Boyfriend, The


By small-fry

They were partners. If they had lived in Canada, they would have been married. They shared a huge factory loft that they had converted themselves, they had good jobs and a good life together. After seven years it seemed that nothing could go wrong, but as they neared age thirty Angus' body image started to cause problems.

Angus had always looked younger than he was. He had always hoped to grow taller than the 5'8" his body decided to rest at, and while he asumed that his svelt frame would fill out with age all he ended up with was a slight paunch that took away the only physical trait he felt was his claim to fame -- a 30 inch waist and somewhat decent abs. Angus had spent his life waiting to be a man and suddenly it felt like he was never really going to be one, never really start getting the respect, unless he hit the gym. BUT HARD.

Peter was supportive. Sure he found it a little bit silly, Angus' new obsession, but what was he to do. At first his lover's new gym drive gave him more energy in the bedroom and opened up all kinds of play. Overtime, however, as Angus's body hit it's own platow (which was decent, but neither cut nor huge and not what Angus wanted) the obsession only worsend and Angus go bitchy. And as Angus got bitchy the sex got worse, Peter couldn't focus on Angus' body the way he wanted to without Angus getting self consious. Angus being self consious would only offend Peter, who's body type wasn't that different.

Still Peter would try to understand. Angus was in business and was competative and often felt that he was treated more as a boy than as a man to be respected. Infact, going to the gym had worsend the situation because it added youth (and not size) to Angus' body. With all the money and effort Angus had put into his traning... 5 days a week, and hour and a half each day as well as the cost of all the suplaments and trainers... Angus had real reasons to be upset. Peter felt sorry for his boyfriend and was frustrated at the same time. All he wanted was for the man he loved to be happy and yet the man he loved was starting to make him missereable due to his new found self loathing.


Peter and Angus are arguing about this very situation one night. Angus is bitching and bitching about all the time and money he has spent on his body and for what results. Peter is trying to tell Angus that he looks great, he's toned up a lot, he's cute, he's got a great face (none of which Angus wants to hear). When Peter finally snaps and says, "Look, I wish that you could get as big as you wanted without any effort at all..."

And suddenly, where Peter ment to say "BUT", he yelps instead.

Angus runs over to see what's happened to his boyfriend who seems to be in pain. Meanwhile Peter is grasping at his finger, wrenching at a ring he had inherated from a distant relative the previous summer, trying to get it off his hand.

When he finally does he explains, "That ring just burnt my hand".

The white stone that was placed in the ring had also turned black the two men soon discovered. Discusing why that had happend took second place to putting ointment on Peter's hand. By the evening's end the two decided that faulty electricty had caused the burn, not that they belived their own story, but it was easier not to belive what was so clearly true. •

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