Sex Machine

By Musclebuff

This story is dedicated with respect to FanTCdude.

I woke up with this brawny, tawny super-stud already plugged into my ass. Heaving, humping - and heavy. Felt great, but what the hell was I doing here, lying under a complete stranger?

All I could remember before I blacked out was pushing the office door open when it buzzed and something squirting in my face. I hadn't expected this, in fact I hadn't expected very much at all. I'd answered an ad for "Maximum Muscle Growth in less than a Month" and received a call from a robotic voice giving me date, time and place for an interview. I'd set off on what I assumed was only a fool's errand or an amusing hoax, always hopeful however for what the ad promised, and arrived at an imposing new office building, being directed to Suite 1303, pushing the bell and getting the buzz.

Both buzzes. And here I was being fucked within an inch of my life by the several inches in length and circumference of a dick belonging to this dark-eyed muscle-hunk who was panting on top of me.

Shit, he said, you're awake! Grip me with your butt muscles, can't you?

I obliged by squeezing his thick dick with as much inner-butt muscle as I could muster in this rather mind-blowing experience. His pants grew into roars and I could feel a satisfactory red-hot torrent splooging into my guts.

Shit, dude - sorry - couldn't resist you when they dumped you on to the bed. All that muscle and that amazing set of glutes......

When who dumped me on to the bed? I enquired.

Can never see them, only hear them talking. Door opened and you kind of floated in horizontal and, plop! they dropped you. Been here since last night and never seen them, only felt them. They'll be in to feel you soon, now you're awake.

You answer the ad too? I asked.

You bet - always wanted to be twice as big as I already am so I thought it'd be worth the risk. Don't we all?

What're they going to do? Have they said anything about the ad?

Dunno. Just told me to be patient till you got here.


I looked around now he was off me. Large, sterile, clinical room. Mirrors everywhere - one-way? Door barely visible in the shining walls. Hidden illumination, no windows. Lot of pipes and tubes coming out of the wall and going nowhere. Bed's a huge flat couch covered in some plastic-y, leathery black stuff, with raised pillow-shapes at each end.

Look out - here they come!

The door whispered open and suddenly I felt pairs of hands feeling me all over - and I mean ALL over, muscles, skull, dick and balls. Particular attention paid to them - couldn't help getting hard, though I started to struggle a bit.

Be still! commanded the robotic voice in that infuriating monotone voice.

When we have finished your examination we shall initiate the program.

A second voice: You are two very satisfactory subjects. We shall look forward to processing you through your development. Thank you for answering our enquiry so promptly.

"Processing" sounded dangerous.

What are you gonna do with us?

We shall rearrange and combine what you call your DNAs. An intensive drug treatment will obviate any discomfort. Do not be surprised if you become somewhat disoriented during the process. We trust it will only be pleasant for you, though you are our first experiment.

We shall certainly enjoy watching and controlling you, whether you both find it pleasant or not. (The other voice)

Experiment? First experiment? Drugged? Disoriented? Pleasant or not? This was sounding worse and worse.

How do we know, I objected, what you're going to do to us -

You won't. We shall have your entire systems under our control. You will have no power to object or contradict us. Just lie back and relax and let it all happen. With good fortune, you will leave here very satisfied and we shall have initiated a new race of supermen. We may then decide to take you back to our planet on exhibition.

Exhibition fuck! Said the other guy. I'm not gonna lie here while you fuck around with our bodies -

Not only your bodies will be transformed, but also your minds, your libidos. You

should be rejoicing, not complaining!

Especially as you can do nothing about it.

We looked at each other and made a concerted dash for the door which, however, swung quietly shut as we reached it. There was of course no handle of any kind.

Suddenly we felt our arms pinioned to our sides by some superior strength. We were lifted up bodily and laid side by side on the huge couch. I felt, but could not see, some kind of mask over my nose and almost immediately floated into some very pleasurable but indefinable state of sexual arousal. I could see my friend's dick rise to its full height of twelve inches where it stood, throbbing. He was staring at mine which was doing much the same.

Hell, it felt great and I needed to satisfy my libido's extreme craving at once but, at the moment, my hands wouldn't move to accomplish this and I could do nothing but lie there and enjoy the feeling..

You see, you already enjoy it. There will be much better things to come - if all goes right.

There was that infuriating "if" again. But who cared?

We shall now go to our console in the next chamber to control the operation.

Good luck, gentlemen!

The door opened and closed again but, seemingly, there were still others in the room with us for we could feel their hands organizing our bodies as they wished.

I looked over at my companion who was also examining me from head to toe. He sure was a hunk. Dark, hairy, thick with mature muscle that could make any other contest bodybuilder jealous. Hugely wide shoulders, absurdly small waist, pecs to die for with dark, dollar-sized nips (erect as his dick of course), bulging bis and tris, perfect eight-pack and quads and calves that swelled out from the absurdly small waist. And the darkest, thickest dick I'd ever seen on a man. Shit, I wanted to suck that into me somewhere , somehow, but all I could do was pant. Something was happening to turn my libido up to a level of demand unknown till now.

He was looking at my contest physique which seems to be having the same effect on him.

Shit dude! he said, you sure are built good. What's your name? Mine's Kurt.

Hey, not so bad yourself, mate! I'm Brandon. Wanna suck your dick, man -

Wanna suck those great pecs you got - wanna inhale your pits and your butthole and fuck you to blazes. Wanna fuck me too?

Wanna do everything with you, man - suck, fuck,. Get stuffed, whatever - just hope it'll be soon!

Hey, me too, Brandon dude! Dick wants to explode right now, just lookin' at yer, just thinkin' about it! But I can't use my hands to get at my dick!

Fuck, man, this body and this dick are just waiting to fuck you any which way and for the longest possible time! Shit, Kurt - whadda they doing to us, man?

Just raising your libidos to an acceptable level - rather higher than you Earthlings are used to, I imagine.

The robotic voice was even sounding quite excited at the prospect. Were they getting off on us too?.

I think the blonde one called Brandon will explode if we raise his libido level any higher.

Yes, he'll need some further physical development before he can take it to another level. I think we should now extract the DNA material The libido level is quite high enough for that, I imagine.

The room started to hum quite audibly and I felt something clamp itself to the back of my neck - surprising, but not painful - it probably looked like what Neo had in the Matrix, if I could see it. The hum transferred itself into my cranium and I could see the same happening to Kurt.

I began to feel as if I was on an extreme dose of Ecstacy. I was floating on a pleasant sea, every muscle, my dick and balls, all feeling alive and bursting with energy, even though I couldn't move. I felt those pairs of hands gently soothing my muscles, my pecs, my abs, my back, stroking every erogenous zone known to man - sliding up and down my thick and pre-cum-lubed, shuddering steel-hard dick. That was almost cruel for it was driving us both towards a frenzy of sexual ecstacy.

Gently with them, now - Said the voice - do not over-excite them just yet.

Something seemed to be running through my veins with delicious rapture and my brain kept giving me erotic images of sex and muscle, muscle and sex - I soon came to realize they were the only things that mattered - and they mattered to me more and more. I could imagine, I could feel some great dick thrusting in and out of my love-channel - I could imagine, I could feel my dick ramming itself between a pair of succulent lips, down a grasping throat, up a demanding fuck-hole.

I could imagine my muscular torso rubbing up against another guy's and I could hear Kurt's groans as his whole being was being maddened by sexual desire, screaming for muscular fulfillment - then realized I was yelling too.

I think we have enough material now. The synthesizer will heighten and distill the result, then combine them and inject the artificially enhanced material into the subjects.

Meanwhile we both continued to pant and groan, staring lustfully at each other, and the invisible hands continued to soothe and caress us, particularly on our most vulnerable and responsive areas. This continued for some time until -


Something powerful whizzed into the head and immediately disseminated throughout the body. After only a few moments my lips, nips, dick, abs and butt-hole went into orgasmic spasms of intense delight and we both started to yell inviting obscenities at each other, demanding instant fucking, sucking, anywhere, everywhere - I wanted TWO dicks up my butt and I wanted my dick to be thrusting with another up Kurt's. I wanted to be 69-ing with him at the same time, only I wanted a dick down my throat that was twice as big as Kurt's while I stuffed his mouth! I wanted my dick to be twenty-four inches long and sixteen in circumference when I fucked him and I wanted his to be twice as big as mine!

All this we promised as we yelled at each other, our already magnificent, sweating bodies straining to get at each other.

Our preliminaries are now complete. We hope you are enjoying the results somewhat. We shall now need you to be joined so that your combined and enhanced DNA material can begin the growth process.

May we say we shall not be shocked at any sexual obsession or deviation - in fact we expect it and even demand it so as to ensure a satisfactory level of super-human growth?

Your combined libidos will be so concerned with each other that we doubt you will immediately notice your growth achievement. Nevertheless, when the drugs have worn off we hope you will be as satisfied as we will be. My partner will now release you.

Our bodies seemed to erupt immediately into overdrive as we smashed our muscles into each other. The sensation was indescribable so I will not attempt to describe it here. I couldn't - I was too wild at the time. All I know is that our bodies could not resist each other, could not be separated for what seemed like days. Our muscles seemed to grow into each other, our souls, our libidos seemed to meld together. Our dicks and our asses were subjected to extreme and wonderful stress as each of us ploughed passionately into every possible orifice.

When I eventually sat on his dick, receiving its huge girth in hitherto unknown depths, when, with his grip jerking my dick off, I rode that stallion into the sunset, I had never felt such intensely paradisial sensations.

Our bodies sang to each other a song of sexual and muscular satisfaction and our cum flooded the room when it could no longer be contained in our asses or throats. The world did not exist for us - only our passionate desire for endless muscle-sex with each other.

Slowly, as our lustful desire began to be slaked, we became aware of another phenomenon. The more we fucked and exchanged the fluids not just of our bodies but of our very existence, the more we were conscious of a new growth of muscle. It began with the size of our muscles and soon extended itself to our skeletal structure. Where pecs had been amazingly large before, they were now phenomenally huge; half-inch nips were now a steely one and a half; twenty inch biceps must now be twenty-seven or twenty-eight, quads at least thirty-eight or forty, springing from a hard, cobbled waist of still only about twenty-nine inches. Our backs could have buttressed the Empire State Building for our height must have stretched to about six foot eight.

All our measurements looked identical - I guess because we were now sharing each other's DNA. This was all fantastic but, best of all, our dicks had not only reached a size and thickness that no other men but ourselves could ever cope with but they were imbued with an extreme desire to fuck. If he was fucking my butt, I was fucking his pecs; if he was sitting backwards on my dick, rammed to its deepest depth up his muscle-cunt, I was jerking off his not-so-leaning tower of Pisa with one hand and squeezing his massive pecs with the other. All that mattered for days was that we were sexually joined to each other and using all our muscle power to ram into each other as hard and as often as possible.

Exhausting, you ask? Never. The more we fucked the more energy we had. The more we fucked, the bigger we grew. Then we began to fantasize about getting together with other guys who went through the same process. All those great gang-bangs and workouts we could have together. You may think that, if we were all as big as each other, mutual sex between us would be no more exciting than between normal muscle hunks. Not so. Our sexual drive and our mammoth output of splooge provided us with, expected us to have and use this unnatural extra amount of sexual energy and power. Every time we bench-pressed five or six hundred pounds for thirty reps it increased not only the energy but also the demands of our libidos which were practically impossible to satisfy.

And it didn't take us long to realize this. When our captors (our benevolent captors) broached the subject of being exhibited to their fellows we couldn't have cared less. In fact we persuaded them to maintain us in secrecy while they put another two or four hunks through the same process. The intense demands of our libidinous imaginations created exciting prospects of Extreme Gang-bangs and Incredible Pairings and Unbelievable Group-sex, (I for one yearned to cram two outsize dicks up my ass to fuck me at the same time), not to mention the Incentive for Mammoth Workouts.

Meanwhile Kurt and I were encouraged to indulge ourselves to insane limits while our captors fed us incredible amounts of protein and other essential nutrients and recorded various levels of various things about us for their own purposes - whatever they might be; we couldn't have cared less for we were always ramming ourselves against or inside each other, or lying on our bed, getting off on stroking each other's incredible muscles.

Massive pecs had never felt so good; cum had never tasted so hot and steamily nourishing, armpit aromas had never been so aphrodisiac, buttholes never so intoxicating or inviting; biceps had never hugged a guy so well nor been so huge and hard, lats and the lumps and clefts of back muscles had never been so exciting to straddle and fuck our monumental weeping dicks upon. Lips and tongues had never entwined themselves so intimately while dicks were humping away, squeezed between the armor-plates of Rocky Mountain abs. Quads had never been so powerful as when imprisoning each other in crazy wrestle holds while frustrated fuck-poles struggled to get their self-lubed selves some satisfaction on some muscle or other - didn't matter which as long as they were satisfied.

We'd lie there after indulging our well-oiled torsos in some rasslin' exercise, watching some Can-Am or BG Wrestle videos, yelling obscenely at the unwitting combatants what they should do to each other, then doing it to ourselves, times ten.

Sometimes our indulgent masters would insist on feeling every part of our anatomies while we humped: we could tell, in spite of the huge success of their "experiment" on us, that they were frustrated by not being able to feel what we were feeling. They hoped to replicate those feelings by recording what they were on their invisible and unimaginable machines. Maybe one day they will be successful. Meanwhile they had certainly been successful in creating two wondrous sex-machines whose "parts" never wore out, but only improved with over-use.

The only question that ever concerned us - for brief moments - was "Who are the machines? Them or us?"


At the time of writing this tale there were newspaper reports and radio interviews concerning the official enquiry into the use of "illegal" drugs, which are not specifically steroids, by professional athletes. The head of a certain pharmaceutical company involved stated that, one day, he expected the collection, enhancement and re-administering of DNA would be possible and that vastly increased muscular development could result accordingly.

Let's hope so! •

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