Jocking, The: Halftime

Rock In Control


By CallMeCrazy

It was a day like any other when Briggs asked Rock to come into his office. The huge defensive end lumbered into the office and sat down across from the man he revered. Briggsí office was covered in football trophies and photos, along with a few souvenirs from some of his favorite conversions.

"Well Rock, how is everything?"

"Fucking awesome, dude!"

"Are you happy here?"

"Fuck yeah!"

"Is football the best or what?"

"Football fucking rocks!"

"Glad to hear it," Briggs said, slapping Rock on the shoulder. "I have a little job for you."

"Need some new jocks, man?"

"Sort of. Actually, I have one in particular. I want to you change him as you see fit."

"Fuck? With the fucking machine?"

"Yes! Can you do it?"

"Fuck yeah! Thanks a fucking bunch, sir!"

"No problem. Now Rock, you need to go to the ninth room. Do you know where that is?"

"Umm, fuck no."

"Thatís okay, most players donít. Iíll take you myself."

Briggs led Rock through the same hallway he had never been when he overheard the conversation between Briggs and Jamie. Some part of him hated Jamie, but he assumed it was because the man was such a little twerp. At last arriving at a door in the very back, Briggs ushered Rock in. Suspended in a tube was a middle age man. He looked slightly familiar to Rock, but he couldnít place him.

"This," Briggs began, "is a man who tried to resist me. His name is Kyle Gardner, and I would like you to deal with him for me." Kyle Gardner? "Sure, sir." Briggs left Rock alone in the room with the man. He was unconscious. Some part of Rock knew the man, felt bad for the man. But Rock knew how lucky the guy was, every guy needed to be a jock, whether they knew it or not. He sat down at the panel and looked over his details. Nothing too bizarre or unusual, though the town he was from sounded really familiar as well. And even as Rock was about to start he just couldnít. Some part of him, held deep in the reservoir of his mind refused to do this.

What proceeded would be one of the most intense emotional battles imaginable. Two distinct halves of his personality battling it out. On one shoulder stood K.C., the Asian pop star and mortal enemy of Briggs. On the other stood Rock, football activist. Unfortunately for Kai, Rock had Snake and Brute behind him. Along with all the others football players. Still, Kai proved he wasnít dead yet, refusing to give in. That part of Rock knew it has given in before, but it refused to bend here. There would be no compromise. But Snake and Brute urged Rock onward, telling him of the great mission to jock the world. Reminding him how good it felt.

It was an intense battle, but in the end his cock won out, and Rock began the transformation. Kyle had been a high school biology teacher who had attempted to fight Briggs. He had failed and been captured. But Briggs held no grudge so long as he converted. First things first. His name from now on would be Kyle Guard, called Guard after his position as right guard. He had been playing for years and coached with Briggs at the school before the expansion. And, of course, he loved football.

The 5'7 200 pound Gardner had no idea what was happening. His body began to stretch and change. His once middle age form faded away into intense muscular prime. He grew foot taller, as though hitting a second puberty. A small train of hair formed on his once smooth stomach, leading down to his pubic forest. His shoulders burst sideways, becoming over four feet long. His biceps swelled with new power, and his neck become a wire of tightly wound cords. His quads tremored and shook as pounds of muscle were added to the former chicken legs. Cuts so deep they looked unnatural. All the hair fell out his head as his brain descended into a muck of sexual satisfaction. His skin gained a yellow tint as his eyes gained an ethnic slant.

When it was all over the 6'7 500 pound Guard sat up and geared up. He left without a word to Rock. Having chosen a path, Rock was panting over the machine. He had experienced intense sexual satisfaction from watching the change. His hard cock was pressing against the strict confines of his cup. He hadnít come, but it had been close. The stubborn part of his mind devoted all of its energy to prevent the orgasm. That part of Rock also knew that it couldnít hold out much longer.

And Rock was very happy about that. •

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