Spring Break Muscle

By elysiumfields

One of the great advantages of living a stones throw from a long swathe of immaculate sand beach and the warm ocean surf that caressed its shores, was the scores of hot hunky young men that swarmed to the beach to show off their lean muscular physiques while the frequently hot weather tanned those fine sexy bodies..And,having a big fetish for American college jocks with their buffed muscles and arrogant attitudes,i was living in the perfect area...

And the best time was during Spring Break when thousands of college students,many of them being unbelievably sexy jocks, crowded the beaches for parties,games,sunbathing and plenty other activities.. Being a British ex-pat living out here in Miami's South Beach..i was'nt familiar with how important Spring Break was to American college students..My house was very close to the

beach,it gave me ample opportunity to view..and fantasize about the young hunks that gathered in large crowds around a staged venue,hollering and shouting and getting drunk in booze binges.The guys usually persuading some of the girls that were there, to bare their tits for their horny satisfaction, and the girls trying their best to pull down the guys shorts.,only with inebriation did the jocks loosen themselves enough to moon their firm bubble butts at any given opportunity.

I could see the venue from my balcony,but opted for a closer look and decided to hang around the edge of the crowd and watch what the jocks got up to..

There were plenty of hunks around me. Up above the stage was spread a banner reading.


A short balding guy with a beer gut and aged around his mid thirties, seemed to be the venue announcer. He paced up in front of three pretty young girls dressed in tight white tee shirts,holding a large jug of water. I knew exactly what he was going to do,..and so did the jocks in the audience.

"Hey you guys..are you eager for wet tee-shirt time.?".The chubby guy poured the water over the

Co-eds fronts,soaking the shirts so they clung to their ample breasts,much to the delight of the oggling jocks, who surged forward in their approval.

I was pushed rudely by a jock holding a beer keg under his arm. "Do you mind.!" i replied curtly, feeling myself then catch my breath at his sheer beauty. Short cropped golden blonde hair, striking turquoise blue eyes,handsome face.. Almost a look-a-like of the gorgeous actor Ryan Gosling,that i thought for a moment that it was him.,if it was'nt for those alluring eyes, and a solid muscular body stretching the sleeveless claret university tee across an evidently thick set of pecs, which gave me the impression he was some kind of American football player..I suppose most of these jocks were.

When he turned to look at me with his beautiful face, i felt myself betrayed by a shudder of arousal.

"Sorry dude, i did'nt see you there" he apologised.

I smiled weakly,and for some reason i blushed.."Thats Ok then".

He looked at me for a brief moment,then smiled and gave me a wink before carrying on around the crowd to his 2 buddies. One was stocky and thickly muscled,wearing a green tee emblazoned with the words 'Orange County' across the front of his broad chest,the fabric taught over a solid muscle gut.Not exactly attractive.Cropped buzz cut,thick neck,a nose that looked to a have broken a few times..Someone who would most likely be nicknamed as Moose or Bulk in a frat guy sense.

The other guy was the opposite.Cute,boyish,with messy raven black hair and misty grey eyes.Tall slender muscled like a track athlete...

The hunky Ryan look-a-like caught my gaze and winked at me again.

I shot my glance away to the stage,trying to hide my stiffening cock.

That was no help.. The girls had left the stage to be replaced by five burly jocks.

"Heya guys.." the announcer bellowed into his microphone into the crowd.

"Wanna see these sexy boys flex their guns?"

I was a little confused for a moment.. 'Did he just call those jocks sexy?'.

"Hell yeah,..show us your hunky muscles guys" chimed in a thin pale looking nerd standing beside me,..as the guys on stage started showing off.

I watched in awe as a jock in a sleeveless blue navy shirt raised up his arms and flexed his sizeable baseball biceps,grinning broadly as veins rippled across the bulging mounds.

I thought i was seeing things as the announcer reached up and squeezed the hunks guns which responded by seemingly growing thicker and bigger as he flexed harder.

The short spiky haired boy next to him had his arms clasped behind his head and seemed to be straining with effort to flex his hard bunched biceps. I could actually see his biceps expanding as if air was being pumped into them, and his lean chest was filling out with pecs becoming clearly defined under his black tee.

"Fuck man..look at those studs,..they're growing bigger..!" exclaimed the nerd beside me.

My heart was racing and my cock was throbbing as i watched all five of the studs on stage growing evidently more muscular by the second. Pecs filling out shirts on four of them to near tearing point.The last guy was shirtless,allowing a clear and shocking sight of his hairy pecs bulging and swelling,becoming heavier and engorged with size,his lats bloating out from beneath his hairy armpits and his abs bulging and rippling into an eight pack,his triceps thickening,his biceps now too full and swollen to hold in a full double bicep flex.

The announcer now looked dwarfed standing beside the spiky haired dude who was growing bigger with bulging muscles. With a loud rip,his shirt burst apart to allow his smooth pecs to swell,both nipples pierced with rings,pointed ever groundward.

And it was'nt just muscle growth. The unmistakeable growing mounds of thickening cocks and engorging balls burgeoned their shorts.

I scanned the reaction of the crowd, suddenly noting that i could not see any girls,just guys..and some guys were growing just like the massive hunks on stage,and so rapidly too!. Those who wore shirts found them ripping as their pecs bulged out and their biceps swelled.Shirtless guys were fortunate as their muscles grew freely. Unchanged guys were in a daze of sexual ecstasy,unable to keep their hands off their growing huking buddies muscles and gigantic cocks straining their shorts.

My cock was tenting out my boardshorts and seeping pre-cum at the sight around me,..and i nearly lost it as i caught sight of the hunky Ryan-jock. He had grown in height by a foot,and his shirt was torn by his expanding muscles..'Bulk' had remained unchanged,and 'Ryan' was now growing bigger than him. His waist impossibly narrow and offset by his huge bloated pecs and lats.The athlete was huge too..No longer lean and wiry,he was thick and overly muscled, a massive sinewy arm wrapped around 'Bulks' shoulders,his boulder biceps looking like they'd crush his skull if he flexed too hard.

"I wanna fuck you,lard boy". Poor 'Bulk' struggled against his mates massive arms as he was dragged out of view behind another massive hunk ripping out of his University of Miami tee. his tenting erection giving away that he was turned on by the formerly skinny buds hugeness and dominance.

Then 'Ryan' saw me, and licked his lips as if he was staring at a delicious meal. One hand guided my gaze down to the inhuman bulge in his crotch as he stroked his growing cock. I stood rooted to the spot with a mixture of lust and fear as he swaggered,heavy with muscles,over to me. The nerd beside me stood as transfixed,eyes bugging out his head as 'Ryan' approached.

"Holy fuck mister,you're huge.." he said gazing up at the hunk. 'Ryan' scooped up the nerd with one hand as if he was'nt lifting anything,and sneered at the poor guy. "Fuck off faggot" He threw the nerd across the sand at least 20 feet, leaving the poor guy lying unhurt but sand covered and dazed.

He turned his attention to me,scaring the shit out of me as he lifted me off the ground. "I noticed you got a beach house over there,..hows about inviting me in so i can fuck your fag ass..slave" I could'nt say anything,the smell of his sweat was like an intoxicant to me and i just quivered with a growing orgasm. Then i fainted like a right fucking pussy. "Very well..i'll take your silence as a yes then".

========== ==========

10 minutes later i awoke to find myself laying on the pool table in my spare room. I was naked and my cock was still rigidly erect..Then i saw the massive jock swaggering towards me, naked and glistening with sweat,his huge bloated smooth pecs heaving as he glared down at me hungrily. His erect cock was enormous,as thick as a beercan and as long as my forearm from elbow to middle finger-tip! My name is Ryan Chase..and i'm gonna fuck you. 'What a coincidence..Not only did he look like Ryan Gosling,he shared his name too. I was in the presence of a huge hunky muscle jock, and i'd do anything for him,..but his cock was so big that it scared me.

"No..please,i can't take that huge cock of yours.." i pleaded.

Ryan grabbed my legs and pulled towards him,and then threw my legs up over his shoulders,spreading my tight buttocks wide and pressing the throbbing cum slick head of his huge dick against my hole. "Yes you can." he glared down at me.."You will take Master Ryans big fat dick.Fags are used to taking dick up the ass". I shook with fear that only spurred on my arousal and caused my cock to throb painfully hard.

Then Ryan thrust his huge cock into me and i screamed aloud as he banged hard and deep, feeling like he had split me in two,but incredulously after a few moments the pain seemed to subside slightly and i was once again over come by his manly sweat...as he began to pound me with ferocity.

"Looks like this is gonna be the start of your servitude to college jocks,faggot,..'cos your coming back to my frat house when Spring Breaks over.." •

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