Little Brother


By magusfan

Jamie froze outside Timmy’s bedroom, his hand close to the door – he was about to open it like he did every morning, but thought perhaps he better knock first. It was still early and even though he thought his brother was probably still asleep, he didn’t want to….disturb him.

There was no reply. He tried again, calling out weakly “Timmy? Tim?” When his brother failed to respond for the third time, Jamie pushed the door open. The child-size bed that had used to belong to Jamie before being passed on to his little brother was obviously now too small for him, but he didn’t seem to be having too much trouble sleeping; face down, his large arms hanging over one end and his legs and big bare feet dangling over the other. Jamie gasped at Timmy’s magnificent, detailed, back-muscles, moving slowly up and down as he lay there in his stupor. It was incredible what this pill had done. Incredibly awful; but what would have taken years of development and work-outs had lasted less than a few seconds. He needed to find Charlie straight away and sort out what was going on. That big jock didn’t scare him anymore, he owed him. Maybe because it was only one pill Timmy had swallowed, the effects would eventually wear off and Timmy would be back to normal – he hoped so with all his heart.

Jamie couldn’t help feeling that he was glad it was little brother who swallowed the pill and not him. At least this way, Jamie was still in control and able to sort the whole sorry mess out. Suddenly, the jock on the bed started to stir. Jamie stood there, transfixed, as he turned over, his magnificent chest and deep pectorals on display, pushing himself up from the bed with his bulky muscular arms. He rubbed his eyes and seemed to smile with sleepy recognition at his brother.

Jamie smiled back “Hi, how are you feeling?”

Timmy’s handed reached down to his jaw, where a smidgen of stubble was gathered, rubbing it slowly with curiosity. When he spoke his voice was a low drawl “I had a funny dream”. Then he stopped, shocked at the sound of his own voice. Gradually he lowered his eyes to his own chest and torso, amazed all over again.

“It wasn’t a dream Timmy” replied Jamie, gravely.

“No” Timmy was still caught up in a dreamy astonishment. He looked back up at his brother, mouth slightly open, and a look of earnestness in his eyes – as if to say ‘what now?’. Jamie knew that despite all appearances, and some of the events of last night, he was still his little brother.

“Don’t worry about it Timmy, it’s going to be okay?” ”Do I have to go to school?”

“Not today, it’s Saturday. But no, maybe it’s best if you take a little break for a while.”


“Do you want some breakfast?” ”Yeah.” ”What would you like” ”Cocoa Pops.” ”Okay”

Jamie couldn’t help noticing that Timmy’s bedroom, cluttered with toys and bright decoration – red and yellow balloons littering the child-friendly wallpaper – had picked up a bit of a scent since yesterday. It was a man’s body-odour that filled the space, strong and potent.

“You need a wash first, eh?”

“A wash? I only had a bath yesterday.” ”I know, but you might have to wash a bit more often for the next couple of days. Why don’t you go and have a shower while I get breakfast ready.”

”A shower? On my own?” ”Yeah, you’ve seen me have them, haven’t you. You know how to work it.” ”Sure.”

“Make you sure you wash yourself properly, and dry off. Then you can come down for your breakfast.” ”Okay” Sat on the bed, Timmy smiled proudly up at his brother, about to have a shower on his own, like a big boy.

Downstairs, half an hour later, Timmy tucked greedily into the bowl of cereal Jamie had given him. He was shirtless, unable to fit into any of his elder brother’s clothes that they had tried – but wearing the large pair of shorts that Jamie had found yesterday. His hair was damp, and his hairless muscular body glistened, still slightly wet from the shower. His arm muscle flexed admirably as he brought up the spoon to his mouth.

”You don’t have to eat it so fast, you know.” Jamie teased.

“I’m so hungry. Can I have another?”

“Only one more.”

Tim didn’t thank him, watching as Jamie slowly poured more cereal into the bowl. It was even a quarter full when he stopped.

“More than that” demanded Timmy “Come on!”. In a single movement he tipped up the box in Jamie’s hands, so that his bowl overflowed with chocolate pops. Jamie was slightly astonished at his brother’s boisterousness, and watched tentatively as he grabbed the milk carton, sloppily pouring it in.

“Careful Timmy.” Timmy ignored him, tucking in hastily. Jamie thought he’d leave him to it as he went upstairs to wash and dress.

When he came back downstairs, Timmy seemed to have finished his breakfast, and was laying sprawled on the sofa, his naked legs stretched out and open, the delights of Saturday morning television occupying his attention. As Jamie glanced at the screen, he watched an attractive young female presenter, with her cleavage clearly on display, interview the lead singer of a famous boy band. Jamie looked down at his brother, his eyes fixed to the screen.

“What about your cartoons?”

Timmy looked up at him, seemingly annoyed. “I like her better”

As he turned back to the TV show, Jamie watched a small smile appear on Timmy’s handsome face.

“Hello, can I speak to Charlie please.” ”He’s at…*football practice* dear.” She said it like it was still an alien concept. ”Oh I see.” ”Who’s calling?” ”Jamie…Brent” ”Oh Jamie, hello dear.” Jamie smiled, he used to get along well with Charlie’s parents. He wondered what they thought of their son’s recently discovered talents and interest in football and girls. “You haven’t called round for an awful long time. We wondered what had happened to you.” Jamie wondered if they were just being polite, and really knew that their muscle-head son was about as likely to hang out with Jamie Brent these days, as he was get an A in a maths paper.

“No, we don’t speak very much anymore.” ”He only just left for practice, you might still catch him. Do you have his cell phone number? All his friends seem to ring him on that these days. He’s barely at home for five minutes these days, you see” ”I don’t suppose you’ve got the number for that?”


“Oh hello. It’s Jamie” ”Jamie? Who the fuck’s that?” Obviously if you didn’t play in a sports-team, Charlie didn’t remember you anymore. ”Jamie Brent?”

There was a long pause. Then finally, a little quieter “You took the pill?”

Jamie gulped. He didn’t want anyone to know about Timmy. He wanted it all to be over before anyone could know.

“Er…yes” ”Fuck man, I knew you would.” Suddenly there was warmth in Charlie’s voice. He obviously thought that Jamie was like him now, worthy of his attention. “And what happened?”

“I’ve…grown. Really big. And I’ve got muscles now” ”Yeah, that fast? Fucking A.” In the background, Jamie could hear the crow-calls and taunts of Charlie’s fellow jocks. He was obviously in the locker-room or something. “You don’t sound no different.”

Jamie didn’t answer, he didn’t know what to say. ”So what you want anyway dude?”

“How do I stop it?”

“What?” ”I don’t want to be like this. I want it to stop. How do I change back?”

On the other end of the phone, Charlie laughed his deep, cruel laugh. “You’re having a fucking joke with me, man. Why change back?”

“It’s not what I want.” ”You’re not used to it yet. Give it time.” ”And what’ll happen then.” ”You change more. Then people around you will change, they’ll think of you differently when they see what you’re like. Fuck, I can’t believe anyone who experienced those changes would actually consider changing back.”

As the crow-calls of the locker room got too loud for Jamie to hear, he turned his attention to his little brother, Timmy – on the sofa, masturbating ferociously to the sight of the attractive TV-presenter’s open cleavage. His previously non-existent sexual urges had so got strong he didn’t even care if anyone else was in the room – he’d grown into a crude sexual animal.

Back on the phone line Jamie heard Charlie wish him goodbye “See you on Monday dude. Maybe you’ll even be ready for practice after school” As Jamie put the phone back down in frustration, Timmy seemed to let out a final satisfied sigh, as cum squirted out of his penis. The phone hung up with a beep, and Timmy glanced round quickly, smirking smugly at his older brother who stood watching in horror.

“What’s the matter?” ”You shouldn’t do it.” ”It’s fun, my dick gets so big.” ”Don’t call it that.”

Timmy rose up from the sofa, rubbing a nipple absent-mindedly with a massive hand. He was able to let his brother’s warnings pass him by with ease. Jamie was starting to feel his brother was moving out of his reach. He picked up the assembly of cardboard and tissue paper that Timmy had handed him only yesterday afternoon.

“Timmy remember this? Your Easter Hat.” Timmy nodded slowly, not saying a word. He didn’t really seem that bothered. Yesterday after school, he’d handed it over to Jamie full of pride and they’d had to spend most of the afternoon admiring it. Jamie had to admit that it would look ridiculous on what was now Timmy’s handsome head, but now it was like Jamie was the one making a big deal about it, and Timmy didn’t care.

“I’m going to bed.” ”You only just got up.”

“I’m tired.”

It was like all he cared about was sleep, sex and food – had his sweet, sensitive little brother really become that simple?

Carrie hadn’t been to visit Jamie Brent for a while. She felt guilty about it. They’d been really good friends a few months ago, back when she’d started going out with Charlie. Then, the three of them had made a sort of exclusive group of friends and most of her friends had laughed at her for hanging out with such nerds. She was still with Charlie now, but it was envy she got from her friends these days.


Carrie knew why she’d stopped coming round, and talking to Jamie. It was Charlie. “Why don’t you fuck him, you like him so much” he’d taunted cruelly “lick his ear and he’ll probably cream his pants”. In the end it just got too much to bear, and she started to see Jamie as Charlie, and the rest of the school, saw him, a pathetic annoying little nerd. Maybe Charlie resented him because he used to be a little like that himself. She can remember when they first went out – he had just started going to football practice in those days, and was on the reserve team, but he was still thought of by most of the school as that spotty little geek who sat at the front of the class with Jamie, and virtually peed himself if anyone else talked to him.

It was hard to put her finger on what exactly had changed about him since then. Well, probably everything, late-puberty had certainly done Charlie some favours. Even in the last couple of months, his body was changing – every week the muscles were deeper and more impressive. And she could have sworn his penis hadn’t always been that large. The acne on his face had cleared up and developed so that he had a stronger brow and chin than the average Hollywood star. Not to mention soft sensitive lips and dignified nose. He was a killer on the football-pitch these days, and his confidence. Well that had just grown and grown so that he probably had too much of it now. He could say do or anything he liked, or anyone. And for the most part they let him because he was so gorgeous and magnificent.

The ironic thing was that wasn’t even what had attracted Carrie in the first place. Back when he was still only a reserve, and hanging out with his nerd friends, he’d had a sense of humour and a sensitivity that made him great to talk to. He was like none of her boyfriends before, having mostly only ever dated guys from the first-team, of which he was now the star player. And now he didn’t really have any of his past sensitivity and humanity – but she still found herself going back to him again and again, because of who he was and what he looked like. She knew that he fucked other girls and talked to her like shit, but she couldn’t lose him – she was desperately attracted to him.

So even when she found out that he’d spent Friday break tormenting Jamie Brent in the locker-room, with the rest of his muscle-head pals, she still forgave him and forgot. Even though she couldn’t believe he could be so callous, especially because Jamie had turned to her and Charlie when his parents died and they both knew how much he’d had to go through. They’d spent days together, at Jamie’s Aunties house looking after him and his cute little brother Tim. And even when Charlie had started to drift away, she’d still go round as often as possible – Tim was such an adorable little boy – until eventually he drove her away too.

She felt so bad for her friend, that as soon as she woke up Saturday morning she resolved to go round there and talk to him about it. Charlie was at football practice anyway, so there would be no reason for him to know. As she rang the doorbell, she listened out for Timmy’s cartoons or hyperactive squeals that she’d grown used to having spent so much time with them. But for the most part it was all quiet, they must be out. She resolved to ring the doorbell once more, and return home. Charlie would be round that afternoon anyway, probably horny after a good game.


Jamie had given Timmy strict instructions not to open the door whilst he was out. He needed to go to some charity shops, to pick up some clothes for his big brother. Even though Timmy had told him there was no need, now he was a man with a great body he wanted to walk around naked, but Jamie was adamant that he was getting him some clothes. Timmy didn’t care anyway, it wasn’t like Jamie could make him wear anything. Timmy hadn’t paid any attention to his brother’s order not to open the door, but he was too dozy from whacking-off throughout the morning to get up. Timmy was just amazed at how good it felt, and how easy it was. Suddenly he couldn’t keep his mind off it, or any of the pretty ladies that were on the television. It was only after the bell had gone for a second time, and his curiosity got the better of him. As he swaggered downstairs, a new sensation hit him. He’d got annoyed before, but combined with the power and strength that was no swimming about in his blood and muscles, he actually felt like he could do something about it. Even if it was Jamie.

He swung the door open with vigour, there wasn’t even anyone there. He shook his head in frustration, before he’d even shut the door he had reached inside his pants for another grasp of his big dick. Then suddenly a young female voice hit him

”Er excuse me.” Timmy glanced up quickly. He recognised the girl stood before him. Carrie, she was a friend of Jamie’s and such fun! They would play in the garden, and she used to bathe him, and read him stories in bed. He hadn’t seen her in a while.

“Hey Carrie”

“Pardon me.”

Timmy smiled at her warmly. She was great, he loved Carrie. She was always so pretty, and she used to tell him that when he was grown up they could get married.

“Have we met?” ”Yea, I’m Timmy!”

She looked at him coldly. “No.” Then she looked down at his large fore-arm, stuffed down his crotch. “Do you mind?”

Timmy wasn’t sure what she was objecting too, but he pulled his arm out anyway. “Do you want to came in? Jamie’s not here.”

“Where is he? Who are you?”

“I’m Timmy!” Timmy was confused at why his best-friend was acting so strangely. Perhaps it was because he looked so different. He’d thought he looked okay.

“Do you go to Summer Bay? You’re not one of Charlie’s pals? This isn’t some kind of joke at his expense.” Timmy looked at her strangely. “No, I’m Jamie’s brother”

He reached out his arm to her but she drew away. He looked straight at her, trying to understand what was wrong. But she didn’t seem to want to look back, she was more interested in looking at his body. Timmy could feel himself swell with pride as he watched her take it all in. She obviously thought he looked good too.

“Come in Carrie.”

She looked up at him, still confused but smiling too – her face a little red. Timmy smiled back warmly. Carrie was really pretty, and now he was taller it was like he could see her body better. In his pants, his dick started to stir again.

“You know, Jamie never told me had an older brother” •

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