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The Final Workout


By gymboy

I didn’t see much of Josh for the rest of his senior year. I mostly hung out at the back of Josh’s dresser drawer with Blue. I guess Josh was working out in other gear. That was OK with me—I needed the rest. Then, one day close to the end of May, Josh was cleaning his dorm room and pulled out me and Blue.

Josh looked HUGE! He must have weighed at least 230 pounds. Those four years of dedication had paid off. At only 5’ 10”, he was a MUSCLE MONSTER. He looked at us for a minute, got that strange gleam in his eye again, then started to pull us on.

It was a tight fit! Blue could barely squeeze over Josh’s quads, hams, and power ass. I noticed that Blue’s front was stretched out as well. Apparently, Josh’s cock had been getting bigger with the rest of his physique.

Josh had just as much trouble with me. My material stretched, paper-thin, over his massive chest, broad back, and boulder-like shoulders. His muscle flesh bulged under me with every move he made.

I suppose Josh liked the way we looked, because the bulge in Blue got bigger. The next thing we knew, we were on the way to the gym for a workout. And what a workout! We hit chest first. 100 push ups to warm up, then straight to the bench press. Three sets with the bar loaded. Every rep, Josh would bring down the bar, pause, then explode up with awesome power. I could feel my fabric stretch thinner and thinner over his meaty pecs.

Josh showed no mercy. We moved on to incline press with dumbbells. Every rep, Josh squeezed his pecs hard, and I could feel them swelling bigger than ever. For good measure, Josh cranked out some cable flyes. As he drew the cables across his chest, I could feel both pecs turn to stone with all the blood they contained.

I figured we were done, but Josh had other ideas. He moved over to the wall and started to crank out some pull ups. I guess he thought they were too easy, because he attached a weight belt to his waist and did the next set with a 45 pound plate hanging from the belt. He added ANOTHER plate for the third set and still managed ten reps! The rest of the back workout was a blur to me. Seated rows, one-armed dumbbell rows, wide-grip pull downs—Josh worked out like a madman! •

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