Strength Chronicles, The: Hero of Mordac

The Test and the Choice


By cscpttrainer

The orb began to spin faster and a green beam shot out of it hitting Estus in the chest. The beam then spread over the skin of his entire body making him glow. Feelings of solitude and serenity filled his mind as he still hung from the chains. He felt as if he were floating. His heart beat slowed; he was relaxed and calm. His wounds began to heal. The swelling of his face deflated. His bleeding cuts scabbed and then cleared. His whip burns melted away. His body was restored to its youthful, athletic, and healthy appearance. Then the color of the beam changed to red. Estus began to feel warm, then hot like he had a fever. He began to sweat. Suddenly he felt sharp pains in his bones all over his body. He screamed loudly but no sound left the red glow that surrounded him. His bones began to expand. His modest frame size grew. His wrists, which used to be 8 inches (20.3 cm) around, grew to 9.5 inches (24 cm). His legs and shoulders too. His entire frame was being enlarged and his skin and muscles began to stretch to fill it. He was now 6 ft 1 tall (183 cm). When his bones stopped growing, his muscles began to thicken. His pecs grew full and deep, so heavy that his quarter-sized nipples pointed down to the floor as they hung from his now huge chest. His quads grew to 25 inches (65 cm), his biceps to 19.5 inches (49.5 cm). His forearms, delts, neck, back muscles, and calves followed suit.

Axus now fearing for his life upon seeing the growing muscle god before him, rose from the floor and ran out of the cell, locking the cell door behind him and knocking over a flaming urn in the hallway in his haste. Smoke from the now fallen urn began to fill the hallways of the dungeon and the remaining guards, fearing a fire had erupted, fled as they saw Axus in panic. Axus, who was always fiercely loyal to only Maciste, ran to warn him.

Panting and out of breath, Axus came upon Maciste and the Queen in her sitting room and told them all he had seen. The Queen said to Maciste, "Mordac must be a fool. I will just seduce Estus as I did Goliath."

"It may not be that easy," answered Maciste who was becoming lost in thought.

"Estus may have more willpower than Goliath," Axus said to them.

"Maciste, you must trick Estus into coming to my chambers and I will handle it from there," said the Queen as she reached for the Venusian girdle in her drawer. Almost not hearing her, Maciste said "Yes, I have a plan."

Estus breathed heavily from the pain and the stress causing his six pack abs to contract and expand quickly. His skin again stretched further accommodating his new mass for he was now 215 lbs (97.7 kg) of muscle with 7% bodyfat. The pain began to subside as did the heat. The red glow began to recede back into the orb. The flickering flames from the torches on the wall of his cell danced on Estus's new sweaty musculature. He felt relaxed now that the pain had ended and surprisingly energetic given his ordeal.

"It is done now," said Mordac. "Now go Estus and heed my advice." The orb then faded away.

Estus, still hanging from the chains, looked down at his new massive physique. He went to put his right hand on his chest and, without realizing it, yanked the ceiling chain. It broke off at his wrist. Realizing what had happened, he then pulled down his left hand, easily snapping the other chain and leaving him with two black iron collars around each of his large wrists. He brought his hands to his hard pecs, feeling his sternum cleavage. Then he brought them down to his rock six pack abs feeling each one as they rose and fell in his torso. He flexed his now 19.5 inch (49.5 cm) biceps admiring their size, vascularity and leanness. He extended his leg and pointed his foot, tightening his quads and watched his large intermedius and medialis dance before him.

What beauty, he thought, what manly perfection, what power. He wanted to test it. He walked over to the door of his cell and grabbing the bars, with a hard pull, the door came off its iron hinges. Holding it, he stared at it almost not believing what his new strength had done. Now, he thought, he was ready to find the Queen as Lord Mordac had commanded him. He stepped into the smoky hallway.

As he looked down the hall toward a hazy light, he could see someone walking down stone stairs towards him. As the figure came closer, he saw its large muscular frame. Given the person's size, he first thought it was Goliath as it strode with that bodybuilder's gait. But he noticed the waist was smaller than Goliath's and the height slightly shorter. He realized it could only be Maciste. He stared again at the physique. Maciste looked even more handsome than he remembered him in the Queen's throne room. That small waist, those broad shoulders, bubbled delts, powerful pecs and biceps and olive skin. Estus's heart began to pound. As the muscular being came in sight through the smoky haze, Estus slowly walked backwards into his cell, planning to confront the queen's champion there.

As Maciste walked down the hall toward Estus, he first spotted the outline of a very powerful man. At first Maciste could still not believe it was Estus but it could be no one else based on Axus's description. This above average athletic man was suddenly as muscular and large as Goliath had been. Maciste marveled at the power Mordac must have. "But was that strength really greater than his own?" he wondered. He wanted to test it and find out yet he was afraid. He wondered if that power could be drained from Estus, why could he not make it flow into him instead?

Maciste stepped into Estus's cell. Estus raised his forearms like a wrestler. Consciously keeping his hands at his sides, Maciste spoke.

"Estus, listen to me. I come here not to fight you ...."

"Better for you!" snapped Estus interrupting Maciste. "For the power of Mordac is in me and I will defeat you and the Queen." Estus reached down to the floor and picked up one of iron pokers that was used to torture him. With his two hands, he bent it into a U and threw it at Maciste's feet.

Maciste stared at Estus thinking of the display of strength he just saw. Estus stared back into Maciste's blue eyes. He became distracted and scanned Maciste's body noticing every muscle, its size and shape. He blinked back into focus.

"I have come here to ask for you help. Together we can defeat the Queen and her soldiers if we join forces. I will help you kill her," said Maciste.

"Ha!" laughed Estus. "Do you think me a fool?"

Looking down, Maciste answered, "No Estus. You are no fool. I never wanted to fight Goliath but I had no choice. I have seen the Queen's cruelty for many years now and I have had enough. Now is my chance to make amends. Our chance to do it together." He lifted his head and looked at Estus sincerely. "You are different. I noticed you when you first walked into the throne room before I even noticed Goliath. I saw the love in your eyes when you looked at him. A love we all now know could never be answered due to Mordac. I admired it and was jealous of it."

Estus could not believe what he was hearing. He could smell Maciste's testosterone. There was a powerfulness to him that attracted him. He felt it in the throne room and he felt it now, much stronger. Maciste was beautiful. Estus's heart beat even faster and he became aroused. He wanted to touch Maciste, to feel his rock hard muscles. He felt a pull toward him.

Estus cleared his mind of these thoughts and shouted "Enough lies!" as he swung his fist at Maciste knocking the muscle god to the ground. On the ground Maciste shook his head and quickly came back into consciousness. Never had he felt a punch like that before. He realized he had met more than his match. Estus was surprised at what he had done. He looked at his fist almost not believing its power as he let Maciste rise to his feet. Maciste faced the young muscle god and like two wrestlers they circled each other. "I won't fight you, Estus," Maciste said. "I can't….."

Estus began to doubt his convictions. He began to think that perhaps Maciste has changed He began to want to believe him. He was so handsome. Yet Estus leapt forward toward the titan. Maciste was surprised but with a quick move he raised his hands to meet Estus's and their fingers were laced in a test of strength.

Estus pressed hard. His arm muscles ballooned. Maciste met the force with an equal amount. Estus pressed harder and Maciste again matched him. Maciste's veins popped up wildly across his arms and chest. Again Estus pressed pulling up his reserves of power and strength. Their faces were close and each gritted his teeth. Slowly Maciste's hands began to bend backward as Estus's strength began to show its superior power. Maciste did not know what to do. His strength for the first time in his life was being overpowered by another. He was no longer the greatest power.

Their eyes met as they struggled. Estus again could not help but notice Maciste's powerful deep blue eyes. He also found his overpowering of the muscular champion strangely erotic. Now he was the muscle god he thought worthy of another's attention just as he had worshipped Goliath. Estus became even more aroused.

Maciste brought his face closer to Estus and place his lips on Estus's. Estus could not believe the feeling inside him. How he longed for the touch and feel of Goliath. Now here he was with a muscle god as handsome if not more so. Could this be true? Could his dreams finally be answered? But what of his vow? Estus was now fully erect. Maciste had said he would help him end the Queen's rule. Estus slowly released the pressure on Maciste's hands and each titan wrapped their arms around the other and continued their embrace. Maciste released one arm and brought it down between them and began to stroke Estus in his groin. Slowly the giants lowered themselves to the floor and Maciste removed Estus belt and loincloth and continued his stroking. Estus placed his hands on Maciste's pecs and felt their hardness. Maciste said, "You are so beautiful, Estus" and before Estus could stop him, Maciste moved his mouth down for he wanted Estus to break his vow and for Mordac's power to flow out of Estus. With that touch, Estus lost all his resistance and his mind exploded in sexual sensation. And flow it did and Estus succumbed to his never fulfilled dreams of love with a muscle god. With each thrust, Maciste swallowed more and more, hoping he could absorb the greater strength that had bested him. When it was over, the two muscle gods embraced again and kissed. Maciste stood up and helped Estus up and whispered to the young man. "One more, my love before we end the Queen's rule." Estus placed his lips on Maciste's wrapping his arms around his dream. Maciste brought his ripped arms around Estus's lower back. They hugged. Maciste however continued to squeeze. Estus cried in pain. Maciste squeezed the once powerful giant once more even harder. Estus began to pound his fists into Maciste's chest and front delts. But the blows simply bounced off the champion's large muscles for the power of Mordac had left Estus and his strength was no longer any match for Maciste's. Then Estus fainted and grew limp as Maciste's powerful arms crushed Estus's back.

Maciste placed the unconscious former muscle god down on the floor of the cell. His plan had worked and taking his fingers to his hips, he pulled down and the once invisible Venusian girdle reappeared and Maciste took it off and threw it next to the now paralyzed body of Estus.

As he starred pathetically at Estus, suddenly Maciste noticed a red glow around his hands. The glow grew along his arms and soon covered his whole body. He began to feel warm and as he looked at himself his large muscles began to grow even larger. He became larger than any pump he had ever had and larger than even Goliath. He reached up to the ceiling with his arms admiring their beauty. "Yes!" he thought. He had found the secret and it had worked. He had swallowed Mordac's power and his muscles were now incorporating it into his own! He flexed his bicep and it grew to 22 inches (56 cm), hard, lean and peaked. He needed to test his strength to be sure and in the corner of the cell was an iron torture rack that weighed over 1000 lbs. (450 kg ). He tried to lift it. At first he struggled but then he raised it two inches, then six, then a foot off the ground! Yes, power was now his! He felt exhilarated.

Then the blue orb of clouds materialized before him.

"Maciste," said the orb. "You have proven yourself to be a remarkable opponent."

Maciste starred in awe of Lord Mordac.

"Your superior mind, cunning and perception allowed you to overcome my two stronger champions but now it is time for you to choose."

"I need nothing from you, Mordac," shouted Maciste. "I have taken your power from Estus and now it is mine to do as I wish," pounding his fist on his chest in defiance.

"Foolish mortal" said Mordac calmly. "You thought your act with Estus gave you his power? No, my Maciste. I willed it so. I wanted you to feel the strength and size that you have craved for so long. The effects are only temporary. Even as we speak the gift is leaving you. Look at your arm."

Maciste looked at his right arm and flexed it so that his giant biceps reappeared again. He noticed just as Mordac had spoken it was slightly smaller that just a few minutes ago.

"But now you must choose Maciste whether to become my servant or not. To keep the gift that I have given you, you must take the vow and do my bidding for the rest of your life. And your first task will be to kill the Queen and bring Arellus to power……."

Maciste climbed the stairs out of the dungeon and the soldiers cheered him. He was tired. He conferred with Axus outside the Queen's chambers. Axus patted him on his shoulder as Maciste entered the Queen's private room.

The Queen, having already heard the news of his defeat of Estus, approached him with a loving embrace and they kissed. While they embraced Maciste brought his large boned hands up and placed them around the Queen's neck. She tried to pull away and scream but the muscle god quickly tightened his grip and crushed the Queen's neck. He laid the dead Queen down on the floor. He turned to Axus whom he had briefed before he entered the room. "Go Axus, release Arellus from the dungeon for he, as the former head of the Senate, is now the new King of Gloth. The people of Gloth will now be free. Then pack your things for we have other tasks to perform for Lord Mordac." •

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