You want a body like this? You gotta work for it.

By MassiveBoy

My friend Tom and I had been sweating at that hell-house of a gym for over a year to little success. I was a classic ectomorph: narrow shoulders, long, scraggly neck, sunken chest. You name the muscular deficiency; I had it in spades. Tom was a slightly less extreme example of a hardgainer.

I guess the big guy felt sorry for me, watching me struggle benching 135. His name was Chuck. And he was big. Massive chest, rippling abs, legs that looked like machines of death. Easily 225, completely ripped.

He had begun coaching Tom and me a couple months previously. Offering a tip here, a spot there.

"Take a slightly narrower grip on the bench, boy," "Squat with your back upright," "Squeeze your traps, boy; don't use the arms." I was grateful for the attention.

However, after a while, I just wasn't progressing anymore. Plateau. I lost all enthusiasm. I told Tom and Chuck I was throwing in the towel.

"I know how you feel," Tom sighed. "I've been the same for months, too. I don't know what else to do, but just give up."

"Man, you can't," Chuck said," You owe it to yourself. How can you give up now?"

"Easy for you, " I muttered, "you're a giant without even having to try."

"Well," he sighed. "It's not really what you think. I had some unusual help along the way."

He paused, thinking. "C'mon, dudes, lemme show ya."

We went to a seedy part of town, arriving at an abandoned warehouse.

"Where are we? What did you mean, Chuck? Is this a steroid run?"

"Naaah. Don't need that stuff."

We went inside. A large machine stood in the corner of a room, with a round platform in the middle.

"What is this place?" Tom asked. "Man, I don't like this."

"You will." Chuck began fiddling with the buttons on the machine, until it began making some strange bleeps and blips.

"I don't get why you brought us here," I said nervously.

"Tom," Chuck said, "go stand on the platform for a sec. I need to check something."

Tom stepped gingerly over its raised edges to the center.

"Hey, Chuck. This thing's vibrating."

Chuck chuckled.

Suddenly, Tom yelled out.

"Hey, man, I can't move!"

I went over to him. He was trying to move his legs. Unsuccessfully. I tried helping him. Unsuccessfully.

"What the hell's going on?" Tom screamed, almost weeping.

"Hold tight, dude. You'll find out." He told me to take a few steps back. "Okay Tom, here goes." He pressed a brightly-lit red button.

Almost instantaneously, Tom's face went blank. His eyes glassed over. His body began shaking violently, convulsing, but he remained upright, glued to the spot. Sweat poured down his face.

Chuck looked unconcerned.

Then, to my astonishment, Tom's shirt started shrinking. No, the other way around.

He was growing.

Tom's chest started protruding out, his perspiration-streaked shirt stretching across his broadening, no longer bony shoulders, his back flaring wider and bulkier. The shirt itself started riding up, exposing his tightening abs. Tom's swelling arms pulled the sleeves taut, even his pencil-neck was getting thicker. I could see the outline of powerful traps bulging bigger and bigger beneath his collar. The shirt placket was now straining under the pressure of Tom's considerably enlarged and still-expanding torso; I could see his muscular flesh peeking through the gaps between the buttons, anxious to be unwrapped. The shirt kept pulling tighter across his widening cleavage; it was now molded to the clearly-delineated muscles of his developing torso. I couldn't believe how tight it was stretched; like a second skin. Tom's pecs resembled two armor plates, his back was a broad expanse of voluminous muscles. His erect nipples seemed on the verge of penetrating his sopping shirt. His breathing was labored, obviously due to the degree of constriction. I could hear the fabric straining as Tom grew bigger and even more muscular. Stitches were giving one by one, pop! pop! until...

His shirt simply exploded. The buttons popped off in quick succession like machine gun ammo from the incredible force of Tom's growing pecs; the flannel was ripped clean open by his tremendous delts and heinous traps. The back of the shirt blew out with a big boom, the tantalizing splintering and tearing continuing as his frightening lats split the side seams. Finally, his sleeves burst wide open; Tom's freaky, vein-entwined biceps swelling rounder and freakier, pulling his massive guns into a devastating double-bicep, mangling the sleeves as they were destroyed by his hunky forearms, big and succulent like giant hams. The remnants of his shirt hung pathetically from Tom's bloated traps surging up around his fire-hydrant of a neck like a pair of bowling balls.

This was Tom. Skinny old Tom. Skinny old Tom was now so muscular, he was bursting out of his shirt. Muscles growing like a steroid overdose. He must have weighed 200 easy by now.

I watched, fascinated, as Tom's hulking lats flared wider, like a peacock fanning its tail, pushing those freaky arms further away from his colossal, drpping torso. His abs were shredding themselves into a tight six-pack. The button on his jeans shot off, and I realized that Tom's characteristically baggy jeans were now crammed to the bursting point with his eye-popping, bulging quads, the diamond-shaped heads clearly delineated inside the straining denim. The cuffs of his jeans were almost around his engorgedcalves by now, and were beginning to rip up the length of the legs.

Suddenly, another explosion of fabric rang out, as Tom's mammoth quads and hams splintered the rugged seams open. I saw his ripped and rippling muscles pry the denim apart, exposing more and more of those tantalizingly huge appendages. His melon-size calves were free of his pants; the zipper was mangled by the spreading width of his body. His underwear appeared as the jeans relented to the eruption of size inside them. I watched the letters "BVD" on the elastic waistband get wider. Finally, Tom's immensely bulging legs broke apart what was left of his jeans, the rags falling in a crumpled heap around his feet. His shoes and socks had already cracked open, only wisps of elastic stretched round his sturdy ankles.

Save for his shorts, Tom was naked and glistening, muscles still swelling preposterously. I think even Chuck was surprised at how colossal a change he had wrought. Skinny little Tom was now a monster of freaky mass.

His penis was the only organ on this monument of masculinity that hadn't seemed to change. It must have been still inside his stretched out shorts, but there was no sign of it. Everything else about Tom was enormous: pecs, back, arms, quads, even more massive than Chuck.

Finally, the growth spurt appeared to stop. Tom was in a state of shock; it seemed as if every blood-engorged muscle of his body was flexed simultaneously; the veins bulged insanely from the steaming, ripped, pink flesh, especially those of his terrifying quads and grotesque traps.

Then, the grand finale. Tom's penis began swelling, alone, filling up his already-encumbered BVD's, the tight cotton molding itself around the head, veins clearly delineated. Lengthening, thickening, and hard as a rock. It caught on the waistband, but didn't stop developing. The strength of its mutation was pulling the elastic. Tighter, tighter, you couldn't even read the letters any more. Tom groaned ecstatically. His dick broke the band; the skimpy drawers flew off. It must have been a foot long, and nearly as wide, twitching maniacally.

"Who-oa," Chuck gasped. "That's the best I've ever seen! Man, you're a fucking monster!"

Tom still could not reply; he stood there, face empty, silently flexing and unflexing one of his freaky peaks.

Chuck approached him. He was practically dwarfed by Tom now. He got down in front of him, and placed his mouth on Tom's dick.

He began sucking. Slowly. Licking up and down the engorged phallus hungrily, groaning the whole while. He managed to get part of the mighty erection between his hot, full lips, pumping and sucking. It was unbelievably hot.

The light slowly returned to Tom's eyes as Chuck continued feasting on his dick. He began gradually pumping his virile hips into Chuck's eager throat. "Yeaahhhhhhh....suck it...suck me, boy...suck that dick of death...suck me dry, boy."

I stood by, both outrageously turned-on and embarrassed. But I wouldn't miss it for the world.

He grabbed Chuck's head, pushing it down onto that impossible cock. "Take it like a man...suck, suck...suck love that muscle dick, dont'cha? Big fat muscle dick? Yeah, you loooove that big fat muscle dick." He began flexing his legs, his chest, his arms, slowly, deliberately, tantalizingly..."Suuuuuuck meeee...."

Chuck's spit ran from his full mouth,down Tom's red-hot shaft onto his quivering, ripped quads. His own muscles, not as tremendous, but still mighty impressive, were flexing madly. "Flex for me, boy, me how strong you are, now, boy..."

Chuck hit pose after pose while still on his knees before the muscle god, his mouth still stuffed with the hot dick. Tom was pumping hard now. Every thrust made Chuck wince just as it egged him on to suck more desperately.

At last, Tom was set to explode. He threw back his head; he was completely flexed and pumped from head to toe. Muscles swollen beyond belief. He let out a terrific moan...

The cum was visibly more than Chuck had anticipated. It spewed down his throat, across his face, sweaty pecs, down his chiseled abs. Everywhere. Covered with hot, milky liquid.

Suddenly, Chuck doubled over in pain. At least it seemed like pain. At first...

His body trembled uncontrollably. He fell on the floor. Tom, recovering, stepped back, as Chuck writhed about.

"Whoa, Chuck. Wha..."

We soon found out.

Chuck, muscle giant already, was growing again. Even bigger than before. The cum must have acted as some sort of accelerant. He grunted and roared like a raging animal, convulsing wildly. Chuck's already hulking pecs burst out with tremendous force, bulging insanely, grotesquely, hideously. His red-hot body was drenched in torrents of sweat. Muscles were developing on top of muscles. Chuck's staggering delts inflated like overblown beach balls, his powerful lats spreading savagely, arms erupting in obscenely bulging biceps and tri's. His tremendous quads overpacked themselves with monstrous slabs of beef. He cursed and swore ecstatically as his bubble-butt ripped itself into a vulgar set of striations.

We could even hear the gobs of muscle erupting on Chuck's body, literally rumbling out in ripples across his expanding form, larger, more enormous, more outrageous. This was masculinity in its most insane guise. Chuck was reveling in the orgy of power that was enveloping him, developing him beyond the scale of any human, groaning, moaning, roaring with pleasure.

Cum spewed forth from Chuck's raging erection, hot milky jism landing on his steaming, bloated pecs and abs. He was laughing maniacally. He was inhuman. The Incredible Hulk was a pee-wee compared to Chuck.

I don't think there were clothes manufactured for this kind of fiendish physique. Chuck's biceps peaked even freakier than ever, wild tangles of veins threatening to bust out from beneath the skin. He couldn't even hold them down anymore, the width of his lats was so staggering. His quads were so mammoth, he was practically bow-legged.

Tom was a monster at 300, but Chuck was easily a beastly 350...375...approaching 400. Close to seven feet tall.

Tom, jerking himself off, took a moment to look at me. Finally, he came up, swinging his dick into my face, "You want some of this, too."

Salivating, I acquiesced, savoring the hot, steaming tip of his cock in my mouth, caressing it with my tongue, slobbering and slicking it up. My field of vision was completely filled by Tom's imposing torso as it pumped into my voracious mouth.

"Make me big," I pleaded. Tom relished the power that he now had over me.

By now, Chuck had freaked into a 450 pounder. He lumbered over, egging us on, hitting pose after pose, 40 inch biceps reaching for the sky, grotesque traps threatening to tear off his back, monstrous chest thundering with power, thunderous quads flexing themselves into a frenzy. Tom thrust harder into my mouth. I thought he was going to snap my neck.

Finally, it was time. Tom reared up on his toes. Chuck started pumping his enormous dick, furiously. Tom spewed. I caught every bit. A few seconds later, Chuck was ready. Much to his pleasure (and surprise), I wheeled around and caught his.

"Whoa, dude. You're gonna love this," Chuck warned.

For a second, nothing happened. My heart was beating wildly, expectantly. My mind started clouding, like I had snorted some poppers. A wave of euphoria washed over me; everything felt good. My heartbeat became more rapid, more pronounced. It was all I could really hear. Maybe it wasn't going to work. Maybe this had all been a dream. Maybe...

It was happening. I was growing. Muscles were erupting inside my clothes. Swelling. Growing larger. Huge muscles, filled with incredible strength.

I looked down and watched my feet disappear as my massive pecs jutted out further from my torso, obscuring my view. My shirt was already incredibly tight. I felt my bulging lats and delts stretching the cloth tightly over my expanding upper body as it pulled free from my pants, the shirt cuffs rising higher up my arm; my pants were starting to choke my bulking quads and hams as they grew too short for my lengthening limbs. My throat felt lost inside my swelling neck as it and unbelievably freaky traps bunched up under my tightening collar. It was a muscle explosion inside me, surging outward. Pulling my clothes shorter and tighter. Tighter! It was an exquisite pain, and yet I revelled in the thought of my body growing larger and stronger.

My bulging arms were straining at my sleeves, the big vein clearly visible beneath the stretched-out fabric. My hulking chest was protruding farther than my chin. Looking down, inside my shirt, my cleavage looked like an endless chasm. I could hear the muscles growing ecstatically, skin stretching, fabric stitches slowly but surely relenting to my freaky growth... The tightness was excruciating; legs; chest; back; arms; shoulders. The pain made me mad... How much bigger would I have to get before I broke through?

Fuck it! I want to see it! I heaved my mighty chest...

With a terrific CRACK!, my massive torso tore out of that bastard with a blinding fury, buttons ricocheting off the walls as my obscenely bulging pecs flopped free; I felt my freaky traps breaking through the collar, pumping up towards my ears; my sweeping V-shaped lats triumphantly bursting the back; my watermelon-size shoulders savagely ripped the sleeves free. Tatters of the shirt wafted about me as I flexed harder and harder. I lusted after more growth.

My sleeves now looked like long kid-gloves, swollen to the bursting-point with bulging, surging muscle. I flexed my left monster, and watched the heinous peak surge upwards,splitting the fabric in two, engorged with blood, freaky veins pulsing, swelling rounder and fuller. The ravaged garment dropped to the floor. My second arm provided and encore, until my bulging biceps were at last free to grow unhindered.

My thunderous, tremendous legs were next, unmercifully blasting through the heretofore tough denim jeans like a bullet through paper. I could feel the stupendous mass of my hulking quads and hams flexing rapturously with their new size. My massive guns ripped through the whole length of my jeans, shredding them into limp strips dangling pathetically from my belt, until that was snapped in two by my swollen river of abs. The whole damp mess landed with a squishy thud at my feet. All that remained of my clothes were my damp, stretched-out jockeys.

Curiously, my dick didn't feel any different. I didn't even feel it; it was numb inside the remnants of my jeans. My bulbous butt tore the seat out, the fly-button flew off, and the pitiable garment slid down around my ankles.

I still could hear and feel the waves of fantastic muscularity bubbling over my body. I could sense my humongous traps within centimeters of my ears; my throat felt lost in the savage thickness of my new neck. The stupendous width of my lats forced me to hold my terrifying arms at a new angle. My twin pectoral-mountains surged higher and higher till I thought they'd smother me with their immensity.

I caught sight of Tom, who I was about to surpass in size, and Chuck, who was still considerably larger than I, pumping their giant dicks in awe, watching me metamorphosize.

The strength and power howling inside of me was unbelievable. I felt like someone had plugged me into a nuclear reactor. I felt like I was radiating with masculinity and strength. Bigger. Still bigger. 275...280...290...300 lbs. And no end in sight. I was still growing. Hulking out. Becoming the epitome of manhood. Unbridled, savage manhood.

Thicker, rounder, fuller, wider. I felt it everywhere. Bulges bulging freakier every second. 325...350...375...

I felt like a roller coaster coasting to a stop. At almost 400 pounds, it was inevitable.

It was my dick's turn, now, bulging and twisting itself larger and heavier, pulling my ragged underwear apart as it erected itself like a giant crane. The tightness against my shorts was incredible, that they would surely snap it in half it was so long, but it continued to pull on them until the waistband finally snapped, they dropped, and my hot, juicy cum spurted uncontrollably down my massive, trembling thighs.

Tom came up to me first, sank to his knees, and lusciously sucked my new, improved phallus, relishing the salty cum dripping from it.

"Suck me baby. Baby wants to be bigger...?"

"You want a body like this? You gotta work for it." •

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