One Push Too Many


By RedKage

The alarm clock blared on as usual as Charles slammed his fist on the snooze button. Sitting up in his bed, he tried to focus his mind and eyes, but he was too groggy to think or notice anything. He did notice, however, that his bed was slightly wet and warm.

Great…./ he thought to himself as he headed towards the bathroom. Just what I need; wet dreams. Now people are gonna think I’m some sorta fag now. While he walked, he felt like he was carrying a heavy weight with him. Somehow he felt…weak, and heavy, but paid it no attention. Probrably from the beating I got yesterday.

Charles absentmindedly went to the toilet and reached for his cock to do his usual morning release. However, when his hand touched his cock, instead he felt something hard, hot and his hand couldn’t reach all the way around it.

When he looked down, his eyes snapped open and he cried out in surprise. What was attached to him wasn’t his cock; it was a monster! His cock had blown up to ridiculous proportions! It hung past his knees, about two feet long and about as thick as a 2 liter bottle of coke! And his balls also were huge! They were now as big as honeydew melons, and he could feel a faint pressure inside them from the amount of cum they were carrying!

And his cock and balls weren’t the only thing that changed. His body…was disgusting! Gone were those long earned muscles, now they were replaced by fat! His once trim waist was now immersed in a mass of blubber about 100 cm around! His mighty chest, which he had work so hard on was replaced by sagging tit! As he grabbed his arms, he couldn’t feel any traces of any muscle hidden underneath.

At this point Darren rushed into the bathroom, his eyes wide. "Charles! Are you al-"

"What the fuck is going on!?" Charles bellowed. "Why the hell am I f…f...fat!?"

"I…I’m sorry!" Darren cried. "It’s my fault. I was-"

"YOU DID THIS TO ME!?" Charles yelled at the top of his lungs. Then, without warning, he grabbed Darren and started choking him! "WHY THE HELL DID YOU THIS THIS TO ME!? WHY!?"

Darren struggled to pry Charles off of him, but even though Charles no longer had his muscles, he was still strong enough to keep his grip around Darren’s neck. In one, final desperate attempt, he did the only thing he could think of. His hand reached down and…squeezed Charles’s oversized dick.

The results were instant. Charles lost his strength as all his blood rushed to his dick as he was overwhelmed with sexual pleasure. His grip was weakened enough so Darren could break free, but before he could step back, he was suddenly lifted into the air. Looking down, his eyes bulged as he saw that he was actually sitting on Charles’s massive cock!

Somehow, the feeling of someone riding his cock made Charles even more horny as his cock grew bigger, longer, and harder. Quickly Darren jumped off, and the waves of pleasure slowly diminished and his cock shrunk back to its normal size…or at least as normal as it was that morning. As the blood rushed back to his head, Charles began breathing again. "Darren…explain…now!"

Darren gulped as he gaped at Charles. "Well, uh, you know, uh, last week, when Cain…you know…I…well, you didn’t help me at all, so I, uh…" Darren took a deep breath.

"I hated you."

Charles stared.

"I hated you." Darren repeated. "I hated you so much that you made me sick. Ever since I was a kid, bigger guys would pick me on, and I’ve been humiliated so many times. Then you came around and I thought I finally found a friend I could trust, but when you left me last week, I…I…wanted to get back at you!"

Charles said nothing and continued to stare.

"After the incident, I spent two days straight developing something to humiliate you. I devised a formula designed to weaken and shrink muscles by extracting and expelling you testosterone and hormones from your system while weakening your metabolism. I spiked all your meals with it since last week, and it produced some very good results-"

At this point Charles began to shake with rage. Afraid that he’d try to choke him again, Darren reached down quickly and gave Charles’s cock a quick squeeze.

After Charles managed to get his erection down, Darren continued to give his explanation.

"After a week, I already saw a change in your stats. However, It was too slow, so I devised a stronger, faster formula, and injected it into chocolates. I knew you love chocolates, so it was a natural choice, really. But then when you came home all beaten up…I…I realized what a stupid jerk I was!"

Darren fell on his knees and wept. "I’m a idiot! I was so caught up in my anger and revenge that I failed to see how good a friend you really were! And if I hadn’t been so selfish and begged you to take me to the gym, none of this would have ever happened! So I’m sorry! I really am! I don’t care what you do to me anymore, but I don’t deserve a friend like you!"

After a long, silent moment, Charles finally spoke up. "So what do we do now?"

Darren raised his head and looked at Charles. "We get you to some medical experts. They’ll find some way to return you to normal."

"Hell no."

Darren blinked. "Wh-what? Why?"

"First of all," Charles start, "I am not about to be known as the fat guy with the worlds largest dick. Second, there is no way I’m gonna let all those people do stuff to me. And finally, what’s going to happen to you?"

Darren just sat there, stunned.

"I don’t think human experimentation is exactly legal, right? And the fact that you did something like this would probably get you into a lot of trouble."

"But…don’t you want to get cured?" Darren asked.

"Of course I do, moron!" Charles burst out. "That’s why YOU are going to do it!"


"Yes you!" Charles poked Darren in the chest several times very hard. "You’re the reason I’m like this, and you’re gonna get me out of it. If you don’t fix me, I’ll make sure that the rest of your life is a living hell, got it!?"

"Y-y-yes sir!" Darren stuttered.

"Good." Charles nodded. "Now, fix breakfast. I’m starving!"

Darren looked at Charles to see if it was a joke, then stood up and headed out. When he reached to door, he looked back.

"Thank you."

Charles only smiled. "What are friends for? No go!" •

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