Mentor, The

Mark's workout


By Corwin

"So, you ever lifted weights before," Jim asked Mark as he turned on the lights.

"Just in gym class," he said. Mark's eyes widened as he looked around the basement. There were weights and dumbells and various machines everywhere. "Wow..." he said reflexively.

"You're school doesn't have a set-up like this, do they?" Jim bragged. "Sometimes I can't make it to the gym, but I hate missing a workout. Over the years, I built this." Jim walked over to some dumbells. "Let's start with some curls. Do you know how much you can lift?"

Mark looked at the floor. "I'm not very strong," he said.

"That's about to change," Jim said, grabbing a pair of 10 pound dumbells. He placed them in front of Mark, and grabbed a pair of 70 pounders. "Now watch this. Bend your knees slightly to place the concentration of the movement on your arms. With your elbows to the sides, raise one dumbbell and rotate your forearm until your forearm is vertical to the floor and your palm faces the shoulder. Lower to original position. I want you to do one with your right arm, then one with your left, alternating, OK?" Jim lifted the weight like it was nothing. He did the first with the right arm, then with the left. Alternating, he counted out 12 reps. Putting the dumbells gently on the ground, he said, "Now you try."

Mark looked at the weight with trepidation. He bent down, and lifted the dumbells up with a grunt.

"Bend your knees a bit and concentrate on lifting them with your arms."

Mark started to lift the right dumbell. He closed his eyes, and made a face, his tongue coming out of his mouth as he strained. He leaned forward a bit, and the dumbell began to come up.

"Try not to lean into it. Lift with your arms, not your back."

Mark's thin bicep bulged, fighting against weight. He completed one rep with his right hand, and then one with the left. He grunted, then tried for a second rep, then a third. By the fourth rep, he seemed to have control over the weight. He did the fifth with near perfect form.

After six, Mark said, "You can stop if you're tired."

Mark bit his lip. Instead of stopping, he did a seventh then eighth rep. He dropped the dumbells to the floor with a crash.

"Wow! I could never do that many before!" he said, rubbing his arms. Jim thought he noticed a nice little pump on the boy.

Jim went over and picked up a pair of 125lbers. This was his normal workout weight, and did six to eight reps. He started cranking out a set, but felt funny. Instead of feeling tired, each rep seemed to energize his muscles. When he hit the eighth rep, he cranked out four more. He put the weights on the floor.

"Your turn," he said to Mark.

The boy didn't hesistate. He lifted the weights with perfect form, alternating left and right arm. The strain seemed to vanish from his face the more he lifted. Instead of stopping at eight, he did 12, just like Jim had, then he gently put the dumbells on the floor.

"How do you feel," Jim asked the smiling boy.

"Great. That was easy," he replied.

"Think you can handle more weight?"

"Oh ya!"

"Me too," said Jim as he picked up 130 pounders. Again, he did twelve reps, complaining that they were "too fucking light" as he put the weights back. He handed Mark 15 pound dumbells.

Mark grinned. With the gusto of an experienced lifter, he began his next set. He struggled for the first few reps, but by the eighth, he was lifting the weight easier. When he put the weight down, he looked in the mirror and raised his arm. A small bicep was clearly visible. "Look! I'm getting muscles."

"It might just be the pump from working out, but..." said Jim as he started a set with 150 pounders. He did eight reps with ease. Walking over to the mirror, he flexed his arm and surveyed his own pump. He heard Mark begin his next set, and watched while he did 12 perfect reps.

"Let's up the weight on you again and do two more sets before I show you some more exercises, ok."

"Ya! I like this. I'm feeling really strong!"

"Me too," agreed Jim as he started his next set with 175lbers.

Jim watched with satisfaction as Mark worked his arms. He could feel it too. He was stronger. He could feel his muscles growing. They were getting harder with each rep, and he was pumped like never before. And he had to admit, Mark's arms looked a good inch bigger.

When Mark finished his last set of dumbell curls, he turned to Mark and said, "I'm going to keep working bis, but I want you to do a more general workout to start." He led mark over to contraption. It had two handles, and Jim lowered them to be about shoulder height on Mark. "This is called a dip bar. Grab here and with your elbows close to your body and hips straight, lower your body until your shoulders are slightly stretched. Push your body up in same posture and repeat. Do as many as you can."

Mark did as he was told. He lowered himself quickly, almost falling, then struggled to raise himself up. "Uuuuuhhhhh," he cried as he awkwardly lifted himself. The second rep was only slightly better than the first, and the third a little better than the second. He failed on the fourth.

Jim was lying on an incline bench, and doing more curls with 125 lbers. It seemed easy for him. When he finished, he told Mark to do another set.

Mark was determined. His control was better as he slowly lowered himself. He didn't seem awkward as he pushed himself up. Each rep had better form, and he completed 7 before he failed. "Wow!" he said, please with himself.

Each man did six sets of their exercises. Mark was cranking out 20 reps of tricep dips, and Jim had added 50 pounds to his best incline curl.

With each exercise, the results repeated. Mark worked arms, chest, back, abs and legs, while Jim continued to pump his huge guns. After two hours in the gym, both men were soaked in sweat. Mark's thin body now looked lithe. His stomach was flatter, and he had some definition in his chest. His legs looked firm and there was a new roundness to his shoulders.

"Kid, want to see something. Grab that tape over there and come here. Measure this arm," Jim told him. "These here guns were 21 cold. Could pump them to 22 or 23. How big do you think they are now?"

"I dunno, maybe 23?" Mark said.


Mark wrapped the tape around Jim's arm. Jim put the tape on the thickest part of his arm. He flexed hard and suddenly, and the tape nearly flew out of Mark's hands. Mark made the tape taught, and read the number. "25."

"Fucking-A!" Jim screamed, rubbing the iron-hard muscle with his free hand.

Mark wrapped the tape around his arm, and flexed. It was 12 inches. He frowned. Jim looked at the kid, and noticed a bulge in his pants. It looked bigger too.

"Kid, let's go shower before Jen gets here," he said walking up the stairs. Mark followed behind, and turned out the light. Jim led Mark upstairs to the bedroom.

Jim walked into the bathroom while Mark took a seat on the bed. Jim pulled down his pants and threw them into the room. "Hey kid, what are you doing?"

"You're showering first, right?" Mark said, confused. He took in Jim's powerful body, trying not to look at the man's cock.

"Get in here! I didn't have this shower built with two heads for nothing!"

Jim turned, and Mark thought he looked different. Mark had thought Jim's cock hung low, but now it looked almost exactly like his. He hesistated, then got off the bed, took off his workout pants, then went into the bathroom. Jim was waiting in the shower for him.

"You shower with your classmates in gym, right? This ain't no different," Jim lied. He closed the door and, turning his back to Mark, turned on the water.

Mark did the same. Being close to the big man had an unconscious effect on Mark, and he began to get hard.

"Fuck that was a good workout. That strength shot really worked. I'm pumped, and so are you, kid."

Mark had picked up the soap, and was beginning to wash his body. Jim was right, he had changed. His chest had more meat on it, and his stomach didn't seem as soft. He even felt some shape in his arms. The thought of his body getting muscular got to him, making his cock even harder.

"Kid, wash my back for me, will ya?"

A pang of fear like being struck by lightning ran through Mark. He was hard, and now Jim might see it.

"Come on kid, turn around and wash my back!"

It was an order. Slowly, Mark turned and saw Jim's broad, thick back. He soaped his hands, and began running his hands over the sinewy muscle. It was hard and warm. Jim flexed, and Mark felt the living tissue move beneath his fingers. Jim turned to wash the soap off, and Mark gasped. The big man was hard too. Mark blushed.

"Kid, it's only natural. We're both virile men, and we just pumped our bodies full of testerone," Jim said as he began to stroke his hard six inches. Mark's eyes stared as Jim's hand slowly stroked back and forth. With a sly grin, Jim said, "Now, remember that first shot I gave you? This is what it does."

As Jim stroked, his dick began to change. With each stroke, it seemed to grow longer. Jim started stroking with just two fingers, but as it grew, he began to wrap his whole hand around the imposing length. When he squeezed tighter, his dick thickened. After about a minute, Jim was sporting a solid, thick ten inches which he was stroking and squeezing with both his hands.

"You're huge!" whispered Mark.

"Go ahead kid, you stroke now. And squeeze, from your butt and watch what happens."

Mark wasn't sure, but he did what he was told. He had jerked off in his own room, but never in front of anyone before. His cock felt familiar to him as he wrapped his index finger around it and touched it to his thumb. As he flexed his ass, he felt something he had never felt before. It was like some new muscle had come to life, and as he flexed it, his dick began to change. It was awkward at first, but as he flexed it, his cock seemed to grow longer. He squeezed the muscle in a different way, and his fingers spread wider as his dick thickened. When he relaxed the muscle, his cock seemed to shrink and thin. He didn't like that, so he pushed as hard as he could. With a jolt, his cock grew to eight solid inches. Mark wrapped his whole hand around his new, thick man organ.

"Pretty good kid, but watch this!" Jim smiled as his cock grew longer and fatter. Soon, it was easily twice as long and twice as thick as Mark's new size. Jim let go of his cock and took a step toward Mark, his cock pressing into the boy's body. "Go ahead kid. Feel my body. Get use to the type of body you're going to get by working out with me."

Mark took his hand off his cock, and it bounced into Jim's monster. His hands shook as he place a hand on Jim's chest. Jim grabbed his hand and pressed it hard into his body, flexing his pecs and rubbing Mark's hand against his nipple.

"Feel how heavy and hard that muscle is, Mark! You're going to have a chest like this. Bigger than this!"

Jim moved Mark's hands to his abs. He flexed. "Feel those rocks. You're going to have them too."

Jim pressed his leg forward, wrapping it around Mark's twig-like thigh. "Feel how hard that is. Soon, your legs are going to be so big, they'll make my tree trunks look thin."

Jim put Mark's hand on his monster cock. It felt warm and iron hard to him. Mark grabbed it and squeeze.

"Ya boy. Feel that manhood. Soon, you're going to be bigger, thicker and harder than that."

"Oh god!" Mark cried as his dick began to squirt juice all over Jim. Jim grabbed Mark's cock and squeezed, causing it to fire more.

"Ya man, do it. Feels good, right." At that Jim shot his load as Mark stroked, trying to control the throbbing eruption of Jim's powerful dick.

As their cocks stopped creming, Jim stepped back. Picking up the soap, he began to clean himself off. "We'd better hurry up," he said. "Jen is going to be here soon. The three of us will go out to dinner, then I'll take you home so your sister can have an experience like you just had, only better."

"But I can come back tomorrow for another workout, right?" Mark asked.

"You bet."

Mark smiled. He knew that Jen would be Jim's toy tonight, but tomorrow was another day. He also knew Jim was right. Some day soon, he'd be way bigger than Jim could imagine. •

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