Concrete Angel


By brahmabull

His touch sent shivers down my spine. Slowly making me weak to the knees. As he held my jawline with his heavily large paw. I close my eyes and felt the radiating heat from the course bare hands. So warm to the touch with a slight rough suttle feel to it. All this and not knowing that I have been sporting a steel hard-on tent with growing wet spot. It was then I knew this being was the one that I wanted to be with for my entire life.

As if felt like hours has gone by, reeling from the intense presence and much less powerfull touch. I open my eyes again - wanting to see my fantasy man. I peer up to him to see - he was GONE. Here I am in the middle of the frickin' sidewalk with a steel hardon and giant wet spot all around my crotch. And this GAWD-DAMN MAN is gone again! Seriously I need a life here. I know he wasn't a dream. He was here. And I felt him. Shit! uhm.... I think its time to go.

Looking around - I forgot the people walking past me, smirking and rolling their eyes at me. Embarrassment hits hard. I felt like a kid again at school where the others laugh and sneer at me. Oh how humilating. Very humilating indeed.

I hurried back home wanting this swelting hot day to end. If only suffer less of my dignity loss here in the crowd.


Finally, I am home. I can't believe my own luck. How in the world can I have a day like this? I think I am losing my mind. Then again - I just maybe. Daydreaming a man that I would worship and even to know the ideal look of him. It truly is sad moment to be in. Sigh. I wonder if this is all the I have left of myself. I look down and see the past the belly, the wet spot that I can't believe happen in public. I shake my head in total stupidity.

Let me describe you about myself. You'll get the picture about why I would have worship that lustfull man. I'm about 5'7" and 190lbs. Brown skinned and slightly tanned. Short cropped black hair. Brown eyes. A whispy mustache and chin pubes. Yes, I can't grow anymore than that. Oh and by the way - abit overwieght too. arghh. Nice to know there is some self loathing in my life that I care about.

It is sad that I am having a day like this. As I pounder on - I mindlessly begin to strip out of my wet - uhm yeah that wet too - clothing. Making my way to the bathroom - the sound of the small AC crackling in a low humm, barely even running. I need the building manager to replace it. Again.

Time again to see the same face over again in the mirror. It just amazes me that some of my dearest friends think I look remotely handsome in their eyes. I just don't see it. I turn on the shower on and let the bathroom steam up. I wonder - why I am so sticky? -don't you all go there-

The steam finally sets in and fogs up the mirror. Do I dare look at myself again . As I have seen it atleast the trillionth time again? I pick up the face towel and wipe way the foggd up mirror. Staring at ... HIM?!

He is in the FUCKING mirror looking back - er at me???? He is right behind me. But as I turn around he is not even there. Looking back at the mirror, he is there like he was right behind me. Just staring at me ---- naked too. My eyes grow wide as day. I must be really going insane now.

Oh dear GAWD, I thought to myself.

. His voice echoes in a baritone manner as seducing as a masculine man in complete lust.

"Are you talking to me in my head?", I replied back verbally.

. Again his eyes gaze towards me like a hypnotic spell.

As I take this all in. I realize that if this is real, then I am not going insane. I think. That maybe something somewhere someone has brought a man of my wet lusty dreams to my life. Here and now....

[Wait the GODDAMN minute! If you are real - Then why the fuck did you leave me out there in the middle of the FUCKIN' sidewalk with a steel hard-on and giant wet spot on a hot fuckin' day?! You may be in my outright head. But you got some explaining to do here, mister!]

Utterly floored by the out burst from just short man who he came down to be here for. Looks plainly with is now golden eyes. GOLD EYES?!

Suddenly the image of the mirror shines a halo around the bear of a man -- making that of a fade to his bright white wings. Behind his immense torso. Covered in white lush dense fur. --- huh --- WINGS!!!!! •

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