Size Large

A Leg Up


By gymboy

Josh kept getting bigger and bigger and BIGGER. With all that extra mass came a lot more strength. The poundages on his lifts kept going up and up. All that size was a little tough for me to contain. Josh gave me a breather a few times during his senior year. Although he would wear me to the gym, he would strip me off before his workout and hang me on the nearest machine.

I remember him working legs, once. He was wearing my old friend, Blue. Those years of gym time and hundreds of washes had made Blue fade a little. He had fit Josh a little loosely at first, but now he followed every contour of Josh’s glutes, quads, and hamstrings.

What a workout that day! Josh started with leg extensions. With every rep, he flexed his quads. Their definition was incredible—even packing over 200 pounds, Josh was shredded. The teardrop shape of his quads got harder and harder as the workout continued.

Josh moved to the leg press. He loaded plate after plate on the machine. He squeezed out rep after rep like he was a machine himself. His bare upper body glistened as he pressed close to half a ton on each rep.

He moved on to squats, his favorite leg exercise. Unlike many jocks, Josh never tried to “max out” on his squats. He was content to squat “only” 400 pounds using strict form. Down and up, down and up, until his quads were pumped to the max. Blue was having trouble keeping Josh and his big jock muscle covered. It only got worse for Blue. Josh threw himself down on the leg curl machine. Keeping his pelvis tight against the pad, he curled the leg bar up with no trouble. His hamstrings started swelling up with the strain, pushing Blue up to the bottom of Josh’s bubble butt. By the time he was done with his workout, Josh had legs that were as big as tree trunks. •

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