Herculean Muscleman


By He-Man

Scot always knew that wherever he went, he turned heads. At 6’2 and weighing 265lbs, he had the muscles of a bodybuilder and the strength of a powerlifter; the perfect specimen of a man, and only 21 years of age.

Scot’s days were very regimented; 2 hours training at the gym, then to work, back to the gym. In the evenings he would spend his time either showing off his muscles and strength in private exhibitions or cruising the local bars so that he could show off in public. Scot lived for muscle and strength.

Scot was at his happiest when he was showing off. He had placed several advertisements inviting people to come and see “The Herculean Muscleman – see the muscles, feel the muscles, witness the strength, test the strength”. His customer base consisted of both males and females, and on occasions girls brought their musclebound boyfriends so that they could impress their girlfriends by beating Hercules. None had (in fact none had even come close!).

His private shows normally ran to a schedule. He would greet the customer at the door wearing tight jeans and T shirt. He would then take them to the basement where he had a fully furnished gym, with every conceivable type of weight lifting machine, free weights and an assortment of strength act equipment. Here he would strip down to posing trunks and would do a full posing routine, and at the end ask the customer if they wanted to oil him up. Of course everybody did want to get their hands on his muscles, so he never had to ask twice. Most people also wanted to know how big his muscles where, so he would hand them a tape measure and let them see for themselves (22 inch biceps, 54 inch chest, 31inch quads and 34 inch ripped abs – a slight covering of hair on his chest and abs). After the posing and oiling routine, Scot would then start to pump iron – doing whatever the customer wanted; if they had brought a musclebound boyfriend, Scot would allow them to reach their max on an exercise and then show them what Hercules could do. He would also do feats of strength such as bending bars or snapping chains to really prove a point, and on the rare occasion that a musclebound hunk was foolish enough to challenge him to an armwresle, he would make a real show of beating them. After the show, if he felt inclined, he would ask the customer if they wanted a Herculean fuck; he got very few refusals and could perform all night long in hard heavy sex, with either men or woman or both.

Scot loved to show off his abilities in unusual ways, and never refused a challenge, particularly if it resulted in him having to strip down to posing trunks and flex. One of his most memorable sessions was with a bodybuilder, who brought his weightlifter boyfriend around for a session with Hercules. After the ritual posing, oiling, measuring and iron pumping iron sessions, the bodybuilder asked whether Hercules was willing to try something somewhat different. Scot readily agreed, and found himself at a large construction site where the weightlifter worked. Looking around him, the weightlifter pointed to a massive machine, which he explained was used to crush huge rocks; the question was whether Hercules was strong enough to beat the machine. Scot smiled and flexed “Bring it on boys” he said as the machine was powered up. It was over 7 feet in height and had side panels on hydraulic rams, which were designed to crush massive rocks from the side. Scot placed himself in the machine and stretched out his arms until his hands touched the side; then the pressure was increased. The weightlifter announced that he had managed to withstand 300lb per square inch of pressure before having to admit that his massive 54 inch chest and 23 inch arms could cope with no more.

Scot accepted the pressure as it increased against his body, trying to crush him flat. After a while, he started to sweat, his muscles beginning to tire as a result of the unstopping pressing being exerted. He started to grunt and groan out loud; fuck he was enjoying this he thought. When he looked over at his two customers, he realized that they were jerking each other off, just by looking at his muscles beating the machine. He was unsure how much more he could cope with when he heard the machine start to release pressure through a multiple set of exhaust valves. He decided to try and beat the machine, so he allowed his arms to be compressed against his shoulders, and then with all his strength he started to force the side panels back outwards; his whole body shaking with the effort; every muscle being pumped to its maximum – “Fuck I am good” he thought. With an almighty explosion, the pressure suddenly relented as Scot realized that the machine had exploded – it may be able to crush massive stone but it was unable to crush Hercules. As he walked from the machine, he looked at the pressure gauge – it had blown at 1138 lbs per square inch.

He walked over to the weightlifter and flexed – “Now you have seen Hercules in action, you want to be fucked by him?” he asked; whatever the response he was determined to have his end away with the hairy beefy 23 year old competitive strongman. Scot fucked him 5 times during the evening, whilst also doing the 20 year old 210lb bodybuilder 4 times

Scot always new that he was strong enough to beat anyone, but he had never met a real match until one day he received a ‘phone call from a woman booking an appointment. She had had asked whether she could bring along a few friends – Scot was more than happy to oblige. When he answered the door, he was shocked to see not only the woman, but an obviously well muscled woman. He took her down to his basement, where before he had even the chance to remove his shirt, she had ripped it from his body. She stood back and admired the sight before her. “So you are Hercules” she sneered as she removed her own outer clothes to reveal a set of muscles that most men would be envious of. “I hope you are as strong as you proclaim, I really don’t want to be wasting my time on just another muscleman who thinks he can impress me”. Scot flexed “These muscles are as strong, if not stronger, than they look” he announced. She looked around the gym and spotted a squat machine which was loaded to 1250 lbs which Scot had earlier that day used to humiliate a musclebound hunk who, according to the girlfriend was the strongest man around (he only managed 810 lbs before Scot showed him real muscle). She went over to the bar and squatted beneath it “I really hope that this is not you max” she said as she started to lift the weight off the stand “I really hate men who are weaker than me”. She completed 5 reps, her muscles glistening in the artificial light. Scot smiled, went over and did 12 reps without breaking into a sweat. “Don’t worry” he smiled, “These muscles can cope with anything you may wish to throw at them.

The woman smiled appreciatively and asked if she could invite her friends down. Scot agreed, but almost regretted his decision when he saw who was walking down the steps into the basement; Ronnie Coleman (current Mr Olympia), Marius Pudzuionoski (Current World’s strongest man) and Jay Cutler (the worlds strongest bodybuilder). The woman marched in followed by the three musclemen; she went upto Scot and ordered his to flex his Herculean muscles. After looking his body over, she asked whether he was Herculean enough to compete against “her boys” as she referred to the 3 men behind her - as if on queue they ripped off their shirts and started to flex. Scot was hesitant at accepting the challenge, but when he was offered $10,000 if he did, he accepted (unaware of the rules).

They went down to the basement, and as the four musclemen stripped into posers, Scot was told how the competition would run. There would be a single tests of strength, namely barebell curls (to test total upper and lower body strength). Scot was confident that he could beat the three men in barbell curls but was not prepared for the final twist in the challenge – not only did he have to outlift them, but he had to outlift them easily – the definition of easy being twice their combined totals. Scot was shocked – for the first time in his life he had been set a challenge which even he was unsure his muscles could cope with; nevertheless he had accepted the challenge earlier and was not in a position to back out now.

The first test was the barbell curl. Ronnie started to load the bar with monster weights. When he got to 440lbs he stopped and flexed. He bent down and grabbed the bar and started to lift. He did 5 reps with sweat covering his muscles. He then added another 150lbs and after a lot of mental preparation started to curl it – every muscle straining against the 590lbs on the bar. After a mammoth struggle, he competed the curl with a mighty scream – his muscles looking every inch a Mr Olympia winner. As he dropped the bar, he started to flex. Next up was Jay who added 60lbs to the bar and struggled with 3 reps. He stood and flexed as another 100lbs was loaded – a total of 750lbs. He did a perfect double bicep pose, kissing each arm as he approached the bar; he looked at Ronnie and winked as he started to lift. The bar started to move very slowly, his ramrod straight body taking the full weight as he completed the deadlift phase of the exercise. As he stood their holding the weight, he bounced his pecs and tightened his abs into an awesome 6 pack. He looked straight ahead and started to scream “He-man Strength; He-Man strength – I am He-Man” as he slowly completed the curl. Scot could not take his eyes off the sight of the mighty Jay Cutler curling 750lbs.

The room went quiet as Jay completed the curl. All eyes where then on the massive Marius, his 25inch biceps having recently been crowned as the strongest in the world. Marius smiled as he loaded an additional 200lbs on the bar and did 4 reps with the mighty 950lbs of iron. He then stood and flexed as the woman oil him up; “fuck” thought Scot; “he is massive”. Marius looked around the gym and asked for an additional 600lbs; the World’s Strongest Man was going to curl 1,550lbs – an awesome feat even by his standard (his previous best being 1100lbs). The bar was loaded. He approached it and bent down, his massive hands enveloping the bar. With a primal scream he started to lift, every muscle responding to the call to generate power. His massive frame was covered in sweat as every vein stood out like a roadmap; the bar continued to move slowly upwards. As he started the curl phase, the woman got a tape measure – Biceps 26 inches, chest 63 inches abs a solid 36 inches – all muscle and all man. Scot looked over at Ronnie and Jay and realized that both had removed their posing trunks and had their massive cocks in their hand, furiously pumping away at their own meat as Marius continued to curl, screaming encouragement to the muscle hulk as he continued to lift “Go on Muscleman, you can do it, you are the strongest fucker to ever walk the planet” they screamed. “Not even the Hulk can match you – you can’t be beaten” they continued. Marius suddenly looked ahead, with only one purpose – to curl 1,550 lbs. His muscles contracted even more as the bar started to gain speed. “Strength Strength Strength – I am the Hulk” he screamed as he competed the curl. He slowly lowered the bar, making his biceps even bigger. As he dropped the bar, the massive exertion took its toll, and he fell to the floor on his back, even more sweat pouring off his body as his massive chest heaved to take in more oxygen.

Scot was staggered – did they really expect him to curl 5,780lbs. He knew he was strong – but even he had his limits (whatever they were). The woman came over to him – “Your turn Hercules – remember the rules”. Scot started to complain but the woman held her hand up to stop him “You advertise as being THE Hercules so fucking well prove it pretty boy – if you fail I will make sure that everyone knows that you are a fraud and a fucking weakling, that those muscles of yours are fake. You accepted the challenge now fucking well deliver on your promise of being THE Hercules. There is NO WAY a 21 year old pretty muscle boy can outlift my musclemen – I want to see you humiliated and broken”.

Scot was shocked by the ferocity of her verbal attack; although he began to doubt his own strength, he was not prepared to give in, but he had one rule of his own. “OK Bitch, these muscles are the muscles of Hercules” he said as he flexed, “but I have one rule of my own – so far you have been making all the fucking rules” She smiled and agreed to hear him out “I want all three of your ‘boys’ stood in front of me naked – I want to see their hard cocks as they beat themselves off watching Hercules – I will then decide which one I fuck when I win”. The woman smiled and instructed each of her boys to strip off; Jay and Ronnie having put back on their posers after Marius had competed his lift.. The ‘boys’ obliged and started to flex. Scot went over to each and squeezed their cock and balls in a vice like grip. Once he got each guy as hard as he coujlod, he measured them, “fuck they are big boys” he thought, Jay at 9 inches, Marius at 10 ½ inches and Ronnie a staggering 12 inches.

Scot walked over to the bar – flexed and posed. He shoved his hands into his tight posers and re-adjusted his own 11 inches of man meat. Looking at the 3 muscle gods in front of him, he decided that he posers would not be able to cope, so he ripped them off. He looked at himself in the full length mirror and was impressed with his own look “a 21 year old gorgeous, hairy, muscled, hung Hercules” he thought; but as he looked at the bar, he had to question whether even Hercules could curl nearly 6,000lbs.

Scot looked at the bar and bent down – taking a firm grip. His body as tense as an iron bar he started to lift. Barely able to focus, he started to lift, his whole body racked in pain, never in his life had he felt such a weight at the end of his massive arms. He completed the deadlift phase, his whole body covered in sweat, his huge thighs looking as though they were about to burst. He screamed like he had never screamed before as he started the curl, his stunning 6 pack erupting into an awesome 8 pack, his chest hair becoming matted with the sweat. He looked at his reflection in the mirror and couldn’t believe the transformation in his muscle size, particularly his biceps, they must be over 24 inches he thought.

Scot looked at the 3 muscle gods and realized that all of them where pumping their meat as if to get fire from them, all three of them were also covered in sweat from just watching him. He continued to curl, the pain overriding any concerns that he might fail – he WAS HERCULES and had to prove it. The woman came over and started to lick his sweaty hairy abs and chest, twisting and pulling his massive pecs “Holy Fuck” he screamed “This is fucking heavy – even for Hercules”. The woman started to nibble his left pec, as she continued to rub his awesome solid hairy 8 pack. He looked over at the muscle men and saw that both Marius and Jay were leaning backwards, their massive bodies pumped and flexed as they continued to work their meat. Suddenly he felt a flood of hot liquid hit his chest – he looked at Marius as saw him shooting his man juice 15 feet directly onto him; Marius kept on pumping his cock as he screamed in delight. Without warning, the other two also unloaded onto Scot’s manly chest and abs, his chest and ab hair now matted with both sweat and juice. The woman kept on massaging his muscles, rubbing in the goodness from ‘her boys’ as he continued to curl. All of a sudden, she had scooped up a handful and was rubbing it around Scot’s mouth, he started to lick her hands to take the taste as he completed the curl.

He looked at himself in the mirror – he had curled nearly 6,000lbs and beaten the strongest men in the world – He was Hercules. He dropped the bar, and started to flex. The three muscle gods came over and started to feel the body of Hercules. Scot had never felt so drained or pumped in his life. Without even touching his cock – he suddenly unloaded a stream which covered the wall over 30 feet away, each thrust of his pelvis sending a new tirade against the wall. Ronnie rushed in front of the stream and got covered, rubbing it into his muscles and tasting it. Although Scot was well known for the multiple cums, even he was surprised when he was still shooting after 8 minutes; not only did he have Herculean muscles and strength, but he also had a Herculean set of cock and balls.

Once Scot had finally finished shooting his awesome load, he stood and smiled. “OK Bitch” he said “You now agree that I am Hercules, stronger than even your troop of musclemen?”. She turned and smiled. She looked at her ‘boys’ and asked if they thought that Scot would be a suitable candidate for the project. They all agreed, without hesitation, in fact Marius and Ronnie where still feeling every inch of Scot’s body.

Scot looked confused “What project” he asked. All of a sudden, he felt a strong arm behind him, it was Jay covering his mouth and nose with a fabric which had a strange chemical smell.

The last thing that Scot remembers is feeling dizzy, before he woke up in a strange place – a place completely alien to him. •

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