Mentor, The



By Corwin

Jen knocked on Clint's door. He looked up from his computer screen, his heart beating wildly and a smile on his face. He closed the window he was looking at, hiding its contents, and signalled Jen to come in. She was upset.

"Hey babe. Didn't think I'd be seeing you until tonight," he said, getting up to kiss her. Jen fell into his arms, placing her cheek on his chest. He put his arms around her and gently hugged.

"Oh Clint," she sobbed. "I just got off the phone with Mark."

"The kid finally called you?"

"I've left so many messages. I even begged Jim. Maybe that did it." Jen pressed into Clint's powerful body. She was shaking, but, at the same time, she felt safe. Protected.

"So, what'd he have to say for himself," Clint asked. He rubbed Jen's back, trying to calm her.

"He's OK. Doing well in school. Got an A in math. He even likes gym. He's not getting picked on anymore," she said, looking up at Clint. His chest was so big, and his lats so thick, she had to twist her head just to see his face. He looked so handsome, so calm. She stopped shaking.

"So the kid is fine," said Clint, wondering what the problem was.

"I asked him to come home. He said no." She threw her face into Clint's pecs, burying herself there. She was crying.

"Did you give him a choice? You're his guardian right?"

"He...he...he..." she sobbed, trying to get the words out. "He said that he was sick of me using people. Sick of me using him! Clint! I'd never use him!"

"Why would he say that to you, babe. Of course you don't use people!" Clint lied. He knew she used Jim, just like she was using him now. What game was she playing now, he wondered.

"I think it's Jim," she cried. "He turned Mark against me. Mark said that he liked living with Jim, and that Jim understood him better than I did. Oh Clint..." she sobbed, her arms reaching around his thin waist and pulling herself into him. "I've lost my brother!"

"Now, now babe," he reassured her. "We'll just go over there and get the kid back."

Jen looked up at him again.

"Look," he said. "It's the middle of the week, and the kid is safe. You and I will go over there on Saturday and get him and bring him home."

"What if he won't come? What if Jim..."

"Jen," Clint interrupted, pushing her away and taking a step back. Raising his hand and sweeping them over his robust physique, he said, "Look at me. If I want something, who will stop me?" He smiled, his white teeth gleaming with pride.

Jen stopped smiling. "Oh babe. Thank you. I knew you'd help me!"


"Have fun last night," Jim asked Mark as they headed into the gym.

"Ya. Chris is a nice guy. A bit small and weak, but, then, no one can compare to you in the muscle department," said Mark, slapping Jim on the back.

Jim couldn't tell whether Mark was kidding or not. He had snuck in late and gone right to bed. As they got to the basement, Jim looked at the pair in the mirror. It was obvious to him, Mark was now bigger than he was.

Today, they were working back. Mark walked over to the bar, and loaded it with about a half ton. He easily did a set of 15 for warm ups. Jim did the same. As the workout proceeded, Jim struggled more and more to keep up with the teen power house.

Jim watched Mark complete his set of eight with a ton on the bar. The solid steel bar sagged as it strained to hold wieght that seemed light to the teenage powerhouse. Mark put the weight down, and said, "We'll need to add some more plates for the next set. Do you want me to do it now?"

Jim shook his head 'no'. He walked up to the bar, bent his knees, and with a grunt, lifted the bar. With the bar raised, he bent at the hips and lowered the bar to his feet. His shoulders rounding, he pulled them back with great effort. With a primal scream, he raised himself back into a standing position. He felt his body shaking, muscles straining to grow stronger to accomidate the weight. He could tell, they were failing. He did a second rep with great effort. Then a third. On the fourth, he needed to drop the bar.

"Shit!" he screamed.

"What happened?" asked Mark, walking over to him.

"Too fucking heavy, that's what!" said Jim.

"Do you need another shot?" asked Mark, turning to go upstairs.

"No, that won't help. I just can't keep up with you."

Mark stopped. He turned to Jim, a worried look on his face. Then he smiled, and laughed. "Good one!" he said. "You really got me with that."

"It's not a joke," said Jim solemnly. "You're just stronger than me."

Mark looked at him, not believing his ears.

"Man, look at you," said Jim, walking to Mark and turning him toward the mirror. "You are massive. Huge. Look at how big those lats are. Your pecs. Your arms. Everywhere. I'm big, but you are bigger."

Mark looked confused. "But, you're huge. You've been lifting..."

"You are reacting to the formula. It effects you stronger than it effects me. Look at yourself. Flex!" Jim put his hands on his hips and flexed his lats.

Mark did the same. He spread his lats wide. He felt the contraction in his shoulder blades as the muscle pulled on his spine. His pecs contracted as they fought with his lats to keep his shoulders in place. For the first time, he felt his body as he flexed. He felt his muscle become like iron as he flexed. He felt the subtle cramping as he the muscle pulled tighter and tigher becoming the hardest it could become. He moved one leg forward, bending it and flexing them hard. He felt his skin pull as the muscle stretched it thin. He felt his blood pumping hard, and his body becoming hot. And he looked at himself. His eyes darted from his reflection to Jim's and he saw it. It was true. He was bigger than Jim.

Jim couldn't control himself. His shorts were already stretched to their limits by his muscle. As his cock began to get hard at the sight of Mark's power, the seems of the shorts gave way. 'Mr Fantastic' ripped through the shorts and snaked up Jim's abs. Jim reached for his cock, staring at Mark. He began to stroke his pole, rubbing a hand over the sensitive head. His eyes never left Mark. "Fucking beautiful," he whispered.

The pupil had surpassed the teacher.

Jim's loss of control and the realization of his own power and size got to Mark. His cock ripped out of his shorts and powered it's way up his pecs. Mark turned to Jim and stepped next to him. Mark pushed Jim's hand away from his cock, and grabbed both snakes in his hands. Both men demanded the full size from their organs. Mark smiled. "Looks like there is a new Mr Fantastic too," he said as his cock snaked inches higher than Jim's. Mark squeezed hard, as Jim's hand flew to his nuts, massaging them. He erupted, spreading his jism all over their tools and Mark's hand.

Mark let go of the cocks, and wrapped his arms around Jim, squeezing hard. Jim tried to escape, but the power of the massive teen was too much for him. His cock, pressed against Mark's, was trapped between their two powerful body, squeezed by the python-like bear hug. Mark moved his face toward Jim's and kissed him, their tongues lashing at each other. Mark erupted, covering their conjoined bodies with his cum. He flexed his pecs, grinding them into Jim's, lubricated by their own juices.

Mark broke the embrace. He was crying with tears of happiness. "Thank you," he said to Jim and kissed him again. •

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