Hex Files 2: Ripped Lee’s Believe it or Not

Believe It


By Onix

Alex and Lee sat with the doctor in silence on the way to the club. Alex Was too stunned to speak. Lee was too high. The cold interior of the doctor’s limo mirrored, Alex’s mood. As Heart continued to rifle through folders and make important calls. Alex just stared at his remolded friend. Lee had slipped into something that could barely be described as clothes for the ride to work. He sat cheerfully in a pair of tight little gym shorts that matched his equally tight t-shirt… both looked like they were obviously a junior high school student’s gym uniform.

Alex shifted uncomfortably. He had taken several swigs of the Doc’s cognac to calm his nerves. But nothing was helping.

He couldn’t go to the police.

He was an accomplice.

No one he told would believe him.

He had destroyed his best friend’s life.

He took another swig.

Darkness unfolded over the city as they pulled up to the club’s back entrance. Two large Italian men, resembling gorillas in black t-shirts opened the limo doors.

“Look it’s da boss an his Purty-boy’s.” One of them aped.

“Wassup Boss.” The other Muled.

Alex flinched from the bouncer’s helping hand, “Back off meat head.” Alex snapped.

The bouncer’s low hanging brow furrowed in anger, “Hey u’s Bedda Shuddup Purty boy.”

Alex sneered at the goon.

From the first day he started dancing at doctor Heart’s club Alex had hated the bouncers. They were always huge roid monsters. Thug attitudes with bad manners. They were always Italian Gumba’s who lurched around the club’s exterior like territorial cavemen. They gave him shit about being a go-go boy and treated him like a pussy. He fucking hated the bastards. Their thick neck fat from abusing the juice. Their bloated bitch tits, covered in thick wiry Italian curls, with all their tacky gold jewelry hanging over them. Fuck them.

He caught the doctor giving him an appraising look as he brushed passed the Mediterranean Neanderthals. It was a strange look. It scared him.

Once in the club the doctor retreated to his private office and left the boys to get ready for a night of pole dancing, tea-bagging and cock sucking.

In the dancer’s dressing rooms, Alex hurried to his table and Lee followed like a cheerful vapid little robot. The other dancer’s gave Alex funny looks but then made themselves busy with welcoming the newest boy. The other dancers drooled over Lee and fawned on his every idiotic utterance.

Alex quickly stripped out of his street clothes and began to slather himself in fake tanner and body make-up. Across the room he could see that Lee was huddled in a close circle with a group of the doctor’s other “projects.” Most of the boys who danced at doctor Heart’s club were regular queens who rode the pole for dollars. But it was common knowledge to the boys in the doctor’s inner circle that some of the dancers were working their under… different circumstances. There were five of them. The doctor’s previous “projects.” You couldn’t tell them apart from any of the other young male bodies in thongs and boots at all. Except for the cock rings. The guys the doctor had brainwashed and altered all sported silver cock rings with the words “property of Club Heart” on them. Now Lee stood in the center of the step ford boys like he had belonged there all his life.

Alex felt like slitting his wrists.

One of those guys, a big skinhead they all called psycho was showing his big PA’d cock to Lee, the thick silver cock ring blatant against his pale shaved groin. Rumor had it that Psycho had once been a high school math teacher before Dr. Heart. Now he was a tattooed and pierced freak with an ultimate fighter body.

Lee smiled and like a toddler showed Psycho his own dick. Alex was sickened but not shocked to see that Lee’s deep Carmel groin sported it’s own shiny dick cuff.

Alex shivered and thanked god that he decided to work at the club… and hadn’t had to be modified like those poor bastards.

“Aren’t you going to shave?” One of the regular go-go’s asked him.

“Huh?” Alex grunted startled out of his reflection.

“You should shave Alex. Some people might think that’s gross ya know?” The guy tisked and walked away.

Alex quickly checked his face in the mirror. No five o’clock shadow… no stubble…he was fine that guy most be crazy.

The lights blinked and all the boys went to the stage door on cue.

Alex lingered behind to sick with self-loathing to move. 12 Pairs of round male butts flapped against brightly covered ass floss g-strings in front of him.

What had he done?

That night Lee was the center of the club’s universe on stage. Guys were dipping hundreds in the cleft of his cosmetically enhanced ass crack. They hollered and cheered as he fucked himself wildly against the air and humped the pole. HE gave head like it was good manners and let anyone and everyone stroke him off. All the while the same air-headed expression of doped up joy and stupidity radiated off of him like sunshine.

No one paid much attention to Alex. In fact if it was possible people were ignoring him. Even his regulars the guys who worshipped him seemed uninterested or downright disgusted. He couldn’t figure it out.

Things came to a head at about 3am when after hours of brooding and watching his best friend giggle and drool cum Alex couldn’t take it anymore. Lee was sitting inside a circle of three guys who were jerking off over him as one of the other dancers at out his ass. He was bucking and sweating like an animal with that stupid grin on his face. I was too much. It was enough!

Alex charged over and broke the group up. Businessmen were yelling. Clients were screaming and the dancers were revolting. Suddenly the big damn WOP Bouncers were in the thick of it and were dragging him and Lee off the dance floor.

The gangster wannabe’s hauled both boys into Doctor Heart’s office. The good doctor however didn’t seem surprised at all to see them. In fact, he looked like he had been waiting.

The big Italians shuffled the boys to the front of his desk. “Get your FUCKING MONKEY PAWS OFF ME GUIDO!” Alex barked.

“Alex? Why must you be so rude to the doormen? You’ve always treated them like animals.”

“Because they are.” Alex answered angrily.

“Why? They’re just the hired Italian muscle? What makes them so different from you?”

I might do juice but I don’t abuse it! I’m not some slimy mook with the brain of a fucking dog.”

“You really believe that’s what these guys are?” The Doctor purred.

“Hell yeah! Fuck them and fuck you!”

“Alex, Alex, Alex I was hoping you were going to be an adult about all this.”

Alex had built up the courage to stand up to the grey haired entrepreneur. “Look I din’t want this for him!” He said pointing to his friends’ dopey form. “I thought he was going to be like the other guys… please make him normal…make him the way he was.”

Doctor Heart smiled broadly. It wasn’t reassuring. “Well is that all?” He sighed. “That I can actually do.”

Alex wasn’t prepared for that “what…?”

Doctor Heart stood up and made his way across the room to Lee. “You see Alex I always place a post hypnotic suggestion in all my “special” boys. A simple word that will free their repressed original personality and give them back their own mind.”

“Let Lee go…” Alex begged.

“Perhaps…but what are we going to do about you Alex?” The doctor’s gaze hardened like stone.

“Me…? I’ll just keep dancing for you… I won’t leave.”

“I’m afraid I can’t have you dancing anymore.” The Doctor said harshly. “So if you’re not on stage I’m going to need Lee to take your place.”

“Why can’t I stay a dancer? Doctor heart…please I’m sorry…”

The doctor smiled again. “Like I said a simple word and Lee will go right back to normal.” He totally switched subjects. Ignoring Alex like he hadn’t heard him. “Post hypnotic suggestions can be very powerful. You can convince a man’s mind to do just about anything.”

“Look Doc…”

Doctor Heart plowed on, “It’s fascinating really. While you were training Lee I made it so he wouldn’t notice how much an effect the steroids were having on him. Made him forget the surgeries too. So when I showed him his reflection in the mirror and gave him the trigger to see his ACTUAL reflection…it was such a terrible shock that he crumbled like a child.” Something was going on. The doctor never talked without a motive. Alex was getting very nervous. “Why with a post hypnotic suggestion I could make a man even consciously forget that he had ballooned up from 215 lbs to 240.” The smile could curdle milk.

The doctor slowly paced in front of Alex’s terrified form. “You See Alex, you’re not exactly in the shape of one of my stripper boys anymore. All that time working out with Lee..And doing those multiple cycle’s and stacks… You didn’t notice your clothes wouldn’t fit anymore?” He paused and looked at Alex with mad fury, “Did you really think it was you Choice to stay away from my club for three weeks?” he barked a laugh. “Do you think any of you fucking sluts do anything I don’t command?”

Alex’s eyes were now wide with horror “what did you …?”

Heart advanced on him, they were eye to eye now. Heart’s smoky grey ice bore into Alex’s green with fire and intensity. “I have complete control over you ass whores! I can say, make a boy inject himself with Human growth hormone on top of a steroid cycle…and make him completely forget about it. I can Make that same boy stop shaving himself smooth and not even notice that his once smooth tanned frame is covered in gristly matted fur.”

Alex was shaking.

“I can suggest that a boy get rhinoplasty from my miracle working surgeon and he won’t even remember it.”

“You couldn’t… I didn’t…”

“So you can see it’s a small feat for me to get that same boy to go to his local salon… get a body wave in his mousy blonde hair and then dye every last follicle on his body black. Curtains to carpet”

“no…” Alex sobbed as he felt tears stinging his cheeks.

“Why don’t you turn around and look in the mirror Alex?”


“Really?” The doctor laughed, “PROGRAM 1 5 7 9, now turn around.”

Alex felt his body move without thought. He was so surprised he was moving that he turned right into the large Mirror on the doctor’s office wall. The man in the mirror was not Alex. Could not be Alex. Alex had spent the last two years molding his body into a tight lean muscled Adonis. He had been meticulous about his diet and body fat. Obsessed with proportion and form. The image in the mirror was swollen and bloated. Big puffy delts sloped into inflated pecs. Muscles retaining so much water they looked engorged. His Abdomen was distended with the characteristic affects of HGH, giving him the typical “roid gut”. Big thick thighs mashed together like columns of flesh and muscle. And every last inch of skin was covered in thick black fur. A carpet of dark kinky hair crept up from his toes to the nape of his neck. His forearms were so dark they looked like long gloves. Every over juiced muscle was ballooning out. D-bal acne covered his back and chest. The worst was the back of his neck. The heavy crease of testosterone overdoes was plain in the way his grotesque traps met the fat on the back of his head.

Heart had mentioned rhinoplasty? His nose wasn’t the elegant button he remembered. Now it was thick and hooked. The classic Roman beak. All this was crowned with a shiny high-gelled pompadour and thick unkempt sideburns.

Alex should have looked like a well-groomed go-go boy. Blonde hair. Deep tan. Cut and sculpted physique. Smooth as an adolescent boy.

This wasn’t him.

This wasn’t him.

He shook with sobs and looked down at his feet. He saw it now. Big distended belly. Bloated pecs. And all the hair. Christ it was everywhere…. Fucking hair everywhere. He looked disgusting in his bright red thong. Now wonder every one on the dance floor had avoided him and looked at him like a freak. Then something caught his eye. He pulled the pouch of his thong down, and their nestled in the black rat’s nest of his pubes was a silver ring encircling his cock.

“You see Alex,” He heard Heart laugh behind him, “You can’t be a dancer anymore, but as you know we’ve been looking for a new bouncer for months.”

Alex’s knees buckled and slumped to the floor on his heavy hairy thighs. “I’m not…you can’t…what did you do to me!!!!”

“Well with all the shit you’ve been on it’s a miracle your heart din’t give out from the strain…as it stands your liver’s probably a mess and your heart has probably expanded…but don’t worry we’ll take care of you. I always treat my Bouncer’s like family.”

“Why?” Alex cried as he stared at his coat of sweaty chest hair.

Heart went back behind his desk, “It’s Like this Alex. The whole club thing. It’s a front. Human trafficking now that’s the new frontier. I’ve been trying to sell your dumb ass for a year now. Just no buyers really. You were too vanilla. You didn’t have enough character. Now a big Bodybuilding Italian from the Bronx? A huge grunting bouncer who will moan like a 13 year old girl for a stiff prick. That’ll sell. I’ll have you and your freaky little buddy here off the auction block in no time.”

“Look do what you want with me just turn Lee back.” Alex managed through gut wrenching whines.

“Oh ok.” The doctor said pleasantly. “Lee?”

The bubble headed blonde turned automatically and said stupidly “what’s up?”

“Program 1278”

Lee did a quick double take and then seemed to shiver. “what… what what’s going on…dammit my head it feels like sawdust…” The surfer dude garble was gone. Lee was talking in his regular voice. His Boston accent was thick with confusion.

The doctor guided Lee’s confused from to a chair, “I know you’re confused son. Just give me a second and I’ll explain everything.”

Lee just nodded and held his head.

The Doctor turned back to Alex’s Huge Hairy form, “See now your friend’s going to be fine. Put these on and go take your post up front with your Familia Guido.” He threw a pile of cloths at Alex.

Alex stood and sorted through the black clothes. He slipped a tight white wife beater over his grossly inflated body. The swirls of inky hair crept out from under it like clouds of masculinity.

“Oh and here you go, you know how you Italians like your trashy underwear.” He tossed Alex a pair of Zebra Print Bikini briefs that he quickly forced up his hairy legs.

“The final touch.” Heart laughed. He slipped several heavy gold chains around Alex’s thick bull neck. Crucifixes and medallions glittered against Alex’s chest hair and nestled in the great canyon of his acne-covered chest. Alex looked at himself in the mirror. He was the Picture of South Jersey Italian trailer trash. The pelt of greasy ink black hair pushed against the white fabric. The forest of his dyed black pit hair matted against his biceps. The tacky underwear was surrounded by a jungle of black pubic hair that spread across his groin and down his furry legs like an animal. The chains were the kicker. He was anyone’s idea of a total Classless Iron pumping, roid-head, Italian lout. “I’m so sorry…” he moaned.

“My ass hurts…” Lee whined from his chair.

The doctor turned to him, “Oh I’m sorry son. That’s probably because we took you’re butt plug out before you went on stage. You’ve been plugged up like a foot wide drain for the passed couple weeks. You’re probably not used to feelin empty.” He added amiably.

Alex reached for the Black Slacks Heart hand thrown him. But was impeded from putting them on by Heart’s firm grasp on his forearm. “Not just yet,” he whispered. “I want to admire my work.”

Alex was left in the cheap underwear staring at his hirsute bloated form. “Fine.” He spat, through trembling lips.

“Look at that man in the mirror. What do you think people would believe he was like by just looking at him.” The doctor’s tone changed. It subtle. Now he sounded almost monotone…maybe a little melodic and the voice washed over Alex’s shocked and broken mind like fog.

“That he’s just some WOP thug.”


“Some dirty Jersey or New York Garbage.”

“Do you think they’d believe he was a white boy- Straight student a student from Boston?”

“Fuck no… He looks like a fucking Gumba -high school drop out from the Bronx…”

The voice was now inside his head like an echo, reverberating through his foggy mind like an incessant buzz, “Well,” said the good doctor, “If you Believe that it must be true…” the doctor palmed the hairy ass, “I mean how could he not be… How could you NOT BE?”

Alex’s mind snapped. His jaw hung slack and a thin line of drool was running over his jaw. He just stared like a vegetable at his reflection in the mirror.

“There it is,” the doctor said to his hypnotized little zombie. “That’s it.” He squeezed the big junked up Butt, “This is my favorite part. Better then any fuck. Any blowjob. Watching a man BREAK. There’s nothing more erotic. Taking some clueless boy, and mind fucking him until there’s nothing left but broken pieces you can put back together any way you want. Masculine pride shattered. Identity destroyed. Just pliant clay desperate for someone to shape it. Men aren’t much more then animals really. Breaking them’s like breaking a horse. Snap their will…no matter how rigid, no matter how strong they are…and you can ride them till they drop.”

“What’s going on, why am I fucking naked….” Lee’s voice interrupted.

Heart turned around, “Well welcome to the Tea party Alice.”

Lee struggled to stand on his shaky legs. “I feel like I was hit by a truck.”

“No at last count it was 6 guys.”

“Huh, it think I might need a doctor.” Lee slurred, “I feel funny.”

“Well son I am a doctor and you do look funny,” he motioned toward the mirror, “take a look for yourself.”

Lee stumbled in front of the glass, slipping in front of Alex. Lee didn’t even recognize his long time friend… then he looked up, “What the FUCK!” He pulled long Blonde bangs out from in front of his head, “What the fuck!”

“It’s just you Lee.” The doctor taunted from behind him.

Lee was shaking. His body convulsing in alarm. “No…No… my hair my eyes…my chest..”

“But it’s what you believed a Stripper should be.” The doctor fingered the stunned boy’s mane, “Hair extensions and blue contacts.”

He clutched his stomach in pain. He was going to throw up. Hot tears raced down his cheeks, elegantly. He moaned recognizing again the pain in his butt. It was like a vacuum. He felt so sore and empty. “My..My …ass…”

“Oh that,” Dr. Heart moved to the still unmoving Alex, “Maybe this big lug can help you out with that… Can’t you Alex. Program 1579.” Alex’s eyes widened, tranced and ready to accept programming, “or should I call you Bronx?”

Alex… Bronx began to fumble with his leopard-covered package. His meaty mitt fondling his cock hungrily. “Jus relax Lee.” He growled.

He moved behind the thong clad victimized buddy.

Lee was still confused and terrified when he felt the swell of the large ape’s underwear covered groin press against his sensitive bare as cheeks. “It’s not our fault.” He felt a hairy hand begin to twist his engorged nipples. “It’s not our fault. Tha’ Doc’ turned us inta dis.” Lee instinctively forced his swollen ass into the rough fabric of his molester’s jock.

The pleasure in his sensitive nipples jolted into Lee’s fractured brain like electric current, he let out a high-pitched whine. “Dat’s Right jus’ give inta it. We ain’t got’s no choice. See?” Bronx pulled down the waistband of his briefs and let his engorged cock meat flap against Lee’s huge rump. “It’s not our fault.” He put two big hands on Lee’s back and bent him forward. Lee obliged mechanically. The hulking hairy body leaned over him and brushed wisps of blonde hair away from his ears. A hot animal voice with a heavy accent dripped into his ear, “He done made us inta whores…we can’t do noffin bout it… just go wit it…”

Bronx spit a large wad into his hand and rubbed his precum oozing cock head it. Slicking his big phallus until his cock ring shone like it was freshly polished.

“I’m not a whore.” Lee cried. The sobs now racking his bent over physique.

“Yea you is.” Bronx’s big meaty face broke into a wide grin, “Lemme show ya.”

Lee cried out! Bronx thrust himself deep into Lee’s hole. In and out. Hips bucking, ass pounding male aggression. He reached over and twisted both nipples riding his former friend like a pony and using his tits as a bridle.

“I’m not a whore!” Lee moaned as he wiggled on the invading cock.

“I’m not a whore.” Lee was scrambling to fell the entire girth, relieving the terrible absence he had felt.

“I’m not a.. Oh god.. oh shiy-it!” He saw his reflection. Wasn’t this what he had expected out of the strippers? Blonde hair tossing, big heavy chest being manhandled, by some low life boyfriend?

“I’m not …a DEEPER DEEPR!”

“What are ya’” Bronx groaned.

“I’m a whore.” Lee spat quick and repeatedly. His mouth spewing “I’m a whore. I’m a whore. I’m a whore…” with every thrust.

“LEE Program 1278- Malibu.”

Bronx continued to ass rape Malibu for another forty-five minutes as the doctor went back to work. When they were done both men smiled, shook hands and went back to work. Malibu right back on stage sitting on guy’s faces and pulling on his schlong like a thirteen year old. Bronx was out front talking shit with the other bouncers.

A week went by. Malibu dancing. Bronx Lifting and Bouncing. It was all they knew. It was now who they were.

One night after the club was closed down about 5 am. One of the other bouncer’s guided Malibu and Bronx into the doctor’s office for a special meeting.

“Well boy’s I have great news. I’ve secured a deal for both of you. I’ve managed to sell you both off. Malibu will be on a plane tomorrow for San Francisco and Bronx is on his way to Seattle.” Both men just nodded dumbly.

The bouncer looked at the big blonde in his little skimpy thong and pasty covered pecs. Then at the big Italian bodybuilder in his jogging suit, his heavy gold chains and his wife beater.

“I can’t believe that bouncer is that little pretty boy Alex.” He said incredulously.

Heart turned to the bouncer, “I’ll tell you man. The marvels of modern science. A couple of drugs…some elective surgery and a lot of time… it’s like Magic.”

“Oh, I’d have to disagree…”

The Doctor, the bouncer and the two boys all turned to the door of the room.

In the doorway, a figure stepped forward, “Is this the way to the Men’s room?”

Dr. Heart answered in a brutal voice, “You’re in the wrong place man!”

A smile stretched across the stranger’s face, and two brilliant blue eyes twinkled beneath his black ball cap, “Oh, but I think not.” •

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