Spring Break (or What Become of My Best Friends)

By Guin

Ah, Spring Break! Finally, after months of work and study in the cold of Maine I was finally going to be getting some sun! My last class was little more than a blur as I hurried back to my dorm room and grabbed my bags. I had only three hours before I would be on a plane to Houston, and then on to Cancun. The best part was that I was seeing my buddies. You see, the four of us were really close in high school, practically inseparable, but when we graduated, each of us ended up in a different part of the country. Mark moved to L.A., to study architecture. Schawn moved to Chicago for computer sciences. I moved to coastal Maine to study sea-craft research and design. Ryan moved to Houston for city planning and electrical design something or other. I think he really just wanted the good weather. I would be meeting Ryan in Houston. From there we were off to Cancun! After an hour of delay and hours of flight time I finally met up with Ryan and we flew to Cancun. Schawn and Mark were already at the hotel when we got there. The lucky bastards had gotten off school a day earlier than Ryan and I.

We got there late in the evening, so we didn't get much done. We hit a club and danced the night away, but nothing out of the ordinary happened.

The next day we woke up about 9:00, all still a little hung over. We slowly managed to make it to full consciousness and eat breakfast, then we hit the beach. After all, why would we visit Cancun without going to the beach? The best part about our hotel was that it was right on a private strip of beachfront! Schawn's family has some major bucks and they pitched in a load of cash as a gift to their sun. As a result, we didn't have to compete for beach space.

Now, some people are self conscious about going to the beach. I know a lot of guys that won't sit out on the sand without a T-shirt on, and not just to avoid sunburn. My buds and I were the complete opposite. You see, I don't mean to be narcissistic, but we looked good. We all lifted weights and had a decent physique. We weren't the best looking on the beach, but we were far from the worst.

We had been out in the sun for about an hour when two guys began setting up their umbrella and towels about twenty feet in front of us. Now, that wasn't the big problem. Twenty feet is plenty of space on the beach, especially when you're vacationing at the coolest place on the planet for spring break. No. These two guys in their skimpy Speedos set up their site and began to make out.

These guys were good looking, don't get me wrong, and if I was a girl, I'd be all over them in an instant, but I'm not. I'm not gay and Mark, sitting next to me, was downright homophobic.

"Fucking queers," he said, "what right do they have to come down here in their skimpy gay Speedos and start fooling around right in fucking-front of me." With that he took another drink of his beer. I can't be sure, but I think the two gay guys heard him, because they stopped making out. After talking for a few minutes they packed up and moved to a different part of the beach.

A little later Schawn and Ryan came running to our umbrella, panting. They had been playing Frisbee and looked exhausted. Mark, of course, proceeded to tell them the story of the two gay guys that he had driven off. Schawn called him the queer-conqueror. Mark only opened another can of beer.

That night we went out partying again. You have no idea how many clubs there can be in one city block, but I think the four of us managed to find most of them around our hotel. We ended up at a small place, only a block away from the beachfront, with some Latin music blaring and a good number of bodies moving to the beat. We managed to snatch a table for four and decided to get drinks. I, of course, was the unlucky fellow sent to get the rounds. "Hey, Nathan," Ryan called after me, "set mine on the table. I'm going to the dance floor."

I shrugged and made my way to the bar. It was decorated in the whole island theme with palm fronds overhead and coconut shells hanging about. I ordered four drinks and was startled to see the bartender was one of the gay guys at the beach. At least, I think he was, as I had never seen much of his face. I never really knew if he recognized me or not.

I returned with the drinks and passed them out at the table. Mark was quick to gulp his down and get out to the dance floor. Ryan returned all hot a sweaty from the fast paced dancing and sipped at his before moving back out to the dance floor. Schawn was nowhere to be found, and I figured he was dancing as well. I wasn't really in the mood for drinking, so I left Schawn's and my drink on the table as I moved into the mass of moving, dancing bodies. I don't know how long I danced, it felt like several hours, and in all likelihood, it probably was. Eventually I had to sit down for a breather. Ryan was already sitting at the table when I showed up and Mark and Schawn appeared only minutes later. Mark's black club shirt was tight across his chest and looked full of energy from dancing, opposed to the lack of energy in the rest of us.

"Hey guys," Mark said, "I found someone that I'd like to take up to the hotel room, if you know what I mean. When you guys get back in, remember to knock before coming in. O.K.?"

"Sure Mark," Schawn said, and we al exchanged a knowing look. In high school, Mark was known to keep a tally of "scores" inside his Math notebook. As a member of the foorball team he could have had any girl he wanted, and often did.

We arrived at the hotel room late. About four in the morning actually. We knocked, of course. None of us wanted to see one of our friends naked and doing it. Mark answered the door in his boxers and said it was same to come in. Who ever she was, she had obviously left recently.

It was another lazy morning for us and we found ourselves pressed for time to get out for the noon sun. Everyone wanted to work on their tans at least a little before going back to school. We put on our suits and headed out to the beach. Mark called out from the bathroom and said he was running late and that he'd meet us out there. Of course, we didn't object at all.

We were out on the beach for about twenty minutes when Mark came out and sat down on the sand next to Ryan. Ryan didn't pay much attention at the time, but a few minutes later he jumped up. "Holy fuck!" he shouted. "What the fuck happened to you?"

By this point we were all looking at Mark. He stood up and we could see what Ryan was shouting about. Mark was wearing a black Speedo. The one thing that he despised seeing a guy wear, he was wearing. Not only that. He looked good in it. His pecks stood out and his six pack had become a well defined eight-pack. He looked like a perfect model from a swim suit model catalogue. Mark shrugged.

"I don't know," he said. "I just woke up like this. I really can't complain, though. They Speedo, um, I guess I just wanted to show off a bit, I guess."

It was an awkward moment, but we all shrugged and nodded in agreement. What were we supposed to do? He was my best friend since 6th grad for Christ sake! We finally accepted the new Mark and laid back down to sunbathe. Later was clubbing and dancing again. We tried a new place, but eventually we found ourselves wandering outside the little Latin place. Mark was all about going in again and we just followed along, grabbing a table while he moved out onto the dance floor. Of course, he wanted to show off his pumped body. His clothes were tight and every muscle was showing through. Ladies immediately began to flock to him, but he gave them little attention, unusual for Mark.

Schawn was up for drinks this night, but Ryan and I had already had more than our share at the other club and declined his offer. He returned minutes later with what could only be described as a fishbowl of violet alcohol. Without waiting he sat down and began to drink it. About half way through he stopped with a dazed look in his eyes. I'm really sure that drinking that much alcohol that fast is a good thing for you, but Schawn appeared none the worse for it and with a big grin he returned the bowl to the bartender and moved out to the dance floor. Ryan and I eventually found ourselves dancing as well, but the alcohol already in my system wasn't doing me good, and I soon was forced to stop gyrating and find a toilet. Fortunately bars and clubs in Cancun are prepared for this sort of thing and there was a guy waiting to clean the bathroom as soon as I exited from the reek I had made. I tipped him really well.

Ryan was little better than I was and the two of us stumbled out onto the streets and eventually to the beach, where we passed out. Cold.

We awoke the next morning, covered in sand and the foamy seaweed that comes with the morning tide. We made our way back to the hotel and collapsed in out beds. Mark and Schawn were sound asleep the next room over. We woke a second time around noon with heads feeling slightly better than before. Mark and Schawn were nowhere to be found, and we assumed they had made their way down to the beach. Ryan and I proceeded to find our suits and put them on, not without falling on our faces several times in the attempt. We ordered breakfast, er, lunch from the hotel café, ate, and made our way to the beach.

What we say there was more shocking than the day before. Mark again was in his skimpy Speedo, playing Frisbee, but Schawn was also wearing a light blue Speedo. He too had seemed to have gained muscle and his chest was well defined. We could see the sun glistening off their broad shoulders and biceps as they ran back and forth, chasing each other. At one point, the Frisbee landed on the ground and the two erupted in a wrestling march that involved a bit too much groping. They stopped moving, out of breath, in the 69 position, and both laughed.

I think when they finally looked up and say Ryan and my jaw hanging halfway to the ground, they realized what they had done.

"Hey guys," Schawn said as he blushed a bit, "care to join us?"

"Yeah, man" Mark said. "Sorry we didn't wake you up, but we thought you two would prefer to sleep in a little this morning."

Ryan and I exchanged looks of disbelief.

"No, no," I stammered. "That's alright. Ryan and I were planning on exploring the town and marketplace today. We'll be back around six or so."

"Suit yourself," Schawn said, and he and Mark went back to Frisbee.

"Fuckin' weird if you ask me," Ryan said as we made our way into the town. I nodded.

Unfortunately, Cancun doesn't have much that would interest two twenty-year-old college guys. Not before nightfall anyway. The entire town is geared towards the beaches. We went through a couple shops, but there wasn't much to buy except for cheap tourist souvenirs. We though about hiking some of the trails around the town, but decided against it. After debating for a while, we decided to head back to the hotel early. It was only about five o'clock, but there wasn't much more to do in the town.

When we came back we were expecting to find Mark and Schawn still on the beach. We were right, but they weren't playing Frisbee anymore. We walked around the corner of the jet-ski rental shack and found Mark and Schawn making out! Mark was standing behind Schawn and had his arms wrapped around Schawn with one hand down his Speedo. Schawn was leaning against Marks chest and his head was rolling around in ecstasy as Mark fondled his balls. He leaned his head back and kissed Mark, who responded in equal passion. Schawn began rocking his body against Marks and he turned around, so the two were chest to chest. Mark began to kiss Schawn again, forcing his tongue down the other's throat. Schawn was powerless to resist and gave in to the kiss. His hands began wandering over Mark's chest and down into his suit.

Ryan and I jumped back behind the corner of the jet-ski shack and looked at each other in disbelief. There was no way our friends were gay! It was impossible! If it were true, Ryan and I would have picked up on it a long time ago.

We ditched those two for the evening. We hid out in the little Latin bar, hoping that Mark and Schawn would decide to try someplace different after spending the previous two nights here. We were wrong. About two hours after we arrived, Mark and Schawn showed up, arms around each other's shoulders. Ryan and I exchanged looks and prepared to leave discretely. Unfortunately, we were spotted before we had a chance.

"Dudes!" Schawn shouted as he flipped around a chair and leaned forward on the backrest. "We thought you two got lost!"

"Um, sorry." I mumbled, "I guess we lost track of time in town and then we couldn't find you when we got back." Ryan kicked me under the table.

"No problem man," Schawn said and Mark set down four glasses for us.

"Here," he said. "Schawn and I feel bad about you two passing out on the beach and then not waking you up in the morning. We had an awesome time last night," the two of them exchanged grins, "but we though you might like to sleep in. Hope there's no bad feelings."

"Cheers" Schawn said and raised his glass.

"Sure, uh, cheers," Ryan said and the four of us drank.

Mark and Schawn finished theirs in one gulp. Ryan, I was surprised to see, had finished most of his as well. Quickly Mark and Schawn moved to the dance floor, leaving the two of us alone.

"You idiot!" I half shouted at Ryan. "You don't know what they put in those drinks!"

"Chill," he said. "Mark and Schawn would never do anything to hurt us. Besides, the more I drink, the more I forget what I saw this afternoon," and with that he finished his drink.

I on the other hand, refused to drink anymore. The little that I had was already going to my head. Ryan asked if I was going to dance.

"Nah," I said, "I'll sit this one out."

The truth was that I didn't want to see Mark and Schawn dancing so closely. Their hips grinding together. Their muscles rippling beneath their tight, revealing shirts. Their hands moving, groping each other's… Whoa! I though to myself, definitely something a little strong in that drink.

I decided that it was time to head back to the hotel. I wasn't having any fun watching other dance and my head was already swimming. I managed to get close enough to Ryan to shout that I was going back to the hotel room. He nodded and continued to dance away his troubles.

I wandered back to our room without throwing up and without passing out, though I was lucky to do so. My head was really swimming, but being away from the lights and pulsing music was helping a great deal. I decided to watch some TV and I flipped it on as I flopped down on the bed. It was so warm that I decided to take off my shirt and I lay prone on the bead wearing just my boxers and my shorts.

It was nearing one in the morning when I heard the door open. My head and the world around me had stopped spinning, but I still was feeling the lack of inhibitions that comes with drinking too much. When I looked up I saw Ryan standing at the end of the bed.

"Damn, Nathan! Why'd you have to run away like that? Now don't look at me like that!"

I was, in fact, staring and Ryan. He had taking off his shirt at some point to reveal rippling muscles and a seriously built body. I doubt that I could have reached my arms all the way around his chest, though to feel his tight body in my arms would…

Not again! What was happening?

"Nathan, you have no idea," he said. "Mark and Schawn showed me how to relax, ho to be free."

He took a step along the side of the bed towards me. Ryan, who had been swim team captain, with a great swimmer's build was now a strong muscled hunk! I could almost reach out and touch his firm pecks, suck on his erect nipples.

No! That was not me thinking like that.

"You know you like what you see, Nathan," he continued. "You've had enough to drink over the last few days. You feel the urge the same as I do."

I stood up and he moved to stand only inches away from me. I could feel the heat waving off his body. I could smell the scent of his body. Of his manhood.

He undid his camouflage pants and stood in front of me, wearing only white boxer briefs. He put his palm against my chest and my cock sprang to attention. I took a step back, until my back was against the wall. I shuddered as his hands began to massage first my chest, then my shoulders.

"Tell me you want it," he whispered. "Tell me you need me."

Some part of me was screaming to run away and leave. To get home as soon as possible but all that came out was...

"Yes. Oh, yes. I need you Ryan."

I let my head fall forward into the curve of his neck and put my hands around him. He smiled and kissed me. At first I wasn't sure what to do. I'd never kissed a guy before, but the sensation was so natural and our tongues darted in each other's mouth. Then he laid me back on the bed.

He moved on top of me and began to kiss his way down my chest. He took my nipples and sucked them, toyed with me. One hand moved down to reach into my shorts and grip my cock. I gasped at the intensity of the pleasure. No man had ever touched me there.

He slowly undid my shorts and pushed them down to my feet then onto the floor. Then he stood up and removed all his clothes. For a moment as he backed away, fear gripped me and I wondered what was going on. I started to back away from him, but he was only me in a flash, so strong and so gentle.

He opened his mouth and took my entire cock down his throat. Never before had I felt such pleasure! No girl had ever done this so well to me and I could think of nothing else that I'd rather be doing.

It only took a couple of minutes before I surrendered to him completely. I erupted in his mouth and with my cum went the last of my former life. He looked up at me and smiled, then gave me a deep kiss.

"I'm all yours," I whispered, as he nodded.

He pulled a condom out of a drawer and a bottle of some kind of lube. Then he flipped me over and rubbed his fingers in my crack. Slowly I felt his cock push within me. He was so big! I thought I would burst, but he was so gentle and he held me tightly as he made his way inside me.

I don't think I need to tell you what happened, but as he came inside of me I felt such a great love for my friend and then we both passed out, his cock still buried within me.

We awoke early the next morning. The energy that I felt in my body was amazing and I jumped into the shower. As I washed myself I looked at my body and nearly orgasmed at what I saw.

I was sleek and fit with the body of a professional swimmer. I could feel the ripple of my muscles and my broad shoulders that tapered down my back. I looked down and saw a faint treasure trail leading from my navel to a cock that was big enough to rival that of my new lover.

I turned off the water and stepped out of the shower. I watched the water drip down off my muscles to the floor. Damn, I looked fine! I decided to pull on a yellow Speedo that was lying on the counter. The tight spandex material supported my package and I felt a wave of sexual pleasure sweep over my body.

As I left the bathroom, I kissed Ryan who was entering.

"I'll meet you at the beach," I said, and I was off.

When I got there, I found Mark and Schawn already there. The sun was just rising and they were already wrestling in the said.

"Look who's here!" Schawn shouted ad Mark tackled him with a deep kiss.

I blushed and then pulled Mark off Schawn.

"So you're finally ready to join us," Mark exclaimed.

I nodded as he sat down on his blanket.

"Well?" he said, to me as he nodded at his loins.

I knew what to do. As he laid back on the blanket I was on top of him, kissing and sing my tongue to trace my way down his rippled abs. When I reached his Speedo, I began to suck him through the spandex. He bucked his hips beneath me and I pulled down the tiny piece of material with my teeth.

His cock was already throbbing and waiting for me. I swallowed it whole, forcing it down my throat. It was just so natural, I couldn't help my self. He was shouting my name when he came in my mouth.

Sitting up, with a smile, he said, "Now, you're finally one of us" •

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