By johnd7102000

He reached down and shoved his right arm under Scott's crotch. The huge arm felt like a big tree trunk. "God, what is he going to do?" thought Scott. He was shivering again. Then the huge dude lifted his arm up and raised Scott off his feet all the way up to Mike's shoulders. Mike was now standing straight up with Scott riding on his upper arm. "I'm gonna put you right in the middle," said Mike as he pulled the skinny little teen into the middle of his upper arm. "Put your little faggot ass right on top of my bicep." Scott wiggled and did as told. Mike's bicep was flaccid, just sitting there on top of his arm, but it still felt hard. "Okay, ready for your ride, faggot?" At that, Mike flexed his huge bicep. The big muscle flexed instantly, bumping Scott way high, pushing him off the arm. In a split second, the muscle jumped into a huge peaked ball. The peak of the bicep was so high that it wedged into Scott's ass. It was warm and as hard as warm steel. Scott closed in with his legs so he wouldn't fall off. The huge muscle was so thick and hard between his legs. It was like he was sitting on top of a bowling ball. The muscle was just so round and so hard and so huge. "You like big muscles, faggot? Well, now you're feelin' a huge mother. The biggest fuckin' bicep you'll probably ever feel in your life. Ride the big muscle, faggot!" Mike then unflexed and flexed again, bouncing Scott up and down. Then he kept doing it, again and again. Scott went up and down, bouncing on this huge muscle. He grabbed in with his legs, feeling the giant muscle bulge and flex. It was so warm. And he could feel the individual flexed fibers on the tender sides of his legs. God he was in heaven. "You're so fucking light. You feel like a fucking feather. Ride my big gun, faggot. That muscle's so strong you're nothing to it." said Mike as he flexed again bumping Scott into the air.. Scott was beside himself. He looked down at the giant muscle and at Mike's huge body. He had never felt anything like this in his life. He reached down and put a hand on top of Mike's huge delt muscle, which was carrying his 120 pounds like it was nothing. The muscle was so thick and strong. The size was enormous, like a big basketball of solid muscle on top of Mike's wide shoulders. Striations of fibers were everywhere. "Yeah, huge muscles everywhere," said Mike looking at his shoulder. "You ain't shit to these huge muscles." He flexed again.

Scott just couldn't get over all the muscle. His crotch was red hot as it felt the huge bicep flexing right under it. Flex after flex after flex. He was so totally hot. He reached down and grabbed his rock hard cock. Instantly it burst into spasms of cumming with load after load of cum spurting into the air. Mike looked over and saw what was happening. "Yeah, that's usually what happens," he laughed as he watched Scott cum like hell on top of his huge muscle. "Faggots like you always cum when I give 'em the ride. Like it's the best thing that ever happened to them. Sitting on top of my huge bicep and feeling all that muscle flex under their little buns. Feeling that huge muscle turn into rock, pushing out their weak little legs and bouncing them up and down like it was nothing. Faggots love it, didn't you fag?" Scott looked into Mike's blue eyes and nodded. It was the best thing that had ever happened to him. "Then it's my turn," said the huge stud as Scott was finishing his cumming. He reached down and felt his own big cock, which was growing under his shorts.

Then he dropped Scott to the ground and pulled him into his body, forcing his face between his pecs. Scott was overwhelmed by all the muscle. Inches and inches of rock hard muscle surrounding his face. He reached up and felt those huge pecs, pecs that were so strong they could bench 650 pounds. He was ten times stronger than Scott. Mike flexed his pecs, crushing Scott's face between the huge, striated monsters. "Fuckin' big pecs, ain't they faggot. Fucking harder than your little face." Scott nodded. The thick, warm, striated muscle was as hard as steel. "Lets see what's down here," said Mike. He pushed Scott's face down to his abs, still holding the face right up against his hot, sweaty body. "Lick 'em," he ordered. Scott stuck out his tongue and tasted the salty sweat pouring off the muscle stud's abs. The skin was hard because the muscle underneath was hard too, hard as corrugated iron. Mike pushed Scott's face up and down as the boy licked the washboard abs. He felt every bulge and crevice. The muscles felt like bricks. "Fuckin' strong abs, ain't they faggot. Hard as fuckin' bricks. You try to punch these abs and your hand would break. These abs are a hard as steel." Scott pushed his tongue into the hard muscle. Yeah, it was hard as steel. He reached around and felt the huge globes of glute muscle in Mike's butt. Huge globes of rock hard muscle that helped him squat with 800 pounds. Scott just was beside himself feeling all that muscle. He was in heaven.

By now, the three muscle kids were standing there watching what was happening. Brandon laughed. "Scott really likes your muscles, dad. He does the same thing to me and Jake. He's a total muscle freak. Even after we beat him up, he comes back for more." Mike looked at his muscular son. "Yeah, he's a muscle crazed faggot all right. I've had tons of these faggots going nuts over my body. They just can't get enough muscle." He looked at the three muscular kids standing in front of him. "Ya know, you three kids are already totally muscular. You keep working out and eating right, you're gonna get real big and real strong, just like me. I read once that we're called mesomorphs. Guys who can build tons of muscle and don't put on any fat. Kids who get incredibly strong and can do whatever they want to other kids. That's what we are. Mesomorphs." He rubbed Scott's face hard into his abs. Then he pulled him away and hit his abs with his own fist. Smaaaccckkkk. "Rock solid mesomorphs. And you're gonna have lots of faggots who will do whatever you want. You guys already have one right here. I can tell you're havin' a lot of fun with this little faggot." Brandon and Jake smiled. "Yeah, we sure are, dad. We fuck him all the time. We make him do all kinds of crap. We beat him up whenever we want. He's our fucking faggot slave. And he always comes back for more! He loves our fucking muscles. Brock, you gotta come over to Jake's house and start lifting with us. You're gonna get huge too. And you can fuck up the little faggot too." Brock's eyes grew wide. He could hardly wait to fuck up a muscle craving faggot.

"Let's see what's down here," said Mike, smiling at his son who was smiling back at his huge, muscular dad. He pushed Scott's face down to his shorts and rubbed it across the big bulge. You could see the outline of a giant cock pressing up against the shorts. "My cock's been growing real big, faggot. Havin' you getting off on my body gets my cock real big and real hard. You want my cock to fuck your face? You wanna suck this big man's cock?" Scott nodded. He could hardly wait to feel that huge cock in his mouth. "Okay, now it's gonna fuck your face. It's gonna fuck your face so fucking hard. My dick's so big and so thick and so hard, I've fucked some faggots like you almost to death. But they always come back for more. They just can't get enough of my muscles and my dick. Yeah, I been givin' you some fun. Now you're gonna give me tons of fun." He shoved Scott's face across his cock. "Feel how big and hard that is? It's 11 inches long and eight inches around. It's fucking huge, just like the rest of me."

"Okay, pull down those fucking shorts, you little cocksucker." Scott pulled down the shorts and Mike threw them off his feet with one big sweep of his giant leg. The cock was now free and it slammed up and hit Scott in the face. Mike slammed it back and forth a couple of times across Scott's face. Every time he slammed the huge weapon it got bigger and harder. Scott couldn't believe how big and hard that cock was. It really hurt his face to have that big monster hit his cheeks. At the same time, he was smelling the sweat coming off Mike's crotch. Hot, pungent crotch sweat. The sweat of a true muscle jock. The sweat smelled a lot like the sweat made by Brandon and Jake. Two other true muscle jocks. The sweat made by hot, muscular men. Yeah, these guys were all muscular mesomorphs, "Lick my balls, faggot. Lick 'em real good."

Scott buried his face in Mike's sweaty crotch, smelling the pungent jock sweat smell emanating from his hot crotch. Then he started licking his huge balls, the biggest balls he had ever even thought about. They were gigantic. Mike groaned with pleasure as his huge nuts were caressed by the little faggot boy's tongue. He looked at his son. "Ya know, Brandon, faggots are the best cocksuckers in the world. They're way better cocksuckers than girls. They really know how to get you off real good. Maybe 'cause they have cocks and balls themselves they know exactly what to do. I've fucked tons of guys and tons of girls and I gotta say these little faggots are the best cocksuckers there are. Looks like you got a good one here to suck your cock and balls any time you want." Brandon was holding his hard cock under his workout shorts. "Yeah, Jake and me have gotten our cocks sucked tons of times by the faggot boy there. His ass is real tight and hot too. He's a great cocksucker and a great fuck. Jake and me are havin' a great time fucking him every day. Tons of fun being a muscle stud. Every day building bigger and bigger muscles and getting stronger and stronger, and then fucking the shit out of the little faggot boy. Life is so good." He flexed his muscular arm and pulled out his hard cock. Mike smiled. Yeah, his son was a stud all right. "Mmmmm," he moaned as Scott licked his right ball with his tender tongue.

"Now lick my cock, faggot. It's so fucking hot. I ain't had a good blowjob like this in weeks." Scott immediately did as ordered, licking the huge cock up and down with his tongue. The dick was enormous. Big, thick and rock hard. Eleven inches of solid, steel-hard meat. He started kissing and licking at the same time, getting Mike all the more hot and totally aroused. "Fuuuuckkkk," moaned Mike as his cock got incredibly aroused. "Open up, cocksucker. You're gonna take this whole thing in your mouth and down your throat!" Scott opened up his mouth and Mike shoved his big cock inside. He only went about three or four inches at first. He wanted to feel Scott's tongue caress his weapon, caress it to total oblivion. Scott obliged and licked and sucked the huge dick. It was so thick it was as wide as a coke bottle. Scott licked and sucked. "Oh fuck that feels so good!" yelled Mike "It feels so fucking good.." After a minute or so he was groaning with pleasure. He grabbed the back of Scott's head. "Take the whole thing faggot. Take my whole big cock down your fucking throat!' Holding on to Scott's head, he rammed his huge cock all the way down his throat. Even though Scott had gotten Brandon's and Jake's cocks down his throat many times, he was unprepared for the overwhelming size and power of Mike's huge dick. It was so huge he couldn't breathe. But oh did he like the feeling of that huge cock in his little throat. "Oh fuck!" yelled Mike as he jammed his huge cock all the way down Scott's throat. Then he started thrusting his hips and pushing Scott's head back and forth, pushing and pulling his giant cock in and out. Scott used his tongue and lips to keep caressing the giant weapon, making it even hotter and hotter. He grabbed the huge man's ass and felt the giant muscles flexing inside. Finally Mike yelled "Fuuuccccckk" and started cumming inside Scott. He kept thrusting his hips and holding on to Scott's head as he came again and again and again. His huge organ injected a half a cup of pure muscleman cum inside the wimp's little body. He kept cumming and cumming. Sweat was dripping off his hot muscular body as he came and came and came. Finally when he finished, he left his cock inside Scott's mouth and throat, letting the faggot massage it with his tongue, giving him even more pleasure. "Mmmm, mmmmm, mmmmm" he moaned. After several minutes, he slowly took his huge, still-hard cock out. "What a fuck!" said Mike, looking down at the little faggot on his knees and then over to his son. By now, all three boys had stripped off their shorts. They were standing there in their sneakers watching the huge, muscular man fuck the little faggot's face. And their cocks were rock hard. Even Brock's.

Brandon smiled. He knew his dad was a total stud, but this was the first time he had seen him in action. He reached down and held his hard dick. "Jesus, dad, punching that bag made me real hot and horny. And now watching you fuck Scott's face has gotten me totally hard. I wanna fuck him too. You wanna fuck him, Jake?" Jake looked at his friend and smiled. "Fuck yeah! Shit, I'm horny as hell. I'm gonna fuck my faggot brother real good. He needs a couple of real muscle kid fucks up his tight little faggot ass." They gave each other high fives and flexed their biceps at each other. Yeah, they were muscle kids all right. Then they both showed off their cocks, which were totally hard as they talked. "Fuck," said Mike. "You guys got pretty big cocks already. One day your cocks are gonna be as big as mine." He swung his semi-hard cock around for the boys to see. "Just as big as this one."

The boys' bodies were still sweaty and hot from their workout. Now they were standing there just in their sneakers, their big muscles bulging and their big cocks like steel pipes. God they looked hot, Scott thought. He always thought they looked hot. "Wait a minute," said Brock. "I'm the one who beat up the faggot. I wanna fuck him too. I never fucked anyone before. I wanna fuck him too!" Brock's cock was small in comparison to Brandon's and Jake's, but it was pretty big for a ten year old. And it was hard too. It was hard and standing straight up. "See, I got a big cock too. I'm ready to fuck!" Scott looked at the muscular kid with his hard little cock. He had no pubic hair at all, but his cock was standing up straight and tall. Scott figured it was about four inches long. Pretty long for a kid who hadn't gone through puberty yet. Brock hit a double biceps post with his cock standing up like a pipe. Those biceps looked huge. Yeah, he did look like he was ready to fuck.

Mike picked up Scott with one hand and pushed him over to the three hot boys. "Looks like you got three other mesomorph studs to service, faggot. Those three muscle men look hot as hell. They wanna fuck up your little body real good." Scott looked at the three muscle kids in front of him. His cock started getting hard again as he looked at their totally muscular bodies and their beautiful faces. They flexed their muscles slightly as they stood there, seeing the effect it was having on their little faggot slave.

Brock flexed his right bicep. "Touch it, faggot. Feel my big bicep." Scott looked at the big 10 year old muscle bulging in Brock's arm. He knew it was much bigger than his own arm and he knew how strong it was. God, what a fucking muscular and strong kid this was. He could smell the sweat pouring off his skin. Muscular jock sweat, just like the other muscle kids made. Brandon and Jake smiled as they watched Brock flex and talk to the teen weakling. Scott reached up and felt the size and hardness of the big muscle. He could see the fibers bulging under this kid's thin skin and he could see veins crisscrossing the bulging muscle. He felt those fibers and veins. God what a stud! He squeezed and was shocked to feel how hard that muscle was. It was like solid rock. Warm rock, like warm marble. Geez, it was as hard as Mike's huge bicep. "Fuckin' hard, ain't it wimp. All my muscles are fuckin' hard. Big, hard football muscles." He stretched out his arm and let Scott feel the size and hardness of his triceps. Big and thick and shredded. The three heads of muscle bulged in his arm. Then he reached over and wrapped his fingers around Scott's upper arm. "Flex," he ordered. Scott looked into his ice-blue eyes, eyes that were so light and blue that it looked almost unreal. The kid smiled, knowing the faggot was going crazy over his body and his face. "You like my eyes, faggot? You like how blue they are? Yeah, they're blue like ice. Yeah, they're totally blue and my body's totally buff." He looked over at Brandon and Jake. "Yeah, we're the kind of kids you always wanted to be. But you ain't. We're the kids that are big and strong and muscular and real good looking. We got the whole package faggot. You ain't got shit. You're a pathetic little faggot wimp. Now flex that fucking little arm, dweeb.." Scott tried to flex but at the same time the Brock dug his strong fingers into his flesh, right into his bicep. "Fuckin' soft like mush!" he yelled. "Your fucking muscles are soft as fucking mush. He dug his 10 year old fingers deep into Scott's bicep. Scott flexed as hard as he could but his muscles were nothing to the strong fingers of this buff boy. He looked at the boy's forearm, bulging with muscle that looked like snakes covered with veins. A big forearm, bigger than Scott's upper arm, digging his thick strong fingers deep into Scott's flesh. Scott started to cry in pain. Brock's ice blue eyes lit up. He loved what he was doing to the 16 year old wimp. Yeah, here he was, a 10 year old musclekid, dishing out pain to this wimpy 16 year old faggot. His cock got bigger and harder. He loved the feeling of being big, muscular and in control.

Then he let go and just stood there in front of the weak faggot. "Feel how much harder my muscles are than yours. Go ahead, feel 'em." Scott started running his hands all over the boy's body, feeling the size and striations of his delts and the thick wideness of his lats. He rubbed his hands over the kid's chest, feeling the bulging muscle of his pecs, pecs that could do hundreds of pushups. At the same time, the kid was feeling Scott's body, feeling the softness and weakness of his flesh. "You are so fucking weak! You are a total fucking weakling. My muscles are so much harder than yours. Here I am, just a fucking 10 year old, and my muscles are way bigger and way harder than yours." His cock was twitching with excitement as he thought about how much more muscle and power he had in his body than the teen had. "On your knees," he ordered. Scott was beside himself, feeling the big muscles on this kid. He dropped to the ground on his knees and rubbed his fingers over the washboard hardness of the kid's eight-pack abs. "Fuckin' hard as bricks, ain't they faggot. Way too hard for your fucking little fist. I could hardly feel your little punches on those rock hard mothers." Scott's eyes moved from those abs to his cock, which was right at Scott's mouth level and hard as a steel pipe. He could smell the muscle boy jock sweat coming off Brock's body. He grabbed onto the kid's legs and felt the thick, hard football muscle inside. He grabbed his calves, which were bulging and rock hard. This mesomorph football kid was totally muscular and totally hot. And he was ready for his first fuck. Brandon and Jake were stroking their rock-hard cocks, getting ready to fuck their toy. Brock grabbed the back of Scott's head and said "Open the fuck up!" •

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