Michael and Jim: A Gay Brother's Story

By Saberhagen

It all began on my fourteenth birthday. My older brother, Michael, had come home from military school for my birthday. He was a true hottie. He had broad shoulders, bulging biceps, and huge slabs of beef for pecs. You could see the ripples in his stomach through the tightly-stretched black T-shirt as well. His legs and neck were like tree trunks, and he had a hairy chest. But the best part of all was his dick. When fully erect, it stood almost up to twenty-three inches. Although he was only sixteen, his voice was as deep and masculine as a man of age thirty. Anyway, back to my story. Michael came home, immediately hugged our parents, and took a swig of green liquid from a vial. He then came up to me, and said, "How's my favorite little brother?" "I'm fine, Mike, I'm fine," I replied. He nodded, and whispered in my ear, "Meet me in the guest room at two in the morning." With that, Michael went to the living room and turned on the TV.

"Mom, when's the pizza gonna arrive?" asked Michael, who was watching the Simpsons. "I told you, Michael, it will be here in half an hour," was Mom's reply. Moaning, Michael decided to argue by saying, "But I'm starving! Having big muscles makes a person very hungry, you know!"

"Drink some of that green stuff, Mike!" Mom suggested. "It might keep you alive until the pizza comes."

Michael was still groaning at seven o' clock. When the pizza rang, he grabbed twenty dollars, ripped the door open, stuffed the money int the delivery guy's hands, grabbed the two pizzas and two-liter of Pepsi, and said, "Don't spend it all at once, geek!" before slamming the door in the delivery guy's face.

I forgot to mention. When Michael's hungry, he gets a little testy. In fact, he was so hungry that he finished half the soda and one pizza pie. Then he went upstairs to do "business". I knew what the business was, though. Michael was going to fuck himself once again.

While everyone was singing "Happy Birthday to You" (aren't I a little old for this song?), I kept thinking about Michael's command. What on Earth did he want to show me at two a.m.? And why tell me the time so discreetly? Well, I guess I'll find out sooner or later. Until then, there was cake to be eaten. Mom had chosen my favorite--fudge marble. Which, unfortunately, was Michael's favorite too. He ate over half of it, and even though he was my brother, he had better have a damn good reason for eating everything. Or else I was going to pound him good. Or die trying, at least. He'd kill me before I'd even touched his ass. Not to mention he was six-six, and I was only six-one, which was tall for my age. My muscles weren't as big as his, but they were definetely there. "Michael, save some for your brother!" scolded Dad. "You don't want me to punish you, do you?"

Michael glared at him. "Like I care?"

Dad and Michael reared to their full height. Michael was taller by far. But Dad still had that "parental authority" over Michael. He gave Michael a good whipping, and sent him to bed without further argument. That's just great, I thought. Now I'll never know what Michael wanted to show me. But I wasted time diligently playing video games, waiting until two in the morning. When the time came, I crept up to the guest room and knocked three times. This was the knock that I used to let Michael know it's me.

He opened the door, naked. I had to admit I was turned on by his physique. He looked even hotter without his shirt on. The amount of chest hair and muscle had apparently increased since dinnertime. "What?" he asked. I reminded him of his command and that I was merely obeying. He let me in.

The lava lamp was the only light in the room. Michael sat on his bed. "So, kid, do you wonder why I eat so much?" was his first question. I nodded. "Well, it's because of the green liquid I have. It causes hunger pangs. And the more I eat, the more masculinity I gained."

I nodded, my mind blank. "So…what is the green fluid?" I asked, nervous and excited. "It is a liquid passed down from gay man to gay man in the chemistry lab at military school. A secret formula devised by a gay man in the military long ago. If I give it to you, will you solemnly promise to not show it to Mom, Dad, or a straight boy?" "Yes," I promised. He whipped out the potion, and stated, "This is a substance called Protestoserone, made from adding human semen to steroids. It changes your DNA, accentuates your muscularity, and advances your height and increases penile size. I will teach you how to make your own if you like the results you experience."

Handing me the vial, I took a long drink from it. It tasted like the cum from my boyfriend, Jack Lawton, except with a much more bitter taste. Trying not to instinctively spit it out, I swallowed it. Suddenly, a burning sensation started at my temples and worked its way down. My neck grew larger, stronger. My shoulders broadened, my shirt ripped in two as my chest and washboard abs pulsed and grew. My biceps and triceps swelled and bulged.

The exciting part came next. My dick lengthened and burned as more meat was added on to it. It must have been thirteen inches in length and five inches in width! My balls grew to the size of oranges, and I could feel hair sprouting all around my dick. Hair grew on my face, chest, arms, and legs. My Adam's apple swelled and my voice grew deeper. This was a completely sexually stimulating feeling and a rush of male energy went through my body. This all happened in about ten minutes. After taking a good look at my new body, the male energy took over me. Michael and I were soon sucking each other's dick. I cummed faster than he did, and shot a load bigger than what Michael could handle, so he started to choke. "Fuck," Michael gasped, his breathing heavy. "Do you realize how much you just shot into me?"

That was enough to let me know it was time to start humping his ass. After we kissed each other, of course. French kissing, that is.

When I humped him, his voice was full of pain and pleasure. His eyes watered, and when I cummed, he nearly screamed. He humped me after that, and humped me hard. "Shit," I wheezed. "I didn't fuck you this hard, bro!" He ignored me, and we continued our ritual of homosexual rites. It was dawn before we decided enough was enough.

After he got his clothes on, I snuck into my room, but not fast enough. Dad woke up, said, "Whose there?" and went to the bathroom, muttering under his breath. I went into my room, climbed into my bed, and fell asleep faster than a bear going in for hibernation.

When I woke up, Michael was above me. His dark curly hair looked so hot in the morning sun shining through my window. His pierced ear gleamed. "Listen, Jim," he said. "I have to go, but before I do, here is the list of ingredients I promised you." Handing me a slip of paper, he left.

The End •

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