Mentor, The



By Corwin

Jim rolled over in bed and awoke with a realization of pain. It was a deep soreness he felt in his muscles. He twisted to get out of bed, and his abs and obliques cramped. "Fuck!" he said, remembering yesterday's workout. "Damn kid," he said with a smile, thinking about how Mark had pushed him.

"Harder!" "One more!" "Come on! No pain, no gain!" and when Mark really wanted to get to him "Is that all you got old man?" That last one always made Jim push himself beyond his limits.

Mark's stamina had no limits. He lifted heavier every day. He pumped larger. Grew bigger. Jim couldn't keep up. Mark didn't care. Jim no longer pushed Mark. It was Mark who made Jim work beyond his limits. And Mark wouldn't take no for an answer.

Jim loved it. The muscle growth serum worked only so well. It was Mark who was making Jim grow now. Fuck the soreness. Getting bigger was all that mattered. Besides the muscle and the strength, Mark was Jim's other reward.

After the workout, Jim and Mark went into the shower. Mark was so tender. He worshipped Jim. Mark would wrap his tree-like arms around Jim's body. They were so hard. So big. Mark would feel Jim's body. Touch his strength. Feel the hours that Jim had spent building his massive body. Jim would try to reciprocate, but Mark would stop him. "Not now," Mark said. "This time, it's about you."

Jim's cock grew. He couldn't have stopped it if he had wanted to. Mark knelt before him, and licked down Jim's thigh, bathing him with his tongue. Mark's cock was massive -- inches longer than Jim's and so much thicker. "Mark, please..." Jim begged.

"Too bad. Try and take me, old man," he replied, sucking on one of Jim's lemon-sized nuts. Mark raised an arm, and flexed his bicep. Jim grabbed it, squeezing with all his might. He was unable to dent it. He felt Mark giggle and knew that the kid was going to have his way and there was nothing Jim could do about it.

There was nothing Jim wanted to do about it.

Mark worshipped Jim, expressing a love that only a man can express for another man. Jim felt Mark's lats. When Mark stood up, Jim felt Mark's pecs press into his, crushing them with their thickness. Mark pressed Jim against the shower wall and kissed him, their monsters pressed against each other. Jim felt so small against his student. They came at the same time.

Then, they rinsed themselves and Mark announced, "I love you Jim."

"I love you too," he replied. It sounded soft. Jim hated that.

Mark laughed and began to get dressed. "I've got a date with Chris," he announced. Jim tried not to react, but Mark said, "Don't worry. It's just sex with him. He's not even half the man you are." Mark kissed Jim passionately then left.

After that, Jim took another shot of the muscle growth formula. He had hoped it would stop the soreness. He was wrong.

"Fucking kids," he said as he went into the shower.

As the water hit him, there was a crash from downstairs. Jim jumped, and opened the glass shower stall. "Mark?" he called. "Is that you?"

There was no answer. He heard someone on the stairs. Someone, or someones. Whoever it was, the stairs creeked as if they had to support a ton. Jim quickly rinsed himself and grabbed a towel. As he opened the door from the bathroom to his bedroom, he saw his door to the hall fly from its hinges and crash into far wall. There was a man on the other side of the opening, but before Jim could recognize him, he stepped into the frame. The door was too small for him, and the frame and surrounding plaster cracked as the man pushed into the room, taking a chunk of wall with him.

Clint brushed plaster off his torso. He turned to Jim and smiled. "Hope you don't mind," he announced, "but I let myself in."

For a moment, Jim stared. Clint wore a white sweatshirt that hugged his chest like a second skin. It hung loose over what had to be an incredibly tight waist. Clint's delts were fantastically wide, and the seams of the shirt strained to contain his arms. His sweat pants bulged everwhere, straining to cover calves, quads and glutes. Clint's package looked massive. Jim felt his dick twitch at the sight of this superior man.

"What are you..." Jim started to ask.

"Came to collect Mark," Clint said, not waiting for Jim to complete the question. "Jen's worried about him. Guess he's not here."

"No, he's not."

"That's fine with me. Jen's coming by later anyway," Clint said. "Gives us some man time together." It sounded like a threat. "Like what you see?" Clint smiled. He began to flex.

Jim stared as he saw Clint's body pump. As the intruder flexed, his body grew. The sweatshirt had no chance of containing his power. Seams strained and tears appeared around Clint's lats, delts and pecs. Clint's neck thickened, and the collar shredded. Tears merged with other tears as Clint's rippling muscles forced their way through the weaker fabric. Clint raised his arms to the remains of the collar, grabbing it and pulling at it. The fabric teared revealing paper thin skin. Clint's striations rippled and veins pumped as more and more of Clint's personal anatomy chart came into view. He dropped the rags that had been his shirt to the floor.

Jim stared in awe at Clint's perfect body. His eyes darted between Clint and a mirror, comparing his own Olympian body to Clint's. Clint's pecs bulged bigger. His traps pushed higher. His abs were more ripped and bulkier, yet Clint's waist looked thinner. And Clint's arms.... 'fuck, those arms...' Jim thought. They bulged larger and were more ripped.

Jim felt small.

"You look bigger, Jim," said Clint. "My formula does that to a body, doesn't it?"

"You know?"

"Jen told me," Clint said. "That girl," Clint laughed. "Regular Matta Hari. Ya she told me. Doesn't matter, does it? You just don't respond to muscle growth like I do! Here, check out these wheels!" Clint grabbed the waist of his pants and ripped them off, revealing his overstuffed jock strap. Flexing his thighs and calves, he dropped the remains of his pants and flexed into a crab pose. "Grrrrrr!!!!" he growled, muscles rippling and pumping to enormous proportions. "THIS IS SIZE LITTLE MAN." Clint changed poses, moving his hands behind his head and flexing his abs and pecs, his massive biceps pressing into his head. "THIS IS WHAT THE FORMULA DOES TO A REAL MAN!" Clint laughed. "What's the matter, afraid to compare?"

"I don't have..." Jim began.

"YOU CAN'T COMPARE TO ME!" said Clint, taking a threatening step forward. "And I got one more surprise for you," he said.

Jim tried not to be intimidated by this massive muscle monster. "What!" he said with authority.

Clint shook his head 'no.' "Let me show you," said Clint, smirking a knowing grin. He crossed his arms below his pecs, unable to press his bulging biceps into his massive pec shelf. Clint flexed his abs and thrust his jock strap forward. Clint's package was huge. Jim could tell that Clint was getting hard, his huge cock beginning to grow. The strap strained as Clint grew to ten inches. Then eleven. At twelve, it began to slip out the side, but Clint adjusted it, keeping it in the fabric. The package stretched as Clint's cock got longer, harder and thicker. The elastic tried to contain it, but began to rip then snap as a massive cock snaked up to Clint's akimbo arms and above. "You got my formula, I got yours," he announced as his cock continued to grow. "It took me a while, damn encryption, but I broke the code."

Clint stepped forward directly in front of Jim. Clint grabbed Jim's towel and threw it to the ground. He stroked Jim's cock. "Make it grow," he demanded.

Jim felt the warmth of Clint's body and the man's strong hand on his cock. He wanted to be big. He wanted to impress this massive man. His cock grew.

"So, it's true," said Clint. "Your formula responds to a man's strength and muscle." He grabbed both snakes and put them next to each other. "Your dagger can't beat my sword," he announced, his thicker and longer beef dominating Jim's. "Just like you can't compete with my muscle..."

Jim refused to be intimidated in his own house. He lunged at Clint. Before Clint could react, Jim lifted the man up and threw him to the bed. The bed slats had no chance of containing the power, and the mattress crashed to the floor. Clint twisting, trying to get up, but Jim jumped on him, wrapping his powerful legs around Clint's waist. He squeezed and grabbed at Clint's head, twisting it to one side. Jim pressed his body into Clint's with all the power and force he could muster.

Clint grunted, then smiled. His neck muscles flexed. He felt Jim's arms struggle trying to twist his head, but Clint pushed hard.

Jim's muscles strained and bucked at the superior pressure as Clint's head moved to look Jim in the eyes. Clint eyes belied a truth that was evident in the man's smiling. Jim felt Clint's hands on his legs. He crushed harder, but Clint's flexed abs were like steel.

"Tsk. Tsk. Tsk." said Clint and he pulled on Jim's legs.

Jim looked down, noticing that Clint's arms were pumped bigger than his legs as they overpowered his strongest muscles. Jim felt his mighty legs open as Clint freed himself from the scissor hold. Now it was Clint who was in charge.

Clint flipped Jim onto his back. As his arms overpowered Jim's legs, he pressed them up, bending Jim at the waist til his knees were up by Jim's ears. "I always thought you had a pretty bubble butt," Clint said, licking his lips. "Jen said you called your dick 'Mr. Fantastic.' Well, she calls mine 'Super Skrull'". Clint willed his cock small and pressed it toward Jim's ass.

Jim struggled, but Clint easily controlled the big man's power. "Too fucking strong!" Jim screamed as he tried in vane to pull away.

"Oh ya," said Clint, rubbing his cock against Jim's crack and pressing his head into Jim's balls. "I'm gonna love..."

Before Clint could finish, someone behind him said, "Let! Him! Go!" Jim recognized the voice. It was Mark. •

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