Health Club, The

John was interested in the health club which had just opened. Everybody working out in the weight room which could be seen from the street, was really healthy and really sexy. So John decided to check out the place.

He walked up to the receptionist and said he might be interested in joining the club. So she lead him on a tour through the gym facilities. Everyone there was really strong and had perfectly formed muscles. Men were straining against hundreds of pounds. The place was sparkling clean, and had an excellent atmosphere, so John decided to join on the spot.

The receptionist explained that he needed a medical checkup first, and that the club had a doctor which could see him right away.

She lead him through a door and gave him a medical form to fill out. He asked her how much it would cost, and she said that the first month was free and walked out of the room.

As soon as he had finished filling out the form, the doctor walked in. The doctor was very strong and he carried the usual black bag with him. He told John to take off his shirt, and the doctor pressed his stethoscope against different areas of John's muscular chest. The doctor then checked John's reflexes and throat.

He asked John if John would like to do the cardiovascular test now or later, and John replied later. The doctor left through a door on the other side of the room.

John put on his shirt and walked towards the door he came in. It was firmly closed and locked. He tried knocking on the door, but there was some soft padding, so the knock made almost no noise. He waited a little longer, and then went out the second door. The door closed behind him, and he walked down a long hallway. He tried the door at the end of the hall and found it locked, so he turned around to go back, and just then a big door slid down in front of him, and there was no way out.

A male voice through a speaker said, "Please remove all your clothes and place them in the compartment in the wall." He looked at the wall and noticed a small compartment had just opened up. John was baffled, he said, "What is this? What's going on?" There was no answer. He started to scream help, but realized nobody would hear him. So he just waited. After five minutes had passed, the voice said exactly the same thing: obviously a recording. John started to search the walls for some exit. He started to push the doors with all his strength, but nothing happened. "Please remove all your clothes and place them in the compartment in the wall.", the voice repeated. John wondered how he could have gotten into such a mess.

Finally, he took off his shirt and pants, and put them in the compartment. He left his underwear on. The voice repeated the same thing, but with an emphasis on the "all clothes". So John removed his underwear and placed it in the compartment. As soon as he pulled his hand away, the compartment closed and cameras popped out all around him and there was a big flash of light. Then the door which was at the end of the hallway, slid open to reveal a staircase going down.

John walked through the door, and headed down the staircase. He tried to cover his genitals as he walked down the staircase. At the bottom was a small room with a lounge chair in the middle. There was a closed door at the other side of the room. The room was well heated, so he was comfortable, but he felt vulnerable without any clothes.

After five minutes had passed, something fell out of a chute near the locked door. He picked it up, and it was a pair of shorts, which were transparent. The voice said, "These are all you will need to wear for quite a while. They are specially designed to be comfortable in all forms of exercise. Please proceed to room number 915."

John slid the shorts on, and they fit very snugly just like his Speedo swimsuit. Despite the fact that his genitals could be seen through the transparent material, he felt a little less vulnerable. A door slid open, and John walked through into a branching corridor. Each room was numbered like a hotel, but it also had a name underneath the number. John arrived at room 915 without seeing anyone. Right below the number on the door was his own name.

John walked into the room, and found a king sized bed, a desk, and a computer terminal. John sat down on the bed, and wondered what to do. Just then, there was a knock on the door. When John opened the door, Chris walked in.

John said, "What are you doing here? How do I get out?"

Chris replied, "I got here the same way you did, and haven't found a way out yet. I'm supposed to introduce you to this place."

John said, "Who's in charge, this is kidnapping!"

"You can only talk to the directors through the computer. I'm afraid you'll just have to stick this place out. It isn't all that bad, the only thing missing is girls."


"I think some people with a clear future sight wanted to help the world, by making a group of elite intelligent properly trained people. The only cockeyed thing is that they were gay."

"What? How do you know that."

"This place forces you to have sex with other men. You know the clothes and all." John surveyed Chris's body, noting that it was much stronger than last time he had seen Chris, but embarrassed by the extent to which Chris was revealed. "That's disgusting, they'll never make me have sex with other men!"

"If it weren't for that one thing, I'd enjoy this place. Let me show you around." Chris got up to open the door, and it was locked. The computer terminal and desk slid down a hole in the floor, leaving a bare floor.

"You will not leave this room until you have had sex with each other." announced a speaker.

"Oh, Shit!" said Chris, "now we'll have to do it here."

"NO!" said John, "We'll find a way out of this room."

"There's no way out I've tried a thousand times. Let's just get it over with before we get hungry, thirsty, and tired."

John thought for a while, and decided that this was the only thing he could do. "What's the minimum contact that they consider 'sex'."

"The least that I've got away with is thinking about a girl while the other guy rubs my dick."

"I guess we'll have to do that," John said.

Chris took his shorts off, and watched while John took his off. Chris really was in love with John, and was hoping that John would eventually feel the same way. Chris lay down next to John on the bed and put his hand on John's penis. He watched John close his eyes, and soon John's penis became hard.

"That must be an awfully nice girl, John" said Chris. John didn't answer. Chris began rubbing up and down on John's penis while he watched John's strong chest rise gently up and down. Chris enjoyed finally touching the most vulnerable part of John's manly body. Chris could smell that nice masculine odor which comes from athletic male bodies.

After a few minutes of bliss, Chris felt John's penis quiver, and then pulse the warm milky fluid out the top in spurts. Chris took his hand away before it got wet, and watched John's muscular body go limp from the recent ejaculation. Chris lay down next to John, and listened to John's breath go in and out as he recovered from the sexual experience.

After a short time, John said, "I guess I'll have to do it to you too." Chris laid back and closed his eyes, concentrating on the images of John's wonderful naked body and firm ass. He felt his penis get hard. Then Chris felt the soft pressure of John's hand on his penis. Chris felt overpowering ecstasy from just this little stimulation from John, completing their first sexual encounter. Chris imagined the future with John's whole body in his arms, locked in a tight embrace. All the time Chris felt John's fingers travel up and down his penis. All too soon it was over, as John pulled his hand away, and Chris had his orgasm, releasing semen in surges into the air.

Chris laid back and relaxed. John handed Chris a Kleenex from the side of the bed, and Chris wiped up his semen while John wiped up his. Then they put their shorts on and left the room in a tense silence.

As Chris showed John around the place, it was clear that this was an entire commune designed to create beautiful bodies, great brains, and homosexuals. The sports facilities were unequaled. There was a room filled with protective clothing for all kinds of sports including football, lacrosse, wrestling, basketball, soccer, crew, swimming, and many others in sizes for anyone. There were two weight rooms, one with windows to the outside which neither John nor Chris were allowed in, and another for those with the standard skimpy clothing.

The communal showers for the sports were a sight to behold. Sexy young men were doing every sexual contact possible in these showers, and washing the masculine sweat off each other. But despite the one flaw, John had to agree that the place was great.

The food hall was filled with all kinds of delicious meals, all of them properly balanced and healthy.

The sexual facilities were surprising. There was a room filled with completely oiled soft, slick surfaces, so everything would be well lubricated. Another room had a beach and ocean scene, complete with artificial moonlight. There were rooms with huge beds for orgies, and a room were you could have pictures of any nude male bodies you desired covering the walls. Another room was completely filled with artificial penises to rest on, suck or do anything with, and the next room was entirely filled with asses.

And the rooms went on and on.

But most horrifying to John was "the machine". The person to be stimulated would lay down in it, and simultaneously be butt fucked, have their penis sucked, be kissed, have their nipples sucked, shown sexy pictures, hear sexy sound, and have every inch of the body stimulated sexually. All these actions were either done by people above or below the machine, or the machine's own devices which felt identical to human contact.

The next day, John was told by the computer that he must have sex again, and that this time, he must french kiss the other guy. John decided to ignore the message, and went through his exercises, and lessons. When John woke the next morning, he found himself in the machine. He must have been drugged in his sleep, and moved. Then, it started.

First, John felt his penis being sucked, then it felt like another penis was slipped into his ass. John felt totally violated. Next, lips came into contact with his, and a tongue slipped between his lips and into his mouth. Frozen in his position by the frame of the machine, and unable to resist from the remnants of the drug in his system, John had to yield. A mouth took hold of John's nipple, it sucked on it, licked around it, and nibbled it with teeth. Soon the same thing happened to the other nipple. Then, John felt hands rubbing all over his body, feeling his strong biceps, and stroking his chest, back, and legs. Suddenly, John found that he no longer disliked what was happening, in fact, it felt absolutely wonderful. John's penis jumped into a full erection so fast that it almost hurt. All the muscles in his body pulsed with sexual excitement, and his entire mind focused on the object of forcing the semen out of his penis with extreme urgency. Just as the penis pulsed with the firs t powerful jet from John's body, the stimulation slowed to a stop. John fell asleep quickly since his body was completely exhausted.

The next day, John met Chris during his exercises. "I heard they did it to you," said Chris.

"It was terrible and wonderful, but I never want it to happen again."

"It won't as long as you do what you're told. A pretty good way to enslave us don't you think?"

"Yea, lets not talk about it."

"Well, at least you don't have to have sex for two days."

"I don't think I could have sex in the next two days!" said John

"I know the feeling," said Chris. And then they went on with their jogging around the track in silence.

Chris waited the two days, requesting a special exemption from the computer, which it quickly accepted, and Chris felt his body full and ready for rapture in John's arms. As Chris guessed, John came up to him and said, "The computer says I have to sleep all night with a man, and french kiss in bed. I guess you're the only person I know here..."

"I'll lay with you, I'm accustomed to that sort of thing." Chris said, hiding his eagerness with difficulty.

Chris went to John's room that night, and took his shorts off, and lay naked next to John in the bed. Chris leaned his head over John's, and gave him a short kiss. Chris felt John hesitate and then begin to kiss back. After a short time, Chris drew John's bare body, and wonderful strong chest towards himself, opened his mouth, and forced his tongue gently between John's lips. Again, John hesitated, but he continued and eventually put his tongue into Chris's mouth.

After this, Chris could resist no longer, so he put his hand on John's penis and began to arouse John slowly at first, then faster while he continued the kiss. John realized what was happening, and stopped kissing. Chris continued to stimulate John's penis, and caress John's supple muscles with his free hand. Soon, John ejaculated, shooting the fluid out in squirts.

After a moment, John reciprocated on Chris, his masculine hand creating gentle feeling in Chris's penis, even though John's movements were entirely mechanical. Chris knew that John would learn soon, and with simple thoughts of what will happen, Chris discharged with John's hand still around his penis. Chris waited for John to fall asleep, and then he put his arm around John's budding shoulders, falling asleep himself in short order.

Chris woke the next morning and watched John get up out of the bed completely naked, and put on his shorts. Chris felt contentment as he watched John's wonderful body leave the room. He knew what the computer would tell John to do that night. Eventually Chris got up himself and put his shorts on, going to breakfast.

Chris met John at the football game that day. They were both fully dressed in football uniforms, and on the same team. Chris had really enjoyed watching John dress in his football uniform. John spoke with Chris as they walked back to the changing rooms and showers. "I have to have oral sex tonight." John sounded completely beaten, like his spirit had been conquered, his heart stolen.

"What's the matter John?" asked Chris, genuinely concerned.

"I can't live like this it feels wrong, and I feel I'm taking advantage of you."

"I've been here long enough that I enjoy sex with other men. But I think I know how you feel about the wrongness. Ask the computer about it, it can give you reasons that a genius couldn't shatter. But if you're really not ready, the computer might allow you to postpone it a day or two." They reached the locker room and began to undress. John's sweaty body was wonderful, but Chris was really concerned about John's feelings.

"No, I think I'd better get it done with tonight, maybe I'll be able to become a full gay, then I know I'll love this place." John pulled the football pants off his legs, and dumped them in the dirty clothes bin.

Chris couldn't help but eye John's body. "I guess that's what happens to everyone who ends up here." Chris said, knowing it was true.

"I'll try to enjoy tonight, for your sake." John said as he pulled his sweaty jock strap off and rubbed his balls, muscles rippling up his arms and across his chest.

"Thanks." Chris said, removing his own jock strap. He was surprised that John was coming to terms with it so fast. He knew John would be ok now.

That night, when Chris walked into John's room, John was already naked, his beautiful body laying on the bed. Chris slipped his own shorts off, and eagerly put John's limp penis in his mouth. How wonderful Chris thought to finally have such warm intimate contact with John's most vulnerable part. Chris kneaded the soft flesh with his tongue and teeth feeling the appealing shape of John's member. Slowly Chris felt the flesh become hard and erect.

Chris rested his head on John's hard muscular stomach continuing to suck on the tip of John's organ, and began to rub around the base of John's penis and scrotum with his hands. Chris could feel the powerful muscles of this young man breathing gently under his head. Gently, Chris slipped one hand below John's scrotum, and slipped his middle finger carefully into John's ass hole a short distance. Chris felt John respond with pleasure, so Chris softly rubbed his finger back and forth while still nibbling on John's penis to heighten the stimulation. Chris sensed waves of delight surging through John's muscles.

Chris slid John's penis as far into his mouth as possible, till the tip touched the back of Chris's throat. While allowing saliva to flow freely around John's penis and constantly stimulating it with his tongue and teeth, Chris slid John's penis out till just the tip was in his mouth, then back in all the way again. Chris repeated this invigorating experience again and again, his head and hands sensing the increasing level of pleasure in John's healthy body and sexual organs.

When Chris sensed the time was right, he held John's penis centered in his mouth, and stopped the erotic stimulations. With a great pulsation, John's penis release a large shot of semen towards the back of Chris's mouth. John's penis pulsed and pulsed filling Chris's mouth with the wonderful white fluid. But all too soon John was finished and his body relaxed next to Chris's. Chris removed his mouth from John's penis, and licked off the remaining blobs of semen, leaving the penis glistening with saliva in the dim light of the room.

Chris climbed on top of John, resting his body on John's sexy muscles, and pressed his lips against John's. John freely opened his lips and they shared the semen in their mouth, each tasting some in the other's mouth. Their chests and nipples pressed together in this moment of passion. Chris felt that John's manly body was yielding to his love and affection.

John rolled Chris over on his back, then John freely took his head down to Chris's penis, and closed his lips around it. Chris felt a shiver of delight as John's lips and tongue closed around his penis, and Chris felt the moisture of John's saliva against his sensitive skin. John's hands reached up and felt the firm sinews in Chris's pectorals. Chris knew that John could feel the weeks of sweat Chris had worked out in the exercise room. Slowly Chris felt the inflamed fulfillment arriving as John stimulated his body with potent excitement. Chris could feel the shapely muscles of John's chest resting against his thighs.

John's hands flowed down from Chris's chest caressing all the most sensitive parts of Chris's body. For a time, John's hands joined in with the manipulation of Chris's penis, and then they stroked around Chris's behind, feeling the soft flesh of Chris's ass. Chris felt John's middle finger slip into his ass hole just as he had slipped his finger into John's ass. As Chris's excitement mounted, he put his other hand on John's broad shoulders, feeling the muscles pulsing as John stimulated his ass with one hand, and stroked his side with the other. John began to slide Chris's penis in and out with more fervor, and Chris headed towards the point of irresistible orgasm. Chris felt the saliva flow around his penis, the gentle rasping touch of John's tongue on his nerve endings, the soft nibbling of John's teeth up and down his penis, and the shifting pressure of John's lips encircling his organ.

Chris burst with a large surge of semen which flowed right into John's mouth. Chris launched spurt after spurt of the warm white fluid into John's mouth, and John's gentle tongue lapped it all up. John pulled his mouth off of Chris's penis with a pop, and lay down next to Chris on the bed. Chris felt completely relaxed next to John, weak and vulnerable from the potency of his orgasm. John grasped Chris's body, and pulled it towards himself. Their lips met together, and this time John's kiss was full and long. Chris's lips pulsed against John's tender mouth, and his tongue penetrated John's mouth and felt him carrying semen on his tongue. Chris felt John push his tongue into Chris's mouth, bringing the semen along, and spreading it in the shared saliva of both their mouths. As the wonderful kiss continued, Chris felt John's wonderful chest, stroking it with full enjoyment of the muscle tone, and feeling John's loving acceptance. Chris knew that John was in love with him now, and that they could enjoy a good relationship together. Chris felt John's hands feel his buttocks, gently rubbing the round muscles. Slowly they relaxed in each other's arms, feeling very close and warm. Chris drifted slowly to sleep consumed with complete pleasure, and desire for more: their love was just starting to manifest.

Chris woke the next morning to find John exploring his body. John's lips were pressing against Chris's face, feeling the contours, and his hands were feeling Chris's hairy legs with gentle strokes. Chris couldn't remember waking up to anything more wonderful ever in his life. Together, they renewed the kiss from last night, and enjoyed the moisture and scent of their bodies together.

They took a shower together that morning. Chris enjoyed seeing John's masculine body with droplets of water flowing over it from the shower. Chris started by rubbing shampoo into John's light brown hair. As John put his head back to wash the suds from his hair, Chris leaned into John's wet body to continue rubbing in the soap.

Next, Chris took the bar of soap, made some lather in his hands, and began to rub it into John's broad chest. His hands traveled in John's armpits, and down John's bulging arms, feeling the firm biceps while washing them clean. Chris firmly rubbed the suds into John's strong, broad, muscular back. While standing behind John, Chris moved his arms around John's torso, and began rubbing the soap into John's rock hard stomach. Slowly Chris's hands traveled around and down John's body. Chris knelt down before John in the shower, and placed John's penis on his tongue. Chris let the coursing water flow down John's penis into his mouth for a time, and Chris could smell the special odor of John's sexual body.

Chris removed his mouth, and kneaded a good lather in John's pubic hair, feeling all around his genital area. Chris let the soap wash off John's penis, and then he buried his head between John's legs and around John's penis as he lathered up John's firm buttocks. With the lather lubricating his hands, Chris was able to slip his finger in and out of John's ass hole.

Chris removed his head after a while, and began lathering John's legs. Chris felt the long smooth curves of John's firm leg muscles, and could feel the hours of cross-country training that had developed such supple muscles. The soft hairs growing on John's lower legs was wonderfully silky to the touch, and made Chris shiver with sexual excitement.

Next, it was John's turn to wash Chris. John spent a lot of time rubbing the soap into Chris's broad chest and shoulders. Chris felt John's hands flow over his biceps, and around his large triceps. John's hands rubbed along Chris's stomach, then traveled down to Chris's penis. John lathered up a lot of soap in Chris's pubic hair and spread it outward to Chris's legs and around to Chris's behind. John knelt before Chris, and pressed the lubricated penis against the crease in his chest. Chris felt John's nipples pressing against his thighs and his dick enveloped by John's chest. After a short time of this erotic pressure, John stood up, and pressed Chris's penis along the crease in his ass.

Chris reached his hands around John's body, and began to massage the base of John's penis, especially concentrating on John's sack. John placed his hands on Chris's, and assisted Chris in his task, transmitting love and desire through the gentle hand contact. The soap on Chris's penis was slowly washing away, but his penis could still slide roughly up and down in the crease of John's ass.

When all the soap had washed away, John turned around, and they sunk into an embrace. Water coursed all around them, flowing down the contours of their connected bodies. Chris's hands stroked John's wide back softly, feeling the well toned muscles rippling down John's back. As their open lips pressed together, water flowed around them, and saliva flowed between them. Chris's tongue danced in John's warm arousing mouth.

Chris stepped out of the showers hot and clean. He watched the droplets of water glinting on John's chest, and around his genitals. Chris vigorously toweled off John's light brown hair, as he pressed their wet naked bodies together, his nipples sensitively touching John's. His penis hardened next to John's as he finished with John's hair, leaving it messed up, making John look wild, but cute.

With their bodies at such close proximity, his thighs pressing against John's beautifully smooth skin, and their hard penises side by side, Chris could not resist burying his lips in an engrossing kiss while he began toweling off John's back. Chris could feel the moisture between their chests, as John's body pressed and shifted against his while Chris rubbed John's back dry. Chris worked on John's broad, muscular shoulders and back, then toweled down to John's buttocks, feeling firm and resilient underneath the towel.

Chris felt John's hands cupped around his buttocks, pulling their groins closer together. Chris released John from the kiss, and placed his hands on John's bulging shoulders and rotated his torso, so he could get at John from behind. Chris reached under John's strong arms, and around his beautifully shaped pectorals, to dry John's chest. Chris rubbed the towel across John's upper body, letting his hands feel the sensual shapes under the towel. Slowly, Chris let the towel drop as he dried off John's brawny body, watching the droplets of water vanish from the sexy surface of John's skin.

After a while, Chris reached John's pubic hair, and in drying this area, Chris was extremely complete. Chris rubbed every corner of this wonderful area between John's legs, carefully exploring all the shapes with the towel.

Chris knelt down before John, and placed the penis in his mouth, sucking off all the remaining droplets of water, and feeling the texture of the vulnerable skin. Chris continued to dry John's shapely legs with the towel, feeling the curving of John's well-developed muscles, remembering how he watched those same muscles pounding around the running track.

After Chris had toweled off John's legs, he kept sucking John's erect penis, and began stroking the soft hair flowing around John's penis and down John's sexual legs. Then, John placed his hands on the side of Chris's head, and smoothly slipped his moist penis from Chris's mouth.

Now it was John's turn to dry off Chris. Keeping his saliva soaked penis at close proximity to Chris's mouth, John toweled off Chris's hair. Chris felt John stroking his hair, and then his face, all the time watching the wonderful hard penis glistening with saliva, bouncing near his mouth. Chris felt John grasp his arm muscles, and draw Chris to his feet. Chris stood and watched John's mussed hair and handsome face a few inches from his face as John began toweling Chris's chest. Slowly John dried Chris down to his groin, and as John worked on Chris's genitals, Chris opened his mouth in invitation. Chris saw John stick out his tongue, lean forward, and insert his tongue into Chris's mouth while John continued to wildly towel and rub Chris's genital area.

As Chris's tongue again explored every surface in John's mouth, Chris felt John's rubbing hands come around and attack his firm buttocks. Then John worked the towel up Chris's back, pulling Chris's chest tighter against John's chest. Chris could feel John's nipples throbbing against his chest. •

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