By Also_KnownAs

He had to do something about the huge, insistent erection throbbing nearly to his chest before he took care of anything else. He'd already found that touching it to make it obey in its current state was not going to work. Just placing his hand to its surface caused such a deep cascade of sexual pleasure through his new body that he doubted he could stop himself if he got started. Maybe, he thought, that's not a bad idea, anyway. Maybe if I just satisfy it - that is, satisfy myself, then it would go down by itself following the natural progression of...

The knocking came again, and he could hear a voice, a male voice, calling his name. He closed his eyes and tried to concentrate on making himself less sexually engrossed, guiding his thoughts to dry subjects like unemployment and the dishes piled in the sink, washing them, his hands dipped in the warm soapy water, his hands bringing the slick, warm water over his new body, the water dripping down his muscled contours, his skin glistening in the light, a drop of water hanging from the tip of one perfect nipple...

Well, clearly, that wasn't going to work. He took a deep breath and tried again. Gardening. He liked gardening. Outside pulling weeds. Yeah, this'll work.

I'm pulling weeds outside, the sun's hot, I'm uncomfortable. My hands are in the dirt. I'm sweating. I reach forward and tug at another patch of crabgrass. Crabgrass isn't sexy at all. Yep, this is working. I pull at the crabgrass, my arm swelling with brawn suddenly. I feel the slick sweat of my body. I smell dirty, a heavy musk of sweat hanging in the air around me. I sit back and take off my shirt in the heat, revealing a rippled belly of taught power and a chest as broad as the sky, two heaving mounds of rock solid power stretching and flexing. My hands rub the dirt across my tanned skin, through the sweat and slickness. Well, shit. I'm still hard. "Dr. Lassiter? It's Kevin!"

His front door was unlocked, as usual. Of course. And now Kevin, his aide from the college, his best student and someone with intimate knowledge of the experiment's goals, was coming in. Kevin was a psychology major and phys ed minor. Kevin was a senior, 23 years old, standing exactly 6 feet 1 inch high. Kevin had dark hair, almost black, and very blue eyes. His lanky frame, as Jerry remembered it, was always moving, filled with youthful energy. The young man had a keen mind and a talented body. He would go far.

And he would know immediately what had happened. Or would he? Would he believe that the experiment had worked? This process should have taken 10 to 12 hours to completely transform a man, but here he was, vastly improved, in a matter of minutes. He heard the door closing and Kevin was calling again. "Dr. Lassiter?"

Jerry heard himself say, "Dr. Lassiter isn't here. Uh, hold on a minute, I'm in the bathroom!"

"Oh, okay. I'm gonna get some water, if that's okay, Mr..?"

"It's Jer.. Gerold. Just call me Gerold."

"Sure thing. Don't let me interrupt your business, Gerold."

Well, shit. So now what was he going to do? Jerry looked back in the mirror and caught site of the incredibly beautiful face and the awesome display of raw power there. He tensed slightly, watching the muscle fibers swell and stretch. His cock responded with a slick gob of fresh precum that flowed from its tip and streamed down the shaft. It seemed to be begging for his touch. It ached with hardness, now so red and firm and hot that it felt like it would explode any moment.

And probably, Jerry thought with a grin, that wasn't far from the truth. So, sucking in a deep breath, he grabbed himself and started stroking, sinking deep into a flood of pleasure more profound than anything he'd ever experienced.

His grip was coated with the ultra-slick fluid his dick was producing in greater and greater abundance. Now that he was satisfying himself, his body seemed determined to show off all its heightened attributes, and a stream of the clear honey was pumping from him and drizzling down his steel hard rod. Every inch, every millimeter was ultra sensitive to his touch. His body was wracked with sensual gratification. He could feel his balls dropping and swelling, growing heavy and hot between his powerful thighs.

"You all right in there?" Kevin was standing by the door, listening to what sounded like a man lathering up or licking something. Whatever was happening in there, it was wet. "Need any help?"

Jerry almost laughed, his mind suddenly conjuring up a picture of Kevin's strong, athletic frame. His long legs and muscled arms. His blue eyes and ready smile. He was realizing these visions that were coming out of nowhere at the same time he was realizing that this was another side effect of the serum that Carlos had mentioned. He was thinking of another man sexually. He was picturing another man's body and seeing beauty and desire there. And he liked it. "No," he answered in his deep, powerful bass, "I'm doing fine."

He felt the strength of this body, the size and thickness and muscular power bulging everywhere. He looked down at the huge, fat prick erupting from his crotch, growing like a branch from his soft forest of golden pubes, the surface etched with veins and slick with his precum. The eye was leaking a steady stream of the clear lube. He lifted one hand off his throbbing member and brought it to his mouth, breathing in his scent before pushing his tongue toward his fingers curiously. A strong sense of masculine power filled his senses as soon as his perfume struck him, and the taste of himself was salty, spicy, earthy. It was a good taste, a satisfyingly savory tang. He licked his palm and his mouth was filled with it. He found himself feeling a sudden hunger for that taste, his mouth literally watering as he swallowed his essence down. His dick seemed to surge with pleasure, growing even hotter and thicker, if that was possible. He moaned deeply.

Kevin's eyebrows arched and he made an amused face. If he didn't know any better, he swore the guy was in there beating off. Then he did laugh, thinking about Dr. Lassiter's reaction to discovering that his houseguest was in his bathroom jerking himself off while the good doctor was out doing whatever it was the good doctor did on his own time. "Okay, then. Um, I'll just be out here on the couch? Okay?"

"Uhhhnng.. uh huh... uh... uhhh.. oooohhh... yep."

"Uh huh." Kevin shook his head as he wandered into the living room and sprawled on the tattered couched, kicking a bunch of rags aside that sat on the floor. He didn't look too carefully at the torn shirt as he nudged it with his foot. But he did wonder about the collection of buttons on the carpet, picking one up that lay on the cushion next to him at examining it before tossing it to the floor as well. Lassiter never was the neatest person he knew. Hell, half his time as aide to the guy was spent cleaning up after him, arranging his notes, typing them into the computer and shit like that.

Still, Kevin admired the guy. If nothing else, Dr. Lassiter certainly had faith in his own abilities. And even if Kevin considered Lassiter's goals improbable and slightly, well, insane, there was no doubting that results were being seen in the lab before the plug got pulled. Kevin never got to know Dr. Martinez well at all. That guy seemed to be locked in his own world most of the time. He wasn't surprised when Lassiter told him the other doctor had packed it in and left the project.

Still, it was a shame that they never managed to move it to the final test phase. And if no one ever mentioned that Todd guy, who was he to question it? Maybe nothing had happened at all, and they were trying to keep it quiet to keep sucking the government teet a while longer. It certainly wasn't unheard of in highly experimental projects like the male genetics enhancement undertaking. He wasn't even supposed to know that much, but what with entering Lassiter's notes in the computer, Kevin figured he probably knew as much about it as Lassiter himself.

So all he wanted to do was pay his condolences to the guy. The military goons hadn't let him near the labs before everything was cleared out. And he'd grown to like and admire Lassiter. He might have been a kook, but he was a decent kook.

He set his glass of water on the table next to the couch and as his eyes wandered the disheveled surroundings, his brow wrinkled again. Those were pants. That was definitely a pair of pants. And was that someone's skivvies? He stood and walked over to them, picking up the town garments and examining them. The seams of the pants along the thighs were torn wide open. The zipper was broken, almost as if it had burst or been pulled apart. He started to pick up the shorts but then dropped them because they were damp with something. He dropped the pants, then, too and took another look at the shirt, and at the buttons. The shirt was ripped apart as well. The sleeves burst open, the back torn to shreds.

What the hell?

He was standing there starting to form an impossible thought in his head when the bathroom door opened and he felt his jaw drop and is eyes bug out.

"Hi," said the huge man, a towel wrapped around his waste as he brushed back a mane of blonde hair over one of the largest shoulders Kevin had ever seen or imagined. The man's bicep bulged as big as a football, striated with cabled brawn under his bronzed flesh. "You must be Kevin." The sound reached out to the young man and caressed him. A scent was reaching his senses, filling his head up with something strong and filled with desire. It flooded outward from the open bathroom, like steam from a long hot shower.

The huge man reached forward with his right hand because his left was keeping the towel in place. It was a small bath towel, hanging low on the guy's hips. His belly was so rippled with muscular power that the term 'washboard' was an injustice. A thin trail of body hair erupted from his navel and lead down his pelvis to spread into a forest of honey-colored curls just above the edge of the white towel. The man's legs were a roadmap of muscled mountains. He was carved from stone, every powerful detail honed to perfection.

"Holy fuck," Kevin answered, "it really worked."

Jerry paused and looked stricken. "What?" Kevin held up the pants and shirt, his eyes glazed, his mouth still hanging open. "Oh," responded Lassiter, and his mouth quirked into a grimace. "Oops."

"Dr. Lassiter? That is you, isn't it?" The tall man nodded slowly. "Holy fuck."

Keeping one hand on the towel, Lassiter brushed his hand across his head again, not quite used to having that wealth of hair to keep from falling across his features yet. "Yes, well, I suppose that is one way to put it."

Kevin dropped the torn clothing and circled around the old professor, disbelieving what his eyes were telling him. As he looked at the man, a feeling of lust and need was building deep inside him. He gazed longingly at the man's wide, muscled back. Fat bulges worked against each other under his copper skin. His taper was so pronounced, shrinking down to a tight waist from a pair of shoulders almost too large to fit through the bathroom door, it was a wonder he didn't topple over. But seeing those hard cobblestones on the guy's belly illustrated again exactly how he was supporting so much thick brown.

He'd never felt this strongly attracted to anyone of any sex ever before. He wanted to touch this man's body, hold him close, kiss his soft lips, caress his strong body, feel the power of his muscles. "I can feel it," he said aloud.

Jerry's brow furrowed. "Feel it?"

Kevin licked his lips and swallowed hard. "You mentioned in your notes that there was an unexpected pheromonal attraction displayed in some of the chimps from the pre-human trials. An attraction even between the males that... an attraction that... I can feel you. Jesus, this is weird."

"What does it feel like?"

The words were hitting Kevin like an embrace. "Even when you speak, Dr. Lassiter. Even though I know what's happening to me, even though I know it, I can't help feeling, like... holy fuck this is weird." His hand reached up to brush Lassiter's stubbled cheek. A thrill of lust filled him up. "It's sexual, that's for sure. I mean, I can really feel it in my crotch. My dick is getting harder every minute I stand here. It's unavoidable. It's amazing."

"You've never had any homosexual feelings before?"

Kevin had to physically restrain himself from running his hands across the huge man's powerful form. The scent was strong and masculine, like being in a locker room but mingled with something that pulled at him, tickled his balls, brushed his nipples, licked his cockhead. "I would... I'd be lying if I said I never found another guy, you know, good looking. I guess you could say I've admired how another man looked, but I've never felt a sexual... so strongly attracted to a man in a purely sexual way."

"Interesting." Lassiter crossed the room and paused, and his gestures were so familiar to Kevin as he watched the professor contemplate that he had to laugh. There was no doubt that this was Dr. Lassiter, now. But it was like someone took the guy's brains and personality and transplanted them in a superman. The guy was - there was no better word for it - perfect. "I experienced a similar homosexual episode while I was... when I... in the bathroom."

"So you had the initial super-erectile function accompanied by copious solitary ejaculate?"

"Clinical, but essentially correct." He looked over at Kevin, his left brow arching at the wet spot on the young man's crotch and the obvious tent that was building there. "It was just as the trials indicated. I had an erection that would not be ignored, to put it mildly. I had to satisfy that sexual need immediately following cessation of genetic conversion. It was, um, uncontrollable."

"Immediately follow... but, I saw you not three hours ago! This process should have taken..."

Lassiter was already nodding agreement. "It should have taken at least eight hours, but it all occurred in literally minutes. But these results are not based on the original formula." Kevin looked confused - and aroused. Lassiter smiled at the other man's evident discomfort. Did Kevin realize he was rubbing himself through his jeans? "I received a package from Dr. Martinez this afternoon. It contained a sample of the serum based on his continuing research. Apparently, there have been some improvements." He bent his arm to display the extent of the improvements. His arm bulged with tight brawn. His lat flared thickly. His armpit was furred with a soft forest of blonde. The scent of his power grew stronger, and hit Kevin like a wave. The young man gasped and pulled his pants open, digging his hand under his Y-fronts and pulling out his throbbing member, stroking himself with sudden abandon.

"Oh, shit," moaned Kevin. "Oh, fuck." And in moments, he was squirting a load on the carpet, flinging streams of spunk everywhere. "Oh, fuck, I'm sorry."

Lassiter was smiling, his bicep still on display, and he said, "It was, literally, not your fault." Kevin was still breathing hard, and his erection was refusing to deflate. "I need to... I have to get some air." His hand was attempting to cover his wagging hard-on as he dashed from the room toward the kitchen and the back door of the house. He opened it wide and sucked in fresh air, feeling his head clearing almost as soon as he did so. "Shit," he whispered. "Holy shit." But he was also grinning. That was about the best orgasm he'd ever felt, even if it was also about the fastest. Whatever the stuff did, it knew just where to strike for the strongest reaction.

He stood near the open door, leaning against the frame, sucking clear air into his lungs as his head filled with everything he'd read about the process. "It really works," he said.

The powerful tones of Dr. Lassiter's voice answered from behind him. "Apparently." Kevin turned and looked at the form of the other man, his senses cleared of whatever Lassiter was putting out, consciously or not. "And I must say I'm just as surprised as you are." "What about the rest?" Lassiter's brows raised, and as Kevin was replacing his own less-anxious cock in his pants, he waggled it once to indicate what he meant. Jerry's expression changed to one of amused understanding and, without preamble, he dropped the towel. "Whoa," Kevin said softly, "now that's impressive."

"Thanks," he answered, "I built it myself."

Kevin was looking at the extraordinary monster hanging thick and long between Lassiter's well-muscled legs. "Did you want to take any measurements?" He felt an anxiousness, a desire to put his hands on what the other man owned, that huge perfection dangling in heavy glory from his wealth of golden pubes. Dr. Lassiter's skin looked silken, it almost glowed with vigorous health. The man oozed sex.

Lassiter crossed his arms over his chest and leaned against the wall. "Did you?" He wasn't sure what made him say that, but he felt himself smiling, and there was a small thrill running through him as he looked across the kitchen at his student. Jerry watched Kevin's eyes scan his new body and he allowed his own to scan the young man's form, his fit and muscular torso, a tool honed to an athletic edge by how many hours at the gym, how many laps around the track, how many hours in the pool? His skin was beautiful looking as the sunlight struck it. His black hair was gently moving, brushed by the wind's hand. He hadn't buttoned up his jeans, and Lassiter could still see the gentle swell of the man's cock in his white cotton briefs.

Kevin could feel a strong physical pull from the other man. The naked man, standing on the other side of the room. Everything about that man announced his perfection, his strength and power. He defined male beauty. The globes of his chest were bulging under his crossed arms. The fibers of muscle pumped full and plump with evident capability, stretching out like power cables from the deeply shadowed separation between the brawny hemispheres. His shoulders were like mountains, stretching inhumanly wide, so thick with muscle they looked close to splitting through his tanned skin. "What are you doing, Dr. Lassiter?"

Jerry tried to look innocent, but he knew exactly what he was doing. He could feel his control over the new powers manifesting in his improved form growing stronger. He could sense his affect on the other man, and he enjoyed it. He was doing what he could to make that affect grow more pronounced. He unfolded his arms and reached a hand down to grasp the thick, firm shaft of his dick, his touch moving down his own thickly muscled body before reaching that amazing tool. His thumb ran along the fat vein that traveled its length, feeding it to greater size and hardness. All he had to do was want it. He could feel himself flooding with male strength, masculine power. Overwhelming, unstoppable. "Nothing, Kevin," he smiled. "Just being myself. Standing over here. Why, what's wrong?"

Kevin pulled in a breath, his head dizzy, his body suddenly hot. "I don't think this is helping." His hand moved under his T-shirt, he was caressing the smooth, hot flesh of his stomach, his fingers moving up toward his chest, feeling the innate strength he treasured so much. He loved that feeling, the feeling of being male, the pulsing strength that filled his muscles after a work-out, standing in the hot water of the shower afterwards, feeling that clean warmth on his skin, on his prick. "I think you're..."

A heavy drop of glistening precum appeared at the tip of Jerry's immense cock. It gathered upon itself, swelling larger until its weight pulled it free and it fell to the kitchen floor, leaving a gleaming thread of itself like a spider's web. Another drop was already forming. "I can't seem to help myself, Kevin." His voice sounded thick with need. "I'm not sure my transformation has fully manifested. I feel like..." His body was pulsing with something hot and powerful. It came off him in waves like heat that filled the space between them. His whole body tensed, his muscled bulging against his skin tightly. A swelling strength grew everywhere. He could feel it. "I feel very strange."

Kevin swallowed, taking a step into the room. "I want..."

Lassiter straightened. A trail of slick precum leaked down his muscled thigh. "What?"

"I want you," the young man said. "I know it. I feel it. I want your body. To feel it, to hold it, caress it. To hold you. To fuck you." His dick was hard and pushing steadily against its confines.

"It's the transformation, Kevin. You don't really..." Jerry was trying to hold himself back, hold himself in. He could feel a fire on his skin. His balls ached and his prick tingled and swelled under his hand.

But Kevin was nodding. "Yes, I want you. I know it's the transformation. I know it. I don't care." He was pulling his own shirt off, stripping his body free of it. A sheen of sweat coated his skin. His dickhead was leaking against his shorts, spreading his own slick glaze freely. He felt himself moving across the cold tile floor toward the huge man on the other side of the kitchen, he had never wanted anyone so badly in his life.

Kevin's hand found Jerry's right bicep and he grabbed it, feeling the round hardness of it, the smoothness of his skin, the sheer power the big man possessed flowing through his arm. Lassiter tensed involuntarily, making his muscle swell larger. It was a long, fat muscle and it bulged outward toward the other man's grip. Kevin's other hand reached down and he placed it over Jerry's own, on that immense prick hanging from his loins. Kevin's hand moved underneath and he grabbed the shaft hard, squeezing it. Jerry's asshole tightened. Another gob of precum erupted from the tip.

Kevin slowly dropped to his knees and his head was at Jerry's crotch. Lassiter took his hand away and Kevin leaned toward his dick and licked the shaft below the root. He could smell Jerry's scent strongly here, a thick fog of manliness. His hand traveled down the foot-long shaft until his palm cupped the drooping helmet, and he gathered Jerry's copious flow of lubing precum and slowly rubbed it all around his cockhead. Jerry could feel its warmth penetrate and crawl up his inches, heightening his sense of size, making him feel huge and heavy down there.

Kevin was worship at a shrine, slowly and carefully coating the huge manhood with its own juices, bathing Jerry's prick with a glistening glaze until the entire monster looked wet and slick. Lassiter was still releasing his precum and now Kevin was lifting the slowly hardening tool to his lips and kissing the head, kissing the piss slit and the flaring ridge, sucking against the hot skin, sucking the plump head inside his mouth, working his tongue around it and swallowing Jerry's salty essence. Lassiter was pumping out a heavy flow of precum now, unable to help himself, unable to slow what was happening.

His prick was now standing out from his body on its own, and Kevin used his hands to shove his pants and shorts off his slim hips, exposing his hard, pulsing cock and high, round ass. The soft winds coming through the open door caressed his skin, and he jerked himself off as his mouth continued to pleasure that huge erection growing even longer and thicker as it neared full size.

Jerry's hands clenched and unclenched as his body drank in the orgasmic pleasure Kevin was delivering. This was just as new for the doctor as it was for the student, having another man suck his dick. It was so intimate, so clandestine and unexpected. A taboo that only heightened his enjoyment of the act, and he knew he wanted more. He wanted Kevin's hands on his body. He wanted his own hands roaming Kevin's sleek skin, his taught brawn, his slim flat stomach and smoothly muscled chest. His hand reached forward and settled on Kevin's head, his thick, strong fingers brushing through soft hair. Then both hands grasped the young man's head and he could feel Kevin move as he started face fucking him, moving his mouth up and down the shaft, his tongue working its own sorts of miracles.

Kevin was in a frenzy of desire and lust. Having this huge cock in his mouth was like having a huge cock of his own. He used it as he would want to be used, as he would suck himself off if he could. The hard heat of it drove him own. He could feel it grow and harden in his mouth. He sucked against the thick meat, feeling himself near orgasm as he worked to bring the huge muscular man to orgasm. That was all he wanted, to feel the power of his blast down his throat. He wanted to swallow his power, welcome it inside. He was feeling hot and hard and pumped. He sucked the huge cock as he stroked himself to orgasm, trying to hold his own load back until Lassiter was pumping his flow.

Jerry's hips starting thrusting, a sinuous rhythm to accompany Kevin's attentions. His abdominals popped on his flat belly. He could feel himself ready to unload any second, and if this one was anything like the fountain he'd produced in the john, he was a little worried he'd blow Kevin's teeth out. "I'm... I'm going to..." He wanted to warn Kevin, but it felt so good, so damn good. And then he was cumming, blasting his rich, hot, powerful cream down his student's throat.

Kevin couldn't swallow fast enough. It was as if his body was craving this, his hunger finally fed with the thick flood entering him. He drank Jerry's rushing cum and felt himself filling up. He couldn't get enough of it. He felt vitalized, strengthened, overjoyed and satisfied. He started pumping his own load in several hard, fat gushes, as if completing the circle. There was a fire building inside him. Heat with the power of the sun stretching through him, out into his limbs, into his gushing cock. He kept gulping down Jerry's continuing flood. It dribbled from the corner of his lips, filled his mouth. Jerry came and came and came, delivering his tide of power for as long as Kevin pulled it into himself.

Jerry looked down in the middle of his eruption, feeling the deep pleasure everywhere, and his breath caught in his throat. Because the young man on his knees sucking his dick was suddenly growing. •

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