Mentor, The



By Corwin

"Seven," Mark counted as he lowered the bar to his chest, squeezing his growing chest muscles to get the full benefit of the workout. "Eight" he snarled as he forced the bar up one last time. The three hundred fifteen pound bar came down with a clang as placed it back on the bench.

Mark sat up, looking in the mirror. He barely recognized himself. It had been less than a week since he came over to Jim's house and got his first treatment. Then, he had been an out-of-shape wimp. Six days later and he had the body of a teenage bodybuilder. He flexed his pecs and rubbed his hand over the pumped muscle. His seventeen inch upper arms bulged and pressed into his pumped pecs and his hand felt the round, firm hardness of his muscles.

The sound of fabric ripping drew his attention to Jim. He was in the squat rack, mastering a half ton of weight as he lowered his butt to the ground, then straightend and raised himself on tip-toes for the last of his one hundred reps. Jim liked doing high reps with a light weight, saying it gave him a good pump. It did, as the tattered shorts clearly demonstrated. Unable to contain the power and size of his thighs, each leg of the shorts was shredded as if it had gone through meat grinder. His glutes had torn a sizeable rip in ths back of his shorts. Only the elastic waistband kept the shorts from totally disintergrating and falling to the floor.

Mark looked at Jim's legs. The quads, hams and calves where shredded. Skin as thin as phylo dough stretched over veins and muscle striations. Mark flexed his own legs. They had grown to just over 25 inches, with nice tight muscle tone. He felt a pang of envy toward Jim, but told himself that tomorrow was his leg day and he'd soon grow to Jim's size.

"I'm gonna catch a protein shake then get ready for school," he announced. Mark had returned faithfully to Jim's house every day for a workout, but by Wednesday Jen decided it would be easier if he just stayed there for a while. Jim didn't mind, and it gave them both more time to work out and grow their bodies.

"Good idea. I want to do another set, then I'll be up."

Mark nodded. He was famished. Ever since he started working out, he had become a non-stop food disposal. Every bit of food he ate turned into hard muscle. He had so little body fat now that if he didn't eat almost constantly, he felt light headed. He put a quart of milk in a blender, dumped in a heap of protein powder, and then two bananas. He could hear Jim's grunts from the basement above the whir of the blender. When it was mixed to his satisfaction, he turned the machine off and drank the mixture straight from the blender's glass jar.

Jim was still doing his set as Mark went upstairs and into the guest room. He laid out a pair of underwear, socks, baggy jeans and a sweat shirt. All week he had worn loose fitting clothes to school to hide his growing muscles. He'd choose the time to shock his classmates with his super muscular body.

Mark took off his pants and looked at himself in the mirror. He raised his arms and said "boom" as he flexed into a double bicep pose. His lats spread wide and contrasted nicely with his wasp-thin waist then the sweep of his growing thighs. He liked the way his pecs made a thick shelf over the ridges of his rock gut. His mind still could barely grasp that the handsome bodybuilder in the mirror was really him.

Mark's cock grew in response to his vision. It had no problem recognizing the stud he had become. He flexed hard, willing his cock to grow as long as possible. It pressed into his gut inches above his belly button. Mark grinned. He turned and grabbed a ruler from the desk. Placing the ruler at the lowest point of his abs, he measured his cock from the top. He knew today would be the day. Yesterday, he could only muster 11 3/4 inches. Today, his cock poked slightly above the ruler. "Ya! Way to go Little Fantastic!" Jim had called his cock 'Mr. Fantastic', and had coined a similar name for Mark's.

Mark stepped out into the hall and crossed to Jim's bathroom. He got in the stall, turned on the water, and started to shower. He hoped Jim would finish his workout soon, so he could worship the man's powerful body. He loved feeling the huge muscles that easily overpowered his smaller body, and he suspected that Jim was turned on by how quickly he was becoming a bodybuilding stud. Mark rubbed soap over his unfamiliarly powerful body, shampooed, rinsed and dried off before he heard Jim walking up the stairs.

"Damn that was a good workout!" Jim exclaimed as his sweat-soaked body entered the room. The towel around Mark's waist tented as he saw Jim's massive body, and Mark noted that Jim's legs looked bigger than he had ever seen them before. "Like what you see there, stud?"

"You're too late, big man. I've already showered," he said, continuing to dry himself off. "Besides, I don't want to be late for school."

Jim smirked a knowing smirk. He flexed his abs and glutes, and a bulge began to grow in his shorts. Already stretched to the max by Jim's ample muscle, his growing hard-on was easily visible. Inch after inch pressed into the weery fabric. The sound of seems popping preceded the fabric giving way, and a monster eighteen inches of manmeat bursting through. "You sure you don't have time?" Jim asked.

"Looks like you're going to need a new pair of shorts," said Mark, turning to put his towel in the bathroom. Returning, he said, "You do make a tempting offer, but I'm sure. I'll barely make it to school as is."

"You're loss," replied Jim as he flexed and evaluated his physique in the mirror.

Mark went to his room, grabbed his books and started to leave. His growling stomach remined him he should grab a a box of protein bars to take to school with him to snack on. He put the bars in his backpack, then thought for a second. He went to the fridge and took out the vials of hormones he and Jim were taking. He grabbed a couple of syringes, filled them with the elixers, then put the filled syringes in his pack.

Mark got to school just as the first bell rang. He quickly unpacked his bag in his locker, grabbing his books and the box of protein bars before heading to home room. The morning was uneventful, and Mark trudged through Spanish, geometry and english lit before heading to the caferia for lunch. He filled his tray with enough food to feed a small village, then went to look for a seat.

"Trying to become a fat dork instead of a wimpy geek, Martha?" Mark recognized the taunters voice without having to look. It was Kevin. He didn't respond. Instead, he sat in the corner seat of an empty table and started eating.

"Whatsa matter Martha?" Kevin taunted. Then he felt a hand smack his head hard. "Look at me when I'm talking to you!"

Mark stood up and turned around. Kevin, Brad and Brent towered over the five foot six inch Mark. They wore white tshirts and skin tight jeans. Mark glanced at Kevin's arms. They pressed against the shirt sleeve, and Mark thought how they use to intimidate him. Now, he realized, his arms were bigger.

"Go away Kevy," Mark said.

"Oooo, Martha wants me to go away." Kevin took a step forward. "Make me."

Mr Kennedy, Mark's history teacher and lunch room monitor came over before Mark could respond. "What's going on here boys?"

"Nothin," said Brad. "Kev and Marth..., er, Mark are just having a nice chat."

"Ya, a chat," agreed Kevin. "I'll find you after shool and we can continue our discussion." The three goons walked away and returned to their lunches.

"Don't let them frighten you, Mark," said Mr. Kennedy.

"Oh, they don't frighten me anymore," replied Mark as he sat down and started eating.

After lunch, Mark returned to his locker, grabbed his book for the afternoon, the rest of his protein bars, and secretted the two syringes into his pocket.

The afternoon sailed by. Mark found himself cracking his knuckles and flexing his arms, chest and back involuntarily as he thought about Kevin and his gang. For the first time, Mark felt the strong. He was angry at the times he had been beaten up by the brats, and furious at himself for being such a wimp. During one class, Michelle, the girl who sat in front of him turned around when she heard him muttering about bashing Kevin's face in.

"Sssshhhhh," she chastised. "I can't concentrate with all your huffing and puffing back there." Then she looked at Mark, noticing his chest expanding with each angry breath. "Hey, you been working out or something? You look different."

"Ya," said Mark, taken off guard that someone else was noticing his new muscles.

Mark's last class was study hall. Half way through the class, he asked if he could go to the bathroom. Taking the hall pass, he went to the nearest boys room and entered a stall. He took the two syringes from his pockets and took off his shirt. He stuck the Fantastic formula into his thigh and emptied it. "That's for luck," he whispered. Holding the muscle enhancer, he said, "This will show fucking Kevin who the wimp is!" He injected it into his arm. In seconds, he felt a flush throughout his body. He flexed, feeling his muscles harden... 'getting ready for battle,' he thought. He imagined his body convered in an armor of impenitrable muscle, easily able to deflect any of the bullies' blows.

He put his shirt back on, flushed the syringes, and returned to class just as the end-of-school bell rang. Mark grabbed his books and ran to his locker.

He knew just where Kevin would be waiting. There was a path leading down the hill to his neighborhood, and Kevin liked to ambush him there. Mark grabbed his bag, left the building and headed toward the path. Kevin was waiting for him.

"Here comes Martha," said Kevin. Brad and Brent stood next to him. They looked ready for a fight.

"Fuck off, Kevy," said Mark as he got closer. "You think you're so tough, but you're nothing but a skinny wimp."

"I'm gonna fucking bash that smartass face of yours in," screamed Kevin, slamming a fist into his hand.

"You and what army?" Mark stopped walking, and started laughing. "You don't think that those two girls next to you are of any help."

"Fuck you, wimpshit," said Kevin as he stormed toward Mark. He swung at Mark, but Mark jumped back, out of the way.

"Heh! Missed. Hey, I'll make a deal with you. I'll give you one free shot, then you give me one, OK?" Mark laughed again.

"You'll regret it," said Kevin as he threw a powerful fist into Mark's stomach.

Mark never stopped laughing as Kevin's fist bounced off his powerful abs.

"My turn," said Mark as he made a fist. Powered by his new muscles, he punched as hard as he could into Kevin's stomach.

Kevin made an "umph" sound as the air was forced from his lungs. Mark's fist powered into Kevin's stomach's, breaking through Kevin's abs as if they were made of clay.

Brad and Brent came running over. Before Mark could react, they grabbed his arms and pulled them back.

"I don't know how you did that, but now you're gonna die," said Kevin as he through a left-right combination into Mark's abs and chest.

Mark just laughed as Kevin's fist bounced off harmlessly. As Mark flexed, he felt his muscles strengthen as each blow from Kevin seemed less powerful than the last.

Mark did some quick calculations. He figured Brad and Brent each must weigh about 150 pounds. His arms had never lifted that much, but Mark felt stronger now than he ever did. He tensed his arms and willed them up. The boys were heavy. He felt flushed as blood rushed to feed his muscles -- blood enhanced with muscle building hormones. His arms slowly began to raise, shaking as they struggled with the weight of the boy's bodies.

The boys felt Mark's arms begin to move. They tried to stop him, but instead found themselves being lifted up. They each let go, but Mark quickly grabbed their belts and continued lifting. They could feel Mark struggling, but they could also tell that he was overcoming that struggle. They grabbed at his arms, and felt the steel hard muscles that were steady holding them up.

" !" he grunted as he forced his strengthening muscles to lift the boys. He tossed them a couple feet, and they stumbled to the ground.

Mark had a look of angry determination as he stared at Kevin. "You want to fight, asshole. Well, I'm ready. I'll take you apart!" With that, Mark reached down, grabbed his sweatshirt and lifted it off over his head.

The three bullies gasped at what they saw. Mark wasn't the skinny wimp that they could easily beat up anymore. He was a ripped bodybuilder with muscles easily bigger than any of theirs.

"Holy shit," said Kevin.

Mark stepped forward and grabbed Kevin's tshirt. "Time for some payback," he said, as he pushed Kevin so hard he fell to the ground.

Brad and Brent began to crawl away, but Mark's attention was focused on Kevin.

Mark flexed his arm, and made a bicep in front of Kevin's face. "That's called muscle, asswipe. Muscle that can do this." Mark reached down and grabbed Kevin under the arms and lifted him like a rag doll. Once he was standing, Mark threw a punch into Kevin's abs, buckling him over. He then raised his knee, hitting Kevin in the nose. As Kevin stumbled back, Mark grabbed him and sent a fist flying into his eye. There was a "thud" as his fist hit, and Mark knew Kevin would have a black eye for days.

Kevin tried to fight back, but every punch bounced helplessly off of Mark's hard body.

Mark threw a punch into Kevin's chest, and he thought he heard a rib crack. Kevin began to cry.

"Who's the wimp now," said Mark, backing away. "If any of you ever try and pick on me again, I'll creme you."

"I'm gonna tell..." Kevin began.

"No you aren't, or I'll really creme you. You can't fight these muscles! Nobody can. And if I ever hear of any of you picking on anybody again, well, let's just say you don't want to get me mad. Understand?"

Kevin didn't answer.

"One last thing. I'm gonna start working out in the weight room after school. I think it's time to let everyone know there's new muscle in the school. Muscle that will protect them, not pick on them like you assholes. If you ever see me coming into the gym while you're there, remember, I own it and you better stay out of my way. When I work these muscles, I don't want you wimps distracting me."

Mark stared at the bullies, who seemed to cower and retreat from his gaze. He grabbed his shirt and started to walk away. He heard Brad and Brent begin to move. Turning to them suddenly, he jumped toward them, flexing into a most muscular pose. Both boys jumped back in terror. Mark laughed, and walked away.

"Kevin, are you alright?"

Kevin's eye was swelling shut, and blood trickled from his nose. He felt bruises forming on his torso where Mark had beat him. "I'm gonna bring him down. He may think he's strong, but I know someone stronger!" •

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