JP (2005)

The Reunion


By luvyalots

My knees nearly buckled out from under me. JP had told me over the phone that he had gotten “a bit bigger.” That was an understatement. He had gotten considerably bigger! In fact, he was now almost in the same league as his brother! Ryan’s shoulders were still more massive, but JP was catching up quickly; the mere fact that JP had a smaller waist made him look more impressive. Since he wasn’t wearing a shirt, I could see how every back muscle was perfectly accented. And his butt was more beautiful than ever.

They both turned around and noticed me leaning against the wall for the first time. Ryan’s pecs were pushing out on his sweat-stained T-shirt, straining the fabric. JP’s chest and abs were just as chiseled as they always were, just bigger and more incredible.

“Hey,” the elder brother spoke up with a bit of a sardonic tone, “it’s your little friend, Matt. Welcome back.” Being labeled little would usually have upset me if it hadn’t been the formidable Ryan Maloney who said it. Well, at least he remembered my name. Ryan’s eyes peered down as he sauntered toward me and offered his hand. I shook it and winced a little at his strong grip.

I looked up at him and simply replied, “Thanks.” Most people used to say that Ryan was cuter than JP, but the younger Maloney was beginning to turn the tide. As he grew, JP’s features had become more mature and more cut, just like the rest of him. And people were noticing it. The kid would get looks wherever he went and girls would go into a tizzy around him.

“What’s up?” JP said, coming over to us and standing next to his brother. It was immediately apparent that he had just hit another growth spurt. Not only had gained even more muscle, but he had actually grown an inch taller since the last time I saw him, now just smidge under my height of 5’11”. However, he was still several inches shorter than Ryan. Now, I wasn’t a small guy, but next to these two hulking muscle gods, I felt like a puny, little fourth-grader. “Did you see me lift that?” JP was beaming with pride. “I’ve been setting new personal records like crazy.”

They led me over to the bench press and I stared in disbelief at the amount of weight that was on the bar. Only in my dreams would I be able to lift that much. “How much is it?” I stammered.

“275 pounds,” JP answered with a grin. I nearly wet my pants. Sure enough, there were two 45-pound plates and a 25 on either side of the bar. Add another 45 pounds for the bar itself and that came to – Jesus Christ – 275 pounds. “And I did that for 10 reps!” my boyfriend went on. “I maxed out at 295 yesterday.”

“Fuckin’ shit!” I gasped.

Ryan smirked, “That’s nowhere near what I can bench.” I saw the expression on his face and knew what was going on in his head. He was jealous of his brother’s rapid gains.

“Oh yeah?” JP challenged. “Tell him how much your max is.”

“What does he care how much I can lift?” Ryan immediately rebutted.

“Tell him!” JP urged again.

Ryan turned his eyes away from me and said in a lower voice, “325.” My eyes widened and jerked my head back in amazement. 325?

“Yeah,” JP continued, “and he’s been stuck on that weight for three months.” He let go a smile, showing his perfectly white teeth and I fell in love with him all over again.

“Shut up, asshole!” Ryan sneered at his brother. “I’m going to take a shower.” With that, he pushed past us and started toward the stairs.

“You wanna arm-wrestle later?” JP called after him, tauntingly.

“Fuck you!” was all Ryan said as his legs disappeared up the steps.

JP turned back toward me, gave me that melting look and kissed me. “I missed you all week,” he said, gently massaging my back.

“I missed you, too,” I replied. “What’s with you and Ryan?” They had always had sibling rivalry, but now it was getting rough.

“He’s just getting scared,” JP shrugged smugly. “I’ve been increasing my poundages a lot lately and he hasn’t. And then the other day, I almost beat him in an arm-wrestling match for the first time ever.” My boyfriend smiled and looked at me. “I think he’s worried I’m going to catch up to him and even surpass him.” He lay down on the bench and calmly placed his hands around the bar.

“Will you?” I asked.

“Oh, of course,” JP answered. “It’s really just a matter of when.” He looked up at the weights on either side of the bar. “At the rate I’m going, I’ll be able to lift 325 by September.” I just shook my head. I was still trying to get over seeing JP bench 275 pounds for reps and now he was talking about lifting 325. The most I had ever done was 165, and that was when I was in really good shape. “Plus,” JP continued. “I don’t know if you noticed, but Ryan’s been gaining some weight lately. And I don’t mean muscle. Did you see his love handles?”

I had noticed. “He used to be so lean and cut,” I remembered, “like you.” I slapped my boyfriend on his left pec as I said that. He smiled modestly.

“He put on 20 pounds last summer,” JP explained, “and fought like hell to make weight all wrestling season.” He smiled, knowing that his dream of one day besting his brother at his own game was suddenly possible…and maybe even probable. “Now, he’s gained something like 15 pounds of mostly fat over the last month or so – he weighs over 200 now – and he’s all but lost his six-pack.” I raised my eyebrows. “Well, that’s not going to be me. I’m going to work extra hard over the summer,” JP turned his head toward me, that determined look in his eyes. “And you’re going to help me.”

I felt a tingling sensation all over my body and walked around the bar to his waist. “You know I would love to.” JP moaned and closed his eyes as I lay down on his huge body, gliding my hands over his pecs and shoulders, feeling their incredible hardness, even at his relaxed state. “I want you to keep growing,” I whispered into his ear. “I want to be able to completely melt into your body, feeling nothing but your hard, strong muscles growing bigger and bigger and bigger.”

As I said this, I felt his cock hardened against my leg. Our lips locked together once again, this time, his tongue completely taking control of mine. He wrapped his python arms around my body and I just relaxed into his chest. We lay like that for at least a good five minutes. It was heaven to me. He opened his eyes and I gazed directly into them. I had never seen a pair of eyes so beautiful. The deep blue color melted my heart on impact every time. By looking into them, I knew that he loved me more than anything and would give anything to have me by his side. My hands rose to his head and I combed my fingers through his golden brown hair. “How did I deserve to fall in love with a guy like you?” I told him.

“I fell in love with you, remember?” he replied. We kissed again, except this time his tongue played a little more gently. His hands moved down to my butt and I could feel his bulging biceps nudging my sides. He pressed my body against his and his warm, hard abs felt incredible against my stomach. JP’s cock was getting even longer and harder between my legs and my mine was growing, too. I moved my lips from his mouth down his wide neck, still kissing. My hands groped his massive shoulders, feeling their thickness. I slid my tongue along his thick traps and down to his chest, licking all over his round pecs, savoring the salty taste of his jock sweat. I just couldn’t get enough of him.

From there, I moved to his stomach, slipping my tongue around each of his six perfect abs, inside the deep cracks that separated them. My hands glided along his side to the waistband of his gym shorts and gently pulled them down over his pelvis. His cock sprang out. I swear it had grown even bigger and thicker since the last time I had seen it. I moved my mouth around its head and started working my tongue around, all the time moving down, pushing JP’s dick further into my mouth. My hands gently massaged his rock hard thighs. I had never in my life done anything more pleasurable than this. JP’s hands groped my head, urging me to work harder. I did. Using as much strength as I could muster, I guided my tongue around his hard cock, moving back and forth, up and down the shaft. He started breathing heavily and let out a few “Oh my God”s.

Then, he erupted, spewing a torrent of jizz down my throat. Damn, it tasted so good, its sweet sappiness coating the inside of my mouth. I wanted to swallow every drop of it…but the only problem was it kept coming. Wave after wave of my boyfriend’s man-juice burst from his enormous cock. It didn’t seem to stop. The thick, white liquid began to dribble down my chin as I started gagging, but I wasn’t going to quit. I forced JP’s dick even further into my mouth, determined to finish it, my eyes watering from the effort. Finally, the surges lessened – there had to have been nearly a dozen – and his penis began to soften.

Exhausted, I pulled my face away from his sweaty crotch and plopped down on the floor. I looked up at JP, who was still trying to catch his breath, his chest heaving up and down, recovering from the most powerful head I had ever given. I trudged into the bathroom to clean off my face and looked at myself in the mirror. Man, I was sweating like crazy! I hadn’t used that much energy since crew season. I couldn’t believe that a guy could spew that much jizz at once, but then again, JP was no normal guy. Not only had his muscles gotten bigger, apparently so had his ability to produce even more of his superior cum. I stripped my shirt to cool off and bent down to rinse my face.

As I was splashing on the cold water, I felt JP’s strong arms wrap around my waist. I immediately looked up and saw his immense image behind me fill the mirror. He had completely taken off his gym shorts and was standing there stark naked. He pulled me toward him and enveloped my body around his arms. He must’ve known I loved it when he did that, taking entire control of my every movement, leaving me nearly helpless. His iron cock rammed against my butt. How could he be hard again already? If I hadn’t been wearing shorts, he would’ve fucked me right then and there.

“That was the most incredible thing I’ve ever experienced in my life,” he whispered in my ear. “Thank you.” I looked at his reflection in the mirror as he kissed my neck and shoulder. His shoulders flared inches past mine, yet his waist was still hidden behind my body. I couldn’t believe how a 16-year-old could be so built. His powerful arms that held me exhibited veins that were engorged with blood and his legs, which were spread a little bit, were ripped, his thighs now far bigger than mine. I felt his concrete-like pecs against my back and sighed heavily. “I want you near me all the time,” he said, his voice echoing what my head was saying itself.

JP let go of me and I turned around. I stared at him for a long second, trying to think of what to say. All that came out was, “JP, you’re so fucking sexy.”

“What, and you’re not?” I loved his attitude. He continued, “Flex your bicep. I wanna see how you’re coming along.” I obeyed, raising my right arm for him to inspect. My muscles are nothing to laugh at, I admit; with 13 and a half-inch biceps, I have a pretty decent physique. JP felt my arm which was not rock hard, but still solid from crew season. “Not bad,” he said with a smirk. “How much do you weigh?” “About 148 or so,” I answered, blushing. “I gained a few pounds.”

JP took a step back and raised his biceps to flex. “159 pounds of solid muscle.” With that, he flexed his arms and two mountains exploded out of his skin. My mouth dropped open. He had packed on 13 pounds in only two weeks? Now that’s a growth spurt, I said to myself. I shot my hands up to his left bicep and felt nothing but rock hard muscle. “15 and a half inches,” JP said with a grin. “More powerful than they’ve ever been.” I sighed and looked into his eyes. He stared back and said, “And by the end of the summer, they’ll be even bigger and stronger.”

“How the hell did you put on that much muscle in two weeks?” I asked, shaking my head in disbelief. “That’s like a pound a day!” My boyfriend just never ceased to amaze me with how much dedication and determination he had. Whenever I thought he couldn’t possibly get any bigger, or stronger, or more perfect…he proved me wrong.

JP shrugged and flashed that modest smile of his that always left me flustered. “It actually started before the break,” he confessed. “I weighed myself when I got home from your place and I was 147. I had gained a pound overnight.” My eyes widened. “It must’ve been your mom’s cooking,” he grinned.

JP went on to explain to me that he had had a grueling workout with Ryan that Sunday and discovered the next morning that he was up another pound – 148. His brother didn’t like the news. Throughout spring break, since I was away in Minnesota, he had nothing else to do but work out. So, he concentrated on his training, blasting through set after set of lifting, eating massive quantities of healthy protein-rich foods and running for miles along the hilly paths of the nearby park.

“I was exhausted by the end of the day,” he said, “but in the morning, I was ready to do it all over again.” By the end of the week, JP was tipping the scales at a solid 152 pounds and broke nearly every personal lifting record he documented. Between all the lifting, eating and running, he virtually had been packing on almost a pound of pure muscle every day. And he showed no signs of slowing down.

After the second weekend – and another pound of well-deserved muscle – JP had to travel down to Florida to visit his grandfather in the hospital. He obviously couldn’t pack his whole gym in his suitcase, but his dad allowed him to bring along a chin-up bar. Ryan made fun of him when he put it up in the doorway of the bedroom the two boys were staying in, but while JP exercised every night, his brother just sat around and gained weight.

“My grandmother always over-cooks when she’s worried about something – and she had a lot to worry about,” he continued. “And it would be a sin not to finish everything on our plates, so we had to eat it all.” JP, not wanting to lose his hard-earned physique, pushed his body through dozens of pull-ups and push-ups and literally hundreds upon hundreds of sit-ups and crunches. At first, Ryan laughed as he watched his younger brother working his ass off. After a while, though, he could no longer take the sight and would leave the room. But all that labor paid off when he got home.

“You should have seen the look on my face when I stepped on the scale the night we got back,” he laughed. “I actually stepped on it two more times to make sure it wasn’t broken.” Over the week that they had been in Florida, JP had gained a full 5 pounds, bringing him to a whopping 158 pounds. He couldn’t believe it. Some of it had to have been fat, he had thought to himself. But when he looked at his body in the mirror, he saw nothing but hard, defined muscles staring back at him. That was the day before and, true to form, JP had once again gained one more pound of muscle overnight – 159.

As I listened to JP tell the story, bringing me up to date with his progress, I followed him back into the gym, constantly shaking my head in utter awe at my boyfriend’s growth. It all just couldn’t be possible; there’s no way that someone could beef up that quickly. But the evidence was right in front of me – the body of JP Maloney, a whole ten pounds heavier with muscle than he had been the last time I had seen him. It made me shake with both fear and excitement at where he could go next.

“At this rate,” I exclaimed, my heart beating furiously, “you’ll be bigger than Ryan by the end of the summer.” God, I thought, he could probably zoom right past his brother within a month or two!

“Not really,” JP stopped to pick up a new pair of gym shorts and put them on. “This growth spurt can’t go on too much longer. I’m probably going to slow down very soon.” That was true. Ever since he had started working out before his freshman year, he would get sudden periods of rapid growth that would subside, sometimes almost to a halt, for a while. “That’s just the way my body is.”

Turning briefly away from me, he grabbed a T-shirt out of a closet. As he fit it over his head and carefully slipped it over his upper body, I realized that it was the green Packer shirt – the old one – and boy, was it small on him. The lettering was distorted and starting to peel from the size of his pecs, his nipples straining to break through. The bottom, which hung loosely at the front and clung tightly in the back, ended nowhere near his waist, the lower half of his shredded abs still exposed. The sleeves had been completely torn off at the seams; there were no way his arms and shoulders could have been held by the fabric anyway. The collar was almost choking him, barely wrapping around his thick neck, as small tears appeared along the seam, evidence that his traps were threatening to escape. Damn, he looked hot!

JP looked down and smirked. “Shit,” he said, “I’m going to have to seriously retire this shirt.” He apparently hadn’t put on the shirt since before spring break and had forgotten how big he had gotten.

“That’s why I got you a new one,” I remarked, laughing. JP started laughing as well. “Be careful,” I warned him. “It’s going to rip.”

JP froze. “Well, I’m going to need some help getting it off, then,” he said. It must’ve taken us almost ten minutes to peel the shirt off his body. It was like a second skin. Finally, I pulled it free from his head and JP gave a sigh of relief.

“I think you’re better like this anyway,” I purred, massaging his round pecs with my hands. I leaned forward and gave him a kiss, wrestling my tongue around with his.

Suddenly, my cell phone rang. “Shit!” I said, my lips still touching my boyfriend’s. I rushed to my bag to answer it. As I did, JP took my hand and followed. I didn’t take my eyes off of him, smiling flirtatious, and held the phone up to my ear. “Hello?”

“Matthew?” the voice on the other end asked.

My eyes broadened in shock. JP stopped smiling and looked at me with a furrowed expression. I couldn’t believe who I was talking to.

“Dad?” •

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