Strength Within, The

By Tigaronso

I had never been very muscular. I would always look at these big bodybuilders and wish that I could have a body like that. I had a fair build with a little chest hair. I wished for a large body so much, that when I saw an ad in the newspaper about muscle growth, I immediately jumped on it. The ad said that it had found a way to give men fantastic muscle growth, with no drugs or exercise. This sounded too good to be true, but I cut out the ad and drove down to the building. When I arrived, the building was a small shop, I figured it was a scam, but I went inside anyway. When I went in, I was greeted by a strange, old, man. I showed him the ad, and he commented on my body. He told me to forget about the treatment and be happy with what I had. I insisted that he show me the procedure, so he went behind the counter. He came back with a book, opened it, and said some unfamiliar words. I felt a little queasy, but the old man said not to worry and that I would see the results very soon. The queasiness passed and I drove home. When I arrived home, I felt very sleepy and laid down for a nap. When I awoke, my stomach felt very strange so I ran to the bathroom to see what was wrong. I had a ripped 6-pack. My clothes had changed as well. I had on only underwear.My hair, my skin, had all changed. I was a stranger in the mirror. The old man had really made me bigger, but I wanted to be a lot bigger. As if to grant my wish, I felt dizzy and passed out on the bathroom floor.

I awoke out in the backyard. I had no idea how I got there. As I was getting up I noticed that I had on football pants and a white shirt. I began to take off my pants and shirt to see myself and I noticed that had quite a body now. Amazingly, I still wasn't satisfied. I had an overwhelming urge to go to the beach. I drove down there and decided to show off my new body by doing a little sunbathing. While I was sunbathing, I fell asleep. When I awoke, I realized that had dozed off, and was immediatly prepared to have the sunburn of a lifetime. To my surprise, I had not a sunburn, but a different body. This time, I looked like an actor from Baywatch. My body was smooth and I had on a black speedo. I even had swim goggles around my neck. I had had enough of the beach, so I headed home On the way home, I passed a gym. I stopped and started to admire the guys working out. I saw one guy who had an awesome body. I really wanted to look something like that. I continued home and when I arrived home. I felt different again. I looked in my car mirror and was surprised to find a baseball cap on my head. I ran inside to see what else had changed.

I looked identical to the guy in the gym I had been admiring. I was more massive than before. I had muscles where I didn't know I had muscles. My pecs were like dinner plates and my arms were huge. I had a slight five o clock shadow and was actually quite handsome. I still wasn't big enough though. I watched as my body began to change. My cap disappeared and my hair turned brown. My five o clock shadow turned into a beard, while my hair continued down my spine. My right shoulder stung and I had a rose tattoo on my right shoulder. My ears became slightly pointed. My body grew to enormous proportions and soon I was finished. I was now satisfied. •

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