By msclguy

Devon quickly walked into the locker room, trying to duck past Spike and Ed, the two biggest guys at Woodland High School. Too late. "Sup Dev! Where ya goin' shrimp??" Spike yelled. He caught Devon by the collar of his shirt and yanked him back. He now stood between Spike, who was 6'7 and 285 lbs. of 100% muscle. Ed was the same weight but two inches shorter. They still towered over 5'2 100lb. Devon. He was now used to this.

Everyday before PE class they would abuse him in any way they thought up. Devon was pretty sure they knew he was gay. He was just hoping they kept it to themselves. Wrong!

The two shirtless football studs looked down at him, deciding what today's torture would be. He was face to face with Spike's gargantuan hairless pecs. Devon wished he could touch it and feel real manhood. It seemed like Ed read his mind. Spike flexed his pecs as Ed shoved Devons face in between the cleavage.

"You like that Dev?" Ed laughed. The whole locker room burst into uproar, taunting and laughing at the site of these two gods picking on a weak skeleton. Spike picked up Devon and held him high over his head and started bench pressing the wimp. "Ple-ple-please Spike. Stop?" That just made him go even faster.

Finally the gym teacher burst in. "What's going on here?" He looked at Devon, helpless over Spike's big, muscular arms. "I've warned you about this. Report to the Principal's office now!" Spike leered at Devon--"You'll pay fag."

Devon walked to his locker and got changed, trying to ignore everyone's chuckles. He was used to it. Although some of the girls thought he was atractive, they had no idea he was turned on by big, burly men. The blond haired, blue eyed wuss was a closet case and a half.

Gym was the usual. Last one picked, caused his team the game. Blah blah blah. He trudged back to the locker room, grateful that there were only two periods left. But the upside was that Devon got to see the other jock's dicks. He made sure he was always the last one in so he could see everyone's meat.

Dev got to his locker and stripped down to his briefs. His ribs could be seen through his stomach and had incredibly bony arms. Despite all this bag of bones, he had a fairly large cock. At 14 his dick was 6.5" long and hung between two sacs. Pretty decent.

They hit the showers. Devon only wished he could rub soap over all the guys' beautiful bodies, most of which were truly huge. He was obviously the skinniest guy there. He soon got a raging hardon and tried to hide it but with no luck. A few of the guys started laughing under their breaths at him. He abruptly left, got changed, and waited for the bell.

Same thing everyday. Get hit in the hallways, almost invisible. No one paying any attention to him, going on with their perfect lives and perfect friends. He had no one. No one to talk to and no one to even care.

That night, Devon walked home from track practice. He was a good runner, but also joined so he could see the jocks in their tight tank tops. He silently went up to his room and pulled out one of his Muscle and Fitness Magazines. He loved admiring the men's muscled bodies in there, wishing he could be in the pic to help them lift weights. Soon his parents called him down for dinner. Their topic was a bit unusual.

"Son," his father started. Devon's dad (Bob) was a big guy, packed with 95% of his 6'11, 495lb. body muscle. He knew that his dad saw shame in his son because he was a skinny weakling. "Your birthday is coming up soon, and there's something we need to talk about."

He then explained their family tree to him. Devon listened in awe as his dad told him of his great great grandfather Leo, who was an amateur scientist.

"You see, one day Leo was working in a lab when there was a horrible accident. At least, that's what everyone thought. He had knocked over a whole wall of chemicals and mixtures by accident. Luckily he wasn't hurt, but somehow he swallowed most, and the rest got mixed into his bloodstream through cuts and bruises." Devon's father continued.

"Leo's birthday was coming up, and he was still recovering from the accident. He was released from the hospital after doing many tests the day before he was to turn 15. That night, at exactly 12am on the morning of his birthday, he began to change. Physically. His body got larger, and he started to grow muscles. It lastd a few minutes, then stopped. In 5 minutes he had gained 5 pounds and had developed a very faint six pack abs and little pecs. He soon realized what the chemicals were doing.

"For the next three months, every other night it would happen, except longer and more muscle would be added. And it wouldn't go away. Whatever happened would stay. After three months, he was a pure muscle man. 6'6 and 335lbs. It happens to all the men in our family. So the night when you turn 15, it'll happen. Except every generation the person gets taller and heavier. Be ready." Devon couldn't believe his luck. In a few days he would start to grow muscles! And it was right before summer vacation, so when he got back to school everyone would see him! He ran up to his room and flopped onto his bed, excited as ever. He took out his teenage cock and started stroking it, just imagining what would happen in a few short days.

The next two days were the same as usual. But now he daydreamed in class. Thoughts of getting every guy he wanted and showing off his might ran through his head 24/7.

Finally his birthday came. His parents got him new clothes that were too big so they would fit after his change. To pass the time, Devon listened to some music, flipped through his muscle mags. Finally--11:50pm.

Bob said he wanted to watch the show. His mom was out of town for a few days on a business trip. "I didn't know you were gay!" exclaimed Devon. "It's hard to resisit being gay with all this muscle and a son that will be even bigger!" his dad said.

Midnight. Devon started to feel a tingling sensation inside of him. His dad smiled as the change happened. He grew a quarter of inch taller, and felt his bony stomach get a little harder. Nothing big, but he had put on 10 pounds in 5 minutes. That's pretty impressive.

For the next 4 weeks, every other night Devon and his dad would go to his room and watch the transformation. Soon he was 240lbs. and 5'9. His pecs had grown and filled out like two crescent moons. He would often stand in front of the mirror, flexing his manly biceps and rocky six pack. From the back Devon took on a definable V- shape. His neck bulged with power.

Of course, his package grew to 10 inches! Devon still didn't have any friends, but he didn't care. During hot days he would go running wearing tight running shorts only to show off his bod. Him and his dad would lift weights together in their basement. Devon was still nowehere near the size of his dad, but he was improving greatly.

Finally the three months were up. Devon was unbelievable. 7'1 and 550 pounds of solid muscle! People would stare at him on the street, paralyzed with wonder. No one knew how anyone could be this fuckin' huge! September came, and it was time for his sophmore year. He carefully selected his clothes, deciding which ones showed off his body the best. He picked out a small white t-shirt and jean shorts that were tight around his beautiful ass.

When Devon got to school, people's jaws dropped to the floor in amazement. No one even recognized him. He had to duck in the halls so he wouldn't hit his head on the ceiling. Luckily he had gym again with Spike and Ed.

Eventually it was time to go into the locker room. He strolled in, asking himself how he thought everyone else was so fantastic. They were nothing compared to this beast.

Devon chose a locker a few down from Spike. Right now he just wanted Spike to admire this body, not letting him on the fact that this was the same kid he had beaten down on. Slowly he stripped down to his briefs, which couldn' even contain his 16" meat. He had to borrow his giant father's underwear, and even though you could still see the tip of his enormous shaft.

Devon was incredible. His smooth pecs were bigger than the size of most men's heads, his eight pack bulged out with incredible strength, his legs (if you could call them legs) had perfect hair placed, and Devon's biceps were the size of medicine balls, if not greater. Spike just stood there in awe. He didn't even recognize this beast.

Devon noticed Spike staring. He gave his bicep a little flex. Spike almost fainted. Now Devon finally realized that Spike was bisexual. He walked over to Spike, his incredible mass intimidating. "Come to my house tonight....8 o'clock. Don't be late." He wrote down his address and gave it to Spike who was speechless.

That night, Devon prepared for his guest. He told his father what he was planning to do, just to give Spike a little action. His dad agreed it was ok on one condition--he got to get in it. Devon got rock hard just thinking about getting it on with his manly father.

Finally Spike came. He was waring his varsity football jacket and loose fitting jeans. He walked on in. "Hey buddy," Devon said. Spike still looked confused. "Don't you recognize me?" he asked. N-n-no," responded a shaking Spike. Who wouldn't be scared of a 7'1, 550lb. teenager? "Let me give you a hint." Devon ripped off his tight shirt and shoved Spike's face between his ripped chest.

Spike staggered backwards. "Is that you, Dev?" Spike asked. He nodded. "Holy shit." Devon's father explained the whole thing.

Spike had no idea what to say. "Just let me do all the talking," said Bob. The three went out back to the pool. They stripped down as Devon slid in first. The other two got in and advanced towards the new muscle god.

Spike leaned up and put his hands on Devon's chest as they kissed, locking tongues. Bob got behind Spike and ran his hands all over the young stud, running his fingers through the coarse pubic hair and playing with the cucumber-like shaft. He toyed with Spike's baseball sized sac.

Devon ran his hand through Spike's wavy brown hair as they got more and more passionate. Bob swam around behind his son and spread his legs wide, shoving his tremendous meat up Devon's ass. The great thing about the biological inheritance wasn't just that it made the men grow huge, it gave them Superman strength, meaning they could lift an entire house up with their pinkie. They were unlimited.

Bob jumped up on Devon's broad shoulders and wrapped his legs around the thick, bulging neck that was the size of most men's waists. He stuck his fingers in every ridge of Dev's knotted abs.

Spike got underwater and sucked on Devon's 16 inch package, trying to swallow as much as he could. Bob got down and put his hands around Devon's bubble but, squeezing his cheeks. Devon rubbed his large hands all over every inch of Spike's mountanious back.

Devon turned around to face his dad as they joined their lips, Bob squeezing his son's man-nipples. Spike jumped up and placed his right hand on Devon's smooth shoulder and rammed his young cock into the ass in front of him. Devon moaned in enjoyment. With his left hand, Spike reached forward and grabbed Bob's dick, jerking him off to the point of cumming.

Bob shot his load but it made no difference in the water. Him and Devon continued getting into their kiss, each of them rubbing their fingers through the dark black chest hair, the true sign of masculinitiy.

Spike went underwater and grabbed onto Bob's legs, licking the giant calf muscles and marveling at the tree-like shape of the quads. He leaned up and tenderly bit down on Bob's dick, sliding his tongue up and down. Bob let loose another load into Spike's mouth.

He moved his hands up to Bob's ripped, muscular abs and ran his fingers along the bumps and valleys. He worked his way up to the powerful set of pecs that sat on Bob's chest, feeling it's power.

While Bob and Devon still kissing, Devon flexed his arm in a posing position, telling Spike to come over. He reached up and placed his hands on the gigantic ball of muscle that I guess you could call an arm. He started doing pull ups on the flexed bicep, not even budging Devon's sheer monstrosity.

Bob pulled away from Devon and started sucking on the 16incher in front of him. Devon squeezed Spike's veiny schlong and masturbated him till he couldn't take it anymore. Spike layed on top of Devon and wrapped his arms in a bear hug as Devon swam from one end of the pool to the other. Bob got under Devon in a muscle sandwich, Bob and rubbing his cock along Devon, with Spike fucking Dev once again.

Soon all three were exhausted. They got out of the pool and put on towels. They looked at each other, breathing heavily as the water slid down their chiseled bodies.

Suddenly a church clock struck 12 midnight. Just then Spike began to tremble, shaking all over. Slowly he got taller and taller, muscles growing.... •

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