Hercules Revealed



By C Monty

“There he is!” a guard shouted, pointing towards the edge of the village.

Suddenly, a third of the Grecian royal army turned and charged after the quickly darting figure. But the escaper’s swiftness was not quite swift enough to outrun the soldiers’ sure-footed horses, and within seconds mounted cavalry members surrounded him on both sides. Ropes sailed through the air, and twisted their way around the thin running form until he fell and hit the ground, all of his limbs tightly bound together.

Kratos, he captain of the guard, an impressively built man mounted on the strongest and most powerful horse in the entire army, jumped off of his steed himself and slowly and silently walked over to the bound prisoner. At last, he thought, we have captured him. This day had been a long time in coming, and deep below his thick metallic armor, broad shoulders, powerful thighs, and thick chest, Kratos felt a small tinge of excitement that refused to let it show through his stoic demeanor.

As he made his way over to the captive, who lay on the ground ragged and out of breath, Kratos rubbed his hands together expectedly. Then, with a swiftness and might that almost belied his mortality, Kratos reached down and grabbed the captured escapee by his frizzled, dirty hair and pulled him up to his view.

What he saw brought looks of confusion from his charges. In Kratos hands wriggled a young man, who couldn’t possibly be a day over twenty, and couldn’t possibly be an ounce over 145 pounds. The tall, lanky figure was clad only in a loose loin cloth, which appeared to be a few sizes too big for him.

Suddenly, one baffled soldier piped up. “Captain Kratos, I thought we sought after a mighty champion, not this emaciated whelp!”

Kratos turned around with a smile on his face. “We’ve found him.” He then turned to his victim. “Isn’t that right, Hercules? You can stop hiding within this lesser form now. I know it’s you.”

The young man looked up at him with a not-quite-convincingly unknowing look. “What are you talking about, sir? I am not called Hercules.”

“Lies!” Kratos frowned. We shall reveal the truth, right here and right now, for all present. And with that, the captain undid the belt that held his war tunic to his mighty body. Gasps and murmurs were heard from his army as Kratos’ 250-pound collection of bronzed muscled might came into full, completely nude view. He then pressed his eight-inch semi-erect penis into the crotch of the captive and began to slowly grind into him, staring directly into the captive’s eyes as he did so.

A strange wind blew across the field as the young man’s eyes began to roll into the back of his head and then close. A slave to the waves of pleasure that now began to course through his body, the captive began to moan softly, and as he did, a warm golden glow was cast over his flesh. The winds suddenly encircled the youth and lifted him five feet into the air, circling rapidly about him. There, before the very eyes of Kratos, and his men, the young man began to take on a completely different form.

The ropes that had once bound the captive came undone on their own and fell to the ground. His flat, bony chest suddenly bulged into two square, dense mounds of pectoral muscles, and the tiny nipples quadrupled in size to accent the now more powerful chest. Grapefruit-sized biceps appeared where no indication of muscle had previously been, and the rest of the captive’s lanky arm transformed to match it, pulsating with new power. The skinny legs that dangled in the air filled with new brawn, as they and the changing figure’s increasingly globular buttocks and growing package pushed the captive’s loin cloth into its proper place. The tiny garment then began to glow itself and soon the thin loin cloth was now made of a thick, golden fabric. Golden sandals appeared on the now larger and more powerful feet of the growing figure, as short dark hairs coated his now diamond-cut calf muscles. His neck and chin took on a stronger, more masculine look, and the clumpy hair that once crowned his head slowly flowed in new, luxuriant waves down to his shoulders. Even the captive’s nose changed, forming itself into a wider, manlier shape, and a look of pure sexual desire crept across his now irresistible features. Finally, his tightly shut eyes opened, the formerly dirty brown eyes now a brilliantly shining hazel color.

Kratos and the other army men stood in complete awe of what was happening, their faces retaining their shock as the process ended. The dirty young runaway was now a strongly muscled young man, six-feet and five inches tall, with an impossibly beautiful face, long flowing curls of midnight black, and 210 pounds of muscle so beautifully sculpted that he could easily pass as a work of art. This, obviously, was standard form of the mighty Hercules, previously hidden beneath a simulated mortal coil.

Before they could properly react, however, the now-revealed Hercules tilted his head and let out a low, slow, deep moan. As he did, a strong, masculine odor began to emit from beneath his arms, and as it wafted through the air over and across the attentive soldiers, sexual moans were heard from hundreds of feet away.

Still standing right near the floating figure of Hercules, Kratos was the closest to the epicenter of the sex smell, and was deep under its spell. He reached into Hercules’ golden loin cloth, and pulled out of it a cock so thick, full, and beautiful that it seemed too grand even for the figure that possessed it. Kratos, realizing what this meant, took the 13-inch mass of sensual flesh into his warm, inviting mouth and began to gently suck upon it. More, he thought to himself. More.

Seconds later, Kratos felt a strange sensation flowing through his body, which began at his mouth and flowed through his body. His bearded face shifted and pulled gently, and, as he looked down, he saw his already brawny body begin to grow just as Hercules’ had done just moments ago. Across his neck, Kratos felt the fine softness of his brown hair, which was now growing long and beautiful down to his back.

As he felt his own body change, Kratos looked up to see Hercules was going through yet another change. The already impressively beautiful muscle mass now grew into a massive seven-foot, 320-pound size frame, jet black curls began to lightly cover his sculpted torso, and a short thick beard of curly black hair appeared on his formerly smooth cheeks. The changes and the continued effects of the sex smell caused Kratos to increase his action on Hercules’ mighty cock, and both of their transformations began to reach a climax as Hercules’ egg-sized balls began to churn with his juices. All around Hercules and Kratos, the soldiers were slowly undergoing their own transformations, and either stripping themselves of their clothing or growing and bursting out of it. Thin and overweight men now carried similar collections of powerful brawn on their frames, and formerly war-battered faces shone again with the vitality of youth and beauty.

The men slowly began approaching the two figures as Kratos continued to service Hercules’ cock. The other soldiers began feeling up and down the new muscular masses of Hercules, Kratos, and themselves, and Hercules finally let forth a mighty growl, signifying that he could no longer hold back his orgasm. The powerful figure quickly but gently removed Kratos from his pulsating tool, and, grabbing it, emitted another powerful growl as cum began to spray from his cock. The thick, creamy liquid coated the bodies of Kratos and his men as each of them began to release their own ejaculate. Within a few minutes, one-third of the Athenian army, its mighty captain, and a demigod of untold strength and sexual prowess had fallen to the ground and passed into deep, silent slumber.

The next morning, Kratos awoke to find that he still retained his new, heavily muscled and beautifully sculpted form, as had each of his men as well. Hercules, however, was nowhere to be found, the only clue to his presence being a seven-foot indent in the grass of the rolling plains.

“We must find him!” Kratos ordered, and he and his men promptly began to fan out and search the nearby forest. No form of the mighty Hercules, neither his standard form, his bearded form of pure power, or his waif-like disguise, where ever found or seen again in all of the Grecian Empire. •

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