Jocking, The: Halftime

From Fear To Desire


By CallMeCrazy

Rock played his first official football game the next day. His outright dedication coupled with his perfect body made him a dominating force. Three sacks in the first quarter. More later. When the sweat soaked man entered the locker room at the end of the game, there was no doubt in his mind how a great a life this was. Everything about football made him feel so good, from tackling to the physical pain, everything made life perfect.

Without thinking, he stripped off his gear, listened to Briggs after game lecture, and showered. It was all so natural and easy. The guys congratulated him on his performance, and he had to admit that he was very pleased with himself. Whatever else Rock might be, he was an awesome football player.

Grip approached Rock in the shower and congratulated him.

"Hey," the ebony man said, "we’re doing a little ‘recruitment’ tonight. You want in?"

"Fuck yeah!" Rock exclaimed.

Rock, Grip, Man, and Stud went jock shopping that night. This time, they were going to rely more on reality bending than direct chemical injections. They found a group of three thirty-something business man going bar hopping. Still in their prime, each man was attractive, though their bodies were not as hard as they had been in college. The van pulled up as they were getting in a car. One guy was on the other side. Man and Stud yanked in the two close to the car, while Rock jumped over the car and wrestled with the third guy. Kicking violently, Rock was amused by the futile struggle. He took the man into the back of the van, where each of the three were stripped and pinned down. The jocks then slipped a jock strap on each man. The changes began instantly.

The trim men instantly began to change. Their mature faces gained a new sense of youth, but with a stronger jay and more simian face than any of them had possessed. Their bodies gained a pumped look as hundred of veins appeared all over their bodies. Their bones expanded as pounds and pounds of muscle grew on their bodies. They gained about three hundred pounds in a few minutes. The eruption of their huge cocks announced the end of their old lives. Lying in quiet stupor, each of their eyes possessed a strange quality of distance and happiness. Finally, the three new muscle jocks hoisted themselves up. Rock named them Net (the free safety), Clutch (the wide receiver), and Hammer (the linebacker). They took the three new studs back to the stadium to get suited up. Rock noticed how quickly and seamlessly they entered their new lives. Even though he was perfectly happy and accepting, part of him knew that he was different from the other guys. Part of him wanted that feeling of total assimilation. •

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