscle-bound arms as he pulled himself up even with me, his thick triceps forcing my fingers apart as they burst out of his skin.

“It’s because I have you,” he purred, peering into my eyes and brushing his hand through my hair. Then, he reached down and gave me another kiss.

That night, I realized how deeply JP loved me. He didn’t get upset when I backed out of having sex. He simply understood what I was feeling and made me feel better. There’d be another day for sex. He held me close to him all night, his strong arms wrapped around my body, his head nuzzling my neck, just like I had always dreamed. And it was the best night of sleep I had gotten in years. I didn’t have anything to worry about. In fact, when I woke up the next morning, I noticed that we were in the same exact position. Normally, I would toss and turn most of the night, but I guess it was knowing that I had JP protecting me that kept me still.

I opened my eyes to the china-doll face of my boyfriend, placidly sleeping right next to me. He looked so beautiful, so content. I knew he felt as safe in my arms as I did in his. I lightly kissed him on the forehead, stirring him awake. He slowly raised his eyelids, revealing the dreamy blue color of his eyes. He looked up at me and smiled. “Good morning, baby,” I told him.

“Good morning,” he yawned, stretching his arms, his biceps immediately erupted upwards. “What time is it?” he asked, looking toward the window as the sun was streaming in.

“Pretty early still,” I answered, not taking my eyes off of him as he slowly sat up in bed. As he did, his wide back filled my vision. Enamored, I reached up and ran my fingers down the thick ridges along his spine down to his butt crack, playing my fingers along the top of it. JP twisted his body around to look at me, his lats exploding out of his sides, and smiled fondly. I pulled myself up and loosely wrapped my arms around his upper body, laying my chin on his round shoulder.

“Last night was great, JP. Thanks,” I whispered, rubbing his shredded abs with my hands.

“You’re welcome,” he returned. Then, he whipped the sheets off of his lower body, uncovering a huge piece of morning wood. I almost instantly started drooling as my hand wandered down to my boyfriend’s meaty pole. It looked so juicy, so delicious. I wrapped my fingers around its enormous girth, feeling the warmth of the blood pumping underneath the skin. JP reached up and kissed me again, his tongue playing slowly with mine.

Within seconds, his cock burst like a geyser, shooting a shower of cum all over the bed like white confetti. He moaned in satisfaction, releasing the pressure of his teenage hormones. After all, he hadn’t turned 16 yet. He climbed out of bed and I lay back against the headboard, just staring at his immaculate body silhouetted against the window. Streams of sunlight hit his muscles, throwing beautiful shadows across his torso. “What is it like to wake up every morning,” I wondered aloud, “and see the most perfect body in the world staring back at you in the mirror?”

JP turned to me and smiled. “Yeah, what is it like?” he said. I laughed. “Mind you,” he grinned, “I have to practically tie my hands to keep from jacking off whenever I see you.” I laughed at the ridiculousness of his words.

After a few more minutes of playing around, I put on a new pair of boxers and a T-shirt and headed down into the kitchen. There, my mom was hovered over the stove, cooking pancakes. I stopped in my tracks. She hadn’t made pancakes in years, before my dad left. “Good morning, mom,” I greeted her.

“Oh, good morning, Matthew,” she greeted me back cheerfully. “I thought you boys would enjoy some pancakes today,” she went on, “after seeing how much you two can eat last night.” I smiled to myself, knowing that she was mainly talking about JP, since I had barely finished my portion. “Will you set out three plates for me, dear?” she ordered jovially. I obeyed, listening to her continue. “Did JP sleep well on that air mattress?” she asked.

“Yeah, he was fine,” I answered, biting my lip at what really went on in my bedroom. Then, suddenly, a voice sounded from the kitchen door.

“Good morning, Mrs. Andersson,” I turned to see JP standing there. My mom practically dropped her spatula at the sight. The boy was only wearing boxers that, as usual, hung incredibly low on his hips; his bubble butt was probably the only thing holding them up. It was the first time my mom had ever seen my boyfriend with his shirt off, so it must have been some jolt for her. I could audibly hear her gulping before she spoke.

“Wow, you have quite a physique there, JP,” she complimented. “You must work out a lot.”

“Thanks, Mrs. Andersson,” he answered back humbly. “I lift a bit.” The understatement of the year, I thought to myself.

“The guy’s an animal in the gym,” I interjected. “He can bench almost 275.” My mom’s eyes nearly burst out of their sockets.

“That’s got to be twice your body weight,” she gasped. JP blushed and looked down at his feet.

“Well, not quite,” he corrected, “and it’s more like 270.” He looked at the stove, where the neglected pancakes were beginning to burn. “Uh, Mrs. Andersson,” JP diverted my mom’s attention.

“Oh, my,” she exclaimed, rushing back to tend to the breakfast. I shook my head and rubbed my forehead in disgrace. JP just laughed silently.

Breakfast that morning was like a continuation of dinner the night before. JP and my mom got along just as well, thankfully without the awkward moments, and JP ate two large stacks of pancakes. Thank God my mom made plenty, so he didn’t have to hold back in asking for seconds and thirds. Man, the kid could eat!

As we were finishing up, the phone rang. It was Mrs. Maloney saying that JP’s dad would be there in ten minutes to pick him up. JP quickly got dressed and packed his things into his bag. Before leaving my bedroom, he gave me one more long kiss. I would be spending spring break in Minnesota visiting my grandparents, so it would be a while before I could see him again. The events of the last 24 hours were still running through my head: the blowjobs, the love-making, and most of all, the talk we had last night in bed. I felt that with every second of that day, we grew even closer together.

While it should have been a relief from the stresses of school, spring break was agony for me. And it was only made worse when I found out that JP’s grandfather was hospitalized and he would be spending the very next week in Florida. That meant that we wouldn’t see each other for two whole weeks! Of course, I was worried for his grandfather, but the prospect of not being able to see my boyfriend for that period of time, not being able to run my hands over his hard body or feel his soft lips against mine, was daunting.

After my mom and I returned home from Minnesota, I started the first week back to school. It was like I was in withdrawal. As each day crawled by, I could only think about what JP was doing at that moment. I wouldn’t be surprised if he had figured out a way to continue working out at his grandparents’, doing push-ups and sit-ups, to keep his cut physique. No doubt, he had hit the weights hard over the break. Finally, the night before he came home, he called me. I was so happy to hear his voice, I almost cried.

“Guess what?” he said, his voice booming. It had been getting very low and deep lately. “I’ve gotten a bit bigger.” Was that possible, I thought to myself. I could picture him grinning on the other end.

“Really?” He could probably hear the excitement in my tone.

“Not too much,” he said, “a few pounds, maybe.” Once again, he was being modest. “I expect to grow a lot more over the summer since I’m entering into another growth spurt.” I couldn’t believe my ears. He just didn’t stop. “We’ll see.” I told him I wanted to see him as soon as he got back. Just before we hung up, he told me he missed me. I immediately felt all warm inside.

The next day, I eagerly got into my car and drove to JP’s house. My stomach was in knots. How much bigger would he be? How much sexier would he be? I pulled into his driveway, went up to the front door and rang the bell. His mother answered. She asked me a few questions about spring break and about my grandparents and we had a short conversation. JP’s grandfather was ok; he turned out not to be as bad as the doctors thought. I guess he was a fighter, just like his grandson. I tried being polite, even though I was itching to see JP again.

Finally, I asked, “Is JP around?”

“Oh,” his mother answered. “He’s down in the basement working out with his brother.” Duh, I thought, I should have guessed. As I was going down the basement stairs, I heard grunting and the clanging of weights. My heart instantly began beating faster.

“Come on!” Ryan was shouting. “Push, you jackass!” His brother was apparently still helping him train. I reached the bottom of the stairs and leaned against the wall. Neither of them noticed I was there yet. Ryan’s huge back was facing toward me, hiding JP so I couldn’t see him. He was wearing a white T-shirt that seemed a little tight on him, his thick lats stretching the fabric. He had also been working out, as was evident by the sweat stains. It seemed he had gained a little weight, but it wasn’t all muscle; his love handles were visible pushing at the sides of the shirt.

At the moment, though, he was spotting JP on the bench press. I noticed the weights on either side of the bar and it looked like there were more of them than I ever remembered JP benching. I tried counting the plates and adding them up in my head, but I couldn’t concentrate. My heart was thumping so loud, I thought JP might hear it over Ryan’s yelling. He was forcing his “little” brother to pump out two more reps. JP growled ferociously and I could hear him straining, willing his muscles beyond their limit, but he did them.

At last, the brothers set the bar back on the rack and JP gave a huge sigh of relief. I heard him sit up, still hidden behind his brother. Finally, Ryan began moving toward the front of the bench just as JP was getting up, both their backs still facing me. My heart skipped a beat, I tried finding my breath, as I saw JP for the first time in two weeks. My knees nearly buckled out from under me. •

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