Hayden's Change


By QuoteTheRaven

As the cavern continued to narrow, I took my place behind Dodd and in front of Gray. It was fun to watch Dodd snake through the passageway. His shoulders and hips making the moves to pass– but it became progressively harder to see past them as we proceeded. I’d turn periodically and behind me I’d see Gray. Each time I’d give a slight start and think he’d come closer, but then would look again and realize he was the same distance behind. I scraped my shoulder on a dropping part of the rock wall and swore – a bit like a rough stud, coarse compared to my usual language – but while it hadn’t seemed to hurt like it should, I’d hit hard. The others were having troubles too. All in all we didn’t remember the way being as tight inbound as it did on the way out. We noted this as a lesson we’d be best to remember: that passability of the same space could change based on direction.

In what seemed like a significantly short time, we started to see a growing sense of daylight. We were approaching the crack in the side of the rock cliff face. It was notable the speed with which we’d made the return – compared to the hours it had taken to travel into the earth. I don’t know if it was the idea of being back to the surface of the world, an adrenaline flood, or some other explanation – but I was feeling a sense of abandon. My legs felt phenomenal now. With each step, I was aware of my hips swinging and my knee and ankle pivoting under the coiling and stretching motions of my thighs. I could feel the contribution that my hams and the muscles in my butt made to each step or move I made. In my upper body, with each breath I felt like I was standing taller. I let the pure wet air flow in and out of my lungs and let my chest stand wide and my back grab tension that I’d let be slack for years. I was grateful to feel this tremendous sense of well-being. I touched my hand to the protrusion in the black silk at my waist and gave it a gentle rub – some kind of acknowledgement that what I felt was deeply appreciated.

We stepped into the sunshine, but the temperature was cold. The touch of the sun on my skin felt incredible and tingled everywhere. To be back out in the air, to have the freshness of the cliff-side mountain heights cooling my flesh felt incredible. The openness made me tremble imperceptibly and a feeling of awareness settled in my spandex-snuggled groin. “Aagh – yeah,” I grunted. But I was not the only one making noise. Gray was filling his lungs and laughing, Sprague was tapping his thigh quickly with his hand and humming, Jacob had crossed his arms and was angling back against the cliff face with one foot in front of the other, Dodd had stepped to the very edge, had drawn himself taller and, as he beat his chest with his fists, yodeled into creation. All of us were dressed in nothing but Speedo’d nothingness. Dodd shouted, “Yes” into the wind and I looked up at his body – but it was impossible. It had changed. The distance between his boy hips and his man shoulders was now connected with a v of apparent muscle. His legs bulged beneath his nicely worn tighty. “Shi… Damn, Dodd – what the fu…?” I said before I could edit what I said. I looked from Dodd to Sprague and Gray and Jacob – “holy crud,” I almost guffawed. Each of them had to have put on 10 pounds. Their emaciated bodies looked completely different. The blackies now stretched across their perky butts and the legs below looked springy with light curves. “Wow, studs,” I said. On their upper bodies, I saw that the most modest of lumps had popped up as trap muscles on either side of their necks but it connected with barely apparent domes that were just suggesting on their shoulders. “That’s fricking nice.” On their fronts were sexy thin abdomens descending into their sleek suits. On top of that, nice little pecs traced from a very light cleavage up a swath toward their shoulders. “I just have to say, shoot,” I said. And then I looked at myself. “Or holy shoot, that’s f’ing hot.” My body was like something that had been donned on me by an impish god. “Look at this hotguy bod.” I half shouted, half laughed. Everything that came out of my now taut, stretchy bikini looked phenomenal – legs that were sexy as smooth hairless runner legs, a mid-section that rippled slightly with core hardening, and a wonderful looking lift on my chest that had a small rise and slightly broader profile and reached out to my arms that had seemed to undefinably change shape. “EFFF! this is awesome.”

I didn’t know what it was, but we’d all packed on pounds and become body-loving dudes about 15 or 20 pounds heavier than our previous selves. It felt incredible and it was clear that we were all on a healthy high. Sprague rubbed his hands on his upper torso and laughed as he said, “UnBELIevable” to the rest of us. Jacob who’d crossed his arms and legs and postured against the cliff face, now bent double to his toes and we could see his back widen from the stretch and we could see the lycra pull over his two excellently shown plow globes. Gray shook his blond hair and ran one bicep-handsome arm through it, while his other hand curved lightly passed his sexy little bulge so that his fingers rested on the flesh behind his balls and approaching his hole. “Oh God, the sex I’ll have with this body,” he said and his smile was intentionally boyish and irresistible. Dodd beat his flat tits and they were flushing with the drumming. He roared and it was a sound of raw joy that carried out off the cliff face. God, we were all incredibly in amazement. To have these Bruce Weber bodies seemed inconceivable to us – yet they were instantly of us and for us and we cavorted like we’d been these god-boys forever.

The arm bands were great additions to this look – but freakily still loose. The amulets hung on their leather straps and dropped emptily down the our simply shaped chests. “Ha, warriors of old – meet these stud boys,” laughed Gray. We all clanked the metals of our arm cuffs together, tugged the medallions down, arched our asses back, held our hands athletically above our heads, positioned our more flared thighs…. Just went with abandon at this hot-bodiedness.

And then, Hayden stumbled from the crack. “Holy, shazam,” said Dodd and looked at his older brother. Hayden looked gray and weak. The crown was now round his right wrist, clasped tightly by those fingers along with that arm cuff. Hayden’s face was the color of long dead ash, and he was breathing rapidly and lightly – each breath far more labored than it should be. We looked at his body and it was lighter than any of ours had been. Each rib bone now carved his torso and the bones of his arms and legs near his joints were clear. The black spandex bikini no longer looked suggestive or flattering – just bony and oversized. “Oh, God,” we said standing with our dream-boy physiques still in perfect prancing posture. “Something’s happening to Hayden,” I said, “we need to carry him.” Dodd stooped and lifted his brother easily in his arms. He stood and pulled the point of his twisted iron crown back to his mid-forehead. “He weighs so inconsequentially,” said Dodd, “but I think he’ll weigh too much to shoulder it alone.” We took his cues and the three of us besides Jacob brought our speedo-showy bodies each under one of Hayden’s limbs. Hayden groaned. Jacob came and tiptoed, looking into Hayden’s face, “I can carry that crown for now, Hayden,” he said. But as he reached to unburden Hayden of its weight – Hayden’s expression grew suddenly animated and he jerked forward wrapping his hands tighter around the bicep-adorned crown. “No, Jacob, NO,” he managed forcefully, then sagged back. “It’s mine,” he murmured softer again and he collapsed onto our hot athletic shoulders.

We set off with Jacob in the lead and a certain worry in our hearts. But soon, the joyful feelings of well-being and energy surged again – and only intensified as we walked. It was clear almost, immediately, that something was continuing to happen and that our bodies were growing bigger even as we walked. There was something overwhelming with this sense of transformation – with our hunger for what was happening to us. With each step we wanted to get larger – and then to get larger than we’d been again – to start to truly yearn to grow huge or massive or heaving. The sense of size and muscularity was enthralling. None of us could resist the sensations that were flooring us as we became more and more subject to the piling thews– to the sense of domination that grew. It was mesmerizing, and our muscles were increasing in number and in size and in fricking density. The four of us who held Hayden, could feel our asses thickening in our pants – the sheen of high-cut man’s lingerie groping our buttocks and futilely stretching across our fuck-driveable, hot mounds. Beneath the cut of our pouch-dominated suits, full, hard quads were beginning to thunder beautifully like teen boys who’d been on steroids for 7 or 8 years. What smooth, nubile masses there were to these 29 inches that swelled on our stud man lower extremities. As we carried, Hayden, I no longer needed to throw his knee over my shoulder. With one hand, I pumped his limb into the air, and felt a boulder like pec on my chest crunch sexily into the massive shoulder meat that had blasted into being above it. I laughed and the wind was low and fucking sexy out of my mouth. I looked at my outstretched arm and then lowered my hand slightly so that my bicep bunched even more into its indescribable football size. I pulled my head back and I knew that the radiating fan of gargantuan muscles that I saw on Jacob’s back in front of me, must also originate from the base of my skull down to the small of my impossibly tight lower back and then rise to the massing of the thick ass meat I felt that must match Jake’s. I groaned at the idea of how widely my hulkishness stretched to equal the indefensibly overdone expanse of Jake’s latissimus dorsi. “OH FUCK – This is phenomenal,” we all said and would have slammed our humongous, thewn bodies into each other except for our need to care for our friend.

When we reached the camp again, our guide was gone, but our tents and stuff remained. We lay Hayden down and he was unconscious. “Give him food,” one of us said in a voice that was mighty and unforgiving. But we looked and the food was gone. Dodd looked at the tip of his great dong ridiculously prong-blowing in the lycra that stretched far from his crevassed and gargantuan muscled coat. “I’ll feed him,” he said. We looked at him and knew this must be the way – brother feeding brother. “Move the crown, Jacob” Dodd commanded. Jacob stepped forward and he looked like he must weigh 350 pounds of hemped up power. He knelt carefully over Hayden and his striated bulk was like a 19th century sculpture of a testosterone-driven monster. He lifted the crown and cuffs from Hayden’s unconscious hands and they seemed small compared to the great heap on his upper arm that swelled to 26 inches. “I’ll put them in the tent.”

Hayden lay almost entirely broken. Every bone in his body showed through his wasted skin – we could see some of the vertebrate from his spine through his stomach wall. Dodd knelt over his brother and outweighed him by four hundred pounds. It was mesmerizing how deified and of what scale Dodd had become. His swimmer’s wide shoulders had become 90 pound boulders of torqueing power and his flat swimmer’s pecs had swollen into gladiator shield-tits the size of great hills. Dodd pulled his phenomenal organ from its confines and like a nozzle into a tank fit its swollen head into his brother’s mouth. Sprague stepped forward looking at Dodd, wanting to excite Dodd, wanting to drive Dodd to erupting orgasm. Sprague brought his glorious muscularity next to the kneeling boy-king, then while he pressed his giant fabric-enwrapped fuck mound into Dodd’s splaying lat, he threw a 28” bicep curl of fuckable proportions into Dodd’s devastatingly handsome face. Almost instantaneously, Dodd reacted to the hormone-nuked comeon by flowing prodigious orgasmic goo into his brother’s near-dead orifice. A full minute and a half passed, and then Dodd stood and withdrew his mass-flacid monster and let it flop meatily against his organ-massed balls. We looked at Hayden and his breathing seemed to relax but he remained unconscious. “Give him time,” said Gray as he wrapped his Battleship arsenal guns under Dodd’s great Teutonic breast shelve and pulled Dodd away. Gray’s blond hair radiated gold – its glossy lengths tucked behind his ears.

We looked and we knew that Hayden lay completely black to the world now. We stepped away from him so that we could stand together. We were like some immortal bodybuilders that had been hit by some molecular rayblast engorging us into gods 4 times more massive than any fucking Magazine Bull. We were so built up, throwing our heaving beast arms over each other’s supple, fat-eliminated striations, and crossing our sexy and rocket-massive legs into each others groins. We were muscled with traps that were as high as loaves of bread and dense as leathered den chairs sitting in a CEO’s global dominating headquarters. Our pecs were like giant horse stadiums, our arms were like a bull gorillas shorn of hair and bulked to eight-times the size. When I looked at my legs, they were the size of the others and were like humping 60” mothers with boner-arousing shape that swept so beautifully from nuclear hips to the incredible balance of sculpted, titanium knees. We were so blasphemously gorgeous that evangelical fucks all over the globe would have creamed and put our statues on their altars – an action that would flagrantly betray everyone of their repressed and self-glorifying beliefs. Fuck, I looked at our abdomens and they were hump-covered steel walls of bone-crushing muscle. And our backs were cobra’d wings going to shoulders rumbling with rhinocerous thundering width. We stood in godstruck awe of our obliterated hulks and smiled repeatedly and devastatingly handsomely as we pumped the iron bicep cuffs into split, fragmented bracelets that fit only into the totemic crease near our shoulders. What we didn’t see, as fevered as we were with our growth and grotesque high, was the sight of Hayden, only breaths away from death, crawling inch-by-inch from the fire to the tent farther away.

We continued with our sinewed worship - our mouths opened, and while our cocks thickened and arc-hung into foot long monstrosities, our voices rose in an African plain rumble that sounded like the great stomping reign of the wildebeest on its thousand mile stampede. We cast our great bodies into huge and hulking poses, and as we did so, we did not notice Hayden’s skeletal hand tugging almost ineffectively at the tent’s canvas flap. Our bodies came together in humping heaves against one another. And we knew we were blowing heavier still – that our might muscles had not chosen to stop. I turned my head and took Sprague’s thick and hungry tongue into my mouth – simultaneously, my hammocked ram-cock sealed into the iron-y velvet of Gray’s fuck-humped butt haunch, and my Adonis-would-envy monster bi’ peak squeezed around the liquid titanium abdominal core of Dodd. I held him so rulingly masterful that my fingers splay-dominated his softened log-large pole. My monster column now grew so erect that its 14 inches tensioned and engorged until it was its own great bodybuilt slam.

It was as my cock entered Dodd’s ass and Jacob ate my balls with his carved face exceeding the beauty of the greatest of camera-adored male Amazons, that Hayden fully disappeared into the tent. It was as I pumped the first huge drops of my cum out of my shaft slit, a foot and a half up Dodd’s anus, that Hayden’s wasted, near-decimated fingers touched the crown. It was as 2 minute flow of swooshing god-beast cumfluid subsided from my organ into Dodd’s depths and as its irradiating whiteness spilled out from that hole into Jacob’s god-rivalling features, that Hayden put the crown of two flexing warrior arms on his head.

I pulled and pulled my impossibly long ass-fuck shaft from Dodd’s annihilating anus and monumental fuck-thrusters with a feeling of complete satiation and greed, when, immediately, we heard a cry from the tent. It started thin and in utter agony – and we all spun our great bodies glorious in the pulsing movement of our tonnage. We stared at the canvas sides of the dark shelter, and it took us a moment to realize that the wild voice was that of Hayden. Yet almost right away it started to change and grew– we heard a breezy joy in the aahing cry. We thundered our fantastically huge bodies to the tent and circled it standing like over-thewed hulks in heaving repose. The tent lifted and ripped apart and immediately we saw it was Hayden – he was beautiful again – more beautiful than he had been. And now more beautiful than any of us had been in our transformation. He was the size we had been when we’d exited the cave and we could see the crown was on his head sitting low and sexily tight above his ears and across his high forehead making his face look like something out of ancient mythology with its ideal of heroes whose faces had changed the world. His body was flexible and fit now. The black speedo gently stretched over a simple and admirable cock. The fabric cut lightly into an ass just barely suggesting the curves of its masterable state. His legs were beautiful – like a lifter who’d spent a few years focusing on balance -- not yet able to pursue thickness or bulk. His upper body was like a hottie from fight club… fluid and flexible. We laughed and shouted from relief.

Hayden looked at us and his jaw dropped. “Jesus, what kind of studs have you become?” he said. He looked at Dodd, and Dodd flexed his 80” chest on his 7 foot body. He was a 450 pound sculpted beauty huge around the shoulders and slight and then mammoth at the waist. “Holy shit.” Yet, as Hayden said it, he began to smile – it was cocky like a championship high-school pitcher on steroids knowing that the juice he’d been taking had made him into a player who was just about to decimate 9-innings worth of opponents who didn’t know better. Hayden looked down at his body and saw himself growing, saw the muscle accumulating on his athletic hard, hottie body. He saw the ab bricks crunching into his lean midsection and his quads beginning to gather shape and teardrop from his lycra-enwrapped dick down towards his knees. “Mass me up, fuckers,” he said. He flexed his arms into a front double-biceps and they peaked at a wickedly modest and gorgeous 18 inches. He tucked his ass under and shoved his cock forward while he splayed his feet outward to let his thighs show slightly larger. “This is a good body for fucking – any girl, any dude, any old lady, anybody who would be a drooling addict desperate to bed down this model polished fuckability,” his smile got more flared and reactive, “but this is nothing yet, fuckers.” He clenched his hand on his black-held body snake, “You’ll see you’re nothing, fucker big boys.” He took the arm cuffs from the ground and put one on each arm… they were loose still and he held his arms above his head so that the cuffs rested against his shoulder. He looked at us and held our gaze for 3 or 4 minutes – and then knew it was time to lower them again. He dropped his arms to his sides and the cuffs were now held snugly and challengingly by his thickened arms. “Fuck,” said Sprague. Hayden just smiled at him, and Hayden’s teeth were big in his mouth and his lips curled more open and further away. Hayden brought his hands together in front of his outlined pouch and squeezed his pump-pecs between the metal of the cuffs. The cleavage was deep already and he looked at it with hungry appreciation. “That’s right, fucking tits – go mammoth, monster babies.” He swung his hands around back into the double biceps and we could already see that his rock-hard pecs had added four inches each. They had an even meaty deepness across his broadening upper torso and we could see how the splay was reaching out almost to the point where his bicep peaked. “FUCK” He rubbed his small piled cock, briefly. “You’ll grow to,” he said, “Fuck, YES!” He reached for the straining iron band on his left arm now and started to jerk it from where it was squeezing into his beautiful 22” of bicep. “Sorry, fucker, I’m gonna rage too fucking big for that.” Off his bicep, now, the cuff slid easily down his arm where he left it on his wrist. He did the same to his right arm. “You, Beast Monsters, ever seen a wrist cuff before?!” He said and his voice was roaring and powerful and full of joy.

He brought his hands to his hips and flared his lats – they were immense already – he’d probably grown himself to 68” inches around his upper body – but his waist was dense and hard and narrow. “Oh GODD, this is FUCKING GOOD!” He roared. He looked us all over again now. We were 450 lb behemoths to his mere 270, but he looked at us as though he ruled us. “Ah fuck Galen, aren’t you a fucked up Monster.” He looked at me and at my hardened cock that poled huge-ragingly out of my stretch. He started sauntering his smaller body over to me, his thick hulked up legs rolling around each other and tossing his still mortal, takeable dick from side to side. He held his thickened arms in a classic builder’s thug stance – heavily shaped and a tad to the fore of being truly at his side. His head was high on rippling traps and lats and his powerful face jutted on a steel-strong neck that managed to maintain a sexy thinness. “Ah FucK, GALEN – I want to be as fucking huge as fucking you.” He wound up his right fist and threw a 295 lb slug like a locomotive into my massive left breast plate – I laughed at the impact but then disbelievingly found myself falling backward to the ground.

Hayden turned back to the circle and from where I was standing back up, I could see the phenomenal sling to his stance – his pummeled assculature bunched into achingly fuckable heap mounts. Oh how I wanted to slide my gargantuan fuck organ up into such meaty receipt. He laughed, “Already, I’m fucking strong and powerful.” He looked at Jacob and Gray now – Jacob with a curl of brown cascading behind his ears and over his Herculean shoulders of piled muscle – Gray with a glow of gold tucked behind each ear. “Come test my biceps, Fuckers,” he said and put his wrist-encuffed hands straight out to either side. He arched his lower back and his columning legs seemed to become iron-willed in their determination to hold the ground. With his cock now slung back by the position between his legs – we could see that it was starting its substantial transformation – an inflating dome of black stretch was beginning to protrude out into our field of vision. “That’s right GrayStar… that’s right JakeLord come test your Liege” Their tremendous bodies were new to them and they walked forward with the heavy orgasmic clumsiness of pure testosterone might – each movement of their dominating muscle bodies blazed on their radiant flawless faces. Their muscles coated everywhere on them and they were true divinity, substantially larger than Hayden’s 325 lbs and they surrounded him – he looked sure to be torn in two. With all of their primordial desires they took his hands. But it was no contest, without a moment of uncertainty, Hayden slid his hands further out past there’s and took each Olympian Open stud behind their gentle heads. He curled his 28” biceps easily like it was some girly fitness class exercise with 25 lb weights. With the three godzillas forehead-to-forehead, he tongued deeply and arousingly into each of their mouths and then their ears. “I love you fuckers,” he said and let them go.

His body was now 395 pounds and still shy of our girth and size – but clearly he had more power than any of us other than perhaps Dodd. He walked to Sprague and took Sprague’s face in both his hands. He leaned his liquid mercury muscle inflations into Sprague fact-to-face so that their massive swollen pectoral shields mashed deeply, so that their hanging, arching shlongs bulged together, and so that his phenomenal gorilla legs slammed quad-face to quad-face with Spraguer, “You’re a freakish Beauty – a product of some twisted half-beast mind” He looked at Sprague’s sleek panther locks and the body that musculated like a truly wild thing – a mighty animal’s properties all put into a hypertrophied muscular man. Hayden lifted his torso into Sprague’s face as he devoured Sprague’s mouth – coming away with the spit Sprague had hungrily drooled into his orifice. “Oh GOD – Make me the mightiest god of these beastly gods.” They stepped away from each other – and both were 450 lbs now.

Hayden turned at last to his younger brother, the only one left, the wearer of the lesser crown. Dodd was more. Despite his younger age, he had started more – taller, broader, a cock that had lain just an inch more – often dripping with 19-year-old sex-drivenness. Now Dodd stood 500 lbs of cantilevered bewilderment to Hayden’s 450lb thickness. Hayden looked at Dodd and you could see the pure admiration and adoration he had for his sexy boy brother. “Dodd, oh beautiful, Dodd.” He stepped close to his brother and they were beautiful aliens – Both with their 35 inch arms next to their 100-inch chests. They were college builders – freaked into proportions forty times that size. He opened his lips and brought Dodd’s mouth into his. “I love you – God Fucker.” Their phenomenal scrota pushed their two behemoth trunkdons into one another. Hayden rubbed his muscled great torso domes up and down his brother’s churning mammoth warrior physique. “Let’s make fucking love.” “Let’s,” said Dodd and gave Hayden the gentlest push.

Hayden moved with the push and turned his 450 pounds around and fell forward shaking the ground as he dropped his swoll-bulging hands in a pushup pose. He turned his head toward the rest of us and asked with a fucking smile on his face, “what do you think Dodd should do to me?” Then he twisted his head the rest of the way and dared Dodd with his sex-grotesque look. “Fuck him, Dodd,” we said. Dodd stepped toward his brother with his 50 more dominant pounds. He ripped a gaping hole in the straining black shit-for-clothes swimmer that crucifyingly sky’d over Hayden’s globes and without any delay Dodd extracted his massive, Ionic cock and began to batter-plug his smaller big brother. He fucked like a Gorgon for 15 moaning, sweating, mindless and euphoric minutes, as the rest of us self-stroked gismed loads of such size and frequency that we had soon blanketed them with a dripping expanse of god goop. Dodd, the phenomenal giant, continued ass tearing the blindingly erotic and incomprehensibly aesthetic Hayden, damaging the fucker-of-a-brother in every inhumanly way possible, until the intensity had reached such a magnitude of uncontainable excruciation that with a single megalo-triggered explosion both roared with a rolling volume that made all of Kilimanjaro shake and both exploded into mind-obliteratingly accelerated further growth. The crunching and popping sounds of their saturnine explosion of earthcore heaving muscle caused boulders on the hill above to richochet down the slopes and bounce off their Astronomical Might. When Dodd finally withdrew his god-poled girth it had grown feet longer and thicker. The semen in Hayden’s ass crashed in a continuous vast ocean across the wide arroyo’d terrain of the ground that surrounded them. Dodd stood over the laying Hayden, and had swollen to a 8 foot monster 700 or 800 pounds huge. He laughed and looked at us with his Princely, God-envious might. And then, his brother rose from the ground – a fully grown Lord for all of us to worship. He looked at Dodd and the rest of us and he stood at 10 feet – a 1000 pounds of the thickest and most mighty muscle ever to be conceived.

“Hello warriors,” he said, his voice cracking like thunder all over the mountain and into the country below, “I am your king.” And he flexed all of his muscles and was our lord. •

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