Little Brother


By magusfan

The little boy stood before Jamie, at the foot of the stairs, wasn�t a little boy anymore. With his wide chest and shoulders, big arms and pectorals, and inspiring abs, he was a man; like something out of the football team at school. He was impressively cut and fat-free, retaining in some ways the slight build of the little boy he had once been. Only his face, now marked with fine features � an impressive nose, full lips and strong chin � perhaps still betrayed some of the little Timmy inside; through his clear blue eye, as expressive and beautiful as before. And his blonde hair, too, was the same, albeit slightly muddier and darker in his maturity. He wore it framed around his head and coming down to a short fringe and around his ears.

�Timmy, what have you done?�

�I�nothing.� Now when he spoke it was the deep masculine voice of a man. Jamie found it unbelievable. To all appearances, he deeply resembled any one of the jocks at school, who only earlier that day had been threatening to beat him to a pulp. And yet Jamie knew inside he was that same little boy; sweet, good-natured, innocent and probably deeply scared.

�You took the pill on the side didn�t you?�

�I�no, no I didn�t. Are you angry with me?�

How could he be angry with him? Jamie wouldn�t even know where to start. He�d found it hard enough to get angry with his little brother anyway, they�d been through so much together, but now that he wasn�t so little anymore � in a way, he was intimidated by him. Even though he knew he wouldn�t touch him in a million years, Timmy could now overpower his brother in a few simple moves if he�d wanted

�Timmy, no I�m not angry with you.�

�What�s happened to me Jamie? I feel really strange.� �You look different too.�

�Is there something wrong with me?� �No, no of course not baby.� Although Jamie wasn�t so sure. �How do you feel?�

�I feel really�strong� Timmy smirked and looked at his brother. Jamie looked back in ashen-faced seriousness as Timmy started to giggle. Jamie hadn�t been expecting this. �It�s made me feel really happy. Is this it then, am I grown up?�

�Not quite.� Timmy looked down at the limp penis between his legs, and another big smile dawned on his face. �And look at my dick! It�s huge�

�You mustn�t call it that Timmy! It�s rude.�

But Timmy wasn�t listening �It�s so big, isn�t it, Jamie? Is it bigger than yours?� Jamie didn�t say anything, as Timmy reached down for it � taking it one of his large hands. As he touched it, his eyes widened as it started to respond.

�Timmy, don�t touch it. That�s rude too.�

Timmy looked up, smiling happily at Jamie, making eye-contact which Jamie found difficult to uphold � there was the glimmer of a twinkle in Timmy�s eye, but he did as he was told, and instead bounded across the room to his little brother. He was now so full of energy.

�I feel great Jamie.� �Yeah, I know you do.� �This is really fun.�

�Why can�t he see?� thought Jamie. Why can�t he see how horrible all this is? He�s only a little boy, and now he looks as if he has more in common with any of those chauvinistic jocks at school. But that�s it really, he�s too young to understand; this is just like a big game to him. Running about naked with his footballer�s body and massive dick. Only earlier today he was talking about playing at being a footballer.

�Timmy, what are you doing?� �Getting something to eat.�

�You mustn�t do that. It�s bedtime, you know that.� �But I�m starving!�

�You�re now allowed to go through Aunty�s cupboards, you know that.� Timmy looked at him with a slightly puzzled look on his face �What�s the big deal? I can reach for all of them now� Then he turned back to his rummaging, ignoring the words of his big brother.

Jamie couldn�t argue with that, Timmy was easily reaching the cupboards he himself had to struggle to stretch for.

Jamie was falling asleep even before Timmy had finished the masses of food he had collected. He just wouldn�t stop eating.

�But I�m so hungry Jamie� he stated, tucking into another chicken bone. The way he said it wasn�t whiney, or complaining. He said it like he was able to shrug off the words of his big brother now, like they didn�t matter to him. He was hungry and he was going to eat. Jamie wouldn�t even know how to start responding to that.

It was hours later, and Timmy wasn�t naked anymore. None of his clothes would fit the massive teenager, of course, but Jamie had found a pair of shorts that were acting as effective underwear. Anything to get his brother to leave his penis alone, and think a little less about it. All he needed now was an overgrown sweater and pants, so Timmy could start ignoring his beautiful body and impressive muscles.

�Look at them, Jamie, look at my arms. They�re huge�


�Touch them, Jamie. Go on.� �No, I�m okay.� Timmy shrugged disinterestedly, �Fair enough�. There was something about Timmy�s demeanour now which Jamie wasn�t so sure he liked. He wasn�t hanging on his big brother�s every word anymore, and he didn�t even seem to care that much about what Jamie had to say. He had a new bigger and better interest, more impressive and better-looking, himself.

�They feel so great. I�m going to go and look at myself in the mirror again.� �No Timmy� �What�s the big deal, I�m not asking you to come.� �Well I�m not coming.� �Fair enough�

Jamie was so tired, he couldn�t believe that his brother was still so awake, and yet it was well after twelve. Timmy didn�t even care seem to care his brother was still hanging around, but Jamie couldn�t leave him in the house alone. He was still only a kid, albeit a very big one. Jamie looked up at the ceiling, Timmy had gone up there a few minutes ago � and yet it had gone rather quiet. He better go and check everything was okay.

As he got upstairs, he could hear noises coming from Tommy�s room. It sounded like a man panting, but no, that�s what Timmy sounded like now � a man. But why was he panting? What was going on? As he pushed open the door properly he got a shock. His brother was lying on the floor, his little bed was now too small for him now, naked again and with his big dick grasped between his two large hands, rubbing violently. He glanced up for a second as Jamie walked in, but didn�t seem to care.

�Timmy, stop that.� �No� �Timmy now!�

�Go�.away� Timmy could barely get the words out as he masturbated profusely.

�Timmy!� And suddenly it was over; Jamie watched as a large amount of cum sprayed suddenly from Timmy�s penis. Maybe even three times the amount that he could ever get from his more humble manhood. There was a big grin on Timmy�s face � almost a leer � as he laid back in smug self-satisfaction, his eyes closing. �Timmy� said Jamie, softer now �You mustn�t do that.� It was like talking to his brother was an effort now. �Why not?�

�Because, it�s wrong.� Suddenly Timmy�s eyes opened and he stared coldly at his brother �It felt great.� Jamie couldn�t even believe he was having this conversation. He stood there dumb-founded. Suddenly, Timmy rose up from the floor- and Jamie felt himself take a few steps backwards, he was slightly intimidated!

�I want to sleep now. Leave me alone� It wasn�t said as a request, it was an order and he wasn�t giving Jamie any chance to respond. Jamie stood rooted to the spot for a few seconds, as Timmy walked, almost swaggered, slowly towards him. Until he was stood above his brother, his impressive body, his huge penis, standing before him. Jamie had to strain his neck to look up at his brother, but even keeping eye-contact was difficult for him. Jamie didn�t know what he was about to do, but he didn�t like it, he was out of there. And as Timmy shut the door firmly behind him, leaving his brother dawdling in the hallway, Jamie felt the tears gathering in his eyes. •

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