Shae's Giant


By Peter1

Shae was a 14 year old at Ron's high school when he first met him. He was a normal but tall kid, 6'2'' and 150. Shae and Ron came to be friends during freshman year and boy was he glad. Shae wasn't all that popular but his brother was and he always wanted to be better than his brother. Rick, Shae's brother, was 6'6'' and 200 and the captain of the school's basketball team. He was a hero. After Rick's graduation Shae had free reign over his basement, a fully loaded gym. He wanted to get big fast. His father was a lumberjack and used steroiuds to keep on top of his game. Shae had been sneaking into the kitchen to sneak out some drugs. But he took 5 times as much as he sould have. Ron was beginning to be Shae's trainer. Shae had 11 in arms and a 29 waist. Shae only had a bench of 75. How Pathetic! Shae had gone into a large growth spurt. With this in a mopnth he had grown to 6'5'' and 180 of natural weight. "When will this steroid crap kick in?" he wondered.

Sophomore year was a gift. Shae had hit the magic 6'6'' over the summer. "Why don't you try those steriods again?" Ron urged and Shae agreed. Shae went in to his kitchen a took out a cup of the powder. He ate the powder raw! He felt a warm sensation in his stomach and Ron watched him grow. "HOLY CRAP MAN!" Shae was yelling. Here I go! Shae was bulging out of the tight clothes he normally wore. Ron's jaw was on the ground. Shae flexed his bicep and ripped right out of his sleeve with a 17 incher. Both of the guys got hard instantly. "Dude, it's making my dick even bigger too!" Shae said as his 12 inch dick started to unzip his jeans. Shae pulled them off and his boxer breifs couldn't hold much longer. Another burning sensation and the thighs came to life. Huge 23 inch trunks came out of his legs. Now his boxer breifs were ready to pop. Lke wise his abs, calves, and chest just grew. Shae's pecs came to life and the shirt came off instantly. Running down to the gym Shae pulled off a 300 bench and was growing still. Shae instantly became popular and Ron meved away causing depression in Shae. Shae had the same disorder that fat people do in reverse. He was depressed so he worked out and working out made him depressed. He couldn't stop. 4 months after the grwoing night he was now bigger as the steriods came at a normal pace and working out only helped. Shae was 6'7'' and 360 wit ha 24 in bicep, 34 inch thighs, 29 inch waist, and a 67 inch chest with huge pecs. All of his clothes were tight and he could rip out of them on command. Not to mention that 14 inch bulge in his pants. One night Shae got a letter, "Shae, you have been chosen to take Chespump. A new suppliment that will keep increasing the size of your torso and arms. Please take this vial with a gallon of milk and have fun!!!" Shae took out a little green vial and put it in a new gallon of milk. He drank and was instantly doubled over in pain. He was growing. He felt huge and he ran to the basement. His shirt kept bulging and ripped when his torso grew to a massive size. The only other place that the vial worked was his bulge. Now he was a 7' 450 monster with 28 inch biceps a 75 inch chest 36 inch thighs and a 18 inch dick. "Can I keep growing like this?" Shae asked himself while jacking off with his 18 incher •

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