By Also_KnownAs

He could see it happening before his eyes. The muscles in the man's shoulders were swelling, bulging, developing as the seconds ticked by. He cleared his throat. "Uh, Kevin?"

The young man's body pulsed and throbbed with power. He sucked even harder, wanting nothing now but to make this feeling last and grow.

"Kevin? You... oh my, you really do have a talent there. Mmm." Jerry wanted to keep this up forever, and he was starting to wonder if that was a possibility since he'd been cumming for about a minute now. And he seemed to be constantly cumming, streaming his heavy load out in a thick flood rather than pumping it in bursts. It was accompanied by a thrumming, deep, powerful orgasm that shook his whole fully-muscled body.

Kevin's shoulders weren't the only things growing, of course. Jerry could see the other man's chest now making itself known as well. He watched the two globes swelling outward from his torso as if they were being inflated. Lassiter could see Kevin's arms start to join in on the fun as well. The biceps and triceps were bulging thick and round, their strength and size obvious as they developed, growing fatter with brawn. Jerry felt something hot and wet on his leg and he realized that Kevin was still cumming, too, and if anything it seemed like his ejaculation was growing stronger, just like his body.

Kevin was being overloaded with pleasure. It was flowing through him like blood, building hotter and stronger until he could hardly stand any more, and he reached up to grab Jerry's spurting cock and pull it from his mouth. He sucked on it as inch after inch withdrew from him and he pulled the stiff erection downward, feeling the sticky heat blasting against his neck, then his chest. The wetness lasted only moments, but the heat seemed to linger on his skin and then sink deep inside him. He stroked the huge prick with his hand, then took his other off his own fountaining wonder and used them both to jerk off Lassiter's cock.

Kevin leaned back, feeling his thigh and stomach muscles flex and stretch. His body was being painted in cum, coated with it like honey. His own dick was still pumping as well. He pulled his arms wide and allowed himself to bathe in heat and power.

Jerry couldn't believe what he was seeing. His sperm was still coming, and now it was spraying across Kevin's growing body and, somehow, was being drawn directly through the man's flesh. It was as if Kevin's quickly developing muscles were a sponge, drinking up all that Lassiter delivered. The young man's upper torso was a bulging map of brawn. His chest was amazing. Jerry could see it growing by the inch, filling up with might. He watched Kevin's face start to change as his body grew. As Kevin drew his hands from Jerry's cock and threw them wide, they seemed to inflate and lengthen. The muscles of his thighs swelled, split and bulged. Heavy wedges materialized as the muscles separated and grew straight through the guy's pants. They ripped open to reveal his new growth.

"Kevin! Kevin, you're growing!" Lassiter's voice finally got through the fog of the heavy orgasm and the younger man opened his eyes, looking up at Jerry's form. "Look at yourself, Kevin! Look!" He gazed down and gasped, then started grinning. God, he was huge! Bigger than a bodybuilder, thick muscle everywhere. His arms bulged, his stomach rippled, his chest... Jesus his chest! "Cool," he said, and then he said it again when he heard his new voice. "Cool." His hands started exploring his body, to feel the muscle growing. It was beyond amazing, beyond belief. He could feel himself swelling with more and more brawn, sense his strength expanding by the second. His hands were drenched with cum, it hung in thick warm strands between his fingers for a moment and then was gone, disappearing as if evaporating, but he knew it was being drawn into him, feeding this process. He looked up at Lassiter's face, at the older man's eyes. "How is this happening?"

Jerry shrugged. He shook his head, his mouth hanging open. He was holding his dick and spraying his load over the young man at his feet, transforming him into another perfect model of masculine power and beauty. He came and came and finally felt his body draining of the thick fill of power-giving cum. His constant stream of orgasmic bliss was trailing down as well, and with a final few pushes he'd emptied himself on Kevin, and now stood in awe and wonder as the other man's development continued as he watched.

Kevin's prick wasn't done, though. Jerry wondered if Kevin was somehow absorbing the altering properties and casting off the excess. Was there excess? Was his constant ejaculation a side-effect of receiving the transformation in this way? Was this "normal?" He could now sense what he assumed the other man had felt from him earlier. Kevin seemed to be giving off some strong scent, a thick masculine smell that drifted through Jerry's senses like perfume, a strong attraction that was making him feel warm and horny all over again. And it looked like Kevin's growth was surpassing Jerry's own. Maybe this was also a side-effect, that the serum constantly changed and amplified as it passed from male to male, growing stronger in its ability to utterly transform a man to his ultimate physical self.

Or maybe it was a fluke.

Kevin's prick stopped streaming all at once and he rose effortlessly to his feet, his gargantuan legs bulging as he did so. His erection was subsiding now, but what he was left with was a huge, fat cock that hung between his legs like a third limb. His body was thickly veined, and his skin was alabaster. His prick was just as veined and pink as his body, and looked just as huge and powerful. Standing next to Jerry's bronzed flesh, Kevin looked clean and new, almost shiny. He had almost no body hair, and his small nipples were hard and perfectly formed, like hard tanned buttons on his chest. His belly rippled with power.

Looking at Kevin's face, Jerry felt momentary lust. The young man's thick, full lips, cleft chin and squared jaw gave him a masculine sensuousness that was further highlighted by his dark, thick eyelashes and silver-blue eyes. His brows were also heavy and black, nearly falling into each other above his prominent nose, and a cascade of full, wavy midnight hung across his shoulders. "Oh my God," he whispered, looking at his former student.

Kevin looked down, his large hands dancing across his naked skin. "What? What is it?" He felt a touch of panic, thinking that something else had happened to him he hadn't realized yet. But meeting Lassiter's eyes again, and seeing the smile on the man's face - added to the fact that Kevin realized he was looking down at the doctor - he suddenly understood the reaction. "Oh," he said, laughing slightly, "yeah."

Lassiter whistled. "Well," he said at last, "I suppose I'll have to be more careful about whose mouth I stick my penis in."

Kevin grinned a lopsided smile and set his paw on the other man's thick shoulder. "Nice time to think about that, Dr. Lassiter." His silver eyes narrowed. "I don't suppose there's any hope that this is a temporary situation?"

Jerry shook his head. "'Fraid not," he said, sounding genuinely sorry.

"I'm kidding, Dr. Lassiter. Shit, you don't think this was what I was hoping for since I volunteered for this project?" He bent his arm to watch the muscle bulge and grow, his smile broadening as the head of the muscle split and swelled ever larger. "This was what I wanted all along. I wanted to be Todd, remember?" He laughed slightly. "Only someone thought I didn't fit the profile."

Then Jerry laughed, too. "Oh, yes. I remember. I believe we came to the conclusion that you were too physically fit and the effects might not..."

"Might not manifest as noticeably." He broke into a double-bi, his barrel of a chest swelling outward by the inch, his shoulders turning into mountains. "But I must admit that I'm pretty satisfied with the results." He started flexing his new frame, displaying every amazing inch of improved muscularity and masculine power. The veins seemed to swell visibly as his body pumped itself to full strength. "Amazing," he whispered, looking down his bulging contours, his hands traveling over the smooth, silken skin holding all his muscle in before he reached down and hefted his fat prick in both hands, shutting his eyes as a shock of pleasure erupted along its inches. He softly moaned with bliss and his thick lips twisted into a beautiful smile.

Jerry's sense of Kevin's masculinity was increasing. He could feel the other man's strength and power coming off him in waves. Then he regained his own senses and realized that the tables had turned, and Kevin was unwittingly drenching the room with his own powerful pheromones. "Goodness," he said deeply, "that is a rather appealing scent, isn't it?" Lassiter's hand was at his groin, his fingers digging through his honey blonde pubes.

Kevin knew at once what the doctor was referring to. He lifted an arm and fanned his chemical attractant toward the man. "Just as designed, eh Doc?" He pushed his own nose at his pit and breathed in deeply. "Oh, yeah, I'm sex on a stick now."

Jerry swallowed hard. "Can you still sense me?" He could feel an urgency building at his loins again. Already! Were there no limits to this new body's drives and abilities? Then he answered his own question, as he thought, no, of course not. I didn't build any in. Who would have thought any were necessary?

Kevin walked toward him, coming very close, and bent his head toward the other man's neck. Jerry felt like he was being bathed in the man's scent, it entered his head and washed over his defenses. He felt like swooning. Kevin's cool, black hair brushed his chest. He heard Kevin sucking in his own scent, felt his breath on his skin as he exhaled. Kevin's hand was on his arm, resting there on his muscle. Had he just kissed Lassiter's neck? Was a kiss so soft as that? Their bodies pressed together, skin to skin. A tingle of sexuality passed between the huge men. Kevin's ministrations seemed so gentle, so tentative. Kevin's eyes met his own as the man's face passed across to the other side, dipping to smell the base of Jerry's neck, the depression at the bottom of his throat, and Jerry caught a deep scent of Kevin's dark mane. It seemed saturated with the man.

Kevin smiled. He could smell Jerry. His hand rested on Jerry's thick bicep and he enjoyed feeling the other man's skin, and the hardness of his muscle, the rounded bulge, the life and energy of the man under his hand. Jerry's scent was a musk, a perfume, the memory of his own transformation, the scent that would always remind him of this afternoon in this kitchen and the hesitation and excitement and sexuality. He wanted to breathe the man in entirely, to hold him inside, paint a memory of them together. He lightly pressed his body against the other man's, their skin barely touching, to feel his heat and strength. The softness of the hair on his body, his bronzed skin against his own flawless alabaster. He felt a thrill of pleasure as their skin met. He wanted to be with him again, fully, to lie with him, feel him, caress him, kiss him everywhere.

"Yes," he breathed at last, his lips very close to Lassiter's left ear, "you are still in my head." His tongue reached out and licked that ear, dipping into it teasingly before withdrawing.

"And do you feel," asked Lassiter, swallowing thickly, "do you feel a certain attraction?" "Are you asking," he said, still very close to the other man, their faces inches apart, "if I want to fuck you?" He smiled slightly and one of his thick, dark brows arched questioningly.

Jerry's hard tilted slightly, his eyelids felt heavy and his head was swimming in Kevin's scent. "In a manner of speaking." His mouth was dry. His whole body was tingling.

"Yes," he answered, nodding once. "I want to fuck you," he answered slowly, mouthing the words with care, lingering on the hard 'k,' his lips slightly apart. "I want to fuck you very hard, and for a very long time." He moved forward slightly, brushing his full lips against Jerry's. "And what," he asked, speaking very quietly, their mouths touching, "are you feeling?"

"I must admit," he breathed, "that the prospect is a bit," he paused, then kissed the other man's lips softly, "attractive."

"You've managed," Kevin responded, kissing him back just as softly, "to cook up," he kissed him again, "quite the little package, you know." His hand moved up Jerry's arm, across his shoulder, holding his neck, his fingers caressing his teacher's soft wealth of golden hair. "I'm very impressed."

"Thank you," Jerry answered, his own hand reaching toward Kevin's massive chest, brushing his fingertips across the smooth, muscled expanse.

"Jerry?" Kevin's voice was a deep rumble. He brushed his mouth against the older man's again, teasingly.

"Yes?" Jerry's thumb was rubbing against one of Kevin's hard nipples.

"Is this your idea of foreplay?" he smiled, then kissed the man quite fully and forcibly, sucking against his mouth and teasing with his tongue.

"I suppose." He kissed him back, twisting his head to press their mouths together. His tongue wasn't teasing at all. It was fully engaged. He wrapped his arms around his student, pulling him into the kiss, into a strong embrace, feeling the other man's larger strength and size against his own. "I'm just not very good at it." He shoved his tongue back inside Kevin's mouth, feeling the thick heat of passion building inside him, his drives overwhelming any other thoughts from his mind.

Their hard bodies pressed together, and Kevin started grinding his groin against Lassiter. The doctor felt the young man's firm tool like a hot, hard pipe against his pelvis. His whole body melted against the touch of that magnificent prick. "You've never...?" he breathed the unfinished question, knowing the answer.

"No," Kevin answered, feeling a deep thrill at the prospect of what he thought was about to happen. God, he wanted this. He never wanted anything or anyone this much before. This was beyond desire and lust. This wasn't just want. This was need. His dick pulsed with it. His body swelled with it. His muscles bulged with it.

Lassiter didn't wait. He didn't wonder. He didn't ponder the ways and means, he simply turned and opened himself to Kevin's cock, bending over and lifting his cherry ass. His puckered hole stared back at Kevin, who felt he thick need swell. Man sex. "I don't want to hurt you," he said, but he had the tip of his engorging monster poised at the lips of Jerry's hole. He was leaking a stream of precum, a steady clear drizzle that sank into the pit. "Yes," Jerry answered, "you do." He could feel the warmth of Kevin's drool on his ass. It dripped down his thighs. It entered him and a heat was building inside. "You want to fuck me very hard," he repeated, "and for a very long time."

Kevin's cock was red and hard as steel. The veins that covered it were pumped full and thick. The head was a purple plum, ready to burst with seed. He pressed himself into the doctor's perfect ass and started slowly, very slowly, to fuck his teacher. As he slid home, laying his thick hard pipe down the sweet, tight ass, his body reacted with a flood of pleasure that washed over him like a tide, and as he felt the other man welcome him and then tighten down on his prick, he was filled all over again with such a wealth of sexual bliss he thought he would drown.

Jerry felt Kevin's cock head kissing his asshole. The sweet heat of sex that had been slowly building in his groin as the clear honey found its way down his ass began to swell and pulse as the tight flesh of that hard prick touched his waiting hole. A blossom of sweet pain banked up the heat another notch like a sudden fire. He felt himself splitting open as the hugeness slid home inside him. He felt every slick, hard inch as Kevin entered him with an aching slowness. More and more of the man came inside. The fire built into a shining perfect pleasure that erupted outward from their connection and flooded Jerry with a gratification so overwhelmingly blissful that his other senses momentarily shut off as they were inundated under the flood of pleasure.

Kevin shoved himself inside, deeper and deeper, fuller and fuller, harder and harder. His hands grabbed Jerry's hips, pulling the man onto his cock. He buried himself inside, every inch that pressed into the other man delivering infinite waves of sexual paradise. This was what heaven must feel like. This was what sex was meant to be.

Then he started to pull himself out, just as slowly, just as deliberately, again feeling the deep tingling shocks of erotic power flooding his system. God, this was great. This was more than he ever imagined possible. This was beyond anything he hoped for. Kevin felt his strength, his power, his innate muscular capability like a suit of clothes, a feeling that surrounded him and defined him. He was more than a man. He was stronger and better and bigger. He shoved himself inside, harder, thrusting his hips toward Jerry, then he was pulling out again, then pushing inside. He felt the ridge of his helmet like a super-sensitive lip, a tongue, a finger that tickled and probed.

Jerry was in another sort of heaven. He felt complete, filled, whole. Kevin's immensity was in every stroke of his cock. Masculine power and strength was filling him up. He moved against Kevin, welcoming him in, pulling him in. He wanted to hold him there. His insides were glowing with pleasure, he felt like he could fly, like he could lift off the floor. He felt warmth on his legs, running the length of their bulging muscularity.

Kevin was releasing a flood of lube. He swelled against the slickness, his cock felt thick and hot, as big as his heavily muscled arm. His fucks were squeezing the excess out of Jerry's ass and it splashed against his groin, soaking his triangle of black fur and running in drizzling rivers down his body. He was thrusting harder, faster, feeling something else building to release, a beast of such hunger and strength that he was having a hard time containing it. The beast of his orgasmic release, the burden of his seed, swelling thick and hot in his balls. Another rushing monster of pure power, his bottomless well of masculine energy tapped again and feeding another heavy pool of his cum into his balls. They churned and groaned under their load, swelling and drooping beneath his hard, red hammer. He could not fuck fast enough, now, and he was slamming Jerry's ass with wild lust.

Jerry's body shook. Each thrust of Kevin's mammoth tool was delivering thick, heavy orgasmic pleasure through him. His own dick was so hard it hurt. His balls were soon just as fat with seed, just as anxious to unload all he had, but he held himself back, held himself like a dam against Kevin's flood until they could cum together, each fountaining his flood like a geyser.

Kevin pinched his eyes shut, pushed all the way in, all 15 thick inches inside Jerry's ass, and he arched his back and tensed his muscles, pushing just as hard to flood Lassiter with his hot cream. He felt it rushing up his inches and out, felt its heat bathe and surround his cock impaled in Jerry's ass. His flood came in a sudden, full rush and all his muscles bulged with swollen power.

Jerry was filled with heat and allowed his own load to burst out. He came so quickly and so fully that he could hear it, he heard his cum escape. It plastered his chest and chin, He bent his mouth down and came into it, pushing his load inside. He swallowed and drank and swallowed more and more. He was cumming like a firehose, spraying his hot power down his own throat.

A renewed sense of strength suffused him, surrounded him, exploded inside him. He knew he was growing again. Getting bigger still, more powerful, stronger than ever. Kevin's flood fed him from inside. It was everywhere, swimming in his system, feeding him again, pushing him to grow bigger, wider, stronger, more powerful than ever. Kevin was still cumming, buried deep inside him, and the young man bent forward and lay his body against Lassiter's. It was hot, slick with sweat, smooth and perfect. Kevin's lips were against Jerry's ear, and he whispered, "I can feel you growing." His arms enwrapped the man's torso, his hands against his chest. "So big, Jerry. How big can we get?"

Lassiter didn't know. He didn't care. What had Carlos said? Twice the size? Was he serious? Did he mean his muscles had swelled to twice their normal size, or did he really mean...? He felt so good, so goddam good. It felt like Kevin's body was shrinking, but he knew what was really happening. He could feel himself growing heavier with muscle. Muscle everywhere.

Kevin's hands grasped onto Jerry's meaty chest and squeezed, but after only moments, the other man's chest grew too large to hold so easily. Jerry was probably as big as Kevin, now. Maybe bigger. He could feel his back expand under him. He could feel new muscular development happening every second. Muscle was writhing under him, swelling cords of power growing bigger by the second. Lassiter was growing wings as his lats spread. Kevin rose from his professor's back, his dick still plugged in, and finished pumping his thick load inside the growing man. His eyes goggled watching the other man's ass develop, the cables of muscle expanding and multiplying even there.

Lassiter was perfecting in front of him. He pulled himself out, inch by inch, until he came free of Jerry's ass with an audible pop, his slick cock still firm and swollen, but growing limp now that its work was done. He stroked himself, amazed that even as he was losing his rigid arousal, his dick fed him intense throbbing waves of pleasure. He felt like it wouldn't take very much prodding at all to get him fully erect again right now, but at the moment his attentions were drawn to the huge mountain of masculine power straightening in front of him.

Jerry rose up from his prone position, his ass still tingling and hot. He could feel all his muscles working in harmony to bring his weightier bulk to a standing position. How much did he weigh now? How big was he? How tall, how wide, how huge? He rose to his full height, his head almost brushing the eight-foot ceiling in the kitchen. The back door was still open, allowing the fresh, warm breezes from the outside to drift in and caress his sensitized skin. He closed his eyes, sensing these soft whispering touches on his naked flesh. He took in a deep breath, feeling his development slow. The rushing sense of sexual pleasure and muscular growth slowly subsided from him as he heard a gasp from behind him. He turned slowly toward Kevin.

The college student stood in mute wonder as the figure before him slowly turned to face him. The man's back was a lesson in power, a map of muscular perfection, a swelling and bulging mass of pure brawn that spread four feet across. Maybe more. Lassiter tossed his golden mane across his shoulder and it fell down his back to his round and beautiful ass, spun gold in the filtered afternoon light.

His shoulder was a bowling ball, a striated boulder of muscle, thick and huge. His arm was an impossible mass of bulges, fat and broad melons where his bicep and tricep should be. His skin was golden bronze, with more of his blonde like a halo along the flesh, shiny and beautiful. Lassiter's chest hung on his torso like two sculpted mountains. As he turned, the deep separation came into view. Kevin could imagine slipping his tongue between the massive hemispheres. His eyes scanned down the man's body to see an eight-pack of rippled wonder. Jerry's belly was so tightly packed with power that Kevin wondered, idly, whether he had any room for a stomach. Then, there, further down, Jerry's cock. His fur of spun gold seemed to glisten above the thick root of his massive prick. The shaft was smooth, powerful looking. It hung like a fleshy pipe down further and further until the plum of its head appeared. The ridge was wide, flaring, lickable. His dick hung in front of a pair of low-hangers that looked as big as oranges, egg-shaped and held inside a smooth sac covered with more of his gold hair.

A sound drew Kevin's gaze up to Jerry's face. And he gasped again.

Jerry cleared his throat to get the young man to look somewhere other than his dick. He could feel it down there, a heavy pull against his loins, and knew he was bigger there as well. The formula jus kept going and going, making all his male properties continue to develop, improve, perfect, grow stronger, bigger, mightier than ever. First he'd taken the sample and been transformed, then he'd inadvertently transformed Kevin, and now Kevin had completed the cycle, altering and improving the formula through his own chemistry and giving it back to Jerry. It wasn't supposed to work like this. It was only supposed to change one man at a time. Inject a man, he's made over, perfected, transformed to be the ultimate he could be. But something, obviously, had happened, something neither he nor Carlos had planned or even imagined. The formula changed men, all right, changed them so utterly that they could change other men as well. And when it passed through that man's genetic character, perfecting him, it changed again and could be given back, re-injected (although in a much more pleasurable fashion) to give back the further perfecting natures and allow the originator to grow bigger, yet. Everything was bigger, and everything was more powerful as well.

He stood facing Kevin, now larger than his pupil again, gaining another half a foot in height and who knew how much in muscle. He felt, it went without saying, extremely great. "Thanks," he said. His voice was a deep rumble.

"Don't mention it," smiled Kevin. "Damn, this stuff is..." He couldn't think of a word big enough to describe what he felt.

Jerry looked down at his new form. "It is, isn't it?" His hands were exploring his new dimensions as he said, "You realize we have a little problem, here."

Kevin grinned. "I don't think there's anything 'little' left about either of us."

Jerry laughed. "No, I mean we're not well equipped to wander the campus like this, are we?"

"You look fully equipped to me, from where I'm standing. And I do mean fully." Lassiter didn't laugh. "What, you mean naked? Last year for pledge, I had to streak across... don't look at me like that, I'm just joking. Looking at you now it's easy to forget who you are, Dr. Lassiter. You look about my age, face-wise anyway. I have to remind myself that you don't have a sense of humor."

Jerry's eyes widened. "I do, as a matter of fact." Kevin's brow rose. "Well, anyway, you know what I mean." "Yeah, I guess you'd attract a little attention. That's assuming you can squeeze yourself out the door, of course. And also assuming you have anything at all that will fit your new, um," he gazed down, smiling, "dimensions."

"You're not exactly what one would consider the average college student, Kevin. Have you looked at yourself in the... wait a minute, you haven't have you?"

Kevin was scratching an itch, making his ample cock wag vigorously. "Haven't what?"

"Seen yourself." He reached forward and grabbed Kevin's arm, pulling him toward the door. He stopped, pausing to gauge how he was going to fit through and then twisted and bent slightly, shoving his broad muscles through the doorway into the living room. Kevin followed him and then went before him into the bathroom to take a look at what he'd become in the mirror.

Flipping on the light switch, it became immediately apparent what he'd become. He looked like muscular power incarnate. Every fiber of every muscle stood out in bold relief under his pale pink flesh. Thick veins wound like rivers through the mountains of brawn. The mirror in the bathroom wasn't big enough to afford him an overall look, and in fact he was so wide that his arms stretched beyond the edges of the reflection. But what he did manage to see, a man with a chest made of granite and abs like a carton of eggs and a wealth of black fur at his groin opening only to allow the thick, heavy root of what looked like a full foot of perfect prick, made him smile. "Wow," he said at last, his large hands on his chest, "I'm buff." He looked at Lassiter, who was smiling like a proud dad. "You really did it, doc!"

"I guess I did, didn't I?"

Kevin kept smiling and suddenly reached his arms around the larger hunk and squeezed hi tight. "Thank you," he said, "I can't tell you how happy I am."

Jerry started laughing. "Hey, my pleasure. And I mean that." He hugged back, shortly, and they separated. "So, the other stuff... you're okay with that?"

"You're asking the guy who just fucked your ass if he's okay with fucking your ass? Shouldn't I be the one asking whether you minded if I fucked your ass in this equation?" He laughed. "Nah, makes no nevermind to me. And I have to say that I think your little formula is doing its utmost to make sure everything's all right, know what I mean?"

"Not exactly," the doctor admitted.

Kevin wandered into the living room and flopped his frame down on the couch. His long, muscular legs stretched out in front of him and he folded his arms so his head rested on his hands. The biceps bulged like footballs mounted on his arms. He had very little hair under his arms, just as his entire body save for his groin seemed entirely hairless. Still, a sudden wave of his male scent struck Jerry's senses, and he fought to control a renewed sense of sexual urgency. "I mean that when I plugged in, it wasn't like any sex I remember having before. It was like I was supposed to be there. It felt completely right, completely... complete." His brow furrowed. "Does that make sense?"

"I think so. I have to admit that my own sexual history for the past few years has been decidedly lacking in interest. But from what I remember," he said, smiling, "that was one great fuck we just had."

Kevin leaned forward, his stomach suddenly swelling with brawn, and clasped his hands. "Man, that wasn't just fucking. I'm not sure what that was, but that was a hell of a lot better than a fuck. That was like achieving nirvana or something. Touching heaven. I mean, it was just..." He shook his head, lost for words.

"And I assume you're ready to do it again?" Because Jerry knew he could in a second, looking at the beautiful man in his living room.

Kevin smiled. "No doubt about it. This body is like, well, primed. Constantly. I think the only reason I stopped cumming was that I wanted to see you change. I loved watching you grow, feeling you getting bigger, stronger. But I think if I wanted to, yeah, I could fuck you into next Sunday, literally."

"Or not?"

He shrugged. "Yeah. Or not." He realized something, and his eyes twinkled. "This is control, isn't it? Complete control?"

Jerry nodded. "A facet of it, obviously. Your body does what you tell it to. You want to feel libidinous, you feel it. You don't, you don't. Part of the object of the formula was to grant men their ultimate physical capabilities, cleansing the system of impurities and restraints. But that also meant that there had to be restraints placed on those capabilities in the form of will."

"Because a body of ultimate physical capability freed of restraint would seek ultimate physical pleasure in opposition to everything else."

"And an army of muscle men doing nothing but constantly fornicating..."

"With each other," Kevin added.

"...wasn't quite what the government had in mind."

"So while my physical sense is now unchained, unrestricted and perfected, my mind still retains full control of everything." He paused. "How strong am I?"

Jerry considered for a moment. "Not sure, exactly. The formula works on muscle tissue by increasing mass exponentially as required."

"So if I started working out..."

"Your body would adapt as required, developing muscle tissue to compensate."

"And the fuel to feed that growth?"

"No immediate need. The formula itself is a super-rich protein source stored in your cells. When your DNA was altered, your entire body was made over. But any protein source would only increase that growth potential. There is no waste product in a perfect machine."

"Maybe that explains your additional growth. Sperm is almost pure protein, right?"

"Not usually, no. But these bodies produce something like perfect sperm. Although it is completely impotent."

Kevin nodded. "No babies. Well, that's disappointing."

"Carlos - Dr. Martinez was working on that before he... uh... left. But, no, I think what happened to me is a reflection of what happened to you. By itself, the formula is inert. It activates inside the male body. The subject, being you and me in this case, adapts and alters the formula because it becomes a part of him. You didn't get the formula I received. You received a version that had been altered by my chemistry. So your growth was more pronounced - you had an active culture, so to speak."

"So when it entered me, it changed again, so what I gave you back..."

Jerry was nodding. "Was a new formula. Or rather, a transformed one. You gave part of me back, but added part of you as well."

"So if you fucked me again?"

"No change. No new DNA in the mix."

"So with more men?"

"Theoretically, the formula would increase in potency and capability with successive subjects. But there would be, at some point, a wall. The formula would stop evolving because the pool was too dense. It would take increasingly unusual combinations of genetic material. Different races would have an immediate effect. Different body types. Even different sexual preference might make a great difference in the lifetime of the sample."

"And the sample inside us, it was already improved by Dr. Martinez and Todd?"

"Among others. I'm not sure how many. Judging by our results, I'd say this sample has been developed and refined through numerous men."

"And how big is big?"

"Carlos... Carlos claimed he had doubled his height."

"Shit!" Kevin was on his feet immediately. "Twelve feet tall? How fucking big is he?"

Jerry shook his head. "I don't know. I'm supposed to go find out in person." •

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