By myoder

Vince was a skinny rocker. And not a pretty boy either. He had a big nose, and thick eyebrows behind his wire-framed glasses. He had the standard hair cut - dark brown long and curly at the back and short at the sides, he had a little bit of a mustache that grew over his full lips. He wore mirror shades to hide his bloodshot eyes from too much partying and drugs. He was thin and always wanted to be bigger - to have chicks and guys falling all over him the way they fell over Demon - the lead singer in the band. Demon was a big guy - 6'3" and all muscle he was blonde and hung (or so Vince had heard, and from the bulge in his Demon's pants he believed it. He'd always asked Demon how he got big, But Demon would never say or would change the subject. Vince had resigned himself to being lean and average. NO amount of working out ever paid off for him. One night at the bar after their gig, Vince was quizzing Demon on his massive build. "Yeah, but how'd you get so fuckin big, man?! I gotta know." "Well guy - if you really wanna be big like me, I'll let you in on the secret." Demon leaned close in to Vince and whispered, "I jerk it every day. HAHAHAHA!" Vince was crushed once again. He left his seat and went to the can for a piss. While he was gone, Demon thought about poor Vince struggling to be as big as him. He reached into his pocket and pulled out a vial of red liquid. He placed a few drops of it in Vince's drink and waited for Vince to come back. When Vince returned he finished off his drink. "Geez! This tastes like shit! It's gone all sour." Demon just smiled and sipped his beer. Vince gathered up his stuff. "I'm gone," he said. Vince smiled at him. "Be careful there, buddy. And have a great night." Vince wondered about this comment but left the bar and drove home. When he got there he picked up his guitar and started playing. All of a sudden he felt a little woosy and light-headed. His shirt suddenly felt very tight on him. The apartmentfelt hot and stuffy. He put down his guitar and crossed to the window. It wasan old place and the window was always stuck. Vince had to really tug to get it open. Tonight, he lifted it with no problem. He went to the bathroom and had a piss. He noticed the color seemed a little dark. "I must've had alotto drink tonight," he said to himself, "My fuckin dick looks bigger." He washed his hands ad splashed water on his face. When he dried his face his noticed his neck. It was thicker. He stood back. The guy in the mirror was big! And getting even bigger. "Shit!" he said. "What's happening to me?" He remembered Demon's comments and the funny taste in his drink. "He must've spiked it with something." Vince watched his body getting larger. His pecs were filling out his tank top stretching the fabric thin. He flexed his pecs and rubbed his hands over them. He could'nt believe it. He hit a biceps pose and his arms rose like giant mounds of rock. He gripped the huge muscles and squeezed. They were tight and hard as steel. "Fuck yeah!" he moaned, hitting pose after pose. "So that's how Demon got so fuckin big!" Butwhere Demon's musculature stopped, Vince was still growing. He watched as his pecs ballooned out pushig the shirt farther and farther. It pulled out of his tightening sweat pants and hung over his shelf-like pecs. He flexed his masive chest one more time and the shirt ripped off his gargantuan frame. Looking at his own massive muscles he got a hard on. He weighed himself and the scales spun round and round. He figured he must weigh at least 450lbs of freaky huge mass. He tested his strength by pulling a crowbar around his thick neck and traps. The bar bent like a paperclip aroundhis solid thick muscles. "FUCK YEAH!" he screamed as he bent the bar back and forth in his bare hands. "Like to see Demon do this!" He crunched the bar into a ball in his hands and tossed it away. The growing cock in his pants stretched down his leg. He practiced flexing his huge dick. It was heavy and hardening more and more. His quads were forcing the sweats out to the limit and his huge dong was pushing forward and up. Finally, the size of his quads, calves and masive cock, tore holes in the fabric and the pants fell to the floor. He stood there admiring his new superhuman size. He flexed his arms - 29 inches of boulder and strong enough to bend steel bars. He hit a most muscular and watched his traps balloon on either side of his bull's neck. He stood in a relaxed pose and watched his 10" dick flex and bob in front of him. He flexed his 78" thick pecs over and over amazed at his own muscle control. He licked his biceps and imagined how fans would be falling over each other to get to his muscle. "One at a time," he whispered."There's plentyof me for all of you. Suck my big dick! Feel these fuckin huge guns! Yeah, you all need it don't you?You need this fuckin muscleman to fuck your pussies! YEAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!" He struck one more biceps pose and his huge cock shot a massive hot load across the bathroom hitting the mirror. He lay on the bed, feeling his newly huge muscles and pulling his half-hard monster dick. And he thought to himself, "Wait till they see me at the next gig." •

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