Vacation, The


By built_spill

Alan Hanson was my best friend.

We started out in kindergarten together and were pretty much inseparable. His mom was diagnosed with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis when we were in junior high and she passed away when we were in ninth grade. It was very rough for him, but even worse for his dad. Mr. Hanson was never the most demonstrative guy to begin with and he got even worse. He threw himself even further into his work, until one day, he surprised Alan with the news that they were moving a few hundred miles away, so he could take a position with a small research lab that specialized in his area and that was pretty much that. They’d moved within a month.

A year or so went by and in the summer before my senior year of high school, we finally worked things out so my folks would let me fly out and visit Alan and his dad for a couple of weeks or so. They met me at the airport Friday night and, surprise of surprises, Mr. Hanson barely seemed to know I was there. It took forever to get to their house way outside of town and as soon as we got to the place, Mr. Hanson went right down to his lab in the basement. I asked Alan if things had gotten any better. They hadn’t. His dad had been down there pretty much around the clock, barely coming up for meals. Alan had talked to him about maybe seeing a therapist or something, but it was always met with a sad “I’m fine” and another retreat to the lab. At the very least, I figured we’d pretty much have free reign of the place for the next couple of weeks.

We stayed up all night- talking, watching lousy movies. I filled him in on everything that’d happened with people back home and he filled me in on just how damn boring this new place was. I felt kind of bad, it seemed like things really hadn’t improved much and Mr. Hanson was just getting worse. Anyway, I tried to keep things light and the next thing we knew, it was about 7:30 am and we hadn’t gotten a bit of sleep. Neither of us was tired, so we just headed down to the kitchen to grab some breakfast. We really should have just gone to sleep.

We were just in the doorway to the kitchen. I was standing next to the tiled island countertop, Alan was about to open the fridge when we heard this loud ‘Pop’ from downstairs. Then, we heard his dad yell, then his footsteps as he ran up the stairs. The door flew open and he had this panicked look on his face. He was yelling, “Alan! Matt! Run! Just get out, the-“

He didn’t get to finish his sentence.

There was this deafening buzzing noise, then this intense blue light that blinded me and made me feel warm all over, then nothing. We stood there, facing each other, stunned, wondering just what the hell had happened. In fact, Alan was going to ask just that when it hit him. He’d opened his mouth and everything, when he got this weird look on his face- I noticed he was sweating like crazy, when I felt it, too. This warm feeling all over… getting more intense… I was covered in sweat… then… it’s hard to remember everything from that first time. I saw Alan holding his stomach, then my symptoms kicked in and my entire body felt tight… aching all over.

All at once, I felt like I was filling, stretching out all over… I was burning up… I heard this moaning… Alan was… well, he had shorts and a tank top on and his arms and legs were throbbing, swelling and receding. I looked over to his dad, his eyes were closed and his clothes were looking tighter, his pant cuffs were riding up. This is where things get kind of fuzzy for me—I sort of remember the tightness getting worse and I could feel my clothes stretching, could feel my skin stretching… I wasn’t able to say anything, only grunt as I saw and felt my arms begin the same throbbing process then begin to swell.

It’s hard to describe that first time. I felt like my body was filling up- with energy, weight, everything. I felt like I was going to explode. It hurt all over, like I’d been exercising for hours. My skin felt like it was going to burst and I could feel my clothes cutting into me. My eyes were closed tight, I was trying to take in huge gulps of air. I sort of remember feeling the tightness subside, but still had that sensation of filling up all over. Then there was this- I can only describe it as a surge- I screamed out loud as whatever was happening got worse. I could sort of hear other yelling, it must have been Alan and his dad, but I was too lost in what was happening to my own body to notice. I felt this rush, as the tightness gave a bit and I just felt more… I don’t know, aware of my body. I felt things shift, push together, get heavier. Finally, my things began to calm down, somewhat and I opened my eyes.

I was still breathing heavily, but it was more from being freaked out than anything else. I lifted my right arm and just stared as it exploded with thick, rounded hard muscle in about twenty places. I couldn’t get my head around it. It couldn’t be my arm, but there it was. Everything felt weird. I was at least a couple of feet taller and my whole center of gravity was off. I felt so tight all over, no matter how I moved, I felt muscle bunch up tight and hard. I tried looking down, but… I couldn’t see over the massive pec shelf. I could feel my quads pressing into each other, down below and I couldn’t begin to put my knees together. I touched my chest, the skin felt soft and hot, but it felt so dense and packed with power underneath. I reached down… yup, deep six pack… and lower…. wow. At that point, I was dimly aware of being naked. I looked down at the floor next to me- there were shreds of my shorts and t-shirt lying on the floor. I could feel the air cooling the sweat all over my body… it felt good. What the hell had happened to us?

I looked over at Alan and it didn’t register that it was him for a second. There was just this other guy there- this tall, massive bodybuilder with a ripped body that made him look like he’d been working out for hours. All he was wearing the waistband of his sweatshorts, stretched out and hanging loosely below a packed set of abs and above a huge piece of equipment hanging against his massive left thigh. He was feeling himself all over, jaw and eyes just as wide open as mine.


He slowly looked at me, shocked to see my new body as I was his. “Matt? You… you’re-”

“Yeah. You, too.”

Then, another voice-

“Oh god. Oh no.”

It shook us out of things a bit. I mean, I’d forgotten Mr. Hanson was even there. He was standing over by the basement door, completely blocking it. He easily topped seven feet and was covered from head to toe with thick, solid muscle, covered in sweat. He was just looking at his hands, his arms, examining them. I noticed part of his lab coat had somehow survived the transformation- there were these stretched rings of cloth on each gigantic shoulder. He looked at Alan and I as if he’d forgotten we were there. A worried look came upon his face.


“Dad? Did you do this?”

“I think so. I mean, this wasn’t anywhere near what was supposed to happen. I- I don’t know what’s happened to us.”

Alan smiled. “Well, I think it’s pretty obvious. We’re huge- nghhh…”

Alan got a strained look on his face and he closed his eyes while biting his lip. Mr. Hanson bounded over, his huge legs flexing, pecs bouncing. “Alan? What is it? What’s wrong?”

“N- nothing I just feel really… um… “ He looked a bit embarrassed. “Really horny.”

I stifled a laugh.

Mr. Hanson put his hand on Alan’s shoulder.

“It’s probably some sort of hormonal-“

Just then, Alan’s cock sprung up. I just stared at it, impressed. I mean, the thing was about fifteen inches and as thick as my wrist used to be. Even Mr. Hanson looked startled.

Alan looked down at it, was able to get the words “Holy shi-“ out, then his mouth opened into this “o” shape and, well, he exploded. I felt this wet, hot splatter on my chest, but my brain somehow couldn’t connect it to what I was seeing. Until some pans beside me were knocked off the counter and shook me out of it. I ducked to the side and saw this thick, bright white steady stream just shooting out of Alan’s massive cock like a garden hose.

“What the hell? Alan?”

He could barely speak “Unghh… it... oh god, feels so.. anngh.. dad… “

Mr. Hanson was in shock, a look somehow mixing disgust and wonder etched on his face, like he wanted to look away, but was too curious about it, like some horrible experiment. Then, his face screwed up and he looked over at me, worried.

“Oh boy… aggh…”

Then, the same process hit him. It wasn’t quite as long as Alan’s, but it was covered up and down the shaft in thick veins. He turned away and gripped the wall, his fingers digging in deeply. His entire body shuddered, he gave this guttural moan, then dropped to his knees, breaking of a chunk of the wall in his massive hand. I could see a thick rope of cum shoot in an arc through the basement door and hear it splatter on the steel steps.

Here I was, watching my best friend and his father, now huge and covered in muscle just cumming gallons- then it occurred to me. I was probably- Then it hit. I could feel my balls swell against my quads, almost feel them filling, then the rush of blood to my cock, as my entire body tingled. I couldn’t think. I’d never felt this hard in my life. I felt so full. I put my right hand around the base and felt my legs go numb as it let go... •

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