Young Tony

Tony Comes of Age (High School - Senior Year)


By Deadliftr

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The change was about to start. Today he would see the first signs without realizing their significance. When he awoke, it was with a start, and almost immediately he knew something was different about him, but he didn't recognize what, probably because his mind was focused in on his dream -- THAT dream -- the same one that he'd been having repeatedly in bits and pieces for several years now, ever since his body had begun growing a year or two after his late onset of puberty, the dream that reminded him of the merciless teasing he got from his brothers. At thirteen he still had his pre-adolescent boy-cock and nary a hair on his body once you got below his eyebrows. Five years Tony's senior and fairly tall and meaty, they took great pleasure in keeping their unwelcome foster brother in his place and never missed an opportunity to tease him about his boy-sized physical attributes.

Sometime before his fifteenth birthday, Tony's body began to grow -- in height, in his muscular development, and -- quite surprisingly, in strength. By the start of his junior year in high school, at the age of sixteen and a half, he was easily the strongest kid in school. Since he did his weight training at school, and didn't talk about his accomplishments at home, Jake and John, still living at home while going to a local college, weren't aware that Tony could easily beat the crap out of them -- even two against one. They stupidly ignored what their eyes told them and continued their onslaught of demeaning remarks, albeit at a reduced level -- after all, he was almost as tall as they were, and he did have some substantial looking muscles, so they didn't want to rock their comfortable boat too much.

Because of his nice growth, one part of the dream was comforting and fun to think back on: in it, he was incredibly strong and muscular -- more, in fact, than was humanly possible. That part made him smile because he scored well there. By the time he turned seventeen, his muscles were as big as anyone in his school, and they were surprisingly hard -- nobody came close to him there. Having been physically slight for most of his boyhood, he was now very happy to show off his wares, frequently getting people to "feel my muscle." Why he was so firm, no one knew, and on a nearly six-foot frame with lower than average fat that should be around one-eighty pounds, he tipped the scale at three-twenty-five. Though the doctors were a bit perplexed, no one was curious enough to do any testing -- he was certainly very healthy, so there was no real reason.

With the surprising weight came surprising strength. He hadn't started lifting until his sophomore year, and his body responded at an astonishing rate. By the time he turned seventeen, no one could touch him in the gym; Tony was very strong, and he wasn't shy about showing it either. By now, one week after his eighteenth birthday, Tony's superiority, and his authority, went unquestioned. His attitude, which in others would be seen as arrogance, was viewed by those who knew him as supreme self-confidence because they knew he could back up everything he said. No one messed with Tony. No one said 'No' to Tony. Not twice.

But if that part of the dream was completely satisfying, the other part hurt -- badly. In that part he was depicted as a super-stud, forever, it seemed, strutting around with a hard-on -- and a monstrously huge one at that. He almost laughed when he thought of that - it was so unlike the real Tony, but because of that, he couldn't laugh. Instead he got depressingly sad because it highlighted his greatest physical shortcoming -- his virility, or rather, his lack thereof. So far as he could tell, his libido was far lower than anyone he know. On a scale of one to ten, he figured he ranked pretty close to zero. He was certainly nothing like his brothers who bragged about how hard their dicks often were when they woke up, and how "…just fabulous man!" that first jack-off of the day was. Having recently heard, by word of mouth, about how strong their brother was, they stopped trying to push his buttons too much, but knowing that Tony didn't "have it" in the virility department, they continued to tease him as much as they dared about his "little problem," as they laughingly referred to it.

What made the dream even more bothersome was that in it, he was having sex with men much more often than with girls. That puzzled him because he sure wasn't getting ideas like that from his brothers who, now twenty-three years old, had been ostentatiously parading a never ending flock of young ladies past Tony for the last four or five years. He'd even heard them make really nasty comments about guys "doing it" with guys, but to Tony, still a virgin, it seemed like either would do, figuring that if sex was so much fun, which sex was involved really shouldn't matter - so long as your dick worked that is, which his didn't - "HEY! Wait - a - MIN-ute!" blurted Tony - to his own surprise. "That's what's different today," he thought to himself as he realized that there was a truly wonderful sensation originating from the general vicinity of his dick.

At first he was afraid to touch himself in case it wasn't real and would disappear the moment he moved a muscle, but… he was pretty sure….he tried a tentative little dick flex…"YES! - It's real!" - a real woody, that is. A bone fide hard-on. In fact the best--, the strongest, wake-up stiffy he could remember ever having. Now, finally, he reached quickly down and grabbed on - and inhaled sharply at the unexpected intensity of the sensation he felt. "Whoa! - My strongest ever," he thought as he slowing began moving his hand back and forth very experimentally. He'd awaken with a bit of wood for the previous two mornings, but he hadn't been able to make himself cum - no surprise to him, it being his standard experience. Today, though, felt different - very different, and he didn't want the feeling to end right away. Luckily this was Saturday and everyone expected him to sleep late, so he decided to test things out.

First he tried to see if he could climax; within a couple of minutes, the answer was clear: "Oh yeah-h-h…, no doubt about it. This is better - much better." He started laughing softly to himself just because he was so happy to have these feelings, and so he was careful to stop, cool off, and start again, keeping low key. He decided to try something new: he'd keep up the mild stimulation as long as he could, not stopping until he wither came or his dick let him down and simply deflated again. He spent the next hour getting close to the edge every few minutes and then backing down, up to the edge…, and down.., until he quite unintentionally passed his point of no return. When he came he had the presence of mind to catch all he could in one palm. He looked at it with a critical eye, comparing the size of his load to Jake's and John's - they'd made Tony watch them do dual jack-off's a few times to show off and humiliate Tony. It didn't take long for a big smile to creep across his face; he had those bastards beat but good: three to one, he guessed. His smile grew.

"Maybe things are changing," he thought. They were. All these years, his body had been preparing for his now imminent growth spurt, producing minute muscle fibers in numbers vastly greater than naturally occurs in humans and developing a reproductive mechanism that was destined to be the driving force in Tony's life, both changes that would guarantee Tony's becoming the super muscle-stud his father had envisioned. Tony was destined to become much more than his father had ever dreamed of, and he was ready. The preparation was over. The change had begun.

During the next week the changes in Tony's body came faster and faster. His strength was going up fast - he was adding weights like crazy on every lift, and he was growing - not any taller, but thickening. Everyone in gym class noticed how much bigger his muscles were, and how much bigger the bulge in his crotch had become, - especially his balls. And they weren't just for show, either; they were getting more and more active, filling up with cum more and more often as the week wore on. By the following Friday, Tony was cumming several times a day - strongly! --, and for the first time in his life, he was starting to think about sex. All the time. Trouble was - he didn't know much about it…. Ah-h-h, but his brothers did. "I do believe it's time for a little experimentation," decided Tony on that day. Dad was away on business for the weekend, so…, "Big day tomorrow," he chuckled, as he softly stroked himself just to experience the wonder of what was still a new feeling to him, but not to climax. " …'Spect I'd better save up for tomorrow, heh, heh, heh."

Coincidentally, the twins were thinking along the same lines. They couldn't help but notice the changes, and given that their relationship with Tony had always been adversarial, they didn't want him to get any notions of reversing the local order of dominance. They knew he was fairly strong, but since all of Tony's lifting was done at school, they weren't aware of his true strength, which, up to now, Tony had not shown off to them. After some deliberation, they decided that fucking him into submission was the best road to take, and really had no doubt that they could, so after a good night's rest, they'd take care of Tony on Saturday. Dad wouldn't approve, but he was away - he'd never need to know.

Tony slept late, awaking to bright sunshine - and the biggest, stiffest boner of his life. "Awww, fuck ,yeah - this is gonna be great," he thought! Although he was going to tackle the twins before breakfast - for starters - he couldn't resist just lying there and enjoying himself for a few minutes first. And so, lost in sensation as he was, he was petty surprised when his two brothers strolled into his room, naked and fully hard. He didn't know why they'd come, of course, but he really didn't care - he knew what was coming next in any case. What he did care about - and smirk supremely to himself about - was their dicks. Only a week ago he'd been about their size - maybe seven inches to their six and a half or so, but now….? It had been one Hell of a week for growing! He'd just been holding himself with both hands, and over half of the mushroom head still stuck out - had to be eleven inches - at least. "Heh,heh, they're not gonna be too pleased about that, I'll bet…."

Tony was covered with only a sheet. He clasped his hands behind his head, pressed his head into the pillow as he stretched out fully and pressed his hips slightly up into the air - his huge, thick boner prominently evident under the sheet. Tony smiled at his brothers, "What's up, guys?"

They saw his stiffy, of course, but didn't pay it enough attention to notice its size. "Feelin' pretty good this morning, are we," Jake chuckled.

"Aww yeah!"

"Say, John 'n me had an idea…."

"Me, too."

"Wha…? ..well, uh, anyway -we were wondering - are you still a virgin?"

"For now…"

These weren't the responses the twins expected; they were a bit puzzled. "Well, uh-h…, we thought we'd help you change all that….. Y' interested?"

Tony paused, looked down at his cock and gave it a few good flexes. When the sheet moved - a lot! - the brothers looked.., -and noticed…, -and were somewhat taken aback. "Whoa," allowed John, "…looks like you've grown a little lately," he said as he walked up and yanked down the sheet. And then he stared - as did Jake.

Tony smirked up at them, his face a picture of self-assurance and confidence. "Yup."

The first thing the "J-Boys" noticed was, of course, Tony's dick. That last time they'd seen it hard was just after puberty had happened, but it was still close to his boy-size, a skinny five inches or so, making them feel pretty manly about themselves at 6.5 X 4.5. But before this week's major changes it was already over seven, and now stretched proudly and strongly out over Tony's abs at somewhere between eleven and twelve inches. The boys both felt their partly aroused balls droop at the sight.

And then they saw - the rest of him! In their comfortable arrogance they had failed to acknowledge what they were seeing. He'd already been pretty big before last Friday, but now…, "Holy Fuck!" they both whispered out loud -in unison. He was the size of a strongly competitive bodybuilder, and they'd never noticed. They did notice, however, the huge, deeply cut, thirty-inch quads that pushed his obviously full, round balls well up into the air, and the two small mountains of pec muscle that dominated his forty-six inch chest, and the bulk and hardness of his vein-covered twenty-two inch arms that he flexed for them while still holding them overhead. There was a very long silence as they took in the sight before them, Tony smirking happily all the while, positively ecstatic at their discomfiture and sudden uncertainty.

Tony was by now very curious about what they were up to - though he was developing a pretty good idea, and decided to let them take the lead for a while. Jake and John finally looked at one another, and silently decided to carry through with their plan, and so it was that in short order, Tony found himself kneeling on the floor at the foot of the bed, Jake prying his cheeks apart in search of the male "glory hole," eventually locating it, positioning himself appropriately before letting go to grasp Tony's hips. He was surprised at how tightly his dick was being held in place. "Pretty tight butt you've got there, Bro," he observed, feigning a confidence and a lightness that he no longer felt.

"Just wait," offered Tony.

"Hmmm? …well, anyway, here I come, Man."

"No lube?" Tony squeezed Jake's dick a bit for emphasis.

"Oh…, yeah, sure…, -forgot," and so off he went, soon returning with a jar of Vaseline that he slopped over himself and into Tony's crack - but no deeper, wedged himself back in and said, "OK - here we go." Intending to go deep with his first push, he put some force behind it -but Tony had other ideas and clamped down hard as soon as he sensed Jake's body tense up and heard a sudden, "Yee-ow-o-o-oh-h-h Shit! Jesus,Fuck! -it feels like you broke my dick…!" Tony let go; Jake pulled away and checked himself out, testing the base of his cock for cracks - no real damage done.

Having finally decided that his equipment was in working order, he asked, "What the hell do you call that?"

"I call it turning the tables," said Tony as he grabbed Jake, and with surprising ease and agility got their roles exactly reversed - though he didn't need any Vaseline; there was ample precum forcing its way out of Tony's dick to keep the proceedings pretty slippery. "Here we go…"

"Hey! Wait a minute - John! - Do something!"

John tried to pull Tony off, but he quickly found himself literally thrown into an easy chair, with Tony's vice-like grip threatening to crush his forearms warning him in fearful terms to "Stay put!". Jake had moved, but was quickly put back in his place as he heard a rapid-fire, "Get-ready-get-set-UNNHhhhh!" -and he screamed, even though Tony had only pushed his cockhead past the sphincter. John tried to wiggle out of it, but here's where he finally noticed Tony's amazing strength - he was totally helpless in Tony's grasp - he didn't gain an inch. For the next ten to fifteen seconds, Tony inched his way inward - one inch in, a little back. Another in, and so on - and while each inch provoked a squeaky little scream from Jake, each inch was a near mind-blowing experience for Tony -"Holy fuck - to think what I've been missing…." Given his state of arousal when he awoke this morning, and this being his first time and all, the thrust of the last inch into Jake was his last, it being immediately followed by, "Sploosh! Awww fu-u-u-ck… Splurch!" - it was a gusher - the most satisfying of Tony's one-week "growth spurt," and he was stupefied by the intensity. His first coherent thought once it was over was: "We're gonna be doing this a lot!"

For the time being, he was satisfied to flop down onto Jake's back, re-living the moment and relaxing in the most serene, post-orgasm aura he could imagine. To his pleasant surprise, his cock didn't soften a great deal. He had tucked one arm underneath Jake, keeping his butt pinned against his own groin and his lengthy dick well-implanted, so when Jake tried to wiggle out from underneath Tony, the only result was that his bodily gyrations were an erotic massage to Tony's cock, which only encouraged it to lengthen and harden once again - rather sooner than it might have otherwise. Consequently, Tony was soon back at it: "Awww yeah-h-h…, one more time, Bro," he informed Jake and spent the next half hour working up to a hefty climax nearly as strong as the first. It didn't take Jake that long - not five minutes into it Jake was grunting heavily as he tried to speak. "Oh, Tony…, Unnn…, you're so fuckin' big..Nnng…., Oh shit, I think I'm..Nnn..Unh .., Nnnggh!.., I'm gonna…Oh shit - Nnn., nnn.., Ungghhh!" as he sprayed Tony's sheet.

"Heh, heh, heh…, what'sa matter…., this huge dick makin' you cum, is that right?" And it did - one more time before Tony's very own. Then, after taking some time off for breakfast and a re-charge, Tony gave John equal time.

They both got equal time again that afternoon, and though Tony tried again before bed-time, they both claimed sore asses so he relented. Sunday he could tell they were hurting, so he gave them a rest day, but to make up for it, they both had to suck him off a couple of times. The twins' hopes of establishing dominance were forever dashed.

Thinking ahead, Tony informed his Dad that he needed more privacy and would start sleeping in the barn which was no longer in use. Since they had plenty of money, his Dad also agreed to convert the loft into a large bedroom, to Tony's specs. Thanks to his connections, it was ready in just a few days.

Once the twins' innards had healed, their 'duties' became regular: a wake-up call from Tony in their very own beds plus a little exercise to aid digestion after supper. However, Tony's size, sex-drive and stamina were increasing daily, so by the end of the first week, J & J were "servicing" their huge brother three times a day. When they asked for Friday off to see their girlfriends, Tony automatically agreed, but soon regretted his decision when he remembered his dream, and wondered how long it would take his brothers to recover sufficiently to take an active part in their sex play. they drove the girls home the next morning after some early morning mattress-play, and when they returned, Tony was ready for them.

Just as Tony feared, it did not go well, meaning that it was time to set up the new house rules; namely - "No sex with your girlfriends," and "Thou shalt cum only for me." Tony quickly quelled the twins' expected vehement reaction, and so that very evening it was only with barely suppressed anger and embarrassment that his brothers turned over the pleasant task of sexually satisfying their girls (with no objection on their part, by the way…) to their increasingly massive, muscular, arrogantly studly, well-hung and overly willing brother. They spent the evening sitting in the hay, listening to the very loud sounds of lust and pleasure coming from Tony's made-for-sex, upstairs loft until sleep claimed the tired, satiated crew. They could hardly have gone to the house where Dad would see and start asking questions.

On the bright side, Tony soon relieved the twins of some of their duties because their girlfriends talked, and soon Tony was receiving frequent visits from women he'd never seen - from horny college co-eds to single working women deprived of regular sexual release. It didn't take Tony long to decide that asses provided a more stimulating and satisfying receptacle for his cock and cunts, but he was thoroughly enjoying the experimentation, and certainly welcomed the attention, so it was a win-win situation all way 'round. •

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