Hex Files 2: Ripped Lee’s Believe it or Not

Ripped Lee


By Onix

Damien might have thought that Lee was average and ordinary, but Lee knew different. He had grown up in the suburbs of Boston and worked with his dad as a roofer since he was old enough to climb a ladder. He had earned his hard muscled adolescent body over years of grueling work, shingling, spackling, hauling and nailing. His soccer scholarship had promised him an opportunity to go to school for engineering. He could now get a good job that didn’t include a tool belt, and hours in the sun.

He still sported the thick East Harbor Boston accent, and it seemed to drive the girls crazy. When ever he said words like ‘arvard and “alf time.

He had short cropped dark hair and big brown puppy dog eyes, that made his already chiseled baby face seem even more heart Brea kingly handsome.

He was a good guy. He tried to do right. Make his dad proud. So by all rights he really didn’t deserve what was about to happed to him.

When Lee got back into town Alex picked him up and took him straight to the strip club that he had been working at. Alex and Lee had been buddies since they were playing HORSE on the basketball courts at recess. Alex had always been the less athletic and shy one. But since Lee had been at college Alex had done a 180. The shy kid was now a cut and ripped ladies man. Talking shit, walking tall and fucking anything that walked. He His tight 170 lb, 5’9 body was now a walking physiology chart. It was amazing.

And now that his buddy had the bod and the tude’, Lee felt compelled to keep up. They turned up the adolescent machismo to a fever pitch.

Both boys were talking trash and drinkin beer the whole way to the club. Lee thought the beer tasted kinda grainy and funny… but he couldn’t get enough of it. Lee was yellin’ loudly about big tittied blondes and shakin’ asses, while Alex egged him on promising pussy for days.

But that’s not what happened.

Lee wasn’t sure actually how it happened.

It was like totally wiggy, like totally.

He had gone to that club with his bud Alex and they like totally wouldn’t let him in. That was just so like totally rude of them.

But Alex had told him that he could totally get in if he worked there. But the thing was they were only hiring bouncers. Which Lee thought was a total bummer. He was way too much of a lightweight for that. But Alex said they could work out together till Lee was big enough to apply. For some reason that sounded like a totally rad idea.

So that’s how it must have started… but three months later Lee was totally confused. It seemed Lee was always confused now. Like thank GAWD Alex was there to keep him in line. What a bud.

When they started training together Lee was able to work the grueling workout routine into his busy college schedule but then it got more difficult. Classes got skipped. Assignments didn’t get turned in. Academic probation… it all kinda spiraled outa control. But still he never missed his lifting appointments with his best bud Alex.

…And then there was the drugs…

Lee had never been a druggie… It just wasn’t his scene. But since Alex was working at a strip club it seemed like he always had some kind of wild shit. And was more then willing to share. As Lee struggled to stay afloat at college Alex would have him lifting for hours during the day and then spending the early morning hours snorting K and zoning out.

And those weren’t the only drugs. About a month into their lifting, Alex got some D-ball and sustenon to “help em out” . Lee was weary at first but eventually gave in. He just couldn’t seem to argue with his fast talking buddy. It got to the point where Lee was so drugged up and worked out that he had almost forgotten the reason they were training so hard.

He was supposed to get a job at the club as… a bouncer…yeah. As soon as he got the job, he could get in, fuck those hot blondes, hang with the fast crowd and wouldn’t have to worry about money ever again. THEN he could refocus back on school. He was gonna be set.

It all came to head one day when Alex stood in front of the posing mirror. His overly tanned 6’ frame strained against his 2xist white tank top, hugging every granite curve of his abdomen. His short Nike running shorts draped over his thick cut thighs as he flexed and relaxed his calves.

He turned to Lee who was grunting away under the bar of the bench press… “18..19…20”

“You miss your Geometry Class again?”

Lee sate up on the bench, and wiped the sweat from his brow. He looked a little ashamed, “Yeah.”

Alex smiled brightly “Fuck it!”

Lee laughed “yeah!”

Alex used his own sweat to spike his own short dirty blonde hair up, and sat down next to his old buddy. His daydream green eyes sparkled with pride. He gave Lee a hard pat on the back. “Dude I think you’re ready!”

Lee struggled to catch his breath, and smiled “Hell yeah!” He popped a bicep that had started at 14 and was now up to a decent 17. “I’ll fuckin blow them away!”

“Then them bimbo’s inside’ll line up to blow you!’

The two of them quickly grabbed their bags from their lockers and headed out of the gym. The whole time all LEE could do was rattle on excitedly about how it would be great to get the job. How he couldn’t wait for his interview. The money! The bitches! He was a bundle of nerves and pride!

It was when they got to the curb that Lee noticed Alex’s always cocky and carefree face change. “Uh… Lee dude there’s something I gotta tell you…” For an instant Lee could see the shy and unconfident Kid Alex had been, “There’s something you should know about the club and the job…”

“What man?”

Alex shifted uncomfortably and lead lee to a side alley near the gym, “Here bump this off real quick,” he handed Lee a tiny Vial.

Lee automatically took and snorted it up his nose. “It’s so fucking great when u got the endorphins and K rush!” he giggled.

“yeah…” Alex agreed shuffling his feet.

“So what dya’ wanna tell me?” Lee was flying. His head was lolling and he had the dreamy stoned face of a space cadet.

“Well dude the job they want you for isn’t a bouncer…”

“huh?” Lee asked confused. He was so spent from his workout and the drugs he didn’t notice the big black Hummer pull into the alley behind them.

Alex got really quiet and said, “they don’t need bouncer’s …they need dancers..”

Lee let out a big horselaugh, “DUDE I CAN’t BE A DANCER … I AINT NO DUMB BLONDE PUSSY WITH CHIG BITTIES!! HAHAHA!” It was the funniest joke his friend had ever told.

“It’s not a female strip club… Lee… it’s male dancers…”


“That’s what I do I’m a Dancer for em… and they wanted me to get some more guys… for them…” Alex was completely broken now almost ready to cry.

Lee’s foggy face became unsure “what are you talking bout,,..!!!MRRRHRHRPH!!!” A man came up behind him and shoved a chloroform rag over his mouth. Lee kicked and screamed but didn’t put much of a fight up. He was too loose from his workout and the K. As the big man in black dragged his grade school pal into the Hummer the man turned to Alex, “You need a ride back to the club?”

“No man.”


They tossed the young jock into the back and drove away.

“Don’t worry bout being blonde and dumb..” Alex said to the empty air. “The doctor takes care of that… He won’t give ya a pussy but he’ll turn ya into one…” Then Alex collapsed onto his knees and cried like a heart broken child.

IT was three and half weeks later when Alex saw his childhood friend again. In his guilt and depression he had thrown himself into his workouts like a mad man. Avoiding the club. Avoiding his boss. He had totally sold out his best friend. Literally.

Alex had started working at the club of his own free will 2 years ago. And the owner… Dr. Heart had made sure that Alex grew into the hottest talent their. Alex was now cock of the walk, hottest dude on the box and didn’t want to loose his place. Or the extreme money he was making letting Faggots touch his body or use his mouth.

So when the doctor told him that he needed a special new “boy”. Alex agreed to get Lee. It seemed totally reasonable but the Doc had that affect on people. He just had a way of making you Want to do what he WANTED. The doc was the most well-connected, powerful and fucking loaded dude Alex had ever met.

Doctor Heart ran his private club like a kingdom. Only the most exclusive clients, the hottest dancers and the best of everything. It seemed strange that Doctor Heart got so rich running a fucking Fag strip Bar, even if it was the richest fag’s in the country… but Alex learned early on never to question Dr. Heart.

Today The Doctor had summoned him up to his palatial estate overlooking the city for a quick meeting. Alex tried to put on his favorite pair of jeans… but couldn’t fit into them so just squeezed into his sweats…which were also really tight. Damn..He was definitely going to have to get some new shit…. It might have been a mistake to double up on his steroid cycle… and then take the rest of Lee’s unused shit….

After putting on a baggy t-shirt he headed up to “the house on the hill” as everyone who worked for the Doc called it.

He found the Doc around back by the huge pool. Doctor heart was a gorgeous well coiffed man in his forties. He had salt and pepper hair in a tight gelled crew cut and was doing paperwork under an umbrella. He was wearing a crisp black suit with the sport coat draped over a lounge chair. He stood up to shake Alex’s hand and the buttons on his linen shirt threatened to burst as his big gym buffed chest ballooned against its confines.

“Alex my boy, so good to see you.” His rich chocolaty voice whispered from his throat. “We’ve missed you around the club lately…” Doc Heart had the carriage and demeanor of a concerned father. He made you feel at ease and cared for.

“Well I’ve been busy…” Alex fumbled.

The doc smiled a big toothy grin that would make little girls in red hoods very nervous, “Pumping that Iron huh?”


The doc sat back down. “Oh Alex I know you probably feel really bad about what happened with your friend Lee…” He said, with a gentle tone.

“Look Doc I know we agreed that it was alright I just feel like …”

Heart gave him a knowing grin, “You just feel like you betrayed your oldest friend?”


The doctor smiled and pushed a button on his Cell Phone, “Well Alex I have good news, you don’t have to feel guilty at all! In fact Lee has never been happier. He’s adjusted perfectly and can’t wait to start working tonight!”

Alex gave him a startled look, “Really?”

“Ask him yourself.”

The doors to the doctor’s pool house slid open and a cartoon walked out.

If Alex hadn’t expected to see Lee, he would never have associated the …man who sauntered out as his buddy.

At 5’9 his measurements were completely impossible. And the body… the body was so tone that Alex could make out the scar tissue on the man’s every muscle belly.

What stood in front of lee was an exaggeration of masculinity. Huge pec’s hung like artificial mountains over a tiny waist. The pec flesh was so massive it eclipsed his Lat’s and made a physically impossible ledge over his abdomen, which was ripped to shreds over an 8 pack that made you sick to your stomach. Bulging arms hung awkwardly akimbo at his sides. Large biceps forced out uncomfortably against the bulging tits. His immaculately shaved groin and cut hips were showcased by a low-cut micro thong that sparkled hot pink against his sun beaten brown skin.

Tone graceful thighs led up into an ass so wide and high it seemed uncomfortable for the man to walk.

It was Lee’s face…Almost. Behind a halo of straight straw blonde hair that hung down to his chin, Alex could just make out his life long pal. The hair was luxurious and thick, long bangs swept behind his ears and tickled his shoulders. It gave him an almost Elvin look. Lee had had short dark hair and deep brown eyes. This guy had stringy surfer locks…and…Jesus… bright blue eyes the color of pool water. And the eyes betrayed not an ounce of intelligence.

“WHAT THE FUCK!” Alex stammered.

“OH Alex,” The Doctor chided, “let’s not get dramatic… Lee is perfectly fine.”

“What the fuck did you do to him?”

“I think Lee would do better to tell you that. We’ve kept him very well informed of all the changes… and he couldn’t be more pleased… Isn’t that right lee.”

The Muscle boy nodded giddily. Lee gave him a wide, white capped tooth grin, that didn’t touch the vacant air headed gleam in his ostentatiously blue eyes, "For sure Ally’, it ‘ been tubular bein here with the doc, he’s like totally "kew-el."

“It’s quite simple,” Doctor Heart, explained without looking up from his paperwork, "As a man, Lee was the quiet boy with biggest ego and the most forgettable disposition, a typical college amateur. Outwardly a successful student, in private Lee was sexually uncomfortable and internally unconfident. Which made him behave with such obvious disrespect to women. Calling them Bimbo’s and Sluts. A perpetually masturbating loser who longed to be sexed up by a bimbo babe. Desperately clinging to the “Baywatch” ideal. My plan was to liberate this little lost boy from the trap of masturbating fantasy, and thereby gain control of the little bitch and add him to my portfolio."

Lee’s vein corded neck bobbed up and down like a puppet, "Oh Shi-yit dude, like Lee is so forgetful these days, like duh. As I was saying, I’ve been Loving bein with the Doc; he’s been dressing me up in all these new things… like thongs… and bikini’s…cut-offs and harnesses. He made it so like I like totally look like one of those guys on the cover of fitness magazines. My Hot Pic’s have even won contests on the net, don’tcha know!” Lee began to play with one of his massively engorged purple nipples like it was a rubber band as he continued talking, “I totally agreed when the doc wanted to just see if I could increase my nipples from dime size, to maybe the diameter of a quarter, and increase the length of the tip also, just so they would poke through any shirt or tank top. - Like duh, I was so lucky to have a bitchin’ Doctor who would cooperate. He says steroid won’t be no more hassle to get no more or any more of my , Giggle “happy pills”. Prescription filled, delivered and pills down the hatch! Like, totally! tee hee.” Lee’s nipple manipulation made his already swollen member bounce against the confines of his hot pink micro thong.

"Funny, it turns out my body is totally ultra-sensitive to these special hormones and …er…. Mood… elevators…. Well dude, the first week on only 2 pills a day, I felt a luscious tingle all over my body, and my nipples became ever so sensitive to the touch - gave me goose bumps. I gotta thank you too dude cause, like all those steroids you had me on totally, supplemented by body sculpting workout, made my formerly featureless Chest a big meat rack in just a couple months! In less than 3 weeks my nipples broadened into maroon silver dollars with pointy cone pink tips. I felt totally sexy, oh my gawd, WOW! What a luscious rush! My chest looked so Big and bloated. LIKE Real FUCK PILLOWS! I was addicted! It seems the doc was delighted to shoot me up with higher potency Steroids. I just can’t stop!"

The doctor smiled benevolently which made him seem all the more sinister "I really have to hand it to you Alex. You did a great job. The combo of hormones and intense lifting wreaked havoc with Lee’s slim built little figure. He was packing muscle onto muscle at an alarming rate. With in those months you two spent together, Lee’s expanding chest protuberances and Biceps had swollen, his arms becoming navel orange size- the perfect shelf on his chest too. He was a real hit in the men’s locker room at that gay gym I had you two going to. As His newly plumped, Juice filled ass cheeks broadened; Lee’s shapely Hindquarters became the boy’s greatest asset! What a figure! That’s why I had to intercede and snatch him up right away! I know it was sudden but I’ve been in this business for a while and you got strike while the iron’s hot. He was mentally and physiologically addicted to the K and my own special blend of mood altering drugs. He had been irreversibly altered. But that was only step one.” The doctor fondly patted Lee’s overly tanned bubble butt. Causing a squeal of girlish pleasure from the former hard-nosed Boston roofer.

Lee gyrated and shook with glee at the Doctor’s roaming hand over his round ass globes "Like totally, my body was totally ready for service but my mind did not have a clue! That afternoon they took me; The Doc took me to this Plastic Surgeon. They stripped me and cuffed me right to the table of the examining room. Don’tcha know, I was kneeling, gym shorts around my ankles, big bare ass pointed to the sky, A short time later I found myself on the operating table for liposuction, fat grafting, and oh my gawd, mega-size silicone Pec implants. The surgeon whittled my waist from a 30 to a 28. Then they gave me Glute implants that stretched my ass cheeks out like way far, a real double-bubble melon butt,… soon to be my new nickname around the club. “ He said proudly.

“They gave you fucking plastic surgery?” Alex screamed. This was insane. This was impossible.

The Doc’s face turned serious, “I know we didn’t discuss any surgery, but my clients have specific tastes Alex. They don’t want just another muscle boy. They’ve been there done that. They want a total sexed up caricature. Besides,” he shrugged “the surgeries were only mildly evasive and since they were all done at once, Lee was up and mobile again in a little under two weeks. The steroids combined with the progressive anti-biotic and tissue stimulators made it all but routine. The pec implants took his impressive if common 46 chest to a solid 49, and with the lipo around his waist well… you can see the results…” Lee flexed and the absurd disproportion of his body was fully displayed. His muscular chest seemed like two huge mounds of unmoving bloated chest tissue that hung over and impossibly slender swimmers waist. “The Glute implants were a stroke of genius. The surgeon suggested them to give him some proportion. So now Lee has the most ridiculously exaggerated figure. Huge slab like pecs, big firm ass and a slim little athletic torso. He’s perfect!”

Lee stroked his huge nipples like a moron and his vacant eyes blinked in confusion, "Like, I forgot what I wanted to say –Shi-yit, ever since I woke up from the surgery I’ve been like totally spaced out! my gawd! My mind is clouded again. Totally, like I just can’t think straight anymore! Maybe it’s a side effect of those toxic doses of tranquilizers, which are shot into my fat butt by the Doc, or my daily brain numbing drink of fentanyl and MDMH spiked orange juice. I is feeling oh so mellow all the time these days, and, “lee blushed a bashful faggy pink, “oh so sexy, too. I mean all I can think about, giggle, is sliding my, puffed and plumped sucker lips around some stud’s thick, hard cock- the longer the better -ALL THE TIME- don’tcha know. Just dreaming of some hard bodied to-die-for muscle dude, oh my, it’s so, so, so HOT! TOTALLY! Must be those drugs or the doc’s designer sex hormones. Like who cares anyway! I just don’t know about that that stuff, anymore. Nope. I was always pretty smart, but hey, I’m totally dumb as dirt now, Dude!” Lee raised one cut arm for Alex to high five him and then put it down petulantly when Alex seemed too shocked to respond. “Whoops, guess I gotcha bro! I just Wish I could have finished school before the doc here got his Frankenstein hands one me, but all that math shiy-it was much too hard for me to understand. Who cares anyway! I’m a Chest bursting bimbo babe, …The doc calls me a Himbo, giggle, Isn’t that the kew-elest! The Doc says I need to pay him back for everything he’s done for me! And I can’t wait Alex-dude! He says I can work at his club and will use my body to make lots of money, (giggle), so I can pay him back and oh EW! So I can buy more skimpy clothing at the mall. Like, malls are so awesome, don’tcha know! What did I used to do when I couldn’t shop? “

Alex began to back away like a frightened deer, “this isn’t possible… I can’t believe…”

The doctor stood up and crossed to Alex, “While he was recuperating in bed fro the weeks after his surgeries, me and my associates experimented with some personality altering techniques. Constant visual retinal simulation. Hypnotic suggestion. Positive re-enforcement, negative reinforcement, sensory deprivation… over stimulation. We shocked and prodded Lee’s mind until he had no clue what to think…. Except what I told him.” Alex began to shake. “Look Alex I’ve used all these techniques a dozen times before…just never all at once… really your friend here is my master piece. You should be proud… he is.”

“I’m going to be the scorchin’est ass on the pole at the club.” Lee said and clapped his muscled forearms together like a 5 year old, while he clapped his hands happily.

"I know I told you we were just going to encourage him to join you on stage for a couple of nights… but when I saw his progress and how handsome he was, well… I ultimately tired of that game. In the guise of making him one of my dancers, I carefully proceeded to make him into an insatiable sex slut, and black market slave boy capable of generating a 6-figure income at selling price. After a quick rehabilitation, the now docile and compliant Lee is ready to start training to become the big chested, big butted bimbo cock sucker he always believed all strippers to be! Lee has learned be aroused like a woman: by stimulation of his sensitized nipples, his sissy collagen distended mouth, and through a dildo training his ass pussy.”

“Yeah like I totally don’t know how I survived without having my ass full with something!” Lee moved his bronze fuck bod onto a lawn chair, His naked body stretched and strained as he raised both muscular legs into the air, displaying his shaved scrotum and ass lips. He pulled aside the thin pink string of the thong to reveal the wide base of a big black butt plug. “Now I got this in me all the time! Shi-yit! Dude!” Keeping his legs firmly spread eagle Lee began to swivel the base around and moan in pleasure.

The doctor laughed at the absurd sight, “tell your buddy here about how I taught you to suck cock like the big blonde stripper you are!” The doctor leaned into Alex conspiratorially “you see the hypnosis worked extremely well mainly because Lee had that belief that all blonde strippers with big tit’s were total cock whore’s. So when he was ready we just took him to a mirror and showed him that he was now a blonde… in a thong with massive tit’s… and told him he KNEW that they were slaves to dick…right?…yeah so his completely mind fuck brain just broke like glass… it’s been easy as hell since then…sure he cried for awhile but after you break a man,” the doctor growled with fever and fervor, “It’s simple to put him back together however you want.”

“Like, Oh my gawd,” Lee moaned as he continued to fuck his ass with the butt plug. His tan bod oozing sweat and bucking like an animal, “ I totally swallowed his entire shaft through my lips, deep throat style, yuh know, and tongued the tip, then totally sucked him dry like a vacuum cleaner. Dude, I nearly choked on him, but what a taste sensation! Oh my gawd, it felt so gratifying to be a sex object! I tingled all over! don’tcha know! And since then DUDE I’ve been trading sexual favors for beauty enhancements ever since. That Faggot plastic surgeon is the perfect trick! The first blowjob landed me a set of super thick collagen injected pump-sucker lips. The next time, after I let him suck my cock, Like don’tcha know, the guy gives me an out patient free facelift complete with high arched eyebrows and a permanent wide eyed idiot stare! After surgery, Plasticman flipped my nude body face down on the OR table. I lay there spread eagled, with my pale plump bubble butt pointed at the ceiling again! cheeks spread wide apart. My exposed pussy ass quivered as he pumped his thick hard cock into my tight hole. Oh my gawd! Oh my gawd! Oh!Oh! I screamed for joy with each ball shaking thrust. It was awesome! It was tubular it was OH SHYIIIIIIIIIIITTTIIITTTT!!!!!” His body bucked upward, his groin thrust into the air and his seed splashed all over his chest as he came at the mix of memory and the stimulation of the butt plug. He hadn’t once touched his cock.

The Doctor spread his hands in satisfaction "Where once there was just another college straight boy, I’ve manage to transform and create a passively pleasant, agreeable contented muscle cow. He’ll be a big titted cash cow for sure, and when I’m finished with him I can sell him off for the price of estate in south beach."

Lee was rubbing his cum into his brown skin like lotion and said "The doc’s been giving me pointers on how to be the best blonde stripper in the club! I call everyone Dude or Bro! I can never remember anything for longer than a minute - except for my Stat’s and my lifting Max’s. He Even got this speech coach to like totally reworking the way I talk. Os I can sound like the blonde surfer boy the doc made me into! Like Sick huh? I’m totally stoked to be the best big chested, bleached out blonde pole dancer there is!”.

The Doc smiled and patted one of Lee’s big shoulders " Medically altered and surgically augmented, Lee has become the ultimate fuck boy. He’ll be ever so popular with all of the important studs on stage at the club and all those sad old queens will sell their soul for five minutes of his time.”

Lee’s eyes got even more distant and Alex could swear he seemed a little sad underneath the distortion of his air headed exterior “ The Doc has made me into everything I thought Blonde strippers should be! He so right! They are exactly what I thought they were! I totally believed it was true and now I know it is! Ever since I got my hair bleached at the Doc’s salon and they made me tan twice a day, I dress like a whore 24/7 and I love it! Big floppy Pec’s just spill out over my tiny skintight Lycra crop top and my guns bust out from the armholes. My colossal bubble butt totally jiggles like a bowl of Jell-O, as I walk down the street in my high tops and biker shorts. My cock bouncing like a sausage in my tiny shiny nylon thong!”

He bounded up to Lee, his thong still askew and his thick shaft bouncing against his tan thigh, “Go ahead, and take a free feel of these Huge Man TITS! Hard and round, look at them hanging down my tapered waist to my pierced bellybutton. Shapely thighs, baby smooth and hairless all over. Go ahead, Dude, and Play with one of my dinner plate nipples! Then I’ll slide my collagen plumped lips around your shaft, take little sharp bites of the sensitive tip of your cock, lick your throbbing hardness with my tongue, until you beg me, really beg me, to stop! Like, totally, dude!”

The doctor separated them “They’ll be enough for that later boys… but for now you gotta get ready for work.” •

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